Charlie Sheen arrested in alleged domestic violence case

Actor Charlie Sheen has been arrested in Aspen, Colorado, on charges related to an alleged case of domestic violence. Aspen Police confirmed that Sheen was arrested on Friday for charges of second-degree assault and menacing (both felonies) as well as criminal mischief (a misdemeanor). All the charges are coupled with a domestic violence component.

Police said they received a 911 call at 8:34 a.m. Christmas morning, regarding a domestic violence situation at 320 West Hallam St. in Aspen, and officers responded immediately on the scene, where they arrested Sheen.

Aspen Ambulance also responded to the scene, but the alleged victim — who was not named — did not need to go to the hospital.

The 44-year-old actor will be held without bond in the Pitkin County Jail until his appearance in court. That court date has not yet been set, as the Court was closed Friday for Christmas — Aspen Police told EW that there is not a planned open court session until Monday, but that bond — if set — can be paid over the weekend.

Also, Colorado state law dictates that a protection order would have to be issued between anyone arrested for domestic violence and their victim.

When asked for a statement, Sheen’s rep Stan Rosenfield emailed the following to EW: “Do not be misled by appearance. Appearance and reality can be as different as night and day. It would benefit everyone not to jump to any conclusion.”

SATURDAY UPDATE: Charlie Sheen posts bond, out of jail


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  • Urvy

    When will he learn?

    • tsk tsk

      Now let’s see if all of America villifies Charlie Sheen the same way Chris Brown has been villified. (And before you all get your knickers in a bunch, I belive they BOTH should be treated the same way, like LOSERS who like to beat up on women!)

      • We Love Charlie Brown

        Charlie is our Super Hero every night. He is a hard working professional. He has 7 years of consistently creating a “hit tv comedy” