Kirk Cameron reacts to Andrew Koenig's death

Kirk Cameron is speaking out about the tragic death of Andrew Koenig, his former Growing Pains costar. “At a time like this, we are all reminded of the briefness of life and the importance of being ready for our eternal destination,” Cameron said in a statement. “My prayers will continue to be with Andrew’s family.”

The 41-year-old Koenig — most famous for playing the role of “Boner,” Cameron’s best friend on the ’80s sitcom — had been missing since mid-February. After an extensive search, the actor’s body was discovered Feb. 24 in Vancouver’s Stanley Park. His father, Walter Koenig (who played the original Chekov in multiple Star Trek projects) said his son, who had a history of depression, committed suicide.


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  • Nshi

    My prayers are with the family…blah blah blah.

    • Cam

      you need to show a little respect about something like this. don’t go doin blah blah blah about this. This is serious and he was a great guy.

      • Blah Blah

        I think Blah blah blah is fine. Tons of people die every day! children, doctors, and others who are much better people, but I don’t get sad every second because some innocent person died. If boner was your role model than not only am I sorry for your loss I’m sorry for your life. I feel bad for his family and than remember that many other families are suffering worst than boners family.

      • mbmirkwood

        I believe the “blah blah blah” there was referring to the wooden nature of Cameron’s comment

      • Josh

        I don’t think the comment was meant to minimize the death of Koenig, but rather the trite words of Mr. Kirk Cameron, who, in his backhanded remarks, makes Koenig’s death more about “god” than it does say anything about the life of this poor guy. Cameron basically said “Hope you made your peace with Jesus before you killed yourself, or you will burn in hell. I am praying for Andrew’s family and that they find a way to be at peace with the fact their son is now with Satan.” Even if I am wrong and give Cameron the benefit of the doubt, his words are asinine and meaningless. Any shmuck can send “prayers”. What the hell does that even mean?

      • AcaseofGeo

        Then, mbmirkwood, it SHOULD’VE been in quotation marks, which it wasn’t, suggesting NOT that he Nshi is critquing Kirk’s statement. Nshi is IN FACT being extremely disrespectful using the full shield of internet anonymity. If Nshi’s comment WAS intending to be referring to the alleged wooden nature of Cameron’s statement, he or she should at least have the intelligence to know how to do it correctly.

      • Carol

        Why when cameron saying only, my prayers are with the family, is he getting all this flack? I am sure he is saying more to them personally that is very meaningfull to them, which you won’t see on here…

      • Nshi

        Actually “ACaseofGeo” you are both right. Mbmirkwood was right, I was referring to Cameron’s wooden comment, and yes you’re right, I should have used quotation marks. Okayyyyy???? You can calm down now.

      • Jennifer

        I believe the comment was in regards to Cameron’s mention of his religion.
        Religion makes people uncomfortable.

      • alvar hanso

        For the love of God, he’s Kirk Cameron, not John Updike. I’m sure this is Kirk at his most poignant.

      • cHASER

        ACASE – Speculation is dangerous. It SHOULD have been in quotations, you say oh great comment page moderator? How is this? “SHUT UP!”

        I saw that first comment the way as mkirkwood. Kirk’s response was empty. You think he’d be more human. about it. It was wooden.

      • jared4ever

        I’m so sick of Kirk Cameron and his born-again crap. He never misses an opportunity to ram hit down our throats.

      • Danny Foster

        It never fails that when a tragedy like this occurs, the idiots who attack Christians for putting their faith in God just come out of the wood work. The truth is that every one of you people will, yourself, step into the unknown territory of eternity. You now attack Kirk for being cold rearding his late friend, for shoving “crap” down your throats, and for attempting to pass on this hope to dim bulbs like you. Make no mistake about it, people. Eternity is but on heartbeat away, and you will step across your own finish line at some point, and when that happens you will be thankful that you had a friend like Kirk who worried about your soul even when you didn’t. “Wooden”? Please! Just realistic. Death is as much a part of life as birth, and to treat it like a unexpected tragedy is foolish. Life has a 100% mortality rate.

      • Sammy

        To Danny – “blah, blah, blah.”

      • Greg

        It’s the assumption that you’re right that is so offensive. I’ve never died, so I don’t have an opinion. What’s yours based on?

      • tim

        “It is with great sorrow to hear about the final outcome of the search for my old friend Andrew. I hope everyone will be sensitive to the Koenigs and give the family some private time to reflect and to grieve the loss of their beloved son,” Cameron tells PEOPLE. “At a time like this, we all are reminded of the briefness of life and the importance of being ready for our eternal destination. My prayers will continue to be with Andrew’s family.”

      • tim

        It is easy to take anything out of context when you don’t have the whole picture. I am sure even this is not the full picture of Kirks response to this tragedy. Taking only a few facts does not paint the whole picture.

      • MarySueBob

        Oh Danny – you say “It never fails that when a tragedy like this occurs, the idiots who attack Christians for putting their faith in God just come out of the wood work.” Just like when something like this happens all you so-called “Christians” come out of the wood work and start preaching. I am not sure if you are aware of what this website is about – ENTERTAINMENT. If I wanted to be preached to I’d be sitting in a church right now. My truth is that the path to God is a personal and private journey and it’s one that does not require your help or input. My issue is with all of you people flooding this site and trying to tell people how to live. For all you know this guys family is a bunch of athiests and your “prayers” and what-not are falling on deaf ears. If you want to say your prayers for his family or his soul or whatever that’s fine – but do you REALLY need to do it in a public forum?

      • ries

        who’s to say that one life is more valuable than any other. blah blah blah is disrespectful only as long as you let it bother you. instead, just recognize the ignorance and conceit of the one who would say it.

    • The Original Nshi

      I want to tell the EW community that people posting under the “Nshi” name are going way too far. I regret every having posted to these boards for what these imposters have been saying. I really am sorry that I started something so stupid.

      • AcaseofGeo

        Well, original Nshi, I have to say that EW should start having commenters’ names domained an be unrepeatable cuz it happens to me too. Why do I have to put my email address in here if my username is not unique unto myself (A little Paula thrown in there.) As for this sad and lonely death, I feel for his family.

