CBS rejects gay dating website's Super Bowl commercial

CBS has decided it will not air an advertisement from gay dating website during Feb. 7’s Super Bowl XLIV, EW has confirmed. The ad depicts two football-watching men sharing a passionate kiss after their hands touch while reaching into a bowl of potato chips. “After reviewing the ad — which is entirely commercial in nature — our Standards and Practices department decided not to accept this particular spot,” a network rep said in a statement. “As always, we are open to working with the client on alternative submissions.” A rep for also confirmed the rejection and called the refusal to air the spot hypocritical. “We are totally of the opinion the ad was rejected due to the homosexual content,” spokeswoman Elissa Buchter said. She added, “The creative is PG-rated and doesn’t feature any tongue or overt sexuality.”

In a commercial clearance report form (provided to EW by, CBS notified the website that its ad had not been approved, stating that the creative content was not within in the Network’s Broadcast Standards for Super Bowl Sunday. The report also questioned the company’s finances. “Our Sales Department has had difficulty verifying your organization’s credit status,” the form states. “Should you wish to explore future buys on the CBS Television Network, the credit issue will have to be clarified.” A 30-second spot during this year’s Super Bowl costs an estimated $2.6 million.

Super Bowl advertising is often controversial and ads are routinely rejected, which has fueled speculation that this could be a ploy by to generate free publicity without ever actually intending to purchase air time during the game., however, claims that’s not the case. “ManCrunch not only had the money to pay for the spot, they even offered CBS a cash advance,” the company stated. The CBS rep told EW: “We have absolutely no record of any such offer.”

CBS and its Super Bowl commercials made headlines earlier this week when women’s advocacy groups issued statements protesting the network’s decision to air a spot sponsored by Christian organization Focus on the Family, which features Florida Gators football star Tim Tebow, his mother, and what some are arguing is an overt pro-life message. “At CBS, our standards and practices process continues to adhere to a process that ensures all ads — on all sides of an issue — are appropriate for air,” the network said in response to that flap. “We will continue to consider responsibly produced ads from all groups for the few remaining spots in Super Bowl XLIV.”

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  • ObiHave

    If they can afford it, let ‘em run it…I didn’t know we could be so picky in this economy.

    • Jean Yes

      Mancrunch is pure genius!

      Has anyone heard of this outfit before this?

    • Joe Coleman

      Seriously….It’s the superbowl. In any economy there are only so many superbowl spots. And, do not let them run that – my kids will be watching for crying out loud!

      • jj

        please teach your kids to think that gay people are evil!!!!!

      • Eileen

        Hey Mr. Coleman. You talk like no gay people have their own kids who might actually feel comforted by the fact that they seem something similar to their own family structure on TV for once. What you keep saying is heterosexist. It’s not porn! It’s real life. Have you seen some commercials that show straight people being affectionate? I’m sure your kid has too. What’s the problem?

      • Eileen

        And I’m sure ALL the beer and alcohol, and violent movie commercials are completely fine for your kid to see. Think about it a bit.

      • Jolie

        Who cares about your kids!!! They’re probably conservative brats anyway.

      • frelling_cute

        Oh my god. What will happen to your kids eyes? They may burn. Be careful. Where the sunglasses.
        Instead of teaching Hate, teach tollerance.

      • hc

        @Eileen: I’m on your side of the argument and agree that this commercial should air – particularly b/c CBS is a broadcast network and, therefore, is meant to be in service of the public, not pushing an agenda – but I’m sure a lot children of gay parents, like a lot children of straight parents, operate on knowing as little as possible about their parents’ romantic relationship. A Doritos commercial featuring a family with same-sex couple parents I could see them getting behind.

      • MindB

        Oh no Joe–your kids might catch the gay!! Horror of horrors! You know that stuff just transmits over the tubes. It’s a good thing you’ll be teaching your kids to be close-minded and contribute to further idiocy of this country. Good parenting job.

      • Zakry

        Are people still hiding behind their children? Even kindergarten aged children know what a kiss is (and they usually want NOTHING to do with it!), and kissing is not sex, HC.

