Vancouver Winter Olympics drew 190 million viewers

The Vancouver Winter Olympics attracted 190 million viewers to NBC Universal’s channels (which include NBC and MSNBC), enough to become the second most-watched Winter Olympics in history, according to a press release from NBC Universal. ‘The Olympics have yet again proved the power of the big events on network television,” said NBC exec Dick Ebersol in a statement. The Vancouver games are second only to the Lillehammer Winter Olympics, which drew 204 million viewers in 1994.

More Olympics ratings info:
Ratings: Olympics wrap up run likely to total second-most-watched ever

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  • YODA

  • Kim

    Did you know that 33.1 million Canadians watched the gold medal hockey match yesterday? That’s 99% of the entire country!

    • Torrin

      It would have been 100% but we need a skeleton crew to keep the country going.

      • ks


      • mari

        good one :D

    • Quirky

      Actually they’re now saying that only half (17 million) watched the entire game while 22 million watched the overtime. The other 12 million that didn’t watch are currently be rounded up and sent to reprograming camps where they will be forced to listen to Nickleback and eat poutine until they become Canadianized again.

      • jeff-jeff

        And something like 28 million Canadians watched all or part of it.

      • Nick

        Well myself and 30 others were on a bus in rural Nova Scotia listening to it on the radio…does that count?

      • collegedatematch

        I love julia mancuso!

  • M

    gotta admit, I enjoyed all the broadcast coverage that I watched/dvr’d over the 17 days. Even enjoyed the sports that I typically wouldn’t watch (x-country/biathalon, and even though a curling match can take a long time to get thru, the surprising amount of hotties on the women’s teams made it bearable….. good job NBC… (didn’t think that I’d be saying that this year)

    • Wil

      NBC didn’t do anything. Thank the teams lol

  • joe

    yeah right, 190 million unique viewers? these are all estimated, not directly measured. I love Nielsen, so full of flaws and guestimates.

  • Chris

    Canada proved it’s the greatest country in the world and USA sucks as usual. 300 million people compared to 34 million people and you guys still can’t beat us.

    • JT

      You may beat us in Hockey, but we will still take your teams away from you (except for Toronto, which is the only that makes money). Even your “Great One” live in the U.S. and has dual citizenship.

      • Captain Obvious

        Grab a clue- all the Canadian NHL teams make money- in fact all 6 are in the top 10 in revenues.

    • Kathleen

      Honestly, Chris, you are everything that is wrong with the world. The Olympics, while about patriotism, are also about a spirit of unity and people coming together around the globe. Your comments are both out of line and outside of the spirit of the Olympics. While the loss in hockey certainly hurt, my response was not to hate Canada but instead much respect for a win well fought. You should, quite frankly, be ashamed of yourself.

      • Mary

        Kathleen, I’m with you 100%! Chris’s comments were ridiculous. Too bad he didn’t show the class that the U.S. and Canadian players showed each other after a hard fought hockey match. While I was disappointed the U.S. lost, I completely respected the Canadians who came back after their round-robin loss to the U.S. and won the gold medal. They showed heart and guts. Comments like “the U.S. sucks as usual”… where did that come from? Idiotic comments like that totally negate any type of logical comments someone might make. How exactly does the U.S. suck? We did really well this Olympics, winning more medals than any country has ever won in any Winter Olympics. Canada was more gold medals this Olympics than any other country did… so both countries have so much to be proud about. And what does each country’s population have to do with anything? (“Canada proved it’s the greatest country in the world and USA sucks as usual. 300 million people compared to 34 million people and you guys still can’t beat us.”). That has nothing to do with anything! Regardless of the country’s population, each hockey team plays the same amount of players each game. And Kathleen, I agree with you a million percent in terms of the Olympic spirit is about fair play and a common spirit and heart. That’s what makes the Olympic Games so unique in the world of sports. Why Chris cannot adopt the same philosophy that his classy Canadian hockey members did is beyond me. You rock it, Kathleen!

    • NT

      Go away troll. You make Canadians look bad. Although we won’t apologize for winning hockey! Thousands of children being born right now with the name Sidney.

      • NT

        (responding to Chris)

    • Ryan

      I guess getting a record 37 medals deserves such language. Well congrats to Canada for finally getting a home gold medal on its third try!