      • ACaseofGeo

        Hey, that happens to ME too!!

      • The Real Nshi

        You wish you were the original Nshi.

        I wonder if I can sue you for identity theft.

      • Mia

        I wish all the Nshis would help their moms empty the trash and get to bed early enough to finish the 7th grade with Cs. Please, stop and find someplace else to yank people’s chains.

      • Nshi

        I know right???

      • Emi

        I seen that movie jus the other day and I wish it would have been relased 3 years ago. In june of 2008 My dcvroie became final. I didnt want to get dcvroied but things happened beyonf my control. I sat alone and watched that movie and cried! Yes!! Im 39 and I cried like a little child.For so long in the fire department I had a macho image of, if you fall down get up and brush yourself off and move on. 20 years later Ive learned its not easy to do. Everything Ive ever been thru came crashing down one night and Im thankful to be here. God Bless you for having the couarge to write as a Firefighters wife!: )

      • Katsumi

        WOW The photos are stnnniug Emily! And sweet Mallory you are as beautiful as ever!!! You look more like Rian than I ever thought!!! BEAUTIFUL!

    • Meli

      I agree, everyone grieves differently and has different faiths–not better or worse, just different. Show some respect not only to the deceased, but to those who knew and loved him.

      • The Original Nshi

        that is oh so true

      • Auth

        awww don’t say goodbye to the Jonas brotehrs that would just be sad and who’s day would be complete without our beloved Disney channel seriously now, think through this. Can you watch Jay Leno? Miley Cyrus is on his show right now. Happy 13th Cameron.

    • Pedro

      Cameron’s prayers or those of anyone else can only be with the family.
      His former co-star is gone and wherever he is it’s final.

      Cameron is a true believer and servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. If I had to guess he shared that with Andrew at some point. Only God know if Andrew accepted that gift of salvation.

      • Tama

        This man’s death is so sad and final. i concur with what Pedro said. We will also be praying for the family of Andrew Koenig! Our hearts go out to them! May the Lord comfort them as only He can.

      • Tom

        That you Kirk?

      • wakeforce

        To bad those “prayers” didn’t work, before his death.

      • Jim

        Umm…..wakeforce…..prayer doesn’t really work that way anyway. It’s not a magical elixer that protects you from all the crap that happens in your life. It’s a conversation between you and your Creator. Sometimes He intercedes, sometimes, he doesn’t. But, good can come from crap and often those are the miracles we experience in life.

        So, in a nutshell, stop making ignorant comments.

      • tomm

        And there are billions of other people who believe in other religions. So what? Kirk is just one human, not a Messiah.

      • The Truth

        Prayers always work. God loves all. Without God (or the Church) there would be no charities that all you libs work for. But we all know cowards love to bite the hand that feeds them.

      • Dave

        I’m 40-years-old, have a great life and I have never prayed once.

        I have never believed in God.

        If prayer did anything, why is my life so great while people who pray all the time suffer? Haha, joke is on you fools. And I’ve never met a religious “charity” that isn’t more interested in spreading their lies and nonsense than actually helping people. If those charities really wanted to help people, why not leave your cultish beliefs at home?

      • art

        guess what, koenig was Jewish

      • Napoleon

        Vote for Pedro

      • GregR

        I thought they were Russian?



    • Dysthymia83

      Considering Christians believe that suicides go to hell, his comments about “eternal destination” sounds less like sympathy and more like a warning that if you don’t share his beliefs you won’t get to party with his BFF Jesus.

      • joann

        Dysthymia83 – Christian don’t believe that those who commit suicide go to hell. Christians believe as per God’s word, that all those who do not accept the gift of salvation, in other words, those who do not accept Jesus in their lives do go to hell. So, there is hope that Andrew did receive Jesus and now He is heaven. But at this point, only God knows. Prayers go now to his family who are suffering and are in a lot of pain.

    • khbird

      people please…I guess the only time people want God in their life is when they are fighting a terrible disease or situation. then you hear ppl say “please God give us a miracle”..

    • EM2

      To the first comment by Nshi and all similar commentaries that followed; summed up to no love. Love is completely missing. I bet that’s what’s missing in all of your lives the most huh? You speak of God and finding no need for Him or blah blah blah. But I bet you’re all suffering because you feel as if no one loves you or you have no one to love. Maybe you dont have any problem in every other area of your life, but only when it comes to love, right? Well you want to know why that is? God is love.

      • ani

        haha..God is love. that’s classic

    • art

      he said nothing wrong you weed

    • 121zone

      It must cause you to feel so superior to ridicule a decent man expressing Christian love. It’s no wonder you hide behind a wall of anonymity. Cowards are so pathetic!

  • Gonzalo

    “At a time like this, we are all reminded of the briefness of life and the importance of being ready for our eternal destination”.

    So he basically said nothing nice about his ex-costar, and just used his death to keep pushing his evangelist bs on others. Talk about classy.

    • Spn

      Koenig apparently committed suicide, and thus, in Cameron’s zealot eyes, he is certainly burning in Hell.

      • art

        Koenig was Jewish

    • E.

      Yeah, agreed–what a tacky reaction to a tragedy. The evangelizing, in this situation particularly, is just gross.

      • Denise

        it might be insincere if he tried to hide it, though. why can’t it be considered caring to speak one’s convictions? also, is this his entire statement?

      • tony

        JOHN 3:16

      • B’rack

        Tacky? What an ignorant comment.

      • Me

        Yes, B’Rack.. tacky. Does he know if maybe that family was of a different denomination of Christianity or perhaps not Christians at all? That’s the problem with religious zealots (of whatever religion) they don’t understand that their relationship with their GOD applies only to them and not the entire world.

      • Brian

        What’s sad is that you all find this offensive. Of all the things going on out there, you find offense in this. Regardless of your beliefs, Kirk Cameron is driven by his concern for the living. He only “preaches” in the hopes that you will have an eternal life. What’s so bad about that? What could he have said that would have helped what’s already been lost?

      • Mil

        Hey, “Me” – do you know what tacky means? You’re kinda of a simple person, aren’t you.

