Food Network, HGTV pulled from Cablevision

While Fox continues to air on Time Warner Cable as contract negotiations between them extended past a New Years Eve deadline, another cable TV contract dispute between Scripps Networks and northeast cable company Cablevision has led to quite a different result. As of midnight on Dec. 31, Scripps’ channels Food Network and HGTV have been pulled from about 3 million Cablevision homes in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

“We are sorry that Scripps’ current financial difficulties are making it impossible for them to continue our relationship on terms that are reasonable for Cablevision and our customers,” says a Cablevision statement. “We wish Scripps well and have no expectation of carrying their programming again, given the dramatic changes in their approach to working with distributors to reach television viewers.”

Scripps has countered by employing Food Network and HGTV stars including Guy Fieri (Guy’s Big Bite) and Vern Yip (Deserving Design, HGTV Design Star) to call on Cablevision subscribers to lobby the company for the return of their programming. “Our valuable networks simply are not being compensated like top ten networks by Cablevision,” says a Scripps statement. “The distribution rates Cablevision pays for Food and HGTV are among the lowest in the industry.”

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  • lee Iehle

    I will cancel Cablevision if this continues. I pay $228 per month for this programming. Mess with it and I go to Verizon.

    • NY

      Didn’t know Cablevision was that expensive. When I was with Comcast I paid half of that for phone, net, and all the channels + HD/DVR.

      If you can look into Verizon or the dish. Both are way less expensive.

      • Amy

        $228 is crazy! Must have all the premium movie channels. I have Starz & Encore, IO digital cable w/dvr, and I pay $131 for cable, internet and phone.

    • Hannah

      Cancel Cablevision. I used to have it, and then I got DirceTV. That was pretty good, but then I got Verizon, and I must say, it is the best! It is not overpriced, and I canceled my DVR, which also lowered my bill by a lot. I now rely on their AMAZING on-demand service.

  • lee Iehle

    Oh, sorry I forgot to add that for 228 per month I don’t care about the business details.

  • Otis

    Require cable co’s provide a la carte selection at no more than X% above cost and then let the subscribers decide who survives.

    • Laura

      YES! I live in Canada, and I’m paying a ridiculous amount for my TV services and compared to what I know is availible in the US it is truly apalling. I only need to get 20-25 channels, and none of them are what I am forced to buy with my “premium” package.

      • Elle

        As a fellow Canadian, I agree 100% with you – it’s ridiculous the limited selection that forces our hand. At least in America you guys can cancel your TV provider and still have options to switch to – it’s pretty slim pickings up in the North where Rogers and Bell hold the monopoly.

      • PaulC

        As a fellow Canadian, let me say that I have at least three choices for my television provider. Could be more, but I can think of at least three. the only place a monopoly exists, at least in larger centers, is in the past. Even in my tiny rural hometown there is a choice of two. That’s not a monopoly.

    • Hannah

      I wish cable companies would let you choose what channels you want on an a la carte basis. I hate paying for a whole slew of channels I never watch.
      They should have different tiers of pricing. Basic networks should be a baseline (ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox). The second tier could be channels like TBS, MTV, VH1, TNT, USA, A&E, AMC, Bravo, etc. and your cable news channels. Next up would be History, Discovery, TLC, Food, HGTV, and so on. Then you could have your sports channels, and finally premium movie channels would be at the top. Each year (or month, whatever), just check off what channels you want, and pay for only those channels. The market (viewers) decides who lives and who dies, and people can have 30 or so channels they actually watch and not have to mess with the 200 or so that they don’t. It’d be so much easier.

      • Brittney

        i totally agree… I notice we are getting more and more and more Spanish channels lately… like I’m not of spanish decent. So why the hell should i have to have 10 spanish channels? if cablevision cant affort to pay the food network, they should cancell the 10 spanish channels and keep the food network. and also I HATE how cablevision DOEs not hAVE LMN LIFE TIME MOVIE NETWORK!!!

      • AcaseofGeo

        Hannah I don’t think your plan goes far enough. I like your idea but your plan bunches together “like” channels, but just because I watch History & Discovery does NOT mean I want to see FOOD or HGTV. Also, I only need 2 sports channels. I want a package that I pay for only the singular channels a la carte.

  • SG

    FURIOUS about this. Cablevision has never shown much care for it’s customer and this may be the last straw for many.

  • nj

    all of you blaming Cablevision are morons. Scripps is the one demanding a significant increase in subscriber fees. Scripps is the one that pulled the programming. The blame isn’t with Cablevision. Educate yourself before you mouth off.

    • Richard

      so how long have you been working for cablevision?

