ESPN host Tony Kornheiser suspended after attacking Hannah Storm's attire

Tony Kornheiser, host of ESPN’s weekday show Pardon The Interruption, has been suspended from the network for two weeks starting Monday, after bad-mouthing Hannah Storm’s choice of clothing, according to USA Today. On Friday, Kornheiser called what the ESPN anchor wore a “horrifying outfit” with “red go-go boots” and a skirt that was “way too short for somebody her age.” He added: “She’s what I would call a Holden Caulfield fantasy at this point.” Kornheiser made the comments Friday on ESPN’s Washington, D.C., affiliate. ESPN executive vice president John Skipper said in a statement that the comments were “entirely inappropriate. Hurtful and personal comments such as these are not acceptable and have significant consequences.” Since the incident, Kornheiser has both apologize on-air as well as to Storm personally and said that he wouldn’t be talking about the mishap in interviews.


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  • UGH

    That’s great.

    • Jeanette Barnes

      I’m sorry but its about time somebody said something. She looks ridiculas, I was wondering who was her stylist. She is an attractive lady that is dressing like a teenager. Somebody help her.

      • Stephanie Tanner

        She looked okay back in the day when she was on NBA on NBC but now she looks like someone tragically trying to grasp on to the past. She should realize she isn’t 25 anymore.

      • I blame women

        Women of the world its YOUR duty to police each other in these many shows has there been of “My Mom dresses like a teenager” – (Maury, Jenny Jones..etc) Its up to the women to police this matter and when you just let slip and slide into an abyss..Tony Kornheiser had to tell the truth – and yes Jack said it best “You can’t handle the truth” so women we are going to step up and say something if you don’t take matters in to your own hands – this topic is as old as mothers & daughters – its your God given right as a woman to say something so speak up or forever hold your peace !



      • I blame women

        Yes all! like the song says…If you are a woman and you know it clap your hands .. you got a big mouth so why not use it lady


        Rejected by many many women during your lifetime huh??

      • Lagao

        Just like someone should help you learn to spell?

      • Doug

        Gonna miss u Tony! The next two weeks are gonna be longg.

      • Good n plenty

        I think the point someone was trying to make is – if you don’t want a straight/direct answer, don’t ask Tony Kornheiser – also don’t ask him “does this make me look fat?” – I’m sure the women at ESPN snickered at what Hannah was wearing, so its a little hypocritical that way; red go-go boots with a plaid skirt? looks like she is trying out for “Scotland’s Top Model”

    • Ed

      It is sad that everyone has to be so politically correct. Tony was right on track. Unfortunately, he is in the wrong position. If he were Colin O’Brien, Jay Leno, et al, he’d be applauded. Why can’t someone say one’s opinion any more? i guess we should applaude and say Hannah might be in training to be a “Cougar”

      • Mike

        Who the hell is COLIN O’Brien? Get it right ED!!!!!

      • Mark

        Watch out Ed! The spelling police is out in full force tonight!

      • rm

        This is not why we listen to Tony. His point of view on sports is his field of expertise. I wouldn’t want O’Brien or Leno informing about sports. Common courtesy is important and goes a long way with being civil. People should demonstrate a certain amount of restraint when voicing opinions that do nothing other than cause controversy.

      • Veen

        rm, have you ever listened to Kornheiser? That’s exactly why people listen to him. He has an average knowledge about sports; and a way bigger, sometimes ridiculous opinion, and knowledge of pop culture. He gets paid to give brash, sometimes off-sport topic opinions. You fail.

      • bigwheese

        An older woman dressing way younger then her age permits is way more offensive and degrading then Kornheiser simply pointing it out. She deserved what she got, and im sure he knew full well the consequences of his actions before he even said anything.

      • d

        I kinda get the point. He was dissing a co-worker which shouldn’t be allowed if espn wants to maintain a positive work atmosphere.

    • sandy

      All he said was the truth. She looks like a skank. Screw ESPN. I hope he sues them.

      • John

        She is horrible for ESPN. I just switch to other channel when she’s on. I don’t care what she wears, she is just not ESPN type.

        I’m not against female commentators but criticism applies to all. I like everyone else but her. She acts like as if she’s doing a favor reading news.