      • Taylor

        To whoever “Me” is , you are retarded. The God that Kirk Cameron talks about is the one and only God and if you dont know that then I feel really bad for you, and I hope that you come to know the Lord before your time is up.

      • ds

        LOL – “the one and only god”, “hopes you will have an eternal life” — well, perhaps Kirk might have said something nice about his costar, but no, he just has to preach. Not that Taylor or Brian would ever even have a hope of understanding another point of view.

      • bwright923

        Me has it exactly right, and Taylor you just proved his/her point.

      • Rock


        When your convictions are not only wrong, but essentially evil, then it’s anything BUT caring to speak about them. It’s crass, insensitive, hollow, and morally repugnant. Kirk Cameron cared and continues to care nothing for his colleague. He has used him as an ersatz-moral warning to remind readers about the dangers of going to hell, and how we need to be “ready for our eternal reward” or some garbage like that. He’s a moron, which you knew already if you had two brain cells to rub together, but now we also know he’s a complete jerk. Thanks Kirk! One more straw on the camel’s back.


        What’s sad is that people continue to justify and excuse an atavistic, repulsive and baseless system of belief that systematically isolates and condemns huge swathes of humanity simply for who they are. That’s what sad. Recognizing the lies and disingenuity is anything but sad. It’s a cause for celebration. Hopefully more people will wake up and see evangelism for what it is: Evil.

      • Taylor

        No I don’t have another point of view because their is no other point of view. All the proof that anyone needs is the Bible, it was written by the one and only God and your life will become so much more than it is now if you come to know Him.

      • Taylor

        Tell me “bwright”, how did I prove his/her point?

      • Amanda

        I have to say that when I read Kirk’s comment, I expected it to be preachy, but I was surprised that it wasn’t. I think his remark about eternal life was similar to what most people say about making you think about life and whatnot. I think people just tend to take it the wrong way because of who he is and what he represents. I thought it was a nice statement especially given that he wasn’t close to Andrew anymore.

      • bwright923

        All indications point to Taylor as a Troll, but I also know people who believe all that crap.

      • bwright923

        If I really have to spell it out for you Taylor how you proved their pointThat’s the problem with religious zealots (of whatever religion) they don’t understand that their relationship with their GOD applies only to them and not the entire world.” Fits you to a T

      • Taylor

        Why am I a troll “bwright”, because I have been saved by Jesus Christ, the one died for all of us, and I know that I will be going to heaven to be with Him and all of my loved ones when I die, and I know that Jesus loves me no matter what I do when I pray and ask for his forgivness. I sincerely hope that you will pick up a Bible and that God will speak to you and you will be saved and have a beutiful life

      • spatoola

        Taylor, that is YOUR belief. Try to wrap your head around that.

      • Dmaxin

        Some of us, like Kirk Cameron, do believe in Jesus and do in fact pray for Him to give the family a sense of peace through their grief. If that is offensive to you, what do you suggest in it’s place?

      • Taylor

        spatoola, yes it is my belief but it is the only true belief, and if you dont think that is true than the Bible is all the proof that you need.

      • Carol

        You either just are frustrated because you don’t really understand how this can be real,and for you personally, or just don’t want to be bothered with it because it upsets your lifestyle. It does not matter what it is specifically, because there are no excuses that work for you to not believe as to give you a way out of receiving the truth for yourself personally, and individually just because. It is foolish to not take into consideration of what is in it for you…

      • Tom

        If the Bible was written by the “one and only god”, this god merits a diagnosis of multiple personality disorder.

      • A FSM preacher

        Can anyone say “arrogrent”?

      • A FSM preacher

        So all I have to do, according to you and your jesus logic, is ritualasticly kill a pure, untainted human being, say a child or baby, and I’ll be absolsed of my sins, like you and jesus?

      • Meg

        Oh Tom please read the Bible, perhaps you would understand the triune God a little bit more.

      • Taylor

        You are saying i’m arrogent because I know what is right and I thank God every day that I found him and will be going to heaven and have a more fulfilling life. As to your second post, I would never ever tell anyone to kill somebody. Whatever you do in life, God can forgive, if you truly ask for fogivness down in your heart and change your life. I dont know if I could forgive someone for killing somebody, but thats the beautiful thing about God, He loves each and every one of us. He even loves you, even if you dont love him, which I hope one day you will.

      • spatoola

        Taylor, I have three copies of the bible, and I’ve read it. It’s got some cool stories in it. But, you really do come off as some sort of cult recruiter.

      • spatoola

        There seems to be a ton of southern baptists on this web page.

      • Taylor

        You say its got some cool stories? Everything in the bible is true. I’m sorry if I come off as that way, Im just trying to help everyone know that the one and only God will help you through life if you want Him to. I am no cult recruiter, being a Christian is not being in a cult.

      • Me

        Oh, Taylor.. you inspire in me nothing but pitty. Pitty for anyone that has to come in contact with you. You claim that the bible was written by the one and only true god… um, hate to break it to you but the bible was written by MEN… hundreds of years after Christ’s death.. do you read and if you do, do you have any reading comprehension skills? Second, what version of the bible are you reading? If you are reading the original, it’d be quite an accomplishment considering it was written in a now lost language… if you’re reading a later version, has it ever occurred to you that it was altered to fit societal needs and norms of the time when that version was drafted? Is it a version drafted from the gospel of Mary (you know, the one the disciples and their Christianity hid from the world because women weren’t allowed to have an opinion) I know all of this is probably hard for you to understand.. just try to be a bit more open minded, in the same way your Jesus asked his followers to be.

      • Taylor

        You are the one I feel bad for. I dont claim anything, it’s true, God did write the bible ,not physically but spiritually,and if you have ever really read the bible than you would now that God said, He inspired 40 men to write the revelation of himself to men. We may not talk like they did back then, but if you were a follower of Christ than God would help you understand the bible. None of anything you are writing is hard for me to understand, I actually feel really sorry for you , that you will not be going to heaven because you are not a follower of Christ, anyone who is not a follower will burn in the fires of hell forever and I feel so bad for you and anyone who does not know Christ.