        People should be ashamed using their children as justification to be bigotted. Here’s a thought – don’t let your kids watch the SuperBowl. Watch it on Tivo where you can FF through the ads! Your kids should not dictate what is on MY television.

      • Dan JD

        That’s right! We shouldn’t let our kids watch commercials with man-kissing..not when they could be watching the most wholesome of Super Bowl commercials, such as those featuring beer, scantily-clad women and, of course, that bastion of family-friendliness, erectile dysfunction! I mean, if we let them see guys kiss we might have to explain gayness to our kids, which is way harder than explaining erectile dysfunction.

      • levelheaded

        I agree Joe Coleman! I mean I would much rather than see a beer commercial that makes women seem like accessories and that heterosexual men are dolts! That’s the American way!

    • Jolie

      How many Viagra ads will be played?

      • Ricky

        Unlike your kids who are liberal brats. Oh look at me, its cool to be liberal . . . so now I am going to tell the world I am liberal.

      • Chris P.

        @Ricky. Where did the word liberal appear in Jolie’s statement. Time to get some glasses.

      • Jude

        hey Chris P, scroll up Jolie started the name calling with her 6:44 post…glasses statement seems a bit ironic now….

      • denise

        Does anyone know where to call or write to about the STUPID “erectile dysfunction commercials!! My husband and I sooooooo tired of watching a football game or show with are teenagers and having to hear about and erections!!!!! like WTH!!!!!!!!!!!! Get them off the tv!! the men know to go to the DRs if they have a problem! GOD!!!

    • chance

      I bet you let your kids watch all the beer commercials with half naked chicks huh? forget the kids, its not a family event. why do people think it is. its geared towards ADULTS.

      • denise

        At least the are FUNNY! and not about and erection!!!

    • womo

      I actually thought the commercial was pretty funny. Don’t see why they wouldn’t run it. I have seen much sexier commercials for completely unrelated products (i.e. food, beer, etc…)

    • LongBalls

      Nah, who wants to see a sausage-fest? Not me.

      Now if you get that GoDaddy girl to kiss another GoDaddy-quality girl – that’s high quality television!

  • Heather

    But they’ll put a pro-life commercial on? Seriously CBS…

    • Kayde_Lyn


      • Frankie

        Exactly Heather…isn’t that censorship!

      • Kirty

        Uh, yeah it’s censorship. But since CBS isn’t a government agency, they are entitled to censor their own product if they want.

      • hc

        @Kirty: CBS may be a private company, but they are a broadcast network and CBS and its affiliates get licenses from the FCC to broadcast over the airwaves for free – hence the added regulation networks face. CBS shouldn’t be pushing an agenda on the public airwaves – either air both or neither.

    • Nerwen Aldarion

      This is what I love about Pro Choice people, they are only for “choice” if you “choose” what they want

      • Hannah

        … huh?

      • maiv

        No, we just don’t like it when the only choice available is what Pro Lifers want.

      • Red

        Nerwen, you need to think a little harder about what you just wrote.

      • Nicole

        Way to politicize the Superbowl, CBS! Gays = NO, Religious Nuts = Yes. Guess I won’t be watching.

      • Steve

        I find it hyprocritical as well. Red…I think you need to think harder. A pro-choice person feels its okay to let people choose between murder and no murder, okay. But a pro-choice person does not think it is okay for person to choose between thinking it is murder or that it is just the woman’s discretion. It is still hyprocritical.

      • Ned

        Hey, I’m pro-choice AND I think it’s murder. Stop making generalizations.

      • Michael

        And that’s what I love about Republicans. They attack something perfectly logical with something completely illogical(but they claim that it is).

      • amber

        That’s what I love about Democrats. They generalize.

      • amber

        P.S. I also think this is hypocritical censorship. Let them BOTH run.

      • Ashley

        God, that’s a tired argument.

    • Lindsey

      Obvious bias is obvious.

