Exclusive: 'American Idol' contestant Alex Lambert bleeped during Thursday telecast

The four seconds of dropped audio you may have heard toward the end of Thursday night’s American Idol results-show telecast was not caused by a technical glitch. A Fox spokesperson confirms that “the audio was dropped by broadcast standards due to language.”

What’s more, a source who was at the results-show taping tells EW exclusively that, in fact, it was contestant Alex Lambert whose salty language got bleeped. The gaffe came moments after Ryan Seacrest told Lambert, who was compared to an unripened banana by judge Ellen DeGeneres on Wednesday, that he was safe, and that retro rocker dude Tyler Grady had been eliminated.

Check back at EW.com later today for interviews with all four Idol contestants eliminated from the competition this week.

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  • KarrahKY

    Well hell, now I wanna know what he said… My guess is something along the lines of “holy s***”

    • ianaleah

      Saw recording :Alex said “Oh my God” so comment coming from elsewhere is probably why bleeted, maybe from a judge, lol


      He shouted IMPEACH OBAMA!! And he was right too!!!

      • XSEDrake


      • Nshi

        Even I disagree with that statement.

      • reality bites

        What he probably shouted was “IMPEACH OBAMA” is a moron.

      • Chris

        ha ha LOL.


        The truth hurts, doesn’t it? Your One-Termer is UTTERLY defeated already! We will control this nation once again in 2012, while the One-Termer goes to prison for his communist crimes.

      • Gretchen

        Communist crimes?? Really?? Good lord, go back to your Fox News message boards

      • Rach

        Hell yeah!

      • Tomm

        Umm, this is about a TV show, save the politics for other sites. Also, your ‘hero’ Sen. Brown supported the jobs bill!!!

      • dave g

        i think he shouted… 9-11! just to remind everyone how good we actually have it this term

      • Chappel

        You LIE!

    • d o n

      Right on, brother!!! No socialism,here. F the haters and those mislead by the Brown Messiah.

      • wino

        riiiight, cuz socialism is soo bad. fyi, public schools, hospitals, fire and police dept…all socialist programs. idiot.

    • JR

      Read somewhere that he said, “You’ve got to be f**king sh**ting me or something along those lines.

  • Leyton Rhys

    I want to know what he said, too. While I was watching it, I didn’t really hear anything or see anything.

    Didn’t it drop out more than once?

    • Scooter

      dropped out twice.

  • Anise

    I broke a few broadcast standards after that show tonight, too.

    • Matty


  • sandyd

    I wanna know too!

  • Winkle

    Yep, Karrah, I’m betting you’ve got it right. He was totally stunned, sure he was headed home. I think he was going, “Holy s***, now I’ve got to sing again next week!”

    • ianaleah

      yup, probably exactly what he said, I think so too.

  • t.t

    probaly said h shit or o F
    anyway still unhappy about janells elimination

  • john t.

    wow, what’s up with Lamberts and censorships? :p

    • prgemgirl

      yay!!!!!! Alex looks like Adam when the Glambert was younger.. only thinner.

  • JT

    Wow this whole time I thought it was my crappy television…

  • Jim

    I was looking all over the internet for this story. It seems like the censorship itself has been censored as hardly anybody has written about it. I was very curious and still am as to what happened. Casey James looked very stunned, so I thought something major happened. At the time I thought the 70s dude must have said something in anger. I want the story!!!

    • JayNYC

      Somebody cursing on (near-)live TV and getting bleeped hardly qualifies as a “story”.

      • Rima

        Thank you Jay. For pity’s sake. One kid letting forth a swear word is hardly a matter of state.

    • daddydontuse

      Um, if it isn’t worth a story, why did you click on the link?

  • Meghan

    Poor Alex, he was so terrified last night, and so shocked tonight, no wonder a few choice words slipped out. I bet the poor boy is probably being taken to task by the producers over this one though. Oops.

  • Robert

    AI is a racist reality show not one latino ever make it and is not about talent IM done this is garbage

    • Sally in Chicago

      I tend to agree with Robert about the Latinos — both the male and the female were eliminated. Last year I was hoping the guy from Puerto Rico (Jorge?) would make it, because he was sexy! However, isn’t Garcia Latino?

      I just don’t get what the judges see in the contestants during auditions…. and I would love that they allow second chancers to return and try again, like Felicia Barton.

      • ianaleah

        David Archuleta
        Allison Iraheta
        Jordan Sparks
        All did great,got contracts.
        When peter talks about paul-you learn all about peter, not paul

      • Andrea

        I think Andrew Garcia is Filipino

      • marceebee

        Isn’t Jordin Sparks at least part Latino? I don’t think that is why Joe got eleminated. I think the voting public just didn’t know who he was and had no emotional investment in him. We never even heard of him until Tues night. It is such a shame, he can really sing.