      • Me

        Taylor, let me make this very clear. If you and others like you are the type of people who will be in “heaven” then rest assured, I do not wish to go to that “heaven”. It’s actually quite sad that you would base your entire existense on the greatest fairy tale ever told, or actually.. more like sold. It wouldn’t be so tragic and it really wouldn’t be such a big deal if it only went as far as you believing that but the atrocities that others who think like you have committed against other people, simply for having a different believe system is horrible at best and if there truly is a “God” as you claim, I highly doubt that he will allow people like you who quickly condemn others to “burn in the fires of hell” without so much of a hint of remorse. You are what is wrong with this world. Don’t waste your time feeling bad for me, I certainly don’t feel bad for myself and I am glad I don’t think like you and live like you – I would hate my life if I did.

      • Mil

        Me – you sound like an absolute moron. Are you?

      • Me

        If having a completely different belief system than you and/or Taylor along with the other Christo-facists who think their “god” is the only god makes me a moron then I will happily wear that badge.. as long as I am no lumped in with you and others like you, I am happy to be called a moron.

      • Mil

        Being a moron makes you a moron.

    • HoneyB

      I’m surprised he didn’t suggest Boner was roasting in hell after hearing all his Way of the Master, confrontational crap.

    • dgh

      yeah you should be the moral compass for what is classy!!!

      • Tiger Woods

        That would be a classy compass, not a moral compass. FAIL.

      • yup ypu


      • Mil

        No, Moron, er, I mean “Tiger,” that would “…compass for what is classy,” not “…classy compass for what is classy.”

      • BusterBobcat

        Way to take the high road, Amanda, and give Kirk Cameron the benefit of the doubt by taking the most positive read of his statement…I should learn from your example.

      • BusterBobcat

        Taylor, I’m not nearly arrogant enough to presume I know the mind of God, but your attitude smacks of the kind of pride and self-importance that brought down Lucifer…try out some Christ-like humility if you’d like proselytize…Christ did.

        At this point, you seem more like someone with a self esteem problem who feels the need to bully others by trying to impose Biblical threats you have no standing to make.

        Being “Christian” means being “Christ like.” Christ certainly would have had compassion for Andrew Koenig. If we are to honorably follow in Christ’s footsteps, we are to provide that compassion in his stead. It’s unfortunate that Andrew Koenig’s distress may have been exacerbated by not running into enough compassionate people along the way. I pray he never ran into you.

        It’s a shame your evident feelings of inadequacy compell you to invoke religion as a weapon. I’m going to try to be Christ like and feel compassion for you, but as an imperfect human I’m having trouble getting over the hateful and ugly way in which you have presented yourself and your horrible misrepresentation of Christianity.

        Perhaps I might also suggest that if you don’t want to commit the time and effort to studying theology or theological history, perhaps you might tune in to a few of the History Channel’s many examinations of Biblical history…if you want people to take you seriously as an evangelical voice, understanding the historical context of your religion might provide you some veracity.

      • Sirlene

        And then modern Christians say the Pagan reogiilns and traditions are heretical and Satan worship. Christians believe in a fat old man that sneaks into houses and leaves presents (scary concept) and Halloween is a warding of evil spirits. Which is less creepy?I am Christian, by the way, and still find that messed up.

    • carmanah

      I agree, it is tacky beyond belief to use the death of another human being as a vehicle to further your own personal religious beliefs. What an arrogant blowhard.

      • dgh

        gugga gugga gugga

    • Dudeman Franconi

      Yeah, it’s official now- Kirk Cameron is a tool. It was pretty apparent already though.

    • bgreen

      His friend is passed. Kirk knows what is important and that is making sure those still living are ready when their time comes. I would suggest you do some serious research and increase your knowledge of what is bs and what is not. God loves you and is waiting for you!

      • Tiger Woods

        God just keyed your car.

      • cory

        I’m not sure Cameron was Koenig’s friend since they hadn’t spoken for years. I would say colleague at best. That said,depression sucks. I once got some great advice when I was suicidal that helped a lot.Instead of killing yourself or waiting for someone to listen to your cry for help, take a piece of paper and make a list of everything great that has happened in your life since you thought about attempting suicide. It helps you keep perspective which can be difficult during bouts of depression.

        I spent a day with Koenig’s father once…I’m not even a trekkie and I have to say he was one of the nicest and coolest dudes I’ve met. I hope that something good can come out of this obviously sad situation for his family.

      • erin

        gimme a break, bgreen. go blog on some conservative wack-job site.

      • BusterBobcat

        Did BGreen just suggest someone else do some research??? How ’bout you and your so-called “Christian” buddies read the Bible a bit and catch a clue about what it means to be “Christ-like”…you know eat with Lepers, hang with the lowly and the despised…and perhaps catch up on that bit about removing the log from your own eye. Perhaps you might do more for your own “eternal life” to show some compassion for your fellow man and act less like you have the Hot Line to God…I’m pretty sure you are woefully ill-equipped to pass on any messages.

        In fact, how ’bout we all just keep our religion to ourselves and use this space to send condolences to Andrew Koenig’s family and friends who are no doubt saddened, if not devastated, by their loss.

        Sure would have been nice if Kirk Cameron could have had enough compassion to put aside his own agenda long enough to say something supportive to the family or positive about his former colleague…too bad others (yep, I’m talking about folks in this forum) are following his lead.

        I hope Andrew’s friends and family are able to find some source of strength and solace during this difficult time.

      • justjack

        BusterBobcat, I think I kind of love you.

    • Andrew

      whether you believe it or not, Kirk is absolutely right!!

      • Tommyb23

        ANdrew, how would you or for that matter, anyone possibly know what happens after death?

      • Marc

        Kirk is an insensitive bible-thumper who only cares about his religion.

      • Noamchomsky’seviltwin

        My priest gives great head.

      • Taylor

        “tommyb23″Anyone can find out what happens after death if they pick up and read the Bible, If you pray and ask Jesus into your heart and forgive you of your sins than you will have a spiritual and beautiful life with God.

      • Tiger Woods

        “whether you believe it or not, Kirk is absolutely wrong!!” fixed it

      • Taylor

        Why do you think Kirk is wrong, you have no proof that he is wrong, yet there is proof that he is right and it is right there in the bible, I feel so bad for everyone on this site that does not know God.

