Betty White responds to 'SNL' campaign

Betty White says she’d be thrilled to host Saturday Night Live, though she’s mystified by the online campaign to get her the coveted gig, reports. “I don’t even know where that came from,” says the 88-year-old star, who’s recently been in the spotlight thanks to a memorable Super Bowl ad and a scene-stealing turn in The Proposal. “That just came out of left field. It’s ridiculous. I don’t think [SNL creator] Lorne Michaels even knows about it, so we won’t worry about it.”


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  • maiv

    ah love her! hopefully it’ll happen

    • Mitzy Goilnich

      A question for the SNL enthusiasts…has Meryl Streep ever hosted? You would think that with the string of 100 million dollar hits she’s had in the last 5 years,(Not to mention that she is a consumate pro, and a fantastic actress with sharp comedic instincts) SNL would have figured by now that she would bring in ratings. I am baffled by the fact that Streep and White have not hosted yet…

      • Mitzy Goilnich

        Oh, and Jane Lynch!!!!!! It’s criminal that she hasn’t been invited to host yet.

      • tretre

        Meryl Streep will NEVER host Saturday Night Live. She may be asked but she’ll decline. Part of her great success is keeping “Meryl Streep” out of the limelight–we don’t REALLY know who she is privately and that’s by design. It helps us to separate Meryl from the characters she plays. She also hates any situation where she is up on a stage as herself–she can act up a storm as someone else, but very self conscious otherwise…all of this being said, it would be a dream for her many fans to see her on SNL…I think I’ll start that campaign now

      • pauleevee

        Silly goose eggs meryl streep has hosted snl

  • markinnyc

    It used to be that SNL had funny people host it, now they just go for whoever they think will pull in ratings.
    Betty White is a sure success, as she is someone who is funny and will pull in ratings.
    It would also be good to challenge the writers a little…they did the same sketches several times this year cause they keep having “hotties” (Megan Fox, January Jones) host the show. Pretty, but not funny, and regulated to being models most of the time.

    • jmo

      Do you think ageism a factor? Betty’s got great timing and she’s willing to make fun of her image (Lake Placid, The Proposal). When Tina Fey was the head writer, the skits were smart. Now, it just seems like the jokes are sophmoric and dumbed down.

      • Oluwasheyi

        @jaboyle i agree w/ guitar hero altuohgh im ashamed to say that i own it. i used to think it was amazing but now its just for wanna bees. this gay as game is even gayer because one its a spin-off, two its rap, and three its gay.

      • Nihal

        Betty White is now the last remaining Golden Girl. She can rip up any soiacl network that she wants. Just the fact that someone HER age even knows anything about soiacl media is amazing. Love her, you go girl!Bruce

    • Tim

      Actually, that could make for a hilarious show. They could do the same type of skits they did for Megan Fox and January Jones, only with Betty White as the “hottie” in each skit.

  • Traydenb

    I’ve been watching Betty White since her days back on Mary Tyler Moore as Sue Ann Nivens in the 70’s. She was hilarious then, and hasn’t lost a bit of her wackiness since. I would love to see her on SNL, and yes, I do believe it would be a challenge to the writers to come up with material worthy of Ms. White.

    • Maureen

      I completely agree with you! If Betty White was to host, those writers have to pull something spectacular for her instead of the crap they’ve been spewing out all season long.

    • Donna Rose

      My idea for a Betty White sketch – Extreme Cougar!

      • Sophie

        Oh Most Definitely! I remember when she was Sue Ann Nivens on MTM and tried to seduce Lou Grant on her round vibrating bed. She can spoof Password, MTM, and the Golden Girls with a surprise appearance by Rue McClanahan. Would love to hear back in St. Olaf stories SNL style. To me, Golden Girls will never go out of style. It will always be funny! Classic TV

      • turtle

        Sorry, no. Too easy and a bit lame for this true comedy legend.

    • Anita

      And she was already a veteran by the time she was doing MTM. She made her name on TV in the 50s, in ‘Life with Elizabeth’ and ‘The Betty White Show.’

    • Jenny

      Just saw a biography about MTM. What is interesting is that Sue Ann Nivens was having an affair with Phyllis’ husband Lars and was only supposed to be featured on one episode. Infidelity and all – fans loved her and she was made a regular character. Who else but Betty White could pull that off in the 70’s? I would love to see her host SNL.

      • Idle

        Has EW done a piece on characters that were supposed to make a single appearance or a short series arc and became regular cast members? Sue Ann, Frasier,etc?

  • Shamrock

    Of course she should host, she’s a legend. While they are at it, we don’t need a big name musical guest each week. I would like to see new up and coming bands.

  • Shamrock

    Maybe her and Abe Vigoda could co-host?

    • Mark

      Abe Vigoda passed years ago.

      • jason

        Don’t let him know. It would be quite a shock to his system.

      • Mark

        Abe Vigoda appeared with Betty in a Snickers Super Bowl commercial last week. Duh.

      • duh

        Mark: You’re an dumb@ss. Abe Vigoda is still alive. Don’t talk out of your @ss.

  • Damien

    It’s insane that a seasoned actress like Betty White needs an underground, internet campaign to get on SNL when girls like Blake Lively (with minimal talent) seen to be taking up the hosting gigs in abundance. It’s time to reward talent!

  • kayla2

    I love you Betty…….

  • Christopher

    Betty White is an effing comedy God.

    • Maureen

      Goddess. ;)

  • ml

    Love her!

    • Ajilolo

      Betty White has found a new popularity beaucse she starred in a very popular Snickers commercial during the Super Bowl. In the commercial, she was playing football and getting thrown in mud (that was a body double), while the guys (her teammates) chastised her for playing like Betty White.With her newly found popularity, there has been a petition on Facebook for SNL to ask Betty White to host an episode. The petition has reached a very large number of signers, but SNL has not asked her to host yet. If they did, she would say yes.

  • psb1962


  • Nomi

    The facebook group was founded to convince both Ms. Betty and *the powers* at Saturday Night Live to do this. Many of the comments convey the depth and detail of folks’ appreciation for Betty White.
    She is funny, wise and kind.

  • Freddy

    how come it took so long for people to realize how talented and extremley funny Betty White is?

  • laurie

    I hope they offer it to her. The problem with SNL now is that most A listers dont want to go on because the writing is so up and down. 15 years plus ago every host was a big box office draw, now they are just the flavor of the week.

  • Joe M.

    Betty White is awesome. I would def. watch SNL if she hosted it. It’s amazing to me that at 88 years old, the lady hasn’t lost a step.

  • Amiee

    Betty is too good for SNL. The crap writes wouldn’t do her justice.

    • Derek!


    • Quirky

      But it would be a great final test. If someone as great as Betty White can’t be funny on SNL then we know for sure the show should be cancelled.

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