Mariah Carey explains loopy acceptance speech

Mariah Carey told reporters at the People’s Choice Awards last night that her meandering acceptance speech at the Palm Springs Film Festival was due to the “splashes of champagne” she had imbibed earlier in the night with director Lee Daniels. “We were really celebrating for [Precious],” she said. She joked that it was “kind of a party atmosphere” and that Daniels is a “bad influence.”

“If people…think I’m just this girl who stands by a microphone and sings ‘Hero,’ they’re definitely not going to get me,” she said. “If they knew me better, they would understand I have a sense of humor.”

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  • Sarah

    At least she didn’t blame it on “exhaustion”.

    • Lynny

      Amen. She just said, yeah, I was drinking too much champagne. Shocking for a celeb to just be honest.

      • Shana

        yeah, I’m impressed that she admitted to having some drinks.. Go MIMI!

      • Kellie

        Awesome! Luv her….even more now for her honesty!

      • Haïram Yërac

        Appreciate the refreshing honesty. Most celebs would have lied and blamed it on jet lag or a bad reaction to some medication.

  • JPX

    She’s really minimizing a terrible, self-absorbed display. There was nothing cute or precious about her behavior and ultimately she just came off looking and sounding really dumb. She should be incredibly embarrassed about this. Also, is it just me, or was she only in the movie for like 3 minutes?

    • nicole

      I guess you never got drunk before. Excessive alcohol tends to make you look and act stupid.
      At least she was honest about the whole thing. She’s been in the spotlight for 20 years with one alcohol related incident. Not bad.

      • scarlett

        with alllll the substance abuse deaths in the news…she should be a lil’ more responsible ON STAGE….and its NOT just ONE incident

    • Jennifer

      Yeah she wasonly in the movie for a short period of time. Also Dame Judy Dench was only in Shakespear in Love for a few minutes and won an Oscar for it….Just saying.

      As a social worker who has/does do that work, I found her portrayal unrealistic. No SW worth her salt would be that emotional.

      • davey

        She had my favorite performance of the whole film…when she wiped away a tear during Mo’Nique’s speech at the end of the film, I had to wipe my own tear away.
        God forbid Mariah get a little tipsy – AT A PARTY CELEBRATING HER FILM – and give a weird acceptance speech. Get over yourselves people!

  • Ambient Lite

    Next up: “Rehab”!

  • MrNiceGuy

    Splashes of champagne = chugged magnum.

  • weather bug

    The film director’s name is “Lee DANIELS” not “Micheals.” Come on EW!!!!

    • AcaseofGeo

      EW is reporting what she said, so apparently Mariah Carey is still so hungover she can’t even remember her own director’s name. No one expects her to be the girl who sings “Hero” but a sense of decorum for a FORTY ONE YEAR OLD person is a bit expected. sad sad sad sad sad.

      • Mal

        Wow, so being forty means you can’t get drunk? You obviously have a high sense of morality. Please. There’s absolutely no problem with what she did. Now, if she did that all the time, she’d be an alcoholic. But that’s a different issue.

      • fancypants

        Mariah is 39.

  • J Howard

    “Splashes of Champagne??” Why not just say “I was F**ing drunk, sorry.”

  • ricardvs

    Do you mean Lee Daniels?


    Hoof Uking Cares

  • Alan

    Here’s a tip Mariah: GROW UP. You are a 40-year old woman. Here’s some tips if you want respect: (#1) Ditch the slutty streetwalker micro mini dresses. You can still be sexy and show off your curves without wearing $20 off the rack black mini-dresses. (#2) Ditch the pills and booze. Because every time you are drunk or high on pills you make a huge public fool of yourself. (#3) Adopt some modesty and humility. Every time I hear you comment about your role in this movie you act like you think you are the new Meryl Streep. (#4) Make some music that doesn’t involve breathy vocals over a bland heard-it-before beat. Make something original.

    • tim

      couldnt have said it better myself. absolutely BANG ON.

      • Mariah’s Dress

        I agree I liked seeing Mariah looking slutty, until her gut started growing faster than your implants…..please Mariah start covering up your fat rolls

      • H


    • nicole

      Not a big fan? Mariah can wear whatever she wants. She’s been around forever, and we kinda expect her to be a little slutty. As for respect, I think her musical track record earns her a ton of respect in the industry. She’s just a regular NY chick who also happens to be one of the all-time best selling female vocalists in the history of pop music. So stop hating, and cut her some slack.

      • Kalie

        I agree. We’re talking about the best-selling female artist of all time here. Only the Beatles have more #1 hits than she does, and “We Belong Together” was just named the most popular song of the decade. She’s not just a talented vocalist, either. She writes all of her original songs. I think she’s earned some respect, regardless of the tight dresses she likes to wear. She seems like a nice enough person and she’s not one of those celebrities who are constantly in and out of jail or rehab, so give the woman a little credit. She may not be as skinny as she used to be, but she is not fat and it’s obnoxious and ignorant to say that she is. Not everyone needs to be a size 2 or even a size 4 or 6.

      • Jeff Eastwood

        Kalie, if “we’re talking about the best-selling female artist of all time here” then we’d be talking about Celine or Madonna. They’ve sold around 25 million MORE records than Ms. Carey has.

      • KRibbons

        or Barbra!!

      • GinaBallerina

        You are dead wrong, Jeff. Sorry. Mariah is quoted EVERYWHERE as The best-selling female artist in history.

    • dolly

      what Alan said.

    • mauidano

      Perfectly said Alan. Nothing else need be added.

    • jane doe

      Alan you nailed it. Thanks for keeping it real.

    • mark

      ALAN…couldnt have said it better myself. I truly believe she’s a tansparant, superficial, betty boop ispired idiot. But your take is so freaking on the money. Brilliant.

    • Orange Glass

      THANK YOU ALAN! About time someone said this. The woman is nearly 40 years, yet she acts like she just turned 18. It’s so pathetic to see people that age behave like that, it’s like she’s going through a mid-life crisis or something… she makes lame, desperate R&B with Auto-Tune, she dresses in teenagers’ clothing, it’s all so pathetic to watch!

    • AcaseofGeo

      Thank you. I agree with you and all the people who responded to you in kind. Especially the be original thing. I mean really, HOW many times can the SAME person sample “Genius of Love” in her songs???

    • TD

      Like you have never drank a little too much Alan??? After all Mariah went through in her life, cut her a little slack, and loosen up!!

    • Say What

      Alan I couldn’t have said it better. She needs to grow the heck up – – slutty does not equate sexy. She needs a MAJOR makeover. Drunk, high or whatever, she made an arse of herself . . . . again. Cut her some slack TD? Not a chance, she had young fans watching her and THAT is what they have to look up to? No!

  • J

    If she has a stylist, he or she should be fired! Mariah needs to go to finishing school.

  • Nikky

    Wtf? Everyone drinks, she wanted to drink leave her alone she is a grown women that can do whatever she wants.

    • yeah

      i’m with you, what’s the big deal?! she prob thought she had no chance of winning and had one more glass than she should have. it’s not like she was falling on the floor loaded!

    • Armando

      It’s one thing to have a few glasses of champagne and getting tipsy. But then if you are in the public eye and people are watching every single thing that you do, you have to be careful and Mariah acted like a moron that night. The woman needs to grow up and take responsibility for her actions.

      • April

        Agree with you here. No matter how old you are, there’s nothing worse than a person who is clearly drunk. They ruin the night and make those around them STOP drinking.

    • Tom Black

      No. Not everyone drinks and those who choose to do so usually don’t do so in excess when at a public function. Also, I think you meant she’s a grown womAn, not womEn. Idiot.

      • Mal

        “those who choose to do so usually don’t do so in excess when at a public function.” You’re kidding, right? That’s EXACTLY where people drink the most.

  • Ruby

    Lee Daniels or Jack Daniels?

    • Agolo

      You are hilarious, cracked me up.

  • paige

    such a basket case

  • Dee Tee

    Lee Daniels? Looked more like Jack Daniels to me.

    • nicole


    • Nick T

      Oooh! Someone already beat you to it!

  • Eminem

    See, we DID hook up! Her drug and alcohol induced fog keeps her from remembering those tender nights we spent together, harmonizing in that special way only two linked souls can.
    I pray for you, my butterfly.

    • Daydreemr

      Mariah being tipsy has nothing to do with any of us, so why do you all really think what you say matters either. Take care of your own lives and leave her alone. It’s a waste to spend any more than a few moments to laugh at or critcize her. She’s an entertainer, get over it, she can dowhatever she wants…and so can you so stop hatin!!!

    • Daydreemr

      Eminem??? WTF…is this guy really that stupid… Eminem would never post on this site. C’mon, whatever loser.

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