    • Justin W.

      The quote you are using as a basis to slander Mr. Cameron was taken out of context. The entire quote (found on his Facebook page) reads as such:

      “It is with great sorrow to hear about the final outcome of the search for my old friend Andrew. I hope everyone will be sensitive to the Koenigs and give the family some private time to reflect and to grieve the loss of their beloved son. At a time like this, we all are reminded of the briefness of life and the importance of being ready for our eternal destination. My prayers will continue to be with Andrew’s family.”

    • katiemariie

      I think Cameron is being sincere but a little insensitive considering that the deceased’s family is Jewish.

      • art

        thank you for mentioning that

      • JfromCanada

        Are you saying Jewish people don’t believe in the afterlife? Kirk didn’t say he was praying to Jesus did he? As far as I understand, the Christian God and the Jewish God are the same. Kirk may be a “bible-thumper” but I thought he was pretty restrained and respectful in his comments.

    • jw

      Whatever. Despite what you believe there is only 1 truth. And that is in the Bible. As long as you believe in Christ, whether catholic, baptist or whatever you will be saved. Hell is forever.

      • Mary Mary

        Thank goodness I’ll be in hell; I’ll be better company. I just hate moral grand-standing. The hypocrites and narrow minded among us are the ones who dare say they know where a soul goes after death. One truth? I’m a ‘whatever’ and damned glad of it.

      • Josh

        Just because I put my tooth under my pillow and I wake up with a dollar in its place, does not mean the tooth fairy exsists. If Christianity helps you cope with life and makes you the best person you feel that you can be, then fantastic! More power to you, but to spout this as the one truth is sincerely small minded. Be what you want to be but don’t tell me or anyone else that you have the “inside track” on the one truth. Just who are you? “Hell is forever!” Seriously?! I guess you simply cannot fight ignorance. Cheers and may god be with you, jw.

      • Gen of Montreal

        @Mary Mary: We’ll meet there. I’ll bring the wine.

      • Amy

        So I could be a perfect person, not cause harm to anyone, not commit any sins and be an awesome person. But because I don’t want to blindly believe in a higher power, I will go to Hell? I really don’t want any part of a God who will send you to the worst place imaginable because I don’t worship him. Isn’t He supposed to be about love? Pfft!

      • pc93

        No, hell is for children. lol.

      • art

        guess what, you sound evil and
        therefore will be in hell too

    • Miriam

      Read the entire statement before passing judgement. I think everyone is sad about the outcome of Andrew.

      “It is with great sorrow to hear about the final outcome of the search for my old friend Andrew,” Cameron, 39, told “I hope everyone will be sensitive to the Koenigs and give the family some private time to reflect and to grieve the loss of their beloved son. At a time like this, we are all reminded of the briefness of life and the importance of being ready for our eternal destination. My prayers will continue to be with Andrew’s family.”

    • Daniel Maher

      I agree. Kirk Cameron is the most irritating kind of Christian, who sees Jesus as a kind of “get out of hell free card”, as one who “paid the price”. As an Eastern Orthodox Christian,who believes Christ did a lot more than just get us off the hook, I find Cameron’s legalistic and fear based theology offensive.

  • Rex

    I am so sorry for the Koenig family’s loss.

    Kirk is a grade A moron though. I guess your prayers didn’t work eh? Idiot!

  • Paf

    Kirk Cameron is a wonderful Christian man. I applaud Mr. Cameron for his righteousness and for his goodness in sharing the Gospel of Christ to others. Mr. Cameron reached out to his friend but it was too late as we now know.
    John: 3:16 read it and belive it! Blessings. Call on the Lord while he may be found!

    • Tiger Woods


      • bootsycolumbia

        Tiger Woods, not only are you a great golfer, but also a very funny man! Kudos!

      • Taylor

        tiger woods and bootsycolumbia-you guys are sick, saying that stuff about God

      • Tiger Woods

        Why? Just because you believe in dungeons and dragons mumbo-jumbo, doesn’t mean we do. If I believe and revere the Jolly Green Giant, and you disparage the keeper of all things “bird’s eye” – does it make you sick for taking a shot at him? Not at all. It would just mean that you don’t share the same beliefs. If I were Christian, or even a member of the 3 prophetic religions (which are basically identical, great job killing each other for the last several hundred years for no reason) – then my comments might make me sick. Since I don’t, and I think you guys just believe in an arguably complex myth, on par with camp-fire ghost stories with a moral twist; my comments just make me incredibly insensitive. But since I’m tired of Christians having no real respect for people who don’t goosestep to their beliefs – I know longer care what you magic-worshippers feel about anything.

      • Taylor

        One, I dont believe in dungeons and dragons, I believe in God. Two, it is not arguable nor a myth. Three, just because you aren’t a Christian doesn’t mean I dont like you or dont respect you, I have family that aren’t Christians, my best friend and her family probably have never even opened a bible but I love them with all my heart and I ask them to go to church with me whenever I they can. Four, God is not magic. And I hope someday that you will find God and change your life the way I did.

    • DRK

      You have got to be kidding. Someone is dead and the only thing you can write about is how wonderful Kirk Cameron and his Christian beliefs are?

      As for Mr. Cameron’s comments, well, rather than criticize them let me give some practical advice instead. First, if you are depressed call a friend or a parent and tell them how you are feeling and if you are thinking about suicide do the same thing. Second, if you are a friend or a parent of someone who calls you and tells you they are thinking about suicide get them to a mental health professional – immediately! Oh yea, one other thing you should definitely do – keep them away from Kirk Cameron.

      • Matthew

        Actually, there were more to his comments. The post in EW is basically the last sentence. So, there was more to it than that.

      • Aaron

        I don’t like Cameron nor do I consider myself a Christian…but you guys just need to STFU. I know you guys really don’t care that the kid who played Boner on Growing Pains is dead. You’re using his death to nag about Cameron. Your statements reek of boredom and stagnancy…and you’re really no better than Cameron.

