Kevin Smith deemed 'too fat' to fly Southwest

Kevin Smith has been taking Southwest Airlines to task via his widely-read Twitter feed after the director was deemed a “safety risk” and asked to leave a Saturday flight. If he was too fat to fly, Smith wondered, “Why wait til my bag is up, and I’m seated…In front of a packed plane with a bunch of folks who’d already I.d.ed me as ‘Silent Bob.'” According to Southwest Airlines’ “customer of size” policy, passengers must buy a second seat if they cannot fit between the arm rests. “Hey @SouthwestAir!” wrote Smith, “Sometimes, the arm rests are up because THE PEOPLE SITTING THERE ALREADY PUT THEM UP; NOT BECAUSE THEY ‘CAN’T GO DOWN’.”

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  • skiiboski

    So he’s flying coach now? Damn economy.

    • Moe

      That’s what you get for not taking care of your body. Fat people disgust me!

      • alex

        Ya and I’m sure you’re a hottie.

      • Matt

        Some people are fat because of genetic reasons or other reasons, not just because they don’t care. YOU disgust me, Moe.

      • Debbie

        Ignorant hateful jerks disgust me.

      • ugh

        It would’ve better if they kept him off of the plane for making such sh!tty movies!

      • Are you for Real?

        Are you for real Moe? I agree with everyone else, you are being completely ignorant!

      • Terry

        Yeah, some people are fat because of genetics, like 2%. Get off of it. I’ve been overweight and I’ll let you in on a little secret, most people are fat because they eat more calories than they burn off. Shocked? And have you seen Kevin Smith? I bet he couldn’t get the armrest down. Don’t feel sorry for him at all. Let’s ask Johm Mayer what he thinks.

      • susan

        Kevin Smith may be overweight but not much more then most Americans. Here’s a twitpic of him on next flight. I’ve sat next to people bigger then this and they only had one seat and were wonderful people.

      • clomenhopper

        hahaha. Moe’s awesome. everyone else can just calm down. what’s the big deal? fat people know they’re disgusting. also: Matt — I mean, Terry really said it best, but come on… “some people are fat because of genetics.” classic teenager response. classic FAT, IN-DENIAL teenager response. don’t worry, buddy. something good’ll happen in your life…… some day.

      • jam

        people, theyre all just a bunch of bastards.

      • whatever

        everyone got something smart to say about people while sitting the comfort of their home, but the biggest morons on the net, usually won’t have the nerve to say one damn thing to a person bigger than a midget, so you keep talking all your trash behind closed doors, cause when you are finally confronted by someone that can knock your teeth out i hope its a fat person.
        By the way Im not fat, but still ignorance is ignorance.

      • K

        Oh, Lord. Listen, I’m big and, despite being on athletic teams all through high school and college and eating a reasonable diet, continued to put on weight. Believe me, I tried desperately to lose it, to the point where I was briefly bulimic. I finally was informed by my doctor that I had a hormonal issue and was placed on a different diet, which is working. Seriously, sometimes you have no idea what’s going on in a person’s life that contributes to their appearance.

      • shaye

        @whatever – uhhh, using the term “midget” is ignorant too.

      • alvar hanso

        Fat people can always lose weight. Unfortunately, you will always be an @sshole.

      • Racine

        Now that is just stupid and hateful. How can you hate someone because of their appearance? Someone could say that you disgust them because you don’t think before you speak.

      • Blue Silver

        Well Moe, it’s clear that YOU disgust everyone!! :D

      • Jordan

        Way to feed the troll people. Kudos on that.

      • Dave

        Hey Moe nice name btw for a jackass ! Stupid people disgust me and you have proved urself thouroghly disgusting

    • Fabz

      LOL! I’d rather sit next to fat person rather that sitting next to smoker or a rude person or children!

      • jules

        Yeah, Fabz. Because you were never a child.
        By the way, people haven’t been allowed to smoke on planes in YEARS. Been a while for you, too, huh? Lemme guess–you’re too fat to fly.

      • ani

        uh, jules, dunno if you have ever been in the real world. when people smoke, the smell stays on them afterwards and is not at all pleasant to be around, esp in a crowded plane with stagnant air. i know, it sounds crazy.

      • Terry

        Kevin Smith smokes too.

      • jen

        I hate most people apart from people who tell it like it is…I like them lot, most people are fat cause they eat too much & don’t look after their bodies, you only have one so you should look after it. nuff said!!!!

