Andrew Koenig's parents explain their 'Larry King' walkout

The parents of Andrew Koenig, the missing actor best known for his role as Boner on Growing Pains, have spoken to TMZ about walking off the set of Larry King Live last night without explanation.

Andrew’s father Walter Koenig (who played Chekov in multiple Star Trek projects and also appeared in a recurring role on Babylon 5) told the website that they felt it was “disrespectful” to repeatedly push back their interview in order to cover yesterday’s tragedy at SeaWorld, and that King did not give them “enough time to do credit to what we had to say.”


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  • Suzanne

    That poor family.

    • harry


      • Joe

        a famous has been actor disappeared in Vancouver where the Olympics are currently going on, and killer shamu is more important especially when that damn whale already has a bad track record?

        Besides, larry king would probably have started off the interview by offering condolences of the brutal murder of their son or some crap like that, the guy has no clue what is going on anymore. guy needs to retire, hes already making a fool out of himself.

      • Jennifer

        Totally agree. Larry King has been phoning it in, so to speak, for a while now. His interviews are embarrassing. There are too many ‘yes men’ at CNN, if he is allowed to continue on. Give it up, Larry!!!

      • Cale

        Surprised he didn’t ask if they wanted to ‘sing’ something.

    • moe

      yeah man, the dad hasn’t been acting since forever so i guess they are poor.

      • Nix

        Like you?

      • katiecat

        What an uncalled for remark.

      • m613


      • Ron

        Not acting???? he has done several movies, video games, and tv shows in the last 2 yrs. Plus he has another movie “War of Heaven” due out this year. Granted they are not big parts or blockbusters, but I bet he still gets paid “alright enough”. Might just want to check your facts before you open your mouth. know why a mouth is called a trap? Sometimes you get your foot caught in it..

      • rose

        be respectful who cares about if they have money they son is dead!!!!!

      • jimmy


    • jake

      Why couldn’t they be the lead story?

      • shelley

        what an incredibly thoughtless comment. Go back from the hole you crawled out of!!!

    • W Shatner

      Our prayers are with Chekov and his family. LKing is a douchebag

  • Louise

    Larry King Live is a ridiculous tabloid fest most of the time anyway. Hopefully they will be provided a more respectful venue to talk about their son.

    • Nshi

      Let’s take a minute and step back from this comment. LKL is a tabloid fest and TMZ is what? The NY Times?

  • wes

    Its sad, but they should have taken the little time they had, in this case Mr and Mrs Koenig let their Ego’s get in the way of public information about their son. However, maybe the walkout will make even bigger news and someone will find Andrew.

    • Ron

      they did find him. he killed himself

  • Nix

    Well, you know, it was a KILLER WHALE. Deserves top headlines and continuous breaking news coverage. What if it got out of its tank and started waddling along the interstate, eating people, or worse, little dogs? It is CNN’s public duty under the First Amendment to warn us of killer killer whales. Where is Anderson Cooper and his stoic empathy when you need him!

    Sarcasm aside, my condolences to the trainer’s family.

    • Quagmire

      You know this is the third person that this whale has killed. I think we may be dealing with a serial killer whale.

      • Jennifer

        OK, that was wrong but I totally cracked up!

      • Al

        And he’s killing them for sport. He doesn’t eat them, he just tosses them around like playthings.

      • Nshi

        I find that remark to be totally offensive. You owe everybody on this board an apology right now!!

  • Quagmire

    I can’t say that I blame them. Larry was probably going to ask him about “The Seagull” anyway.

  • jmg

    I can’t believe the way the media is covering the SeaWorld tragedy. I mean, what? Killer Whale’s actually Kill? Who’da thunk it?

    • Lisa Simpson

      It’s easy non-news. That’s what the media specializes in these days.

    • shelley

      Hopefully in light of this horrible event they will possible revisit the issue of whether these oceangoing mammals should be used in this way. It really is wrong on so many levels. She did love the whales though, my condolences.

  • Nancy

    Don’t you realize we are “spoon fed” what the news media wants us to know? It’s always about what sells and for how much. People don’t count. Find a news source that most meets your own sensibilities and don;t bother with the rest of the garbage. Just my opinion.

    • Larry H.

      Dead on, Nancy.

  • linda sobiski

    I agree that Mr King should have given this poor mother and father a respectful amount of time. So that they could reach out to their son, who could be watching

  • Joe the Ox

    The family’s decision to leave is understandable. The only reason to appear on Mr. King’s show would be to seek the public’s help in locating their son. Being pushed back so that the host could talk about the Sea World story was very disrespectful to the Koenig family. Bear in mind, they are hoping to find their son as soon as possible. While the Sea World story is interesting, it does not warrant such disrespectful treatment of a family dealing with great emotional strain. I hope their son is found soon, and their fears alleviated.

  • PHXcowbot

    Larry King is old-school; if it bleeds, it leads. i refuse to watch that kind of self-aggrandizing media pap, but i’ll bet they played the video of the Seaworld trainer being snapped up many times – no slick video of the missing Mr Chekov’s son.

  • Chris

    Larry King is awful – he never does research on his guests – it’s time for him to retire – I think a missing person if more important than a whale that shouldn’t be penned in anyway – no more SeaWorld with poor stuck whales!

  • Tracy

    Poor family, yes but I employed Andrew for a short time in Malibu and he was a typical spoiled Hollywood kid who couldn’t find success on his own after “Growing Pains”. Andrew was depressed he didn’t reach star status but he really didn’t hav ethe talent or the drive so at what point do you just go do something else. Its hard when you have that fame as a kid but not as an adult. Very sad because all said he was a nice dude.

    • mai

      I wish I could say I employ people, the acting business can be difficult for young kids, and I wouldn’t recommend it, kids have to get to know themselves first and have a loving supportive family, I sure hope you never told him he didn’t have talent, as this kind of behavior from the entertainment business can affect a kids self esteem and is evil, especially having a father that acted in movies with all kinds of weird scenes can be scary to kids, a foundation in knowing Jesus Christ (seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness), and the love of ones family should come first. Then when kids grow older they won’t go astray because they have the foundation of Jesus Christ to rely on instead of this big worldly stuff,fame, money. I wish I could of helped him and know why he was spoiled, a lot of parents spoil kids to make up for when they are to busy pursuing there dreams, jobs and in the process lose there children. It’s sad, I’ll pray that the lord will bring him back to his parents. God is Love

    • Barb

      How insensitive and cruel to say something like that. Depression is a REAL ILLNESS. THIS has nothing to do with talent. You sound like the SHALLOW pretentious one here!

      • Barb

        My reply was to Tracy. :) :) Not Mai :) :)

  • JPX

    Perhaps, but any coverage on their missing son is better than no coverage and the Sea world tragedy is also important. Also, for all they know their son is still alive, the Sea World woman isn’t.

  • CC

    Larry King is an old A-hole who has been married twenty times.

    • Nshi


  • Henry

    Not to discredit the pain the Koenig family must be enduring, but the SeaWorld death is intriguing. SeaWorld attendees seem to have a different account of the trainer’s death than SeaWorld is describing. SeaWorld said she was grabbed by her ponytail and drowned. Attendees say the whale jumped up, grabbed her and shook her violently to the point where her shoe came off. Seems to be an impending issue when the courts get involved.

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