'Growing Pains' star Andrew Koenig committed suicide, father says

The body of Growing Pains actor Andrew Koenig, who had been missing since Feb. 14, was found Thursday around noon in a Vancouver park called Stanley Park, police confirmed at an evening news conference. The 41-year-old actor was best known for playing Kirk Cameron’s friend, Richard “Boner” Stabone, on the 1980s ABC sitcom. Koenig was also the son of actor Walter Koenig, who starred as Pavel Chekov on television’s Star Trek: The Original Series.

“My son took his own life,” the elder Koenig said Thursday at the emotional press conference. “He was obviously in a lot of pain.” A police spokeswoman said that the department’s investigation will continue and that a cause of death will not be released at the moment. No foul play is suspected.

Before leaving for a trip to visit some friends in Toronto and Vancouver, Koenig, who had a history of depression, moved out of his Venice, Calif., apartment and reportedly sold a number of his possessions in a garage sale. On Feb. 16, Koenig’s parents received a “despondent” note from their son, and the actor missed his scheduled flight back to Los Angeles. Koenig’s parents subsequently reported their son missing on Feb. 18.

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  • Nshi

    Rest in peace, dear Andrew.

    • Killa Cali

      This is what passes for news?
      The death of a forgotten minor character on a 20 year old sitcom?
      Give me a break.
      How many people even knew the name Andrew Koenig?

      • William Barnes

        Do a little research before making such callous comments. Andrew was a dedicated and concerned activist who took action, traveling to Burma (now called Myanmar) on behalf of oppressed people under a brutal military dictatorship. His passing is a tragic loss to those of us who want a more free and just world.

      • MNCyn

        And of course NO ONE knew his father. What a stupid comment.

      • KLR

        What an incredible douche! I hope you die a horrible death, of which we’ll never know, because you are a NOBODY!

      • Steph

        A death is a death regardless who it is. It is still sad and there is no need to be inconsiderate or dude..

      • Char

        WOW!! How Much hatred to you have inside you!! He was remembered, where you do or not. Regardless, his family is grieving and you are downright mean!!!

      • VR

        How about he was a human being you idiot.

      • Bridget

        Killa Cali your a d**k! It really doesnt matter who knew him or not or that he was a star at one time. What matters is…he was unhappy with something in his life and it had to lead to this. I cannot believe that their are some people out there that are this callus! If it were you or your child maybe you would have a different response to such a tragedy!

      • Karen

        F*$% off, Killa. When you die the world will be a better place. What an ignorant wretch!

      • andrea

        any human life matters u stuck-up, superficial brat!

      • shirlee

        that is cold!!!

      • ms.d

        that’s sad of you say, it does not matter he was human

      • Lynne

        He was not forgotten by those who knew him, his impact when the show was popular was not minor and the tragic lost not minor and lastly your insensitivity is not minor.

    • jackjack

      Seriously this is big news?
      When was the last time anyone at all thought “Hey, I wonder what ever happened to Boner”
      He was a minor character on a below average sitcom like 20 years ago who cowardly took his own life.
      Sure it’s sad that he died but so is everyone else in the obituaries every day. Get a grip people.
      Actual news happens every day…

      • Jessie

        He might have been a “minor actor 20 years ago” but more importantly, He was a human being. Maybe if you tried to have a little compassion, you would try to see a way you can learn something from this. Try reaching out to someone who is down, give someone a smile, a simple hello, anything. It sounds to me that you are not a kind hearted person at all

      • MNCyn

        I didn’t recognize the name, but I did recognize the character … and I certainly recognize all those who touched his life … and he theirs. Depression is a subject that deserves a lot of discussion. Keep it in the news, please.

      • Karen

        Jackjack, did you have a hard time spelling your name so you have to do it twice? What a cold, uncaring individual you are!!! Hope your survivors dance on your GRAVE!

      • Ruth

        It is sad that some people come to those blogs just to get attention. They post a inflammatory comment just to get a reaction out of people and the sad thing is that his father is probably reading these insensitive comments about his child. I understand that a lot of people have internet “balls” but there is some things that should be left alone.

