Jude Law, Zach Galifianakis to host 'SNL'

Jude Law and Zach Galifianakis are on tap to host Saturday Night Live next month, the show’s publicist announced today. Galifianakis, who tweeted that he would be hosting a few weeks back, will do the honors on March 6 with music guest Vampire Weekend, and Jude Law will host on March 13 along with Pearl Jam, who will make their fourth SNL appearance.

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  • ryan

    What about confirming when Betty White will host NBC? We know you’re close to signing now give us a date!!!!

    • Stephanie Tanner

      I hope Betty only does it if there is a Mama’s Family skit. As for these new hosts – meh. I would rather see Bryan Cranston or Bob Saget.

      • Bob Jones

        Stephanie, Galifinakis is infinitely funnier and more entertaining then both of the candidates, you listed.

      • Kate

        Bob Jones – Have you SEEN Saget live? You must nor have because you would not have made that comment

      • Stephanie Tanner

        @Bob Jones – do you even know who Bryan Cranston is? He has been on Seinfeld – Dr. Tim Whatley, Malcom in the Middle – Hal, and Breaking Bad – Walter White. As for Galifinakis, he his riding the Hangover and that is pretty much it. Bob Saget is hilarious.

      • Brian

        Stephanie, Galifinakis’s role in The Hangover is only a small bit of what he’s done over the past couple years. STand-up, his DVD with Gabe & Jenny, Between Two Ferns, Bored to Death on HBO…. I haven’t even seen The Hangover and I’m stoked for Zack to host SNL. Don’t assume your exposure to someone is equal to everyone else’s. Also, Bob Saget would be a terrible host. Bryan Cranston would be great.

      • springs

        Galifianakis is hiliarious. I’ve seen him in other movies (actually haven’t seen The Hangover yet) and I’ve seen his stand-up live. Not to discredit the two you mentioned, I just think that he will be awesome (pending the writing of course).

      • Jerko

        Have seen Bob Saget live, & he’s about as funny as child murder.

      • Matt

        Yeah, Bob Sagat is pretty funny…if you’re an absolute moron. His so-called “shocking” stand-up is weak, and has been done much better before he came along. Aside from one line in Half Baked, you can have him.

      • Terry

        When I read that Zach’s name, I though it was the guy from Gremlins.

    • Nshi

      How many of you hypocrites would be championing Betty to host SNL if her last name was Black? Didn’t think so.

      • Nerwen Aldarion

        Uhhh I don’t think she had a choice on her last name. Why don’t you just go away and stop looking for racism where there isn’t any

      • Cole9219

        I think that was a joke. Right???

      • Nerwen Aldarion

        She’s posted the same thing on 3 different articles, so no I don’t think she is joking, just an idiot

      • CMU

        Nshi is a troll. Pay it no attention.

      • Topher

        Betty White, Frank Black, Barry White, Seth Green. They’re just names, get over it.

      • Nshi

        Does anyone know where I can find affordable DEPENDS undergarments??

  • Ramo

    Wow, those should actually be pretty great shows. IF the god-awful writing staff doesn’t eff ‘em up. Which they will.

    • HC

      This is so true. It actually makes me nervous when SNL gets a host that I actually like these days, because I know that they are just going to be stuck working with truly awful material.

  • Ceballos

    I also just heard Seth Myers on the BS Report podcast and, in addition to Law and Galifianakis, he says Tina Fey will host sometime before the end of the season.

    • GoMe!

      Yes! Maybe she’ll do Weekend update with Seth!

    • Amy

      Yeah, she’s hosting in April.

    • Ambient Lite

      That’s wonderful news, I cannot get enough Tina Fey!
      And please do not throw things at me and/or call me names, but I DO wonder whether they’ll have Robert Pattinson host at some point this season, perhaps toward then end? If he’d be willing, they’d be foolish not to. He’s actually quite funny and would probably be entertaining.

      • Ceballos

        …and not that they’d need an excuse (because R. Pattz fans would watch even if this thing aired at 4 in the morning during summer rerun season), but the guy DOES have a movie coming out next month.

        Maybe they can convince him to host/promote “Remember Me” (Yikes, I can already see him trying to discuss “RM” in his opening monologue, only to be bombarded with SNL cast members in the audience playing Twi-hards.)

      • Ambient Lite

        See? I think it would be lots of fun. Who would have ever guessed Justin Timberlake or Natalie Portman would be SO funny on SNL? I think R Pattz would be too.

      • chris10101

        RPattz said he doesn’t want to do it (or at least not unless he could write it). I think fans should just let it go. He doesn’t want to do it.

      • chris10101

        They’ve already asked and he said no (well, he said he was busy) but I interpret that to mean he doesn’t want to do it.

      • Ambient Lite

        Actually, he said that though he’d be nervous, he’d be open to it if the skits were funny and he could be involved in the writing. If he didn’t want to do it, I (as a fan) would be fine with that – but that’s not the case.

  • Scott

    Did they say awhile back that Derek Jeter was going to host again? I haven’t heard anything about that in some time.

    • Doug

      I wouldn’t count on this since Spring Training is about to get under way.

      Bring Peyton Manning back!! His episode a while back was great, especially the United Way commercial.

  • Vindo

    Can’t wait for that! Zach Galifianakis is the funnest, most unique comic in America . . . since the passing of Mitch Hedberg. RIP Mitch, we miss you.
    Betty should be pretty stellar too.

    • springs

      Funny that you said that. I saw a show live a few years ago where Zach Galifianakis opened for Mitch Hedberg.

  • Richard

    who is this zach person? can’t they have hosts that most people know? geesh, blake lively…whose next, spencer and heidi?

    • Richard

      oops…spelling error…”who’s next…”

      • Jeff

        This Zach person was the Star of the Golden Globe wining comedy The Hangover. One of the biggest movies of 2009. So yea I would say he deserves to be host.

  • nerder

    Will Tom Cruise ever host, or is he banned?

  • ben

    You people get all stoked about the hosting duties, and then you bash them the next day. So WTF difference does it make who hosts?

  • Mary

    I think Jude Law should do a hoedown!

  • LYNN


  • Nate

    Galifianakis and Law will both be great. Looks like they’ve learned from past mistakes like Taylor Lautner and January Jones, both pretty but total empty shells with zero comedic ability.

  • jessica

    I thought I read somehwere about Jay Baruchel hosting. Is that true? I am pretty jazzed about Zach, I could care less about Jude Law hosting. I am pretty underwhelmed for J-Lo this weekend too.

  • Casey

    PEARL JAM!!!

    • Chuck D

      YES! Should be good.

  • Doug

    both hosts and musical guests are among the best SNL has gave us all year. Zach especially. He’s been around a long time and is just getting his due thanks to The Hangover. About time I say, very funny dude.

  • jcpdiesel21

    I’m looking forward to Zach Galifianakis/Vampire Weekend. That should be a great show. I wonder why Joel McHale hasn’t been approached to host. He’d probably be a fantastic host, and that would be free publicity for his NBC show, Community.

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