Child advocacy group wants Townshend pulled from Super Bowl

A Florida-based child abuse prevention organization is pushing the NFL not to allow Pete Townshend to perform with his band the Who at the Super Bowl halftime show because of Townshend’s 2003 arrest for accessing a child-porn website in 1999. At the time, Townshend admitted to viewing child pornography online but said he did so only as research for a book,  inspired in part by his own dim memories of being sexually abused as a child. “I am angry about child porn on the Internet, and deeply wounded at the inference that I might be a pedophile,” he told UK newspaper The Sun in 2003. Police determined Townshend was not in possession of any child pornography and issued him a formal caution. His name was also listed on a sex offender registry for five years.

The NFL says it is not changing the halftime show line-up. In a written response to Child AbuseWatch, Joe Browne, executive vice president of communications and public affairs for the league, stood by the performer. “We are aware that Mr. Townshend was arrested…[but] do not believe that charges were ever filed…. Mr. Townshend has a long history of involvement with charity work as well as being a champion of children’s charities,” he wrote. Super Bowl XLIV is Feb. 7.

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  • Carole

    So he looked – did he actually do or take any of the photos – don’t remember reading that – so guess what people – go arrest those who actually take the pictures and leave Pete alone

    • sue bell

      It neither downloaded or took any pictures! 14 computers underwent forensic “kiddie” porn found. case closed!

    • cee

      I completely agree with you. He was doing it for research for his book about when he was abused as a child. People are so stupid sometimes to assume the worst possible thing.

  • WHO?

    A sex offender is a sex offender. He looked a kiddie porn for cryin’ out loud. That’s criminal!

    • Keith Moon Jr.

      Please. Isn’t this is the same NFL that allowed Michael Vick to return?

      I rest my case.

    • sue bell

      Sex offender?? Now he is a “sex offender”…He didn’t look at kiddie porn for pleasure, idiot! He showed you and me how easy it was to access it, showed us how credit card companies supply their, take that important information, and DO SOMETHING about THAT!…let the man play guitar!!!

      Please be sure you know all details of the case before you go “name calling” and aim to discredit, and hurt an innocent man!

  • Carl Malcolm

    “A Florida-based child abuse prevention organization”??? Nice to know that a blog with paypal donation button fronted by unknown grandstanding perverts qualifies as a “child abuse prevention organization.” Google Evin Daly’s self published “Men, Sex n’ porn” essay sometime to read where “family advocates” are putting their time and money.
    Daly salivates over porn yet fights for children’s rights? Sure you want to be quoting these “advocates” ????Townshend was never criminally charged,has been decorated by President Bush, sang for the heroes of 9-11, gives tirelessly to charity etc etc and a totally bogus and unjust arrest does not change the fact that everyone knows he is a great man who has been proven NOT guilty. These Sunshine State creeps deserve to be investigated, pronto.

    • Beytullah

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  • John

    I guess now we’re guilty until proven innocent. Let’s not forgot what a morale boost the Who’s performance was for the many heroes of 9/11 at the Concert for the People of New York. Let’s not forget the fact the Who were the very first rock band honored by the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. These people seriously need to get lives.

  • Ivan

    He is a good man.

  • Iolanthe

    He is not a good man. He has a long history of trying to get close to children and “troubled teens” through charities. Classic pedo.

    • Mark

      LOLANTHE…..long history nonsense… show me the proof…and i’ll show you that he has done for kids…read, educate yourself first

      • Reginald Perrin

        Whatever you may believe, Iolanthe, the fact is that Pete Townshend has served the “sentence” he was given and thus deserves to have this thing put behind him (in fact it WAS behind him, until now). Furthermore, he has STATED that he is NOT what you say he is. (And he’s not a guy known for not telling it like it is.) His life, though not spotless (especially given all the circumstances), has overwhelmingly been a record of triumphing over difficulties and being good to people. He’s a VERY decent man. (Some may not be aware of this because he’s not apt to toot his own horn.)

      • Carmen

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    • john

      So, you say he has a long history of “getting close” to troubled teens??? Any of these teens accuse PT of inappropriate behavior? Did he really have “direct” contact with any of these kids, other than at an event or in some other public forum. Did he, say, take them back to his home?? Let’s see, do you have any proof of your horrid accusations?? How dare you say things with no proof to back it up…how dare you take a man’s good deeds, and spin them in to something sinister. You are a classic moron!!

  • Perrin

    Whatever you may believe, Iolanthe, the fact is that Pete Townshend has served the “sentence” he was given and thus deserves to have this thing put behind him (in fact it WAS behind him, until now). Furthermore, he has STATED that he is NOT what you say he is. (And he’s not a guy known for not telling it like it is.) His life, though not spotless (especially given all the circumstances), has overwhelmingly been a record of triumphing over difficulties and being good to people. He’s a VERY decent man. (Some may not be aware of this because he’s not apt to toot his own horn.)

  • Keith Moon Jr.

    Bullocks! If he wasn’t convicted there’s no crime committed. This man is one of the most gifted and influential names still alive in rock music… or what’s currently left of it.

