Howard Stern organizing beauty pageant featuring Tiger Woods' mistresses

Howard Stern’s rep has confirmed a report that the radio jock is organizing The Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant, which will award $100,000 to one of Woods’ mistresses on March 10. The Times U.K. reports that four of the 13 women identified in the press as having had an affair with Woods have agreed to participate, and Stern has reportedly said that he would go through with the event as long as more than three women were on board. The contestants will compete in “Swimsuit,” “Talent,” and “Personality” categories, vying for a $100,000  grand prize, which will be supplied by, an online dating service for people in relationships who want to have affairs.

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  • Bababoeey

    Howard Stern is the single greatest entertainer on the planet. This is going to be awesome, I can’t wait.

    • Nshi

      I agree. Although a part of me is disgusted by all of this, Howard has been a very influential mentor.

      • Joe

        def looking forward to this.

        ew, do some friggen investigating and get your facts straight.

        100k is not awarded to the winner, the prize money is split up into first, second, third, etc. On every commercial etc on the howard stern show it says prizes awarded “up to” 100k, meaning the 2nd, 3rd, etc still win prize money.

        This has been confirmed for a few weeks already, and you are just reporting it now?

        Once again…. FAILURE for reporting the facts.

      • Me

        I’m assuming news sites are posting this now because the pageant is coming closer.

      • James

        From what I’ve read on the net, Ashley Madison is giving the 1st prize of up to $100,000 to the winner, and is giving a 50″ Plasma to the runner up.

    • Richard Christy

      Tiger Woods is mah favorite!

    • maiv

      This sounds hilarious. Disgusting as well, but what would you expect from HS?

    • Sally in Chicago

      Another way for Stern to get his name in the news….just like that false story that he was talking to the AI producers for Simon’s job — NOT!

      • UGH

        He didn’t put it out there, you dope! Try listening to his show and get your facts straight!

      • Ken

        Sally, you moron, Howard was approached by both America’s Got Talent (with a solid contract offer) and American Idol (a very early exploratory contact). Too bad you are stupid enough to believe every denial you read. Tiger Woods denied he cheated once too…

      • Joe

        Ken, get your facts straight as well. Howard said it wasn’t for an established show, the offer he received was for a brand new show.

      • Ken

        Joe, you’re also a moron, here is Howard’s exact quote: “I was approached by a major TV network to take over a TV show and leave here and do that next year — and I did turn it down.” He is clearly referring to an EXISTING show, not a brand new show. Howard has been approached to do MANY shows, not just America’s Got Talent and American Idol, but the contract he turned down recently was for an ESTABLISHED show.

    • Michelle

      How is this news? He’s been talking @ it for months.

      • uh. moron….

        If your’re going to post your pointless comments, at least try to sound semi-intelligent when you do it….
        @ means AT. not “ABOUT”. idiot.

    • nane

      I hope this will be on Pay Per View.

    • Rhonda

      I agree!! I LOVE Howard!

    • Linda

      You have got to be brain dead! He has always had bad taste, no class and he looks goofy! Shame on you Howard! What is it, not getting enough press!

  • Jessie

    When this was first announced, I thought, “There is no way they are going to get any of the women to participate.” But lo and behold, some people are willing to do just about anything for money. I don’t blame Howard though…it’s great sensationalism and will be fantastic for his ratings.

    • erin

      Why would you think these skanks wouldn’t participate? you can take the ho’ outta the streets….

    • Joe

      the reason why these girls are participating is not because of the money (though I’m sure it helps), it’s because they crave the attention they are getting. Come on now, they all went public before any of these offers, oddly enough people crave attention more than money often.
      Just look at the news story of the girl who cried rape when her friends got mad when she left a party early. Sent the guy to jail, now 4 years later dna exonerated him and she’s a complete laughing stock.

  • duffy

    gross gross gross. all you have to do to get fame these days is be willing to open your legs to the right person and find the right tabloid to spill it out to. the rest of the public and media will follow. leaves me sick to my stomache. so disgusting.

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    Because we had been going a full 24 hours without Tiger Woods being mentioned, we need to fill that void we all have been feeling

  • Baba Boozie

    This is GREAT news. I’ve been in a tailspin since Captain Phil died.



      • UGH

        You’re an uneducated dolt.

  • whatevs

    Howard Stern is a plague upon this earth.

    • Bababoeey

      Howard isn’t the plague. The world is full of sickness and lunacy, Howard just shines a light on it. That is his brilliance. Howard didn’t bang a slew of women for the last few years – Tiger Woods did. Now Howard is going to use his vehicle to show everyone how insane this all is. It’s all a joke as The Comedian would say.

      • whatevs

        Shining a light on it isn’t the same as perpetuating it, which is what he’s doing. He’s not showing people how insane it is, he’s rewarding them with more attention and a chance at a monetary prize. Yeah, real brilliant.

      • Kat

        Well, if this ‘pageant’ comes about, Howard will be surrounded by the type of women who will be attracted to his money. Sorry, but he seems like the most disgusting person I have ever seen become successful.

    • UGH

      You’re a dope.

      • UGH

        That was meant for whatevas

    • sinicalgrl

      Dear whatevs – FYI: Howard was married and faithful by accounts including his ex-wife for over 20 years and with his now wife for 10 – he wasn’t married and cheating with untold scores of women. He just points out the hypocrisy (especially about sex)that is prevalent in this country and does so in what most consider an outrageous way. GO HOWARD

  • springs

    This would have made a great SNL skit.

    • ha…

      This could NEVER be an SNL skit. Because THIS would be funny. Something SNL never quite accomplishes.

  • YES

    Howard is the greatest. Bababooey.

  • jfms777

    If this were on cable tv, the ratings would explode. (I suppose it will be on a premium channel.)

    • Joe

      it should be a ppv event, I know howard has howard tv on demand, but still, charge $20 for the ppv event and guarantee it would be the highest grossing ppv event ever.

  • Jeremy

    My computer just got genital warts.

  • Shafawna

    Howard Rocks.

  • Shafawna

    I am listening to him right now.

  • Ken

    I worship Howard Stern’s prostate.

    Actually, this will not impact Howard’s “ratings” one bit, he’s on Sirius and is not competing with terrestrial radio. He already gets over 90% of Sirius listeners in the morning.

    Hopefully, Sirius can get a million new subscribers and Howard will be convinced to renew his contract.

  • S

    can’t wait!

  • Who dis?

    wow slow news day EW? Howard announced this contest months ago.
    ack ack

    • SourYouWillGoToJailForThis

      flyyy me with balloooons

      • Steve Langford

        so i can see meet katherine mcphee…

        your name is HILARIOUS!!!!

      • SourYouWillGoToJailForThis


      • SourYouWillGoToJailForThis

        sorry steve, im real busy…i gotta go.


    • darclyte

      They announced that they were going to try, but at the time the women were in high demand and Howard said he’d only go through with it if they got at least 3 women. They finally locked in 4 gals and locked in a date, which is why it’s reported now as it’s been finalized. Rachel Uchitel couldn’t do it because of some agreement she has with Tiger.

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