'Twilight' wins big at People's Choice Awards

As expected, The Twilight Saga was one of the big winners at the People’s Choice Awards Wednesday night. Twilight won Favorite Movie, Favorite Franchise, the cast won Favorite On-Screen Team, and Taylor Lautner won Favorite Breakout Movie Actor. Other winners at the fan-voted awards included Sandra Bullock, Johnny Depp, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Glee, The Big Bang Theory, and House.

The full list of winners is available on the People’s Choice Awards website.

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  • Menchy


    • Andy

      Gross is good. I like Pathetic.

      • lime

        Twilight needs to just die.

    • Ugly Jenny

      Boo! I hate the crazy rabid Twihards that vote in the droves and give countless awards to this very undeserving franchise. All I have to say is UGH!
      I can’t wait til this whole Twilight thing is over so movies that actually have a decent plot with actors who actually act instead of brood and stare longingly at each other win awards. A girl can dream.

      • brittany

        get a life please

      • mickey

        @brittany (it wouldn’t let me reply to her)

        How ’bout you get one too?

    • clay

      proves that people dontgo to a movie for the art, they go not knowing the difference between a sloppy cheap cash grab thats just taking our money and run, and a real artistic achievement, which is why wolverine won, and the proposal over the hangover, and taylor lautner who doesnt have to act much in the movies over sam worthington, i mean come on!!! people, your too selfish to see the movies that the true fans of cinema want to make the money! so you say hell with the critics they dont know anything! uh its their job, they know alot more than you about what makes a decent flick!!! new moon is trash so the people of america are trash!!! which is why we elected a redneck dumbshiz pres. named bush. twice. you all go kill eachother in war while i sit back and drink my long island ice tea!

      • clay

        also feels like people throw a pity party for the underdog i.e. carrie underwood, keith urban, mariah carey>beyonce shoulda won, etc.

    • Celia

      My thoughts exactly.

    • dizzy

      Sadly, I’ve lost faith in humanity.

    • lime

      Twilight needs to die.

      • duby

        i dont no wat r u r talking about twilight is awesome sooo u need too shut your lips in a mousetrap!!!!!!!!! guess what u just got wasted!

  • Ed

    I’d like to say that I’m not surprise. Truth is, however, I don’t really get it. I think Twilight was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen.

    • filmfan

      It’s definately the worst book series ever. I haven’t seen the movie yet, and never will.

    • clay

      how do the peopl,e of america get tricked into seeing obviously badddd movies? cuz they dont listen to the critics who actually dooo know the difference between good and bad films that are stealin your money, lazily created, and thats okay with you all. its the critic’s jobs i think they know what they are talkin about and you dont if you actually liked twilights but didnt like avatar? the greatest visual feast for the eyes ever created? shame shame its the same unartistic peeps who voted for bush twice!

  • Nathan

    While watching the people’s choice awards, I couldn’t help but remember a line I heard one time; I wish somebody would punch me, so I could see some stars. But the upside is if someone wins 75 PCAs, they can trade up for a Daytime Emmy!

    • DrunkMariah

      maybe i can get one of those…yeah

  • Nathan

    And the award for Best Actor goes to……..HUGH JACKMAN FOR WOLVERINE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • Alicia

      Hugh actually won for Best Action Star for Wolverine and Best Actor went to Johnny Depp.

    • Celia

      Hugh Jackman is a talented man. He deserves more than a People’s Choice Award, but I’m glad he won. I actually voted for him.

  • Annoued

    Ugh… This should be renamed the Teenyboppers choice awards?
    But more so: do you pride yourself EW in becoming a twilight fansite?
    Why must you ALWAYS write about twilight?

    • Menchy

      They’re writing about the award show. I dislike their Twilight coverage too, but I would be more concerned if they DIDN’T write about this awards show, seeing as they are an entertainment site…

    • MissVampireDiaries

      I think you forgot this is an Entertainment site. They all do that. They talk and talk and talk about movies, shows, celebrities…whatever gives them the most views.