      • doode

        damn these seats are too small anyways lol. And yes. I hate sitting next to some mom with a screaming baby. It was enough to make me buy those Bose headphones to drown out the noise. Didnt work. What a waste of 200 bucks, Im still hearing screaming babys on the plane.

      • James

        @doode, I feel your pain. On my last plane trip, I had a toddler behind me that would wait until I was about two seconds from full sleep, and scream at the highest level of sound perceptible by human ears. Then he would wait til I fell asleep again, and poke the back of my head. And his parents did nothing.

    • MultiPass

      Kevin, et al, if it even crosses your mind that you could possibly be too fat to get only one seat on a plane…. YOU ARE TOO FOOKIN FAT!
      If you are that fat, you are too fat. It’s simple. You’re unhealthy, you need to lose weight and take better care of yourself. PERIOD.

      • mike

        hey multipass, mind you own fing business and stop telling other people how to live their lives, if he wants to be fat who cares, and yes im fat to, guess what im happy also, wait a minnute im telling people what to do also, dam it, guess you cant be an ignorant prick without being bossy and knowing more than everyone else can you. get the hint!!!

      • Patti

        MultiPass, just and FYI, he didn’t buy 2 seats because he is fat, he bought 2 seats so he didn’t have anyone sitting next to him.

    • dustin


      • Racine


      • Patti

        @dustin, what has happen to you in this world to make you so unhappy..

    • Sally in Chicago

      It appears that he first bought two seats and then changed flights. So what is it Kev — pay for two or pay for one and get kicked out?

    • matt

      he flies coach because it was an hour long flight. listen to smodcast #106. he explains the story and it’s impossible to not be on his side. shame on southwest airlines.

    • Suzanne

      A recent picture of Kevin Smith would be a nice addition to this piece, EW.

  • jewel

    God hates fat people…. this further proves it

    • Nobeezwax

      It must be hard getting through life with the amount of times your mother must have dropped you on your head.

      • Ladyli1

        LOL! That was too funny! Good one.

      • Jordan

        That was well played Sir.

    • jim

      God does not hate. People hate. And God even loves ignorant people like you he use His name to spread hate and ignorance instead of love and understanding. If you are a true Christian than hate would not be part of your vocabulary.

      • clomenhopper

        God hates Christians.

    • Are you for Real?

      Jewel, seems like you and Moe should be introduced, you are a match made for one another! Both ignorant and hateful!

      • clomenhopper

        God hates people with no sense of humor even more. Lighten up, jagoff.

      • Ian

        God hates people not witty enough to rise above ‘jagoff’ when trying to sound cool most of all…It must be awful to be mentally stuck in 1986.

    • Dan

      I’ll bet this never happened to Orson Wellles.

      • walter


    • Jay

      I’d hate God back, but what is the point in feeling animosity towards a fictional character in the worst sci-fi novel ever written?

      • Lisa


  • Yes

    I’d be pissed too, they should be able to figure out before he’s seated if he’s going to have a hard time fitting into the seat.

  • rush

    didnt he loose weight recently????

    • snark

      He did. He used a Phillips head screwdriver.

      • Mr. Eko

        That’s reaching on a joke snark.

      • snark

        Perhaps – but not as much as Kevin Smith trying to buckle his lap belt.

  • Paul

    The worst thing is to sit next to a fat person on a plane.

    • Jack

      No, it’s far worse to sit near someone with children under 10. Especially infants.

      • Rio

        Nothing is worse on a plane that having someone beside you taking up some of your valuable space because they are too large. Just give a kid a couple minutes attention, and they are usually fine – but you can’t change an entire plane ride with no hope of any room whatsoever.

      • Dorothy

        I know, how dare fat people exist, right? I mean, God.

      • Rich

        Except God doesn’t “make” fat people. It’s not like being born of a certain ethnicity, or sexual orientation, or with a handicap. If you’re blind you can’t “will” yourself to see… but if you’re so fat you have to buy a second seat, then eat right and exercise. Metabolism is only part an excuse. If you weigh over 300 pounds a lot of that is YOUR unhealthy choices in terms of diet and lifestyle.

      • Dorothy

        Oh give me a break. There are tons of skinny people who don’t exercise or make healthy choices, but they don’t have to put up with a bunch of crap. There are some legitimate health concerns with being overweight, but that is a personal matter. It doesn’t mean that people should be punished for not being thin. You don’t know anything about a stranger’s life, and I’m sure they don’t need your advice.

      • sandradee

        speak the TRUTH Dorothy!!!! treating overweight people like they have no right to live doesn’t help anything.

