UPDATE: George Clooney's Haiti telethon to air on MTV, ABC, NBC, HBO, and CNN

On Friday, Jan. 22, George Clooney will host a live telethon to benefit earthquake victims in Haiti. Clooney’s rep says the telethon is now set to air on all of the MTV channels worldwide, along with ABC, NBC, HBO, and CNN. The show will air 8-10 p.m. ET.

Clooney first mentioned the event to Roger Friedman of The Hollywood Reporter last night at a private reception for his movie Up in the Air, and said that he has been reaching out to famous friends and performers to join in from both coasts.

His rep says Thursday night that the event’s logistics are still being ironed out, including what organizations/charities will be involved and which musicians will perform.


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  • Portia

    Our family donated but we didn’t feel the need to announce it.

    Ofcourse George would publicly announce that he is hosting a telethon. Just leave the press releases about the telethon to MTV George.

    I suspect that this guy is trying to use this sad situation to his advantage. Trying to win that Oscar!

    • Erin

      Yeah, “of course” he would publicly announce he was hosting a telethon- kind of a logical move if he wants people to be aware of it and tune in.

    • Lili

      … Or maybe, his just trying to help and get the ball rolling! Oh yeah, and that last comment WAS you announcement! Bitter Much??

    • danielle

      Wow! Cynical much? Maybe he is using his celebrity to raise money to help the people of Haiti. While I am sure your family is very nice, I doubt they are are good looking, talented,funny or famous as he is, so they could announce their donation from the roof tops and it would have much effect.

      • candice hernandez

        lol!!! that’s right!!! lol

    • Bobby’s Robot

      Everything in your post was idiotic. And you realize you did just announce your donation to world, right?

    • The International Nomad

      Ha-ha, you’re such a hypocrite, Portia. You’re accusing George of being an opportunist by announcing he’s doing a charity telethon (the whole point of a telethon is that you get people to watch it so they can donate as well, so OF COURSE it would be announced), but you just mentioned that you made a donation. What was the point in YOU doing that?

    • Emma

      LOL I didn’t read this last comment until I now, but I completely agree. What’s wrong with you Portia? It’s call spreading awareness and using your celebrity for good.

    • Elle

      Portia, that was a dumb accusation. You might have well have said George Clooney also planned the earthquake right before the oscars so that he can get all the publicity. Clooney is just being a great and caring person by using what he has, the spotlight, to help the situation in Haiti.

    • Stable_Click

      Clooney is the perfect illustration of the ‘brotherhood’ in arms who get crushed by one dome packed shoulder to shoulder.

      Don’t hold your breath waiting for him to wake up. Why give him the illusion of success? I guess better keep the masses jerking off than using ‘aid’ to foster corruption, dependence, uninformed experimental subjects, and basic casual hell.

      • Beautiful.Powerful.

        Clooney hates women. Especially adult women.

      • .Money.

        Is this really the time to be unweaving the clooney archetype?

    • TelevisionLover

      Maybe, as Portia has failed to realize, Mr. Clooney is doing this telethon because he’s trying to give back to the world!

    • candice hernandez

      WOW!!! People need to realize that George Clooney is actually helping out!!! Just because you’re not famous! We all just need to PRAY PRAY PRAY!!! And stop getting mad that an A LIST celebrity is helping out! OMG! How dare he do something for free to raise money to help DYING UNFORTUNATE MISPLACED PEOPLE!!! geez! You people are IGNORANT!!!!

    • Jim Phelan

      I cannot believe some people are
      looking at George Clooney and complaining while he is going to help
      in a big way. Quite complaining and start helping!

    • Melissa

      I am sure Mr Clooney, as well as MANY other people, have already privately donated money, however, by holding a telethon later after the fact, some people out there are influenced by what celebrities have to say….and maybe this can draw out some much needed funds later in the game, or encourage those who have given already to be generous again. I am sure he is not doing this for publicity for his own benefit, but to benefit the need in Haiti. Think before you speak next time.

    • JayNice

      Uh, a telethon would be pretty pointless if you didn’t tell anyone about it.