    • ——————————————

      If there is a happier place than this one, I hope that you have found it Andrew.

    • darclyte

      Watch Andrew’s performance of The Joker in Batman:Dead End (google it.) He did a great job with a small part. Man, this really sucks. RIP

    • kiss my ***

      he is the ugliest thing on earth i say…

      • Celia

        I’m he looked better than your momma.
        R.I.P. This is really sad. I was really hoping for a different outcome.

      • KLR

        FUçK YOU COçK SUçKER

      • kate

        he is gorgeous…your probably just envious..you moron.

      • Karen

        What an a$$hole you are!! I suppose you’re God’s gift? I bet your striking out with your tongue due to the fact your brainless…. Sick SOB….

    • Addison

      My condolences to the Koenig family.

    • OKDOG


      • I

        This has nothing to do with the olympics…. it just happened in the same city.
        Overreaction much?

      • Brett

        Grab your tin-foil hat!

        P.S. Get your finger off the capslock key

      • HoneyB

        Well, it IS Canada.

      • Torkleton

        his name on the show was boner…

      • Canny

        OKDog & HoneyB….

        This has NOTHING to do with Canada or the Olympics! It’s depression – look it up if you are ignorant about the subject!!!!

      • vancouverk9agilityassociation

        Howdi Folks
        We can sit a and debate weather this had anything to do with the Olympics but lets not loss focus on the real issues. Depression is a very debilitating disease that ruins lives every day.
        I also lost a friend that I considered a Brother to depression and he too took his life in “Stanley Park” and I believe very close to were they found Andrew. Andrew and Dallas shared a lot of the same attributes. Dallas also worked in the film industry and loved to smile and make people laugh and was always up for a good joke or prank so I know they will be great friends and find a way to Laugh and smile again in what I call “The Park of Many Souls”.
        I HOPE that the family can take a little comfort out of knowing that Andrew is with Dallas so he is not alone and both Andrew & Dallas are at peace now and the memory are the treasures that can never be taken from us.

        Andrew & Dallas will remain in our Harts & Thoughts

    • jason

      any selfish coward that takes their own life deserves to be forgotten. Suicide is the single most self-absorbed act one can commit, and it does not warrant sympathy in any way, shape, or form. Rest in peace, heartless coward

      • kate

        I’ve lost 4 people to suicide..one was like a brother who did it when his 2 young kids were there so I understand the anger and have felt the despair. Then I grew up, studied depression, embraced empathy and forgave.,,,now get your head out of your ass. I hope you never suffer depression and are surrounded by uncaring people like yourself..it must suck being you.

      • Ruth

        My father committed suicide 42 years ago. He had two young children who he loved more than anything in this world. Mental illness took over his brain so he hand no control over his actions. If you understood depression and mental illness, you wouldn’t use such cruel words that his family might read. Sometimes, it is just better to keep your opinions to yourself to avoid staying something utterly ignorant.

    • jimmy sense

      This guy wasn’t even a good actor. way to take the cowards way out

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    Oh wow, I feel so sorry for his family. I will keep them in my prayers

    • Michelle

      This is so sad. When you suffer from depression, you have no idea what kind of sadness and pain your death will cause your loved ones.

      • James D

        yeah, it’s sad when the reality is that his family loved him.

      • Michael

        I agree because I too suffer from depression and often think bad thoughts but sometimes people have no other choice but to check out.

      • Peeps

        Michelle, You are totally correct. When a person chooses to take their own life they have no concept of the pain, sorrow, loss, and mayhem they leave to their friends and family. If they knew the devastation left behind they would never ever do it. Depression is a terrible thing. If you are suffering from depression, get professional help. Don’t think that Life would be better without you.Someone somewhere cares.

      • Ginger

        We all have choices. Checking out should never be considered an option or a way out. Seek help in any form that will work for you. There are hotlines, churches, many places to go for help. Seek medical attention and love your friends and family enough to take the necessary steps. Suicide is the ultimate self-indulgence when you have people that care about you. Look around and get help. Michael, I am speaking to you especially. Love yourself and heal.