    • suzie

      We don’t know that it was too late! We can’t know what’s in another’s heart. I I have to admit that I have the same thought when someone dies young (and 41 is young!). It does remind us that life is short and perhaps we should get our spiritual selves in order. Although, I would never say that to the family.

    • Mark

      Go f**k yourself!

    • Snarf


    • jennifer

      he is a good guy but with SUCH a tragic thing happening, he could’ve said something nicer with more content you know??

    • erin

      I believe Jesus was feverently against “righteous” people, btw

      • rod~

        But there is a righteousness of God

      • rod~

        Righteousness in their rules but they had no love for the man stuck in a ditch on the sabbath. Without love, we are a clanging gong or a banging symbol.

      • NADA

        I keep reading tnihgs like this, quoted from the linked article: “Kirk Cameron was an atheist as a teenager but had a religious conversion . . . ” Was he truly an Atheist? I don’t think many people who have THOUGHT about religion and belief enough to conclude they are Atheist then have some epiphany and become Evangelical (unless, as one commenter suggested, he’s schizophrenic). Maybe he was apathetic? Can we just say that until there’s proof he was in some sort of Atheist Meet-up Group ( . . . of the 80s)?

    • Dmaxin

      Mary Mary, it won’t be a party. Luke 16:19-31 describes “the place of the dead” (unsaved) as a lonely place where they can see Heaven but can’t do anything about it. Verse 26 says “And besides, there is a great chasm separating us. No one can cross over to you from here, and no one can cross over to us from there.”

  • me

    @nshi, @gonzalo, @e

    So your reaction is to bash someone else? Classy indeed.

    • Nshi

      Thank you “me”. Your sweet words mean more to me than you’ll ever know.

    • Tiger Woods

      as long as the bashing is done in a classy way, then yes. I do all my bashing with a glass cane, to make sure it’s never low-brow.

  • R. Meyer

    Did you guys think that may be the best thing he can say while he tries to deal with his friend’s death?
    Open your eyes.

    • Spn

      Not really. Something tells me the two of them weren’t best buds off-screen, especially not since Cameron became funda-MENTAL.

      • B’rack

        You’re pathetically sad.

      • dgh

        you’re so clever!!!!

      • jennifer

        i was wodnering the same thing, something just whispers “they weren’t best of close buddies” can’t quite put my finger on it, but yeah, something just seems distant about them 2, still a sad situation

    • jennifer

      i’m NOT a rude person but you don’t know me, so let me add to my comment, even in the worst of situations, less intelligent people have said better things when making statements,you know?? i do understand your point though, it’s always a bad time and nerves maybe got in the way who knows

      • STaminNALK

        They were co workeers 25 years ago. Not friends.

  • Emily

    I agree that he should not force his religion onto people, especially at a time like this, but that’s not all he said.
    “It is with great sorrow to hear about the final outcome of the search for my old friend Andrew. I hope everyone will be sensitive to the Koenigs and give the family some private time to reflect and to grieve the loss of their beloved son,” Cameron tells PEOPLE. “At a time like this, we all are reminded of the briefness of life and the importance of being ready for our eternal destination. My prayers will continue to be with Andrew’s family.”

    Just wanted to put that out there.

  • alicia holland

    you liberals will take any comments and run with them to bash christians & our beliefs what was so “gross” about what he said?

    • Charlotte

      Liberals and Christians are not mutually exclusive. Conservatives don’t have a corner on religion. The teaching of Jesus made me the liberal I am today.

      As for the sad death of Andrew Koenig, what it shows is how deadly depression can be. I hope that others may hear his story and help prevent this tragedy from happening to others.

    • Mil


    • dgh

      Nothing was wrong with that statement but some people are just pathetic….

      • dgh

        Oops I meant “pathetick”. Sorry for the typo.

    • Tom Brazelton

      Why do you assume it’s a liberal bashing your beliefs?

      • Sandi

        Only liberals bash religion like that.

      • really?

        No… really? Ha!

      • Tiger Woods

        And only christian conservatives limit their social acceptance to those who share identical world views. You guys are like the social equivalent of alcoholics who can’t stand drinking in front of sober people; its like you need every one in the room to validate your behavior (e.g. worshipping magic), or you get your damn panties in a twist. Is your God so fragile, that any disbeliever poses a risk of undermining your entire theological house of cards? Yeah, I thought so.

        You know how I know I’m secure in my spirituality? I don’t require you or anybody else to validate it for me.

    • levelheaded

      @Alicia – I’m liberal and a Christian, and I know many people who are conservatives and non-christians.

      Please do not confuse political leanings with religious conviction.

      I think the people who didn’t like the quote, probably just don’t like Kirk Cameron and his beliefs.

      • Brian

        I agree. I lean right in my political views, but find that “liberal” Christians are much less likely to be hypocrites (with the exception of those that believe in abortion of course.)

      • Jeff

        Liberal and Christian ore oxymorons. It is impossible to support the liberal agenda and call yourself a follower of Christ.

      • jennifer

        that’s a great point, however, i have ALWAYS loved kirk cameron, i loved that he used to fight against drugs when he was younger, etc, BUT he truly didn’t say as much as i would have expected or meaningful you know? but yes, most bad comments probably never have liked k cameron

      • Mary Mary

        Jesus was a socialist. Think about it.

      • Regular Joe

        Jeff said: “Liberal and Christian ore oxymorons. It is impossible to support the liberal agenda and call yourself a follower of Christ.”

        You sir, are an idiot. Christ spoke with the woman at the well…in his day, this was considered not only very liberal, but scandalous because the woman was of “ill-repute.”

        Jesus supported the “liberal” idea of feeding and caring for the poor.

        Jesus considered women equals with men…a liberal thought way ahead of its time.

        Jesus was a liberal in saying that the Pharisees, a very conservative religious group, was wrong in their approach to spiritual things.

        Jesus supported health care…he healed the sick regardless of status in life.

        If Jesus walked into your church, Jeff, dressed in shaggy clothes, with long hair and sandals, I’m am quite sure you would be the first to call him a dirty hippie and liberal.