    • Jennifer

      What is wrong with you people? I can’t fathom what kind of horrible person attacks a public figure for bringing awareness and donating their time to raise money for the victims of Haiti. What a great thing to do when your in the spotlight, people listen to celebrities, and he’s using his status to help raise money. Take it for what it is, a great thing to do! And stop being so freaking analytical, some people really do care about others.

    • Kat

      Oh Dear Portia. That’s how it works darling you announce it and people watch and hopefully feel compelled to donate, you know like your family do. I can only assume that you don’t personally give to charity or you would know that its these acts of exposure that enable people to become aware and then act. If George wants to hang from a plane naked to bring awarness than good for him at least he’s doing something and not just complaining about his method. Lets face it Portia he’s doing a lot more than you right now. If it brings him an Oscar then thats a bonus. But to actually think that someone would hold a telethon to get an oscar as opposed to acting well leads me to believe there’s something jaded about your views in life. My initial thoughts much like other right minded people was “what else can I do for the people of Haiti”.

  • Evan

    Dear Portia

    you just publicized yourself as well!

  • Jackal


    Your comment both made and ruined my day

    made it because it made me laugh how simple you are and it surprised me that you have the capacity to type yet not to think

    and then ruined it because there are too many people like you who look for the worst in people without pause

    • Sue

      I love your answer to her! what a stupid comment she made… i am also very very shocked!! to hear someone say anything of the sort!

  • at


    I know the folks in Haiti could care less about this but the 22nd is also supposed to be Conan’s last show…

    • John

      LMFAO…I scrolled slowly reading the counter ashalt on poor Portia and then this….timing is everything “at”. Good job.

  • Anonymous

    How about a telethon for the millions of out of jobs,food etc in the USA instead?

    • Jerry

      That’s what unemployment benefits are for, you a-hole.

      • Robothought&Control

        Send Leno to bring them humor in stead of chicken. Or, why not get rid of Leno, letterman, conan, and Steward? Lot’s of secure grid bucks, new time, and associated dependents’ overall lot might improve provided quality replacement, say, something to counter the anti-overlay. What are you gonna do about it now?

    • Lisa Simpson

      There was a telethon for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Benefits like telethons are often given for those struck by natural disasters. It’s a quick way to bring awareness and raise money to those who have lost everything.

    • jk

      They run out eventually a-hole.. there is still 10% unemployment across the U.S.

  • SarahE

    I just watched a report where a Haitian man ranted that he couldn’t understand why people around the world weren’t coming to help. This is more than 48 hours after the quake. Obviously, the local people don’t know that the world is freaking out. I don’t care if Clooney is headline grabbing or not (and for the record, I’m pretty sure not) lets get money and supplies where they need to be. JMHO

    • gloomndoom

      Sarah, I remember the same kind of scene 48 hours after Katrina… wonder where this Haitian man was?.. Did HE donate any money to US????

      • Lisa Simpson

        The guy probably lives on a dollar a day, and you want him to donate to us?

      • And How Would he Do That>

        Do you even realize that there are towns where they mix the dirt with oil and bake it and that is what they eat? What did you want him to do donate that?

  • Anna

    The hell with the people in Haiti. we have people right here in the USA who are living in tent cities and unemployed!

    Help Americans FIRST!

    • Amy

      you watch too much Pat Robertson

    • Melissa

      I find it hard to want to help people who can help themselves. There are plenty of opportunities for education and eventual employment for those who work hard and look for it and who are willing to work. In order to be living in a tent, in America, you have to be really really unfocused on opportunity. Hello, welcome to the land of welfare. What the hell do I pay taxes for if it isn’t to feed people who don’t work?

    • Jack

      wow, im amazed that people as cold and uncaring and selfish as you anna can live with themselves. The people in Haiti need our help. People in the USA might be unemployed but people in Haiti are dying. so why don’t you go to hell and when you ask for help see if anyone cares.

  • Amy

    Anna must be a fan of Pat Robertson!

  • lindsey

    I can see where Portia is coming from and I totally agree with her. George Clooney to the rescue, as usual. What would we ever do without him? Rolls eyes. His non campaign, campaign is totally obvious despite his protests that he is above all of that anymore. I can take his smug preaching attitude for hours on end tho, if it helps the victims in Haiti.

    • Lois

      Helping victims of a natural disaster is a noble thing. It’s a good thing there are people like Clooney who step forward to help. There are tons of people who give to causes like this, but very few who have the clout like George to get the ball rolling on a telethon. He could just write a check and issue a press release about it if he was only looking for publicity. But this way he is using his fame to get far more money raised, and get it to the right organizations who will do the most good.

      It says more about the cynicism of the people who jump to the consclusion that Clooney is only doing this for publicity, then it does about Clooney.

  • Blah

    Amy how about you go move to Haiti and shut up

  • Jimmy

    Why isn’t there telethons after natural disasters in this country? Everyone rushes to the aid of third world countries. Why do we rush to help countries that never help us in our time of need??

    • Lisa Simpson

      There was a major telethon to raise money for the victims of Katrina. Learn your recent events before spouting ignorance.

  • anonymous

    portia … well said

    • Kat

      Interesting you didn’t leave your name in support of Portia. Portia…. darling is that you???? donating to your own charity again???? This time without publicising it…. good to know you understand where it all went wrong last time.

  • Bobby D

    EXACTLY… well, there may have been a telethon for Katrina, but not all of these famous ppl were there.. shame on us, all of us.. we have a third world country WITHIN this country.

    • Lisa Simpson

      Again, ignorance rears its ugly head. There was a big telethon for the victims of Katrina. You, obviously, didn’t care enough to pay attention.

  • redwolf

    Why can’t the Haitians help themselves instead of whining about no one coming to help? At least they formed gangs of machete wielding looters. Here we go, Katrina without the water.
    The $100 million should be spent right here at home. Rebuild the twin towers and Detroit, then maybe we can worry about rebuilding the mud cookie nation of Haiti.

    • Please Help Me Find My Family, GILOT Family in Port-au-Prince

      Please Redwolf, help me find my family and then look in their eyes and call them whining and tell them why can’t you help yourself. And then may whatever higher being if you believe in one have mercy on your soul. If anyone has any contact with people in Haiti, I beg you to ask for the following people: Valerie Gilot (31), Eric Gilot Jr. (30), Scheffer Gilot (27), Robert Guitry Gilot (25), Matthew Gilot (16), Irma Gilot (35), Sonya Gilot (54) and Marie Josee Louis.

      • Nomo_IMF/WB_tools

        Whose eyes?
        If by higher being you mean, very materially speaking, where the chain of monetary interest end, where the degrees of separation converge, and where at the touch of one button orders get sent, and if delayed, command centers act w/o mercy, then your time is up.

    • Jack

      why don’t you live in haiti for awhile redwolf and then why don’t you just stay there because we really don’t want whining selfish people in the USA. You know what on second thought sending you to haiti would make it worse then it already is so why don’t you go annoy terrorists in the middle east at least then you’ll be doing something helpful

    • Kat

      This is what I like to see the real mind of the USA. I have been lead to believe these attitudes are dead, but no there is always one ignorant selfish little redwolf who forgets how lucky he was to have been born in a country and situation a lot better off than others. USA did not choose you because you were the person it was waiting for it’s not like your gonna cure the world of Cancer. IT WAS LUCK you could have quite easily have been born in the Ukraine, Peru, UK or even Haiti.

  • James

    I say take some of that profit the banks and power companies are making and send it over there!!!

    • upnorth

      Its not right to turn your back on suffering people here, there, or anywhere. It is our moral obligation to help. A person knows this when they see a child scard, bleeding and alone on the news and you feel that ache in your heart for them. This is empathy, simpathy, your conscience. -Might be what is fueling George Clooney, and he chooses to utilize his talents to help those suffering in Haiti.

      • redwolf

        When the people in question, are questionable people, we have the right not to help.

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