      • You’re kidding right?

        I’ll sit next to a fat person before I’ll take someone coughing and hacking all over me, a screaming child (sorry, a few minutes of attention is not going to solve their issues if their ears are hurting), fighting spouses, overly perfumed people, or kids sitting behind me kicking my seat. In addition, they allow amazon-sized humans to sit in economy and spread their legs into my seat, in addition to mothers with giant 2 year olds “sitting in their laps” -or- more accurately squirming and kicking me or crawling under the seat.

      • Lala

        Little kids are little kids. They may get impatient and squirm (perfectly understandable,) and the majority of them are fine. The ones that aren’t usually have jerk parents that act the same way (but SHOULD know better.) I’d rather sit next to a little kid than an adult who is sick or a jerk. It’s appalling how some people act in public.
        Fat people…it’s annoying to sit next to someone who is taking over your personal space. You pay just as much as that person — why should you get less than a whole seat while they get more? There’s a difference between being genetic large, and being morbidly obese.

      • Mark Hartmann

        Seriously, it is not pleasant to sit next to a fat person…I don’t hate the fat person. I hate the narrow seats. The seats are too narrow to sit comfortably with the arm rests down, and it’s not pleasant when you can’t rest your arms down by your sides occasionally. why can’t the website or travel agency ask the buyer his/her weight, and seat them accordingly when the ticket is issued? problem solved.

      • jmo

        I’m with Mark Hartmann. The seats are too narrow and the spaces between rows too small. I’ve sat next to people who’ve spilled out over their seat, BUT I’ve sat next to a couple of men that are at least 6 foot 3 inches and it’s the same as if they were overweight. The problem is the airlines would rather put 4 extra people on a flight than sacrifice a little profit for their customer’s comfort.

    • alex

      Sitting next to a child is waaaaay worse than a fat person. Children should be banned from planes. Put ‘em in the cargo hold.

      • erin

        thank god you were never a child. someone should have put you in the cargo hold

      • @alex

        What’s wrong, Alex? Didn’t mommy and daddy ever take you on vacation? Or were you never a kid? God, I hope you’re sterile.

      • maiv

        I took alex’s joke to be a sarcastic one. light up folks

      • amber

        Fat people with kids have got to really piss all of you off.

      • Terry

        Or fat kids.

      • clomenhopper

        all kids should be shot. this planet’s overbooked as it is.

      • brenda

        you guys were ALL children once, and damn lucky someone wiped your nose and provided you meals and taught you the alphabet and called a pediatrician when you had a fever or a painful diaper rash… or didn’t anyone do that for you, and that’s why you’re so bitter?

    • Chad

      Its worse when someone flies the plane into a building.

  • rudy

    It does seem like they should have some procedure for identifying overweight “safety risks” *before* they get on the plane. Leaving it up to the captain and crew seems a little subjective.

  • DazzleMe

    No, Paul, I’ll take a big person over some skinny thing with gas, any day of the week.

  • pickle tits

    what a fat f u c k.

  • Chris

    wow….i love how ‘fat’ is the last bastion of non-political correctness. Truly sensitive remarks guys…try replacing the word Fat with another slang word for another group of people…Suddenly not so funny and everyone would be up in arms. I agree, it is a hard balance that airlines have to tote on overweight people and space. However, if you can’t fit in your seat because of your long legs you’re not considered at safety risk? I think overweight people are just a very easy target, too easy, especially given the fact that very obese people comprise what, 25% of the population. You all probably know and love someone who is obese or at least overweight. Yes, lots of hate for fat people in readily available form for you guys to use, but think of HOW HUMILIATING that experience would have been for any of you or for a person you love. Most obese people don’t choose to be so and moreover, it would be hard for most to drop 50-100 pounds because they are going on a flight…and, in this economy would you be able to buy two tickets if you only needed one? All I am saying is stop the haterade!

    • Dorothy

      Chris, I agree with a lot of what you said, but fat doesn’t have to be an insulting word, even if some people use it that way. The real problem is the attitude that if someone is fat then they are targets for ridicule.

      • Chris

        I agree

      • amj

        Thanks for providing voices of reason here! I cannot believe this little blurb has caused such hatred and meanness in everyone. And, most likely many of these people were at one time hated on for something they were or did. Tolerance is a much needed virtue in all of us!

    • Terry

      Actually, fat people do choose to be fat. It’s is not the same as religion, skin color or sexual orientation.

      • What?

        Um….since when can’t you chose your religion?