  • wentzr

    I say give the man at least the opportunity to use the exposure to convey what his intentions where: to spread awareness. It sounds like Pete had some issues as a child, Banning him from performance (a release) is the worst that could be done.

  • Kentavo

    So Lolanthe, by your logic, Roger Daltrey also fits the pedophile profile because he raises money for the Teenage Cancer Trust? He gets close to teens, by hanging out with them.

  • Reginald

    Good one, Kentavo.

  • heapoffish

    Pete Townshend is being slandered by a man with the initials “E D”? LOL. That’s a riot!

  • malcom x

    Hey Tiger, maybe you should’ve “just” paid to look at kids getting %$#@***, and the NFL would have backed you!!!!!

  • heapoffish

    ps- there is ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE that he looked at any KP. But, hey, WHO? and LOLANTHE probably believe what their Rice Krispies tell them, too…

    Look beyond the surface of what the media wants you to know:

    Operation Ore investigation and police caution

    As part of the Operation Ore investigations, Townshend was cautioned by the police in 2003 after acknowledging a credit card access in 1999 to the Landslide website alleged to advertise child pornography.[26][27][28] He stated in the press and on his website that he had been engaged in research for A Different Bomb (a now-abandoned book based on an anti-child pornography essay published on his website in January 2002) and his autobiography, and as part of a campaign against child pornography.[29] The police searched his house and confiscated 14 computers and other materials, and after a four-month forensic investigation confirmed that they had found no evidence of child abuse images. Consequently, the police offered a caution rather than pressing charges, issuing a statement: “After four months of investigation by officers from Scotland Yard’s child protection group, it was established that Mr Townshend was not in possession of any downloaded child abuse images.” In a statement issued by his solicitor, Townshend said, “I accept that I was wrong to access this site, and that by doing so, I broke the law, and I have accepted the caution that the police have given me.”[30] As a statutory consequence of accepting the caution, Townshend was entered on the Violent and Sex Offender Register for five years.[31][32]

    A later investigator stated that he was “falsely accused”.[33] After obtaining copies of the Landslide hard drives and tracing Townshend’s actions, investigative journalist Duncan Campbell wrote in PC Pro Magazine, “Under pressure of the media filming of the raid, Townshend appears to have confessed to something he didn’t do.” Campbell states that their entire evidence against Townshend was that he accessed a single site among the Landslide offerings which was not connected with child pornography. [34]

    • Nirdesh

      , “…because … so many of us who write … berate oluesrves … yet write anyway, or write in our minds or don’t write at all, like alcoholics who don’t drink but are still alcoholics …” Perfect. I was rarely ever drunk, but quit drinking due to a nightly wine habit in my 40’s that was pickling my brain. This is literally true, but for the sake of medical correctness it is not ‘pickling’ really but anoxia that does the brain in alcohol molecules clump up red blood cells and these wedge in brain capillaries and all the cells on the other side can’t breathe so they die. That’s why I decided it was time to quit the ersatz formaldehyde, 22 years ago. (Really helps you have better mornings too!)Along this same line, even though I gave up trying to get published in 1979, I am still writing like dry language sot, chapters, letters, these blog posts, business reports with humor and sadness, not just information – and especially just writing stories in my head all the time. And they sure seem good sloshing around up there. Just wish I wish I could remember em later.In the ‘70’s I taught “Long Day’s Journey Into Night” and this line has always stayed with me, “Drunken with what? With wine, with poetry, or with virtue, as you will. But be drunken.” Something there is about writing, especially the excitement of that fist draft when it is going well and time has stopped and you are just full of yourself for a change, that it feels like being drunk all right. We know about the endorphin ‘distance runner’s high’ and the ‘high of virtuosity’ too – mine was after winning sprint races at a track meet, especially in front of the hometown crowd.Some what unpoetically, I think the actual thrill we get from reading that last line of a successful story, (“I was not a very good bullfighter anyway.”) or reading one of Marvin’s sound AND sense poems aloud, or even just the goofy, giddy heights of my ‘puppy love crush’, that mortal suffering in the fourth grade over my beautiful Amy Langston, a Miss Langston with bouncing blond curls who wouldn’t give me the time of day – in part probably due to some blemishes all of these highs are easily explainable as disorders of the hypothamlus; that’s the brain gland that produces euphoric neurohormones.But where’s the poetry in that?As I understand ‘addiction’, as in ‘addicted to love’, uppers’, downers’, or ‘virtue’ or poetry’ or fiction writing’ or drink’ it is that continual and obsessive search for a moment of previous euphoria, one that is harder and harder to get with the passing of time, that eventually sinks us all.Anyawy, for the sake of accuracy, the restaurant scene in my Ray Carver piece was actually in Port Angeles, not Townsend, Washington. 25 years is a long time, memories fade or worse, get generalized, that’s for sure. Cheers dc

  • lancet

    Townshend confessed to viewing K.P in order to avoid formal charges. He was placed on the UK’s Sex Offender Registry in 2003. Townshend’s crime involved access not posession. The evidence was held by the F.B.I. in Texas. It still is.

    • john

      and, now he is no longer on that registry.

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