'Vanity Fair' on Tiger Woods: 'A sex addict who could not get enough'

In Vanity Fair‘s February cover story on Tiger Woods, author Buzz Bissinger (Friday Night Lights) refers to Woods as “a sex addict who could not get enough” and cites a 1997 GQ interview with the golfer, who was 21 at the time, as evidence of the real Woods. Bissinger claims that the interview, conducted by writer Charles Pierce, was “largely a series of profane quips by Tiger, such as ‘What I can’t figure out is why so many good-looking women hang around baseball and basketball. Is it because, you know, people always say that, like, black guys have big d—–s?'” Bissinger then says Woods flirted with a few females on the GQ photo shoot set and told a dirty joke: “He rubbed the tips of his shoes together and then asked the women, ‘What’s this?’ They were stumped. ‘It’s a black guy taking off his condom.'”

While Woods attempted to live a largely private life, Bissinger writes that it was inevitable for the golfer’s personal and professional lives to collide. “In the end it was the age-old clash of image versus reality, the compartmentalization of two different lives that inevitably merge at some certain point, whoever you are.”

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  • Inverse137

    I’m not a big fan of Tigger, but seriously???? A 21-year old bragging about sexual conquest? Dude, get a life. Want a real news article? Find me a 21-year old that is NOT obsessed with sex.

    • Jane

      haha–Tigger. Perfect name for a guy who bounces between women!

      • Yup

        “Most athletes” sleep with groupies? You might want to rephrase that.

      • angie


    • DE

      Very good point, but interesting cover. Not that I read Vanity Fair anyway, who actually does?

  • Mercy

    kinda makes you wonder what did elin see in him . . .

    • jack hart

      she saw millions and millions of dollars. smart girl

      • Jen

        That’s really cruel to cast her as a gold digger when she, and her children are the victims of this whole mess. I’m sure that she loved him and that he concealed his flaws well. When he first asked her out, she said no. That should tell you something. If it was all about the money, she would have never refused him in the first place. He persued her, and she fell for his charms. Poor girl.

      • David

        This reply is to Jenna. “Poor girl”. I believe she tried to bash his face in with a golf club. I wonder what the press would be saying if a man tried to do that to a woman?

      • Jen

        David, the police checked over Tiger’s upper body and found no reason to believe that there was any abuse. The window of the car was broken out AFTER he had crashed the car and was unconcious. The only injury he had was a fat lip which is a very common injury in car accidents (impact against the steering wheel). Be careful when throwing stones… no one saw what really happened. I’d be very cautious before calling someone an abuser. Take it from someone who has been abused, that term is not to be taken lightly.If she did hurt him in any way then she is in the wrong. I do not agree with abuse in any situation. However, his injuries were so minimal that it is unlikely that it was caused from a golf club to the face.

      • %

        But then again Jen….”no one saw what really happened ” right????

      • Jen

        Yes, exactly. However, I did not throw out any allegations about Tiger or Elin. I tend to think the best of people until proven otherwise. If you read my previous statements you will see that I did not implicate EITHER of them for anything. And, as I stated before, if she did hurt him in anyway then she is in the wrong. My original statement was merely a remark about calling her a gold digger. It’s unfair to make those assumptions when we have never met these people.

      • Sseddra Liam


      • Alice

        I’m sorry, but even if Elin wasn’t actually “beating” him with the golf club, I think most of America knows she was probably angrily chasing him out of the house with it. As such, his accident happened and the whole world started asking questions. I think Tiger’s actions are stupid (but unfortunately expected out of professional athletes), but the whole situation spiraled out of control because their was clearly a domestic dispute (violent or otherwise). She would have been wise to keep her cool and silently divorce him (if that was what she wanted). This circus act has only impacted his net worth and, by extension, hers and her children’s in the future. People just need to think sometimes and not just react with emotion.

      • V

        So, Jen, why is it perfectly fine for you to be “sure” she really loved him based on the alleged fact that she didn’t go out with him the first time he asked, but its not OK for other people to assume she’s a gold digger? None of us know them, after all. Its called “playing hard to get” and smart women have been doing it since the dawn of time. I’m sorry, but you know WAAAAAAAAAAAY too much about these people for someone who has never and will never see them, much less meet them. Get out of the house every once in a while, will ya?