        In the last days when everyone will be judged…he just may say to you…”I never knew you…”

      • Jeff

        Reg. Joe – It is you who are the idiot my friend. Yes Jesus was liberal for his time but look at his teachings. They do not match the liberal teachings of today. Would Jesus support the innocent slaughter of unborn babies? Would Jesus support gay marriage? Nope. And for the record conservatives support helping the needy and the poor. We just believe it is NOT the Gov’t job to do it. It is mine personally. That my friend our Lord and Savior would support.

      • ger

        Jesus would totally support gay marriage. He might even turn water into lube.

      • Taylor

        to ger, If you really think that Jesus would support gay marriage than have some serious problems and you might want to look in the bible where God clearly says that he made “one woman for one man”, and thats how life should be.

      • Bob C

        It is sad that so many of you cannot heed the words of our Lord. In John 3:16 it is written: “Alan Thicke is the funniest man alive.”

      • Tiger Woods

        Taylor, does Jesus say anything about it? That’s the whole problem with witchcraft, I mean Christianity. It’s just a vessel, into which anybody can pour tolerance and compassion, or intolerance and hatred. You guys make strong arguments in the name of Christianity. But so did Hitler.

        As for Jeff’s argument – addressing people as idiots pretty much shows he’s following closely in Jesus’ footsteps of compassion. Your comments about what Jesus would or would not accept are you pouring your views into what you want him to believe. 2000 years ago, you’d be the guy throwing the first stone, oblivious to Jesus’ commentary on the subject.

      • Taylor

        You’ve crossed a line. Being a Christian is Not witchcraft. And dont you dare compare me to Hitler. As for the comments you said about “Jeff” you are completely wrong and I support everything that Jeff said.I can not say enough how bad I feel for you.

    • John

      alicia holland – Amen! You are so right. Kirk is a great man of God and his comments are completely appropriate.

      • BusterBobcat

        Well said, Regular Joe!

        Though I have no idea if Jesus would support gay marriage…I’m also not sure if Jesus would support much of what conservative “Christians” espouse. I, at least, have enough humility to not assert that I can speak for God. I can say that the Jesus I know would not treat people as awfully as I’ve seen conservative “Christians” treat others. I’d like to think I’d be loving toward those with whom I disagree…perhaps I should work a bit harder at learning to turn the other cheek.

    • Gayle

      Give mne a break! If you opnly knew how stupid all of you sound making such statements. If the truth be told, some of the most corrupt, uncaring people have ever encountered in life have been self-proclaimed conservative republican christians. and mean-spirited comments like these just further my dislike for the lot of you.

    • BusterBobcat

      Jesus was a “liberal”.

      It’s unfortunate that conservatives have co-opted Christianity as they condemn those less fortunate to some version of hell on earth (…the conservative agenda actively works to cut people off from earning a living wage, from protection from predatory corporations, from access to a decent education, from access to health care, from access to mental health care when they are suicidally depressed). It’s also a shame that Alicia feels it necessary to interject politics into the conversation…especially since she does so while trying to paint herself as some kind of victim…poor Alicia, is so insecure that anybody who disagrees with her is “bashing” her…guess you have to believe that God things you’re SO SPECIAl when you too fragile to handle that not everybody else does.

      How ’bout finding some self esteem and some compassion…believe it or not the passing of a young man so distraught that he felt compelled to take his own life is not all about you. Perhaps also taking a double dose of your paranoia medication might help, too…liberals are not trying to “bash” you, we just want you to stop giving Christianity a bad name. Please call yourself the Pharisee that you are.


      • wakeforce

        That’s the best response I’ve read yet.
        There is no use arguing with Taylor, It’s obvious he/she is either delusional or an intellectual midget.

    • M-Lo

      I’m a liberal but I believe in God. I take offense to that. Not only conservatives know God. Mr. Cameron sounds wooden because according to the Bible he reads Suicide is an automatic Hell sentence and he can’t say anything nice because that would imply that “niceness” matters. He may be very sad, truly saved people are sad if they feel that someone has died and will go to Hell.

  • e2

    God bless Checkov’s son . . .

  • Trey

    The man just said life is short. The same thing millions of people say every day when someone they know dies. Man, you people are cynical.

    • Callie

      More like bitter.

  • Eric

    I thought Cameron was praying for Boner when he came up missing. I guess that didn’t work out for him. The “power” of prayer fails again…because there’s no one to pray to.

    • JfromCanada

      We are all responsible for our own decisions, we aren’t God’s little puppets on strings… if someone is determined to take their life, no amount of prayer will stop them. I know from experience, my sister also committed suicide.

  • twitsmiter

    @ alicia

    … and you Christian conservatives will take any opportunity to bash liberals, even when you don’t know the “offender’s” political beliefs. Why do you assume those who criticize Mr. Cameron are liberals? I know more than a few conservatives who think he’s a sanctimonious loon.

    • Joe

      You lie! I don’t know anyone who thinks about Kirk Cameron at all!!! :)

      • Tiger Woods

        He really was a convincing misogynist in that movie. I mean firefighter.

  • whatevs

    Ok, people. If he didn’t care about him, he wouldn’t have been praying for him and telling him to call him. How about letting Christians be who they are without getting angry at every little thing? Everyone else is allowed to talk about their beliefs in this country. If you have a problem with Christianity, then it would be good for all of us if you learned how to deal with it better instead of bashing people whose beliefs are different from yours.

  • Allison

    Kirk is doing what God calls us all to do as born again Christians, that is to speak the truth boldly and to do it before it is too late. It shows real love to speak truth into others lives before it’s too late. The rest of you just want to all go down the very sad destructive and lost path together. I pray for all of you that you will wake up before it’s too late. God Bless you Kirk, keep glorifying God with the truth. You’re a good and faithful servant.

    • Tom Brazelton

      Truth is relative.


        Jesus is the ABSOLUTE truth. I pray for your continued boldness and welcome your conviction.
        Be Blessed! In the Name of Jesus!