    • chicadarina

      Yes, because David Archuleta and Allison Iraheta did not do well and Andrew Garcia is not moving on to the next round….

      • HeyBuddyReviews.com


      • Dream Out Loud

        Archuleta is Latino? really? I thought he was Mormon.

        but if you are gonna point out underrepresented social groups, what about Asians…Eskimos…400lb cross-dressing truck drivers…?

      • jadar

        Mormon is a religion, not an ethnicity. If I remember right David A’s mother is from South America. Not sure about his father.

      • Lm

        Archuleta is Honduran and sang in spanish at some Latino award show & took part in the We Are The World spanish version…he probably is the best latino person to represent AI

        also isnt jason castro columbian? And allison obviously

      • Joe Smith

        It’s true that Mormonism is a religion, not an ethnicity, but it is surprising to me when non-Hispanic Caucasians claim membership in that little club – considering the relgion says they can’t get into Heaven

      • JT

        Wow Joe,

        Where are you getting this information from? The last time I checked all races could get into “heaven” in the Mormon church.

      • Hrfer

        Actually JT that’s not really true. While someone of any ethnicity can go to the Mormon heaven once there they are “purified” and made white. And they only said that people of other ethnicities are allowed in after a lot of lobbying.

      • Sherri

        As a practicing “Mormon” believe me, all races, ethnicities, etc are more than welcome into heaven, that’s not to say there aren’t other things that come into play, but nationalites etc have absolutely nothing to do with it. Thanks

    • Mason

      I agree about the racism, but you have to blame America at large for that – it’s voting based, after all.

      • Tomm

        When Latinos get to 50%, some won’t be able to ‘blame gringos’ for their own problems anymore. Lots of Latin people are successful and don’t cry ‘racism’ every time.

    • C-Man

      What do you mean no latinos will make it on AI? Who do you think built those wonderful sets?

      • Kristi


      • Cheri

        Made my day. Easily.

      • Nshi

        Please delete this racist comment.

    • Roma

      Racism didn’t make Ashley Rodriguez completely off-key and flat while singing.

      • Jason S

        Flat? I thought her chest looked rather nice

    • English Major

      Now doesn’t it mean that you made it if you get to the top 24 over all the hundreds, er thousands, that were auditioned? I agree that at this point it becomes a popularity contest once America starts voting.

    • Cristina

      I agree Robert. I was livid last night

    • ianaleah

      Robert, it is all in your mind.

    • Anna

      Yeah,I guess you are right…but what about Allison Iraheta? She was latino, right?

      • gleekfreak

        but archuleta & iraheta look white.

      • Tomm

        Well, look at Latin American countries and TV networks. Who is on there? White-looking people. So, complain to them.

        Also, the world can’t just hand out prizes and jobs based on color. Work for it.

    • Tom


      • Steve

        speaking of screaming…….

      • Kate

        I saw it more as frustration that over the many seasons of AI, VERY few Latinos have made it through. Being white, I don’t know what it’s like to be constantly underrepresented in all forms of media, so I can’t judge Robert for being angry, although I think it’s a bit of an overreaction in that there are probably other things at play (ex: fewer Latinos auditioning in the first place).

      • Kellie

        You may be correct but please turn the caps off!

    • Cheri

      Joe may have been cannon fodder (unfortunate, because he did have one of the best vocals), but they pimped Ashley to the extreme, and nothing came of it.

    • Peege

      Ever hear of Allison Iraheta?

    • Mark

      Ruben Studdard. Fantasia. Jennifer Hudson. Jordin Sparks. David Archuleta. All “minorities.”

      Yep. Racist all right.

    • JerryW

      Isn’t Michelle Delamore Latina?

    • Kellie

      um…yea or maybe it’s because those individuals suck? Hmmm… I seem to recall multiple races winning the show through it’s history?

  • Mason

    Why the hell didn’t your source tell you what he said?!

  • Scott

    Tyler Grady is out..seriously????????????

    • Jeff

      yup. along with a very bitter exit interview.

    • JenR

      I know! I so wanted to see what he sang next week! Dang it! I guess I didn’t vote for him enough.

    • JB

      Yes, thank God!!

  • ouidir sofiane

    this so… great! american idol is the best of the best in the USA, simon i like him so much… so that’s it… sofiane from algeria AMERICAN IDOL 4 EVER

  • ouidir sofiane

    good morning usa and american idol, i love it, this is so great, i watch it every thursday and friday… thank you so much sofiane from algeria.

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