      • nj

        18 years

      • d the e

        You might want to start looking for another job.

      • Cablevision is not my friend

        nice catch Richard

    • tygor1

      That may be the case, however, subscribers are the PRIMARY customer for Cablevision, and as such, should not be affected by their internal squabble. Cablevision is getting compensated by the subscribers , and should not have to penalize the people that ultimately are paying for them to provide the service. This action (or inaction) by CV will affect them on some level, and shouldn’t be surprised by the fallout from this move.

    • theduck

      Both companies are at fault. IF Scripps is to be believed, it’s entirely possible that they were being underpaid for Food Network and HGTV, but are probably asking for more than is reasonable. However, it’s also virtually certain that Cablevision is looking to radically underpay for both channels. Let’s put the blame where it belongs – on those who won’t allow cable companies to offer channels on an ala carte basis so that each of us can choose which channels we want (like most posters here, I get a lot of channels I never watch for my cable fee). I’d rather pay a fair price for those channels I want than have to scroll through, for example, a dozen sports channels I have no interest in.

      • amj


    • kd

      I want Food Tv Network and HGTV back. I will leave Cablevision in a heartbeat.

    • _Melissa_

      Cablevision also just increased the cost of cable so they should have more money to negotiate with Scripps and keep the customers happy.

    • S

      No we are not morons NJ. I read Cablevision’s sad side of the story. While I agree there are two sides, Cablevision is the cable provider and they are continually taking away programming, not decreasing prices certainly, and not adding any new programming. For once, Cablevision should take the hit, not the consumer. And I used to work for them too, I fully understand how they do their business.

    • MK

      Scripps deserves to be compensated just like all the other networks. Alot of people love the Food Network Channel and I will drop Cablevision and hook up with verizon.

    • Mike

      Hey “moron” guess you missed the part where Cablevision is undercutting the scripps channels?? By the way good show on the “moron” insukt shows how dumb you really are…

      • nj

        oh yeah? well i had sex with your wife!

    • dana

      Cablevision isn’t giving me back the 0.25$ per month I’ven been paying for Food Network – they are the one bilking their customers.

    • jake32

      The fact is, cablevision doesnt want to pay for content at all, see NFL network etc. Scripps got the same increases from every other carrier with out any drama at all. Educate yourself.

  • Lauren

    These are two of my favorite channels and if Cablevision does not bring them back in a timely manner, I will be switching to Verizon, etc. My bill has gone up for Cablevision, but the customer care has decreased dramatically.

  • Ben

    It is BS like that that makes me glad I switched to satellite tv.

    • BOOTS

      AND HOW!!

    • mick

      Me too. I pay a fraction of that for Dish Satelite and love it.

  • Blue in Texas

    All of this is why the Comcast purchase of NBCU is a bad idea.

  • Andy H

    This is my last straw. I’ve been emailing Cablevision for months to add BBC America to it’s lineup for months- but now in the ninth hour to pull this crap and take away my two favorite channels- I’m done! Hello FIOS!

    • RyRyNYC

      I hear ya… unfortunately my family (four members) work for Cablevision and I’ve been begging for two years to get BBC America on Cablevision. Thank god BBC1 is easily torrented… speaking of which… time to get the new DR WHO…

    • Sara

      Same here, except FIOs isn’t available in my town because I live in Brookhaven where the owners of Cablevision are monopolizing our ability to choose our own cable providers

      • tygor1

        I used to live in an area with ComCast, and I WISH they would come to the Freehold, NJ area because I miss them!

      • jackie7

        same for me! i cant get FIOS because my area doesnt have it yet… they r lucky they have spongebob still

  • Karen

    Any chance Cablevision is going to lower our monthly bill by the few cents they were paying for these channels? why should we keep paying if we are not getting those channels?? All I can say is FIOs here I come!!!

  • tygor1

    Isn’t it also convinient that there’s no way to get in touch with them, other than trying to customer service, just to only hear “we can’t help you” with this matter? If not them, then who? I hope that for everyday we don’t get those channels, the customers get a lower bill!!!

  • Frank

    Perhaps Cablevision will reconsider when loyal Food TV viewers cancel and go to ATT. Cablevision, ya better listen to your customers!

    • webmistress27

      I totally agree

  • nj-inter

    I give Cablevision 5 business days,than I’ll get FIOS

  • Abberz

    I am furious!!! i love the food network and i can’t believe Cablevision is doing this!!! I think i give cablevision 3 Business days and then i swich to FIOS

  • Katie

    Stupid IO digital cable, gets a lot of channels whenever you’re able..MY ASS!

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