      • Ann

        Actually, the truth is absolute. The truth exists whether human’s know or except it. The truth is universal law and is not limited by time, space or place. Truth is not of man, but truth is from beyond man. It existed at the beginning of the universe and will exist after man ceases to exist. Truth is… It is not contained or restricted but flows through all things. Statistics are proven on the basis of more hits than misses. Truth is always. All peoples have and will know truth. It is beyond language, geography or even time periods. Even the first peoples knew truth. We may be confused about what truth is. Opinions are relative, truth is absolute. But we will not see or hear truth if we are not seeking it. It comes from beyond the mind and humankind. It is a manner of intuition and spiritual. Those things that all nations and peoples believe, those are truth.

      • rod~

        Is that true?

      • Auth

        No it’s not! It’s so much shorter!In the WDW Version, the ride-vehicle acatluly leaves the elevator shaft and moves around and the re-enters another elevator shaft which is the one that drops you. The only cool part about the DCA version is the mirror scene which WDW put in a similar effect for the ride during Summer Nightastic.They are both GREAT rides, but the WDW version is the original and the best.

    • Tiger Woods

      funny that aside from your believing in it, there’s no evidence that any of that God hogwash is true. If he’s real, roll his old bones down here, and let us kick the spiritual tires. If not, just accept you are part of a really large cult.

      • suzie

        What a sad life you must lead.

      • bgreen

        Tiger— actually there is more evidence of his existence than not…I used to think that too, but after years of research I learned, ( and I am an educated man) that it is all true. Try putting a diligent effort into proving his existence through the evidence that is there. It is there if you will take the time to look for it. God loves you and is waiting for you. Try the book The Case for Christ…great start..written by an atheist…of course through his years of research, countless interviews of scholars, and challenging them all with the questions non believers have, he too is now a christian. Imangine that!

      • Kelly

        There is tons of evidence that God exists… you just need to open your eyes and see that this world could not just pop into existence. And God will come back. He will send his Son to claim the saved. Unfortunately, for many, it will be too late.

      • Tiger Woods

        bgreen, those answers are never accompanied with actual evidence. Just the pass the buck. Let’s say you’ve uncovered some beyond a shadow of a doubt evidence – wouldn’t that single handedly kill the need to actual have spiritual faith.

        Right Suzie – my life must be sad, because I don’t share your world view. Nothing pompous and self-centric in assuming anyone who believes something else from you must be miserable. There’s no way my Buddhism could be fulfilling to me. The religion I’m a part of is joke – and yours is real. It’s good that white people killed and subjegated so many indigenous cultures in the name of Christianity. They just saved those poor sacks from leading sad lives – by ending them short.

      • Tiger Woods

        “There is tons of evidence that God exists” and there’s never any follow up to that statement. You conclude that because the world exists, that God must have created it.

        Why not aliens from another universe? You don’t have any more evidence to disprove my theory, than you do to prove your own.

      • Kelly

        The faith no matter what would come into play in the fact that You can’t physically touch God, even though you can touch the evidence that says He exists.

        You also attack Christians, saying that they cannot accept your religion. First, to accept any other religion would not go along with the Christian faith. Since we are to believe that there is no other God. No ifs, ands, or buts. Do you truly think that Christians kill people to save them from leading sad lives? I sure hope not.

      • Kelly

        So what is this evidence that you have to prove me wrong?

      • Rick

        Why don’t you share your proof that it’s all bs?

      • bob

        your being convinced isn’t evidence.

      • Taylor

        To tigerwoods about the “aliens creating the universe”, that is just stupid, if you think there are aliens in the world than you have more problems than I thought, and the evidence that God created the world and everthing in it is in the Bible, maybe you try reading it sometime

      • Carol

        Where do you get your ideology? It seems you just have an opinion w/o substance…

      • Tom

        Careful Tiger, there’s a flock of sheep on your tail..

      • Tiger Woods

        Taylor – your evidence is a book. So why not Scientology? The practitioners believe the substance. All you can show me is your own devotion to your faith. That’s admirable (when its not leading you to bash others) – but it still doesn’t prove anything. I have read the Bible. I’ve actually read the old testament several times. My comment about aliens isn’t that I believe that nonsense – its that just because something exists means you can attribute it to anything. Your argument is “Its true, because a book I believe in says its true”. How is that proof? How is that demonstrable.

        Take Jesus walking on water, or the world being created in a week. You choose to believe it. I simply don’t see any reason to believe that. Your only evidence for those things happening, are a book that said those things happened. It’s the theological equivalent of a circular definition.

        Because something exists, something else must have created it? If that’s your argument, and you use that to say God created it, how is the argument that Shazbot created God, any less logical?

      • Taylor

        The only evidence that God exists is not just from the bible. Where did the universe come from, why do we have grass, why do we have water, where did all the animals come from, where did we come from. Ask yourself these questions and then compare them to the what the scientologists say is evolution. That there was just a big bang, that we just came into existence from a big bang, and that we evolved from apes, I mean come on. do you really believe that? And as for some guy saying that he created God, the real truth is that God created that guy and everone else and everthing that we have and know.

    • Shiloh


    • Brian


    • Marc

      Allison…if you aren’t mormon…you are going to burn. Plain and simple.

    • Bob

      The way he’s done it – uncharitably and unkind – will lead no non-believer to Christ.

      “What sorrow awaits you teachers of religious law and you Pharisees. Hypocrites! For you cross land and sea to make one convert, and then you turn that person into twice the child of hell you yourselves are!” (Matt 23:15)

      “I show my faith by what I do.” James 2:18

      Right now the Koenigs need comfort and maybe little stories with fond memories from those who knew Andrew – not the vague hint that their son is in the outer darkness.

    • lloyd

      up yours…….

  • chris

    death is something we all must face sooner or later. i feel sorry for the guy if he could have hung in their a little longer who knows what project may have come his way. to his parents i say God be with you.

    • Pastafarian

      As a fiscal conservative and evangelical atheist, I think you’re being too limited in your nonsense.
      May God, Jesus, Allah, Buddah, the Easter Bunny, Frankenstein and the Tooth Fairy all be with you all.

      You pray for me, and I’ll think for you.

      • Chey

        That made me laugh out loud. Well done. I’m totally going to have to use that in the future: You pray for me, and I’ll think for you.

      • Mary Mary

        As a fellow Pastafarian, I agree with you, and salute you.

      • Tom

        Hey, take it easy on the tooth fairy!


      • Celimene


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