      • Terry

        Ok, that’s true, just got caught up in the whole whining about fat people discrimination.

      • Cardsgal

        @Terry – Amen. We’ve become a sedentary society. (Most) People no longer have to do physical work (like farming) to live; consequently, most of us are LAZY. 99% of fat people are fat because they eat too much and don’t exercise enough. I have no sympathy. And yes, some people may eat for emotional reasons, but people in the 1800s had emotional issues, too, but they had to get outside and do physical labor if they wanted to live, and they weren’t able to run to the store and buy processed foods, so they weren’t FAT.

    • clomenhopper

      it was obviously very humiliating for Mr. Smith. he only tweeted about it to his howeverhundredthousand viewers. moreover, the man has made numerous, numerous fat jokes about himself — both from his own mouth and from the mouths of his characters toward Silent Bob. LIGHTEN UP.

    • wakeforce

      Have you never been to Hometown Buffet? It’s an all-you-can-eat place. My friend and I go there on occasion and we have made it a game to count the fat people there.

  • trystan

    I’m with Ski…why is he flying coach? I think it is rude to call someone out on a crowded plane. Also, what do you do once you get booted from a flight and can’t afford a second seat? You’re supposed to miss your kid’s wedding, business meeting, funeral, etc…because someone else thinks you’re too fat. That sucks. And Southwest sucks at refunds.

    • No More Snow

      You KNOW whether or not you fit in a singular airplane seat. It has been most airlines’ policies for awhile now, for severely obese to buy 2 seats. It’s the passenger’s responsibility to make the appropriate purchases if they want to take a flight – the airline staff is just following procedure to keep other passengers comfortable.

      • trystan

        You KNOW…really? What if you don’t? What if you’ve never been on an airplane? How does one prepare for that? Being airline staff doesn’t make you right. They make mistakes too. Are we all gonna have to step on a scale before we enter an aircraft…maybe they’ll have the flight attendants use on of those fat measuring things they use on shows like biggest loser.

  • Chappel

    Yeah, I’m sure the guy sitting next to Smith said, “Hey, dude, do you mind if I put the armrest up so I can feel you rubbing against me?”

  • Wes

    Smith flies coach because he makes independent films, and those don’t make you rich, even if they make you famous. Also, dude’s not that fat. I’ve met him in person. He wears huge clothes, hoodies, coats, etc, but the guy himself is just sort of averagely chubby.

  • LOL

    America is overweight and it’s not funny.

    • alex

      America is 75% FAT. So 75% of this thread is FAT. “Y’all” must hate each other.

      • YUP

        EXACTLY. Odds are that the people slamming the fat are not exactly beauty pageant contestants themselves.

      • Racine

        At last a honest response!

    • clomenhopper

      America is overweight and it’s freaking hysterical.

  • K

    Seriously that is rude to kick someone of a plane it would feel horrible even if you weren’t famous then imagine half the plane knowing who you are then getting kicked off that would suck. I mean yes being overweight can possibly be helped but still you should show someone common courtesy.

  • Tarc

    Considering it would make no difference if you’re fat or not if you are LARGE – which most Americans are. They make bus seats and plane seats for TINY people. At a little over 6′ (and even when I was 8% body fat), the seats in coach were way, way too small. Much of the problem is not ‘fat’ people, but the fact that Americans over all have gotten significantly larger in the last 0 years (and I’m not speaking of fat). I avoid flying at all costs now – and that’s not even considering this issue. It’s just a horrible experience.

    • amj

      I absolutely agree, maybe the airlines should try to make seats for real people not tiny people. If you have to be a super skinny ribs sticking out of your chest anorexic to ride then why even make a plane? And, I have to say half of these bloggers here are very rude! Wow, Kevin Smith isn’t even that “fat”! And, how rude to wait until he is an a crowded plane to kick him off. I am very disappointed in Southwest Airlines which I thought was a great airline with a great reputation and generous employee policies. How terrible! I am proud of Kevin for taking this one up! Many people are not famous and it is great to see him using his fame to make people take notice of what is a growing problem–corporations able to do stuff like this. If 50-60% of the population is overweight then make a few seats that will accomodate that population! And, I have to agree, sitting next to children can be way more annoying and as a person on that plane, no one gives me the choice! Don’t put me by screaming children!

      • Terry

        You people crack me up. I truly hope this country has not gotten so fat that Kevin Smith is considered not “that fat.” But you know, if they make the seats bigger, then they get less people on the plane, which means the ticket prices go up. How ’bout all you fat asses just lose some weight?

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