      • Jen

        V, As I said before in previous posts, I tend to think the best of people until proven otherwise. Why waste your entire life thinking the worst of everyone around you? Obviously, you and I did not come from the same mold. You seem to have a very sad, pathetic life to spend your time bashing people that you have never met online. The bottom line is that regardless of Elin’s purposes Tiger Woods married her. And, now he has to live with the consequences of stepping out on his marriage. For your information I happen to be a sports fan with a brain large enough to digest the information I hear. I have never commented on a site like this before and wanted to defend women in general. Not every woman who marries a rich man is a gold digger, nor is every man an adulterer. This world is filled with good people. I CHOOSE to think the best of everyone.

      • G-Mom

        David, a man can get away with killing his wife and her lover if he catches them in bed together. A physically abused woman who kills her abuser gets sent to prison for the rest of her life. What’s fair about that???

      • wodiw


      • hey jen

        “he persued her and she fell for his charms” — methinks you’re transposing your own situation onto theirs, after all, what the hell do you know about how it happened — maybe she pERSUED him? hey…she’s the Nanny and he’s the Superstar — who stands to benefit the most, do you think, Jen?

      • Quirky

        Actually it was reported very early on that Elin was a long term friend of fellow golfer Jesper Parkinek. He was the one that originally set them up, so if she is a golddigger like some here think, I guess that means Jesper was in on the scam?

        Plus IMO, if you were told (and through the media no less) that your spouse and father/mother of your kids was cheating on you with countless people and you didn’t feel the need to pick up the nearest hard object than you must not have cared much for them or your family in the first place.

    • tino

      For all we know, she thinks that behavior is drop dead sexy, or really funny. But mainly, she probably saw $$.

  • James C L’Angelle

    All the cornball stories are coming back to haunt us for the new year; the tiger thing, the pertycrasher thing, what’s next..

  • justa

    As a man I am astounded that a young, rich, good-looking, athlete would succumb to beautiful women who clamor to sleep with him. I have always wanted to have all of those attributes so that I could show the world how I would resist temptation.

    • Srsly?

      Uhm, most of the women were neither beautiful nor were they clamoring to sleep with him. He paid most of them. They were prostitutes. And he clearly has a sex addiction. You (and quite obviously him) may be insecure and sexually deviant but there’s plenty of self-confident men who find fulfillment in their careers and more importantly families and don’t need to seek out meaningless sex to feel good about themselves.

  • Shalise

    The money

  • SKZ

    Vanity Fair has officially become nothing more than a gossip rag–I was close to writing them off when the they published something that the kid who got Sarah Palin’s daughter pregnant wrote but this takes the cake…very disappointed

    • mishka

      What did you expect, buddy?
      In this era, man is no longer “a WOLF to man”, “man is a W-HOR-E to man”. It’s all about money out there.
      We shall see if Mrs Woods can prove me wrong.

    • duffy

      for me the final straw was the jessica simpson cover, complete with us weekely approved tag line “you call this fat?”

      • Nia

        Costume is super cute and sexy on. The dress is fitted and crltoofabme on. Quality of the material is the usual you’d expect to get from Leg Avenue brand costumes. Overall this is a great buy.

  • threepo

    i think she saw a dumptruck full of money and his potential to make a billion dollars in his life.

  • Capo

    Get a life, I dont who you are Mr Buzz but something tells me you are a very insecure person. Leave Tiger alone. Go get yourself enzyte and Viagra and stop being hateful and jealous

    • Bob Jones

      He may be telling the truth about Tiger, or he may not. He hwoever has actually met the person he is talking about, and therefore has more of an insight into him then you have about Mr. Bissinger. Perhaps you are the one who is insecure.

  • Jake

    She saw a celebrity and a lot of $$$. What else do women honestly see as their eyes gloss over when meeting someone famous vs a normal joe?

    • Jen

      Not all women are that way. It’s sad to see someone put us all in the same category like that. I choose to marry for love, when I could have EASILY married for money.You forget that Elin came from money… it doesn’t have the same signifigance then. I just hope that she can find some peace after all of this.

      • thin

        Comes from money = marrying money. It makes the spouse’s income more important, not less.

      • Sara

        She didn’t come from as much money as Tiger has. Do you honestly think that money didn’t cross her mind when she decided to marry Tiger and when she signed that incremental marriage contract so that she would get millions of dollars for doing nothing but be his wife? I sure that she knew of his infidelities but turned a blind eye to it. Any woman who marries a man with that kind of celebrity status knows that he’s probably going to cheat. Now that she’s been embarrassed she can ask for more money and a divorce. You can’t ignore the money or the celebrity. Money and celebrity makes a man looks a whole lot better and seem a lot more interesting. Let’s be real, money doesn’t keep a person warm or a roof over their head… money does.