    • Phil

      HAHA! Are you serious? What has Canada done for the world besides produced a few minor celebrities?? At the end of the day, you still live in a frozen hellhole.

      • CANADA

        I’m sorry were you dissing Canada, I couldn’t hear you over our my health care benefits…

      • James

        I very much doubt if Phil could even point out Canada on a map…knuckle-dragger

    • Herro Kitty

      Canada suffers BRAIN DRAIN. Any great businessperson or scientist ends up moving to the US to have any real success. This is where the action is, not Canada.

      • Harold

        Disagree. I have lived in Toronto for 14 years and this is where it all happens. Thousands of business professionals in this one Canadian city.

      • Captain Obvious

        So your saying the USA is short on brains?
        I wont argue with you :)

    • dizzy

      Oh my god, what are you talking about? Don’t let your ego inflate just because you beat us at hockey. And if beating us at hockey is what makes Canada a great country, then that’s really sad because Canada has so much more to offer.

    • brad

      please don’t take chris’ anti USA comments to heart. he definitely does not represent very many of us at all. we respect the hard fought battle on the ice that the US delivered because it was definitely one of the most exciting games of all time, i mean come on, right down to an overtime in the gold medal final! we also respect your country as well. so to those of you bashing canada saying that we have contributed nothing to the world you should really think before you make rediculous statements like that.

  • AcaseofGeo

    Is that 190 million UNIQUE viewers, or simply adding up the ratings over 14 nights, so that actually, maybe only 20 million or so UNIQUE viewers watched it over and over and over??? Can anyone explain or clarify this?

  • Tarc

    Considering NBC’s horrible coverage, it would not surprise me if they turned off an entire generation of potential Olympics viewers. Hey, NBC… maybe next time you can show 45 minutes of the same six commercials per hour and show all of the good events at 4AM! Wouldn’t want any actual coverage to interrupt the commercial quest for cash!

    • ks

      Right! you know I thought that NBC might be able to make up for all the stupid things they have done over the years and at that they still crashed, same comercials, break up the closing ceremonies and a tape delay-FAIL

  • toonaspie

    I’m gonna assume that the Olympics were so highly watched due to all the drama.

    No surprise that Lillehammer was the most watched games. People were going nuts over the Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan incident.

  • Kathy C

    And, I bet if the other three networks would not have shown repeats, that number watching the olympics would have been way down. Stop forcing these things down our throats. Give us something else to watch – besides repeats.
    I bet they do the same thing during March Madness.
    Ya know – NOT everyone likes sports!!!

    • PJ

      Then go read a book.

  • Jean Genie

    To hell with “coolness” – I loved following all the coverage I could. I don’t even want to call the Olympics a “guilty pleasure” since it deserves so much respect. I even feel saddened when it all comes to an end after a too-fast two weeks. On to 2012 …

  • NBC Hater

    I HATED NBC’s coverage of the Olympics! Besides the fact that I live in California and not once during primetime, did they show any of the events LIVE! How is that possible when Vancouver is in the same freakin time zone?

    And don’t even get me started on how every five minutes there was a set of commercials!

    I’m wondering if I’ll get it live in 2012 when it’s in Russia. Which won’t make no sense!

    And that’s the reason why I don’t watch any TV on NBC. They stink!

    • Jim

      Dont count on it. Their Wimbledon coverage is always delayed except for the finals.

    • dizzy

      Yeah, what was up with that? I also live in California and didn’t get to see anything live. Who knows at what time you’ll have to be up if when it takes place in Russia (if they decide to have live coverage).

  • MikeVee

    I live in Toronto, Canada and there were quite a few times I watched NBC coverage. For example: before the final US-Canada hockey game, NBC had live coverage of the 50km cross-country skiing (which had about a dozen skiers finishing within 10 seconds of each other – quite exciting), while Canadian TV had hockey commentators talking, before the game started – boring!

    • Wil

      You obviously aren’t aware of the “Lindseycam”


  • Wil

    lol and this will be the last ratings boost that NBC will see for the rest of the year. It’s about to TANK.

    • Wesley

      Watch out if you’re coming to London folks. What used to be a happy, puaeefcl, white country is now full of dangerous blacks and Muslims particularly around the Olympic stadium and East London. The monkeys were allowed to run wild a few weeks ago and cause carnage and will no doubt do the same next year. My advice is watch it on TV, much safer.

  • ccc

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