      • Marc

        leave her alone!! she is my 2nd cousin..i think

    • jayjay

      man she is 40 sme years old if she cant cordinate well ask me ill say something

  • Jon

    First of all, have you seen how Hannah Storm dresses? Seriously, it’s absurd. Her clothes are so tight it makes veins pop out on her forehead.

    Someone should have told John Skipper this is what Kornheiser does. This is why they pay him. He makes sarcastic remarks about people. It makes them look ridiculous — they pay him to say these things about everyone else, but if you say it about a fellow ESPN employee, you get suspended. Since he apologized already, this seems excessive. Maybe they’re just angry about the million dollars they wasted on him when they stupidly stuck him on “MNF.”

  • Holly

    It’s what Tony does, and does well. Grow a pair, ESPN.

    • UGH

      It’s not like he put a camera in her peephole at her hotel room or anything…

    • ks

      we have become too PC these days

      • rm

        Saying we have become to PC is popular now but what does it mean. Does it mean it’s okay to insult someone just because we notice something we don’t agree with? because if that is the case bosses should hammer any employee who dresses or talks differently than they do. Being to PC may have more to do with not pointing out things that matter and directly affect you. I love Tony and Mike – I am crazy when they are not on the air but I surely don’t want to hear about Hanna’s outfits from Tony.

  • PHD

    it was funny


    it was true

    he was just the only one with the stones to say it…

    bill simmons better watch out.

  • Vivi

    OMWord, I’m laughing at Tony’s comments! L O L! It wasn’t that deep. He didn’t straight out call her a “h o” or anything. He just said that what she wore was wack. Simple.

  • kat

    he’s only speaking the truth, she needs a stylist stat!!

    • meels

      Totally agree. Hannah is an excellent reporter/anchor but does not dress age appropriately. ESPN suits should have addressed this with her when she was hired. Linda Cohn, Chris McKendry, Suzy Kolber are all great reporters/anchors, dress appropriately and look great! Hannah does not have to go far for inspiration.

      • Dr. Robotnik

        She’s not an excellent reporter, she was only a fair DJ (more than a few years ago). She’s just a talking head. No more.

      • ted morse

        Tony was right, Hannah is a fine person but she looked foolish. Tony should have kept his mouth shut

    • maggie

      Networks usually give their on-air personalities a stylist who outfits them the way the network wants them to look. However she looks onscreen is because ESPN wants her to look that way.

      • kidkaraoke

        in that case ESPN or her stylist should be suspended for two weeks, cause they have dressing like a piece of sh….

    • alan

      Totally agree with Tony. I like her reporting but she needs to realize she is not a teenager any more. Sex doesn’t sell me to watch espn reporters.

  • Juan

    What’s funny is that he’s said worse things! Hahaha! I heard his comments on air but it’s actually funnier when read in print. And seriously, when was the last time anyone got suspended for referencing “Catcher in the Rye”?

  • Elizabeth

    ESPN had to do it, but it would be nice if Hannah would tone it down a little. People take Linda Cohn and Robin Roberts (when she was there) seriously for a reason.
    I’ve never been a big fan of Hannah’s – I’m not hating, but you have to have a little sense if your a female working in sports and know how to present yourself. I’m sure if Scott Van Pelt rocked an Ed Hardy t-shirt, or Stuart Scott went Tight Shirt Tim and Chains, people would be ragging on them too.

    • Joe Sullivan

      Elizabeth, were you never taught the difference between “your” and “you are”?

      • Dave

        Nice catch, Joe Sullivan. Lol.

      • acme

        Hey you two, they have “lives” on sale over at AMAZON.COM. I suggest you guys each get one.

      • bigwheese

        “your” can be used appropriately as a contraction of “you are”…

      • Berns

        You’re kidding, right? “Your” isn’t a contraction. “You’re” is. See example above, when I said, “You’re kidding, right?”

    • rich briant

      Good stuff.. I am sure if they hired one of the Jersey Shore kids, with the crazy blown out hair, they would be laughed off the air.

  • Sarah

    If he said similar things about a man, there is NO way he’d be suspended!!

  • Ward

    2 weeks is way too much for comments made on a local radio show (albeit found on i-tunes). Especially since it wasn’t vulgar, demeaning or untrue.

