Charlie Sheen out of jail after posting bond

Charlie Sheen has now been released from Pitkin County Jail, according to Aspen Police. He posted an $8,500 bond (with standard domestic violence bond conditions) and was released Friday night at about 7 p.m. Earlier Friday evening, he had been advised by 9th Judicial District Court Judge James Boyd.

Sheen is now scheduled to appear in court, at the Pitkin County Courthouse, on Feb. 8.

The 44-year-old star of Two and a Half Men spent most of Friday in jail after being arrested on domestic violence charges following a 911 call at 8:34 a.m. Friday. The victim’s name still has not been released.


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  • jack nibble

    what a piece of dog squeeze – some people are just plan evil

    • MG

      Its not always the mans fault

      • NS

        excuse me?
        when a man assaults his spouse, how is it not his fault? are you blaming the victim?

      • thomas

        NS, why do you assume that he did? She has already admitted to the cops that she lied, he didn’t actually assault her? Why are YOU blaming the victim???

      • cindy

        its not the mans fault?ur an idiot..i suppose it wasnt the mans fault when i layed there with 8 broken ribs and arm and jaw and missing a finger..grow upppp

      • cindy

        if the victim lied then jail her butt,that makes it bad for the true oneeee has the right to put there hands on 1 another..thats real good for the kids to see.and is everyone forgetting his ex wife denise richards charged him 4 times

    • We Love Charlie Brown

      We love our Super Hero. He has worked hard and has completed 7 seasons of a “Hit Comedy Show” lets show Charlie respect and concentrate on world peace. The real news is people need jobs…

    • Let Move On, and forgive and forget, its the Holidays..

      be nice, people need their privacy..there are two sides of every story, and he could be innocent…

    • We Love Charlie Sheen

      Jack, your comment should not be the first one, you have no taste


    these people are suposed to be an example of good behavior regarding their job.HOLLYWOOD should adopt an ethical chartter for those actors to enter the world of fame

    • zomalaja

      Those people are not supposed to be anything other than entertainers. Mr. Sheen should be treated no differently than anyone else. Don’t watch his movies if you object to him personally.

      • Caitlin

        I agree. I can’t stand Charlie Sheen, but it’s not his job to be a role model. He’s an actor. That’s the only thing people should expect from him. And really? Why is anyone surprised by this? It’s Charlie Sheen…

    • idgie

      What makes you believe that actors should actors be role models? They want to act, not be Gandhi. If you need role models, look toward the reseachers that look for cures for cancer and other diseases for little money and no recognition. For god’s sake they are just human beings, they did not sign up to be role models. You made them that!

      • patrick

        Researches who torture innocent and helpless animals when non-animal models are available for experiments should be our role models????????

    • laurie

      Who says these people are supposed to be examples, they are people just like you and me, they all make mistakes.

    • Valsadie

      I know what you mean, but I doubt anyone’s looking to Charlie Sheen for cues on behavior — he’s in better shape now than he was in the 1990s but back then it was a question if he’d even make it to the 2000s, much less anything else!

    • DN

      That same principle could be applied to the rest of the world. Do you really think Sheen is the only person to be charged with domestic violence? I’m not defending him at all, but the only difference between him and the people who’ve been charged that live in your neighborhood, is Sheen is a celebrity.

  • Anonymous Coward

    If Judge Boyd hears Sheen’s case in February, Charlie’s going to jail, guaranteed. Boyd is a hanging judge.

    • Old Mo

      Money is all it takes. More money, less hanging.

    • junky

      Boyd is a district judge, he can set bond and hold a case for court. He does not sentence on misdemeanors.

  • Chappel

    Another sad part of the story is that the ratings for his show will probably go up because of this incident. I will refrain from making any further comments about Sheen until more facts about the case are made public.

  • ash

    This guy never changes, does he? It’s too bad, with all that’s he’s been given in life.

    • El Coyote

      Yeah, kind of reminds me of Tiger Woods. Isn’t this the guy that does nothing but bitch about everything ? Money will always set you free.

  • stevejp

    I hope Charlie enjoys his time in jail. He is one of the “stars” who run around trying to teach the rest of us about politics. He prepared a video about how GWBush caused 9/11. Enjoy the little cage Charlie, hope you find a nice “friend” there who treats you as well as you must have treated some woman.

    • Anna

      I thought that was his father, Martin Sheen, who was agitating about 9/11 conspiracy theories. Charlie never struck me as one to engage in intelligent political discourse. And no, I’m not defending the conspiracy theories as intelligent – I’m just saying I never thought Charlie’s interests lay in intelligent subject discussion. I could be wrong about the whole Charlie/Martin thing, if anyone out there knows for sure, please post it.

  • Noel

    he just pushed her what the hell….Americans are nazis, you arrest people for nothing. Idiots

    • Mug

      Noel, shovel it up your a**!

      • bvi2002

        Mug, you are a moronic example of the crud that is being pushed through our educational system and plop out with a diploma.

    • cindy

      noel get ur facts stright..ur the was more then a shove and if u donttttt like us americans get the hell out or shut up

    • Anna

      If it’s a state with zero tolerance the police have no choice but to make an arrest. Then it’s up to the courts to decide whether or not the behavior was “nothing”.