      • rhode

        I’m sure she didn’t know about any infidelity at first. Cheaters hide that very well. They even get their friends and familiy to convince the wife that she’s a nutcase, even though she can FEEL something’s wrong.

        That’s why she wanted the phone that night. She finally had her suspitions PROVED! He had called and texted other women he had slept with! No wonder she grabbed a club, she was temperarely insane with heartache!!!
        “Let’s be real, money doesn’t keep a person warm or a roof over their head… money does.”—Did you mean “love” the first time? Or do you just think of money?

      • to Jen

        oh brother – “she came from money”…DUHHHH…NOT THE KIND OF TIGER MONEY we’re talking about here, HONEY. Gawd, you’re pathetically ignorant and naive. Oh, yeah, and when did you get an offer to marry a star/athlete? Donald Trump maybe? A saudi prince?

      • Jen

        Actually, I was a cheerleader in college and the guy I was referring to plays football in the NFL now. I never said that she came from as much money as Tiger Wood’s, merely that she wasn’t some poor girl pulled out of the slums by a rich man desperate for a payday.

      • jason

        who’s the lucky guy? Plaxico Burress? The Fridge? Vick? The Freak?

      • liame

        Suuuuuurrrrrre Jen, sure.

    • Weezie

      In response to Jake,it isn’t men’s EYES that respond differently to famous women vs a Plain Jane…I’m sure a woman of any age with lots of money would make you consider pimpin yourself out. Am I right, Ladies?

  • Stephanie Manero

    I don’t care what his reasoning was for saying what he said at the GQ shoot year ago. He looks sexy in that Vanity Fair pic today and hmmmmm, I’d like a sample of what keeps him going.

    • RealityChick

      Maybe you can have sex with him when he gets out of sex rehab…

    • @Stephanie Manero


  • BigBalls

    I wonder if Tiger had any time to practice golf with all the donkeys he had to do on a regular basis?

    • Chappel

      I do wonder why, as rich and famous as he is, he wasn’t having affairs with better looking women.

      • goodie

        I don’t think he could see their faces from that angle…Which makes me curious, when is the first man going to come forward and claim an affair with Tiger? His people must have paid them off big.

      • oukpedjo

        a woman is a woman,they are all the same but with a different legs,if tiger realy love his wife than he should stop playing golf and take good care of his family or travel with her to any competition, if not,what happen in 2009 would……………

  • Candice

    So a 21 year old making sex jokes is out of the ordinary?! What happened to investigative journalism?!

  • Paul E

    c’mon, he’s 21, single, on top of his game and he is making a few jokes about sex. I hope Elin and Tiger can work this out and they can put this nightmare behind them.
    If he is serious though abought being true in his marriage he will cancel the annullment if they work it out.

  • Michael

    Have you ever met a sex addict who could get enough?

  • Hector

    If I had all that cash, I would be up in some A$$ as well. Except, I doubt I would have got married. Listen if you are joe blow off the street you would not get all that attention. It had nothing to do with big d##?s but with all the money that comes with it. Thats my opinion on it. Tiger messed up when he got married and try to portray a perfect family life. This was a big shock to many people, and hopefully he can recover from this cause he is human. However he must decide what life he really wants to live. A family life or the life of a playboy now that it looks like he is headed for divorce.

    • JayNYC

      Tiger wouldn’t have “all that cash”, courtesy of the endorsements, if he lived the life of a womanizer. He had to (pretend to) settle down by getting married and having kids.

      • Dean Keaton

        Ridiculous comment. What about George Clooney and Derek Jeter? I would consider them equals in terms of celebrities, and they make plenty of “cash” from endorsements. And they are gigantic womanizers.

      • Sara

        They don’t have the endorsements or cash that Tiger has. Tiger’s image (and sport) is a lot more profitable as a marketing tool.

      • Jen

        Golf as a whole is not more profitable than baseball. I think the point here is that those two men chose not to get married. They live the life that they want and they are not accountable to anyone else. Nor, do they try to portray themselves as something other than what they truly are. If Tiger wanted that lifestyle then he should have done the same.

    • Mora

      N – I am a regular reedar & use your blog as a guide on what to read next…thing is i am always waaaaay too far behind what you’ve read to add anything in a timely manner.BUT today i have something tinely – I am a tiger! This year, i am in my fourth tiger cycle.And i’m still reading. Have to admit to being on a big Michener phase at the moment though. Love his epics about places i’ve never been to. Saying that, I’m just about to embark on a Uris epic instead…Happy New Year you & H & your cat-tigers! See you in Europe?

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