'Hope for Haiti': New details for George Clooney telethon announced

More details are taking shape for Hope for Haiti, the emergency fundraising telethon being held next Friday. Hope for Haiti will air Jan. 22 from 8-10 P.M. on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CNN, BET, The CW, HBO, MTV, VH1 and CMT, all without commercial interruption.

As previously announced, George Clooney, who is also co-producing the telethon, will host from Los Angeles; he will be joined by Wyclef Jean, hosting from New York City, and CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, from Haiti. All funds raised will be split evenly between five organizations working to help victims of this week’s deadly earthquake in Haiti: Oxfam America, Partners in Health, the Red Cross, UNICEF, and Wyclef’s Yele Haiti Foundation. Further celebrity appearances and musical performers are expected to be announced soon.


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  • Chappel

    I hope there is some serious oversight as to how the donated money is being spent and who’s pockets it is ending up in.

    • Lola

      Your concern is justified. If anyone has any hesitation regarding donating to this or any other org collecting donations for Haiti first go online and investigate them (Charity Navigator is a good one), check out their overheaad, if they already have a presence/history in the country. Then don’t wait for the telethon and donate now. Full disclosure – I work for a NGO who work in relief and development in Haiti (has been there for a while). There are many worthy organizations – not just the one I work for. Thanks for caring!

      • R

        Agree with Lola about checking a charities overhead expenses. Unfortunately numbers can and are manipulated out of management/operational and fundraising expense to program expense.

    • Lissette C

      I agree with you. You should donate to someone who has been already in Haiti. I donated to Clinton foundation, he was already working with the country prior to this and I know there is integrity there. Or donate to doctors without borders, etc. Go to cnn.com/impact they are vetted.

      I also agree with Rosie O’donnell. “celebrities” before asking the public for money-should give money themselves. Put your money where your mouth is. You have millionaires asking for the people of the US to give but they don’t give a penny. This is what happenned after 9/11. Who knows who ended up with that money. I should know everything that goes in corrupt Latin American nations.
      I am from the Dominican Republic. Haiti, it is unfortunate it took all this to finally bring attention to your country.

      I would not wait for a telethon, i would donate directly to an organization with history in Haiti.

      Besides, why would a celebrity encourage me to donate? I encourage myself to donate!

    • korlukamara

      To the suffering people of Haiti,as you go through this period of sarrow,I want to recommand that you people read these scriptures,from the book of Psalm chapter 13,1-2.This is my prayer and comment to the people of Haiti.

  • Sally Cummings

    My heart goes out to the Haitian people– but of course leave to Hollywood to get on the band wagon– wish they would help the millions who are out of work right here too. There are people really hurting.

    • KrzMiss

      If people getting on the bandwagon is going to help out those people in that horrible situation… I say make the wagon bigger. Don’t hate on people doing a good deed, it is pretty ignorant!

    • Jen

      There is not one person in America as bad off as those people are right now. Not one.

      • Jean Genie

        Too right, Jen.

      • Diane

        Jen, I agree! I would like to put something into perspective for a lot of people. Recognize the fact that as Americans we are lucky, yes LUCKY, that each of us just happened to be born in America, brought here by family or found a way to come here (no, not illegal aliens, that’s a whole other story)EACH & EVERYONE of us have ancestors that somewhere along the line came here from some other country. You & I could have just as easily been born into Haiti, Iraq, China or Africa etc. So thank your lucky stars and shut your ignorant traps!!! Ignorance breeds hatred, cruelty and indifference …a big problem with the world these days!

      • Jay

        Oh perhaps you have forgotten about the thousands of homeless in America? The hospitals and morgues were flooded with them last night from the drop in temperature and the flooding in California. Many of the homeless didn’t survive the night.

    • 4rocket

      The US may be in pretty bad shape economically speaking, but you cannot compare our problems to that of Haiti’s. There’s no way you can. Even during the Great Depression we were still way better off than Haiti right now. You obviously haven’t been watching the news if you think Americans need more help than the Haitians. And in case you forgot, Hollywood did come to the rescue when the government couldn’t be bothered to help during Hurricane Katrina.

    • Michael

      Economic crashes, stock market plummets, job loss, etc. cannot, CANNOT compare by any means to literally watching your entire capital city crumble before your very eyes and a great number of the population of your already extremely poor country die. It’s devastation that people in first-world countries (including myself) cannot understand. So when Hollywood people, and other public figures, jump to raise money and aid for a situation like the one in Haiti, it’s not some sort of “bandwagon” they ride to make themselves look generous; it’s simple, necessary human kindness and solidarity. It’s just that since they are public figures, we all have the ability to see and comment on there actions–but that’s not why they’re doing it. (And if it is for some, then that’s on their own conscience, not for any of us to judge). But more importantly, it’s just necessary to give immediately to a country that has been so devastated. It is simply, utterly necessary.

      • babu krishnan

        It is well known feature of such mega concerts , that most ( say 85% ) reach the distressed people. But the Hollywood A list people should also come forward and commit to donate larger sums of donations, not few thousands. Let them set positive examples.

      • Linda

        I believe what you say is very true. Let it be on their conscience, but they are putting themselves on the line to help in some small way. We don’t know who is a generous giver among celebrities, so we can’t judge.

      • Molly

        You\’ve really captured all the esestnials in this subject area, haven\’t you?

    • Miriam

      Hope you’re not saying that these celebrities are just jumping on the bandwagon?! The artists, musicians, and actors of the world give more of themselves (in addition to money donated quietly) more than any other group I know of…can you imagine corporations, banks or wall street starting something like this. They do this because unfortunately too many people respond to a cause which is endorsed by celebrities. They are the heart and soul of our nation, always first in line to help the less fortunate.