  • tjhooker

    I vote for anything that has young boys in jean shorts walking in the woods for an hour

  • DW

    I really can’t think of anything worse than the People’s Choice Awards. All they’re good for is a yearly reminder of the appalling tastes of a certain subset of Americans. But hey, at least Glee won something.

  • tjhooker

    I try to decided what makes me more depressed about the state of our nation….the economy……or the fact that people watched the twilight movie and thought it was well made.

    • filmfan

      My thoughts exactly!

  • Marjorie

    Excuse me, but seeing as how I’m part of “the people” I do not want this movie to represent my choices in movies, Thank you very much.

    • Kalie

      Did you vote?

    • Celia

      Agreed. I voted for everything except twilight. At least those two talentless wannabe actors didn’t win the best acting awards, because that would’ve been an even bigger joke. I’m glad Sandra Bullock won even though she’s got bigger and better things coming her way. And everyone loves Johnny Depp, so that was no surprise.

  • filmfan

    Again, these idiots vote for ‘Twilight’ instead of REAL films like ‘Harry Potter’ or ‘Star Trek.’ But then again, the People’s Choice Awards are just like the MTV Movie Awards, that in which winning one of the PC awards doesn’t count for anything. Down with ‘the Twilight Saga’ and its terrible characters and storylines!!

    • brittany

      you are soooooooo jelous of rob its sad im sorry your not as fine as he is

      • Celia

        Lmao. You’re just solidifying his point.

      • mickey

        Wow and you are sooo jealous of movies that win at the Oscars. It’s sooo sad, I know.

      • dizzy

        Ugh, I feel bad for those Twihards who actually know how to write a coherent sentence, because everyone thinks they all must write like that. And, no, not everyone is jealous of Rob, lol. Why do so many of them use that to defend the movies?

    • Colleen

      I also saw Star Trek and Harry Potter in ’09, both of which I liked very much. Just because Twilight won a couple of awards that really don’t mean squat doesn’t mean we can turn into a bunch of sniveling toddlers. We all know the Golden Globes usually mean something.

  • tjhooker

    grrrrrrr! I am going to either bite you or make crazy wolf love to you. All I need you to do is leave the pasty heroin-addict looking englishman and remove your shirt and frolic in the trees with me.

  • tjhooker

    Acting? Whatever we don’t need it.
    Story lines? Character development? Screw that! I am going to take our 100 million dollar budget and a bunch of tween no talents and have them stare at each other and sparkle for 90 minutes and call it a day. Plus I need a drink because I can’t believe I accepted the job to direct this piece of trash movie.

    • filmfan

      That’s about it in a nutshell.

  • Amanda

    I love the Twilight book series. I don’t think it’s amazingly written, but there’s something about the way its written that causes me to be incredibly emotionally invested in the characers.
    That being said, I wish so badly that these movies were made well enough to be deserving of all the awards they win.
    What’s funny is that a lot of people seem to assume that all Twilight fans love the movies, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

    • Trish

      I agree. Also, I often wish that Twilight wasn’t EVERYWHERE. I wish that actual fans of the books could just enjoy the series in peace, without having to deal with haters or people who only like Twilight because OMGZ ROBERT PATTINSON AND TAYLOR LAUTNER ARE SO HOT.
      I miss how things used to be, LOL.

    • Genesis

      Amanda, I could not have said it any better myself. THANK YOU.
      Some fans really only like the movie because the boys in it are hot.

  • deansrevival

    Congrats to Supernatural for Best Scifi/Fantasy Show!

  • Leena

    Paramore beat out Muse, Green Day and Kings of Leon… wow. Nothing against Paramore, the lead singer’s pretty talented, but better than the other bands? Really? Paramore is… average. I hate to say it, but they are. If it wasn’t for Hayley Williams, this would not be a band worth giving a crap about. Granted, it’s also partly my fault for not voting for my band of choice when I had the chance to, but still…

    • Heather2

      I thought Kings of Leon should have won.

    • bianca

      I like both of them, Kings of Leon and Paramore. Hope for the kings of leon to win a Grammy this year.

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