  • JPX

    I completely agree with Kornheiser’s assessment, Hannah’s way too old to be dressing like a 16-year old. She looks ridiculous and hopefully these comments will help her dress more like an adult woman.

    • sally

      Right, because when you’re in your 40s, you automatically have to start dressing like an old lady.

      • m blasberg

        it’s not about dressing like an old lady, it’s about actually having taste

      • sally

        m, Kornheiser is the one who brought age into the equation.

      • bigwheese

        don’t pretend that different age groups and occupations have the same standards concerning attire.

  • Shamrock

    So does this mean that EW won’t be doing the best/worst dressed after the Oscars because that would be sexist, right?

  • David

    While it’s probably a bit ridiculous to suspend Kornholio for this, who the hell is he – or any of you commenting here – to say dress “age appropriate.” WTF is that? What is the “appropriate” outfit for her age? Do any of you even know her age without looking it up on Wikipedia?

    • Shamrock

      I do, she is 47

    • Elizabeth

      As someone who is female and works in sports, I think I can say something. I’m not “hot” by any stretch of the imagination, but I also have some class and take my job seriously. I don’t need to slut it up at work to get attention – I want respect for the quality of my work, not the depth of my cleveage!

      • bob Emrich

        There is not a woman at espn who gets by on that kind of appeal alone. Hannah Storm is contradicting herself. When Bob Knight comments on her “fashion” she laughs and joks with him.When an opinion is put firth that she doesn’t like she gets hurt. Figure it out. It’s just clothes. When you say you can relate– note that your male conuterparts just don’t care that much about their ties, for example, good or bad feedback. No one would ever get suspended for saying Josh’s tie makes him look like 70s pimp. Way more inappropriate than kornheiser but guy to guy it would disappear. Wish this could.

        BTW- Hannah does dress like??? Even my wife thinks she is ridiculous.

      • KPK

        I agree with your comments but not the presumption that because you fit the demographic you are more qualified to speak about the subject. Same logic that blacks are the experts on racism or even worse are excused for using the PC banned word.

      • Dave

        Nice point, KPK.

      • Brandon

        KPK: You’re kidding right??? Comparing a clever, off-hand comment on a co-workers attire to the struggles of African Americans to attain respect and equality? I assume that there must be a typo–your true middle initial is “K,” right? P.S.: ‘Team Tony’ all the way. He and Wilbon are refreshing, witty and cerebral. The banter between them is some of the best conversation on ESPN.

      • Jamison

        Well, I think your “hot”

    • Brenda Barrett

      @David — I am a 40-something woman with an attractive figure who loves clothes. However, I know that it’s no longer appropriate for me to wear mini-skirts, for example. Minis are not merely meant to show your legs; they are also a skirt style that expresses youth. Have you heard the expression “mutton dressed as lamb?” I don’t believe in archaic fashion dictates, e.g. no white after Labor Day, but some things are common sense: Unless you are Tina Turner, stay away from the minis if you are mid-30s or beyond.

      • April

        Please tell this to Mariah Carey. She looks ridiculous.

      • HugoChavez

        Minis with no panties are still okay. Jes sayin’

    • Ang

      He works with her at ESPN he probably knew how old she is

  • winston

    his comments about hannah storm are getting all the press, but he was probably suspended because because he mocked chris berman’s weight loss commercials.

    • Dave


  • Shamrock

    A lot of people believe it had more to do with the crack aimed at Chris Berman

    • Bob

      Absolutely true. When he made fun of Storm it was well within his rights. However, he said something to the effect of “ESPN advertises someone who looses a lot of weight and puts it back on” and his sidekick says “You mean he put it back back back back back”. This directly goes against his contract when he defamed ESPN. They put the Hannah Storm spin on the story so TK looks like the old curmudgeon and vilify him. That said, I back TK and have taken all ESPN programing off my TIVO favorites.

    • Brad

      Now that makes sense. Berman’s tied with Bob Ley for time there, so you know he’s got clout.

    • ted morse

      Tony was right, Hannah is a fine person but she looked foolish. Tony should have kept his mouth shut.
      Chris Berman is a follish cxharicature of what he once was.

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