  • Cassi

    so I know this is a horrible thing to ask, cause this is such a good thing that is being done, but since Fox in now airing the telethon does that mean we aren’t going to get to see the Series Finale of Dollhouse?

    • kct

      You’re right- that was a horrible thing to ask.

      • Jean Genie

        Wow – was Cassi serious? And I thought Madonna donating only 250K was selfabsorbed enough …

    • Joppa

      To Cassi: REALLY???!!! How self-absorbed, insensitive and ignorant can you be? What a selfish question. Please restrain yourself from spewing your Dollhouse drivel on the rest of us who are focused on our fellow man! That was low. Check your local listings for crying out loud. Google on your own time! I hope you aren’t like this all of the time.

      • Jenna

        I don’t think that it was a horrible question to ask at all. Obviously the problems of our fellow man are vital, but the idea of the telethon is to attract attention and money to a significant problem. Which it is already doing. She wasn’t complaining that the telethon was on, she was wondering when an important event (though not on a human scale, but instead artistic and entertainment-oriented) will be taking place. This is website is dedicated to ENTERTAINMENT! So at least from my logic, this isn’t the worst place to ask that question.
        And please don’t speak for me, “the rest of us” may also be interested in when Dollhouse Series Finale will air.

  • Rion

    This means Dollhouse’s series finale is pushed back to January 29.

    • Cassi

      okay! Thanks

  • brandy

    I think this is an awesome thing, but why don’t these take place more often? It would be great if once a month, or even once or twice a year, big events like this could happen to help out different parts of the world that suffer on a daily basis.

  • Dana

    please let Kanye stay at home

    • 4rocket

      Oh, I’m sure they’re not gonna allow another “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” moment happen.

      • Jean Genie

        At least now they won’t have Michael Jackson to snub.

  • Jim Jenkins

    For every 10,000 HILTON HONORS points you have, they donate $25 to the RED CROSS. Instead of saving up for a free night in a hotel, consider giving your points away so someone in Haiti can have a drink of water and food. Don’t wait for the telethon to show you care….

  • Ellen

    I would like to donate something to the telethon. How can I do that?

    • Laura

      I assume for the telethon you call in and donate on January 22nd (I think). But you can also go to redcross.org and unicef.org to donate. You can donate $5 to Wycleaf Jean’s charity by texting YELE to 501501. (Though I would check that number before sending a text, just in case I wrote it down wrong somehow.) Hope this helps.

  • Barry

    Too bad we didn’t help the Cuban people last year when they endured 2 hurricanes.. Oh that’s right, they are Communists & don’t exist as far as the American government is concerned.

    • kristal

      The US didn’t really help haiti last year either and they were ravaged by 4 hurricanes in that time period.

    • Mary Beth

      I somehow doubt if Cuba would have accepted the help. We had to get special permission to fly through their airspace to get to Haiti. I know the government is slapped around alot, but they are not always the bad guys and we can’t do it all for everyone.

    • Linda

      My God, THIS IS NOT ABOUT GOVERNMENT! It’s about care for humanity. Please say you really do care for humankind.

    • Miriam

      They didn’t have 100,000 people die, 500,000 children become orphaned, or complete cities leveled in an instant. Plus Cuba is not one of the poorest countries of the world. They have had the same leaders and government in place for over 50 years and have an infrastructure in place. Haiti had none of that to begin with, and now they have no one in their own country to look toward for help. If not us, who? If not now, when?

  • kati

    They do great work, the actors, anchors, hosts, charities, all involved when times are difficult. anderson is a amazing anchor bringing real honest true news to us.

  • Seymour

    Before you go to Wyclef’s charity you might want to do a little research on it. I’ve donated to the Red Cross because I’m more comfortable with their experience and with their use of funds. I would have donated again in connection with the charity, but I’m not comfortable with the proceeds being split among charities, not all of which I support. I would rather give money directly to organizations I think are most capable.


  • …..

    kanye west should go on the show and then say” obama doesn’t care about hatiti people. He only cares about wall street bankers” would be funny

  • Tommy

    Does George Clooney have no shame in himself? George…you will be nominated for ‘Up in the Air.’ Sure, the ballots are due in the mail the day after the telethon…so, don’t pander to the voters…they know you’re there. I can only imagine the shameful pandering he’ll do when the final ballots are released. Christ sakes, let Jeff Bridges have it.

    • Miriam

      I so saddened to hear such negative, condescension from you and others. You actually believe that George is “shamelessly pandering” for an award. I know someone who works with him on movie/media and he is one of the most decent, selfless, charitable people in Hollywood – that’s why he’s so loved..all he had to do was pick up a phone and ALL those who could get involved did. Do you really think Jeff Bridges could carry an audience this size? Are you envious or what IS your problem?

  • Anonymous

    How doing it for the jobless and homeless citizens of the USA instead of Hati!!?? Let’s look after our own citizens needs first and let the rest of the world take care of Hati for a change!!

    • 4rocket

      When you live through a disastrous earthquake and lose literally EVERYTHING and have zero access to medical care and a government too broken and corrupt to mend the problem, then you can complain. Until then, quit being an entitled a-hole. You may have it rough, but there are people who have it a thousand times worse than you. Don’t assume that your needs trump everyone else’s. And besides, other countries have their own difficulties as well, why should they make sacrifices and us do nothing?

  • lanford meyerhold

    in new york city playwright larry myers is writing a drama for stage “point of impact”
    as crises unfold…his st john s university theater students bonded and sent off suppliers and are writing abt the events with their own original plays

    as the crisis unfolds

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