    • MSR

      That’s precisely what I was thinking. Hypocritical.

      • rerun

        The funny thing is: what if they submitted this ad knowing it wouldn’t air. They end up getting free publicity from it being rejected, this word will spread quickly thru the gay community who its intended for, and they don’t ahve to pay $2.6 mill to air it. Genius!

    • What??

      CBS will show Go Daddy ads with women stripping on TV and a anti-abortion ad, but not the gay themed ad? Gee, can you say homophobic bigots.

    • Zo

      Seriously… Couldn’t agree more.

      • Zo

        My CAM reply was aimed at the comments made regarding CBS decision to let the controversial “Thank God I didn’t have an abortion, otherwise I wouldn’t have a millionaire athlete to support me in old age” ad vs. this one. I’m disgusted.

    • Michael

      I’m gay and I’m not especially upset that THIS particular ad won’t be airing. It’s stupid. My only problem is the objection of the Standards department. What standards does it not meet? Why not just sell the space and indicate that none was remaining? The commercial at least isn’t as stupid as the excuse to not air it.

      • Joe Coleman

        Two men sharing a passionate kiss while my kids are watching pal. That’s not within standards. Deal with it.

      • Juniper

        But half-naked women writhing around will be just fine with you, I bet. Hmmm…

      • Michael

        You’re a very sad individual Joe. You’ll do them much more harm than the commercial ever could.

      • ck

        Joe, you need to get out more. I mean, no one is enlisting you, but if you think hiding it from your children, pretending it’s not there, is going to make it go away then…I’d say it’s amazing you and your genes have lasted this long, at this point you’re just running on luck.

      • @ck

        ck, I don’t think you can reason with knuckle-draggers like Joe, unfortunately.

      • MindB

        Joe, two men kissing it just not within your homophobic standards. You need to learn to deal with it.

      • @Joe Coleman

        I hope one of your kids doesn’t turn out gay, I feel sorry for what you would do to them then!

      • @Joe Coleman

        Um, correction – YOUR standards; which, thankfully, we do not have to live by. YOU deal with it.

    • mike

      I love that CBS is pro-life. This is the network with Criminal Minds, all the CSIs, and NCISs. Are there any gay characters on CBS? I know the two boys on As the World Turns?

      • John P.

        Actually, Kyle and Fish on ABC’s One Life to Live is a more realistic portrayal of gays in soaps. And they’re hotter.

      • Anonymoose

        Don’t forget about Two and a Half Men.

      • hate criminal minds

        Criminal Minds is more disturbing than any I’ve seen in years on tv (and I only saw 5 minutes) CBS= Constantly Broadcasting Serialkilling

      • denise

        Joe is right!!! Stay in the closet noone wants to see that while watching TV!! Bad enough they have to see it in public!! get back to morals!!!

    • levelheaded

      I know, right?!

  • Glad I’ve got cable

    Now it’s official….I HATE NBC, ABC and now CBS!

    • david

      uh oh…now you gotta go to “conservative” fox

      • John P.

        Nonsense. There is always Oxygen, Logo, and the new Oprah network.

        Just not Lifetime or Hallmark. I don’t care how many reruns of the Golden Girls they put on.

  • nykolus

    number 28’s got some big hands…

  • Dave

    CBS played right into their hands. They knew it would be rejected. Now they have gotten the benefit of the commercial airing on every local and national news outlet and didn’t have to spend a penney.

    • tvgirl48

      Lol, good point. It just cries Double Standard. I mean, come on, how much more sexual can it get than those horrendous Go Daddy commercials every year? Or countless others with scantily-clad women and sexual innuendo?

      • Lalalala

        Did you know this year they rejected the first Go Daddy submission? It featured a large gay black man who designed woman’s underwear. It was by far the least offensive Go Daddy commercial I’ve seen yet. True story.

      • Lalalala

        Oh that was the first Go Daddy submission this year.