      • nikril

        Depression is a silent killer. So many people who suffer from depression suffer in silence because most people don’t understand it or believe it’s all in one’s head and sufferers need to simply get over it.

  • Jen

    I was afraid that would be the case. God bless him & his family & friends.

  • Brenda

    My thoughts and prayers are with the family.

  • Suza

    That’s so sad. Depression is real, people!

    • Jennifer

      Not only is it real, it can be a terminal illness.

      • dru

        “Not only is it real, it can be a terminal illness.” Worth repeating.

  • Lucy

    This is so sad. His poor family. It seems like everyone is dying lately.

    • Mr. Eko

      I never understood why people say that. Celebrities die every day. If you include people of his celebrity status then yeah it may seem like a lot.

      • English Major

        My condolences to his family.

        I think that it seems that more celebrities are dying because the definition of who is a celebrity has widened so much. We are inundated (sp?) with so much more information about real celebrities, pseudo-celebrities, athletes, policitians, etc. that when their deaths occur, it is just publicized so much more. IMHO

      • English Major

        It’s politicians, not how it posted – I was proofreading and it automatically posted – weird.

  • AT

    This is so sad. My thoughts are with his friends and family. I loved him on Growing Pains.

  • boner lover

    RIP Styles Too from Teenwolf too. It is a tragic end to a life appreciated by most.

  • Pat

    This is so sad. Depression is the deepest darkest hole you can fall into. You feel like there is no way out and apparently that is what took his life. Just that horrible, horrible depression. Sorrow to his parents.

  • Michael Jackson

    We all go sometime, just hope there was no foul play.

  • Jim

    I’m so sorry, I wish his family and friends my condolences.

  • onDedge

    Another victim of Depression. The worst disease of mankind. It may someday(soon) be number one killer. The suffering is unbelievable. It takes one to know one. Most therapist do not know how a real depressed person feels.

    • Leo

      This is why I take my antidepressant every day. Depression hit me like a ton of bricks shortly after I turned 35 – and I denied it for a good year before I realized how out of control it got. People shouldn’t be ashamed- it’s a chemical issue that has real treatment options. Seek help if you need it – if you’re too embarrassed, think of your loved ones and look at the grief this young man has caused his parents because he couldn’t do it anymore. They all saw the signs and will have to live with guilt that they didn’t ‘see’ it until it was too late. I’ll bet Andrew never wanted them to feel guilty but they do and they will mourn deeply. Just as our families would for us. I got help for them as much as myself.
      Rest in Peace Andrew

      • Shannon

        Thank you for sharing this. I just wish Andrew had gotten the help you got. Depression runs in our family, and I realize how little it takes to get to this point. My heart is just broken for his family.

      • Cutie Cake

        I’m so very sorry to hear about Andrew, and Leo I wish you continued good health.

    • choppie

      And many feel that you can just “snap out of it”. If only it were that easy….

    • Eliza

      Really? Soon be number one killer? Yeah, depression is a serious mental issue that needs to be addressed by the individual and those who care about them, but this kind of gross hyperbole just hurts your cause. 2006 statistics: 425,425 people died of heart disease. 32,637 people died of suicide. That is a marked difference. Suicide isn’t even a top ten ‘killer’. Think before you speak…or type.

    • Sarah

      I don’t know why you assume that therapists don’t know or understand how a depressed individual feels. They have tools to help, and if more people felt that seeing a therapist was a viable option, fewer people would die of suicide every year. It often takes family assistance and/or intervention to convince someone who is truly depressed to seek professional help. We all need to be aware of this.

  • kim

    this is just sad how depression can take over someone’s life.

  • Lori Adams

    Once I read that he had moved out of his apartment and sold his possessions, I had a feeling this would be the outcome. As someone who struggles with depression, I have nothing but sympathy and compassion for him and his family.

  • icebike

    Ok, so no cause of death mentioned means Suicide.

    • cas

      Or it means they haven’t released details yet, or that it isn’t clear what the cause is. Suicide does seem the most likely cause, though.

    • info

      No official cause of death per record but his parents mentioned suicide and they knew him.

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