Rip Torn arrested for alleged bank break-in

Actor Rip Torn, 79, was arrested Friday night on charges of burglary and criminal trespassing after officials allegedly found him carrying a loaded revolver inside a bank in Salisbury, Conn., according to the Register Citizen newspaper. A police report published on states that Torn used “forced entry” to get inside the bank and was “highly intoxicated” when taken into custody. The actor is being held on a $100,000 cash bond and is set to appear in court on Feb. 1. A rep for Torn did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

In 2007, Torn paid a fine after pleading guilty to a DUI charge in North Salem, N.Y.; he was acquitted of a similar charge in 2004 when a Manhattan jury ruled that there was insufficient evidence to prove that the actor was intoxicated when he got into a minor car collision with a taxi.

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  • barock

    This guy’s got real street cred

  • CMU

    Dude, that’s so BA. Seriously. I’m impressed.

    • ew-bot

      Right there with you. Puts all the desperate embarrassments of other celebs to shame for scale and (stumbling?) panache!

    • yambo

      Not as cool as murder

  • sosgemini

    EOnline has the mugshot and boy oh boy is he giving James Brown & Nick Nolte a run for their money.

  • Jack

    “I’m 79. I’m drunk. I have a gun. F it, I’m robbin’ a bank”

    • mydove

      Jack, I’m at a club right now bored and your comment is the most fun thing about this evening!

  • Josh

    It’s an Intergallactic Kegger!

    • YourMom

      I love this comment so much.

  • Chappel

    Rip Torn drunk? Gosh, that sure seems out of character.

  • Claire Torn

    He did not rob no bank, he broke in because he a is an confused old alcoholic. He needs help and needs to go to rehab. Alcohol is ruining his life.

    • Justin

      That’s just what I was thinking, this guys got a major drinking problem.

    • Wha?

      Yes, he DID attempt to rob a bank. Yes he was toasted. Yes he does need help. Yes, he does need to serve time for armed robbery.

      • tolequiel

        That’s right…let’s make sure this man ends his already fragile existence in a cell somewhere…bravo America….we SUCK!

      • yambo

        Hey, some drunk ran over your child. He needs a hug.

      • Claire Torn

        Don’t be so stupid and ignorant.

    • Frank

      i didint think he was changing jobs, he one of my favorite actors

    • billyboy

      this is to Claire Torn how do we get him help?

    • Lilith

      Always enjoyed his acting. We should give something back to him in terms of understanding what he may be goig thru. Any bad news recently ? He needs help to understand what he is going thru. much compassion for all he has given to us in his life.Someone Help him, please !

    • Joe Man

      He DOES NOT need any Stupid rehab B.S. He’s 79, let the man do what he wants. Ruining his life??? He is 79 Years Old. He has had a GREAT LIFE! Go to rehab at 80.What, so you can sit in a wheelchair an stare at the walls. He may be having a very good time! Leave the old fellow ALONE!
      rehab you say??? I hope your joking. Sad thing is-Your Not.

      • TheFox

        Spot on, spot on. The old man is almost 80, he doesn’t need rehab, he’s just out there tearin up the streets like way back when. Let a playa be a playa and don’t hate on a brothas game yo. Ya dig?

  • Megan

    All I can think is what does this mean for Don Geiss? Jack will never get promoted

    • Hal

      That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking. Rip Torn better get his act together before he endangers his role on 30 Rock.

    • roux

      As said as it is, that was exactly my first thought too.

      • Ronn

        Me too! We need Don Geiss!

        Also, can we aknowlege the people that work for Tina Fey? Between the Tracy Morgan drama, this, and (I hate to mention it!) but Alec Baldwin. “If you’re gonna making something beautiful, you got to make a mess of it first…things are gonna get weird.” God bless her.

  • Chris Shifty

    Puts Tracy Morgan to shame.

  • Quagmire


  • RB

    When we collectively abandon “in the spotlight” personalities, they become desperate.

    I think that Rip probably did not do a good job planning for his retirement. Sucks – neither did I. Can I rob a bank and get away with it? I don’t think so.

  • Denton

    “If ya can dodge a wrench, ya can rob a bank”

    • CW


  • JW

    see what happens when a hit show like Larry Sanders goes off the air.

    where’s Hank now when Rip needs some help?

    Hey Now!

  • Jed

    Hey Rip, your career was over after Larry Sanders got canceled, you meathead! You do the crime, now do some time.

  • ThereYouGoAgain

    Probly threw a bag of confetti in the air to confuse the witnesses…

    • Rip Jr.

      I think you may not know who Rip Torn is…

      • womo

        I like that his name is a synonym.

    • michael albrecht

      that’s rip taylor you moron

      • Kevin Furlong

        To confuse namesakes does not make you a moron.

      • Jeff

        Didn’t you watch the Gong Show or Match Game? Wrong Rip.

    • pauline

      your thinking of rip taylor

      • GD

        “You’re” thinking of Rip Taylor.

        “Your” spelling is atrocious. ;-)

      • ChatterBoxx

        Hey GD, why is there a Grammar COP on every board? Is that all you got? All you can do in life is find grammar mistakes. Give it up people. You look stupid for caring about mistakes made in post boards. get a life.

      • ChatterBoxx

        I am still mad. You people think you are so smart for correcting spelling. You aere worthless in everything you do in life, but bescause nobody else cares you think you struck gold and we ALL MISSED the MISTAKE. LOSER!!

      • Kerblah

        You mad?

    • Michelle

      That would be Rip Taylor…jacka$$

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