  • Nerwen Aldarion

    Well I think they said the ad wasn’t up to standards…I’d like to know what that means. If they showed some explicit content then I would understand

    • nykolus

      it’s just two guys who go at it on the couch for a few seconds…

      • Joe Man

        JUST TWO GUYS THAT GO AT IT??? Gay is wrong. Go CBS!!! Just two guys that go at it??? Should this be everyday TV? Dont worry, Im sure Ya’ll will give them enough guff. It will be on next year, after you destroy America’s Family. FREEKS.

      • Juniper

        What is this “American’s Family” of which you speak?

      • levelheaded

        @Joe man – heterosexual parents have been destroying American families for centuries. So really, who are the freeks? I’m thinking its us heterosexuals who train our kids to hate without thought or intelligence. Gah!

  • Dean

    I’m a strong supporter of gay rights, but CBS has the right to reject any ad it deems inappropriate for its Super Bowl broadcast, no matter whether its of a homo- or hetero-sexual nature. Millions of young kids watch this game and parents shouldn’t have to feel uncomfortable broaching a topic they don’t feel their kids are ready for while simply watching the game together. Like the article said, “Super Bowl advertising is often controversial and ads are routinely rejected.” What makes this rejected ad any more special than any other? This is great publicity for this company, which is just what they want. So it’s a win-win for them either way. CBS should have rejected the Tim Tebow ad also.

  • Nix

    CBS still has the right to choose who to sell their airtime to. But this wouldn’t been perfect paired with the Tebow ad. BTW, Tim, if you ever want to switch even temporarily, I’ll rock your world.

    • Nix

      “would’ve”. i need an ipad.

  • donknottz

    Pure Homophobia. It’s sad that discrimination is still tolerated in 2010. Grow Up!

  • Tym

    CBS are homophobes and hypocrites. You’ll run an anti-gay ad but not a pro-gay ad. You choose hate over love, and you play yourself for the cowards you are. Viewers should tune out and hurt CBS in their precious Money.

  • Thomas

    In all honesty the ad is just plain bad and cheaply done. Dave is right, Mancrunch knew it wouldn’t be accepted and is getting free advertising without spending a single dime. IT’s cheap but effective….on my way to their website now. ;)

  • John K

    Just because CBS said yes to the Tebow commercial didn’t mean they were going to say yes to any and every commercial that came along. Without seeing this commercial, it’s totally possible that Mancrunch was just trying for the publicity to have their commercial rejected, which obviously has worked. Nothing wrong with doing that either.

    • Gonzalo

      John K, how lazy can you be? There’s a link to the ad right on this article.
      Rejecting the ad is ridiculous – there’s not even visible lip-to-lip contact. It’s an obvious double-standard (clearly the reason for not showing it is because it’s gay – S&P vetoed it, not CBS’s credit-checking). But it’s made even worse by CBS deciding to air the pro-life Focus on the Family ad, explaining (just a few days ago!) that they had recently softened their restrictions on SB ads (in response to their rejection of a gay-inclusive United Church of Christ ad a few years ago).

    • BILL


      • Chris

        seriously? douchebag.

  • Al

    This company only did it for publicity. They were told that SuperBowl spaces were sold out and yet they insisted that Standards and Practices review it. They probably didn’t have the money to run the ad anyway.

    • Michael

      Do your homework. They had proof of their ability to pay long before it was reviewed.

    • shep

      hmmm.. why would a company run a television ad…. hmm.. hold on.. let me think .. i know.. its to get publicity.. wow.. you hit in on the nose al.. you are a smart cookie. kudos

  • Chad Concelmo

    I love feeling like a human being with equal rights in this world. :(

    • amy

      I’m sorry, Chad.

    • Juniper

      I’m sorry, too. But Chad, I and other like-minded individuals are working very hard to change things. I’m sending you a hug.

    • levelheaded

      Me too, Chad. I wish people were better.

  • RyRyNYC

    LOL… that ad is hilarious… I would argue boycotting the SuperBowl but I have no interest in a Mark Sanchez-less superbowl… hahaha. Remind me, did CBS also blur out the Lambert Kiss?

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