    • coffeebeanbebe

      Noel lets see if you like some one almost 100lbs bigger than you push you. There is no excuse to put your hands on a woman no matter who starts the fight. Now he gets arrested for a DUI he obvisously has no morals, or respect for life he could have killed someone. I really used to like Charlie Sheen. His show is just like him, a womanizing drunk which to me is not funny

      • Muffy

        so, it’s okay for women to beat up men, and their children?

        Ignore all the fools who try pass every woman off as non violent. Go on Youtube, read the freakin’ paper, watch the news, stop talking out of your behind. Better yet, stop posting stuff you don’t even believe in. I know you’re laughing with you type that one-sided crap!

  • Rosella

    I was very shocked to hear about the arrest of Charlie. I would hate for him to go to jail.

  • Cayla

    My brother-in-law was arrested after my sister hit him a few times and he pushed her down. Most would say she deserved it but when she told the police that he shoved her and she fell, they asked him if were true and he said yes. That was all it took.

  • RetiredandBored

    Putting your hands on someone else is assault and battery unless you are acting in self defense. In that case, you are only allowed to use enough force necessary to stop any attack on your person. Otherwise, you get arrested as you should.

  • film

    Let’s not judge upfront couse none of us knows what happen but honestly I think that he got in jail just 4 the phonecall couse that’s how it works in this country. I feel sorry he ended up with that kind of chick. I support Charlie and he’s the type of guy we all should admire.

    • Pluto

      I bet all his supporters can’t spell either. What does “couse” mean ?

      • film

        Dude I’m on my android…and I’m trying to type well but let’s not talk about my spelling instead…

    • CoopDog

      COUSE??? Learn to spell!
      the word is Because, so the illiterate abbreviation would be “cause”. When you become a pillar of the community and a “saint”, then, and only then, should you judge another human being. BUT first, learn to spell. ‘CAUSE until you do, you are just another illiterate person with an opinion that nobody will take seriously.

      • film

        I fix It dude, Because…the way it should be. But ur not mad at me about the spelling of the word “Because” ur mad because I support Charlie. I appologize about the spelling but that come up from my phone auto spell. And about u calling me illiterate I think u r the one. I speak English, Bulgarian, serbian, Macedonian and Greek….fluently….who is illiterate more…me or you… next time don’t judge people on spelling but on the matter on the article itself…cheers

      • cindy

        why are we talking about someones spelling?we were talking about domestic violance.

    • NS

      yeah, the type of guy who treats women like s**** – it’s call misogyny. Look it up.
      He’s a vile and disgusting person, and I hope he gets fired from his show and never get another job. And I second the poster above: when his sorry a$$ is finally behind bars, I hope the other prisoners treat him the way he has treated women all his life.

  • suzy

    With the new Domestic laws, all you have to do is get in a verbal argument and if a neighbor calls the cops one of you is going to jail, it’s called verbal abuse and yes you can get arrested for it so don’t judge him just yet. Plus Obama don’t like him because he had the nerve to ask questions that weren’t politically correct. How dare he! Now he will pay? OH ya, cops sometimes lie too. Check your local laws and watch your judgmental buts, you could find yourself in jail for yelling at someone in your house. Welcome to the new Amerika, how do you like it?

    • junky

      you’re silly, cite me a law that says it’s illegal to yell at someone. Repeating obsenities in public, maybe, but not just yelling or having an argument.

      • film

        Junkie I’ll tell u what 2 do. If u live in apartment start yelling at your gf and tell ur naighbours 2 call police and u will c what will happen… cheers

      • junky

        film, that’s being disorderly, causing a nuisance for the neighbors and a different issue. It’s not against the law to have an argument. It’s not against the law to yell at someone. Yelling and disturbing your neighbors…yeah the police may be called and you would be told to be quite. If you don’t, yeah you would go to jail.

    • cindy

      suzy ur facts arent stright..close but no cigar

  • scoot395

    Noel, if you are from another country, then you need to keep you comments about America to yourself. If you’re not here, then all you know about us is what you hear on television, and we all know how biased that is… If we are a bunch of nazis, and arrest people for nothing, then why is it the body of an 11 year old girl has just been found… an 11 year old girl who was abducted by a known sex offender who was NOT in jail. The problem is, we do not arrest enough people and keep them in jail where they belong.

    • scoot396

      That’s because we’re too busy arresting people for small drug violations. The jails are overcrowded, so serious offenders are let out early.

  • darkless

    scoot, america has more people in jail per capita than any country in the world. scoot, i think you are the problem with america, not charlie sheen and his personal life. to save america, we need to abduct you.

    • stevejp

      Send him to AZ, Sheriff Joe says Tent City is always open. No worries about “per capita” or other such non sense

  • CSheen

    I think I am a dumbass I should have punched her and took her down. She is a horrible person and my vagina is now sore. Thanks

    • CoopDog

      it was probably just a Donkey Punch she took the wrong way. You should have just stuck with the Dirty Sanchez, the Cleaveland Steamer, the Chili Dog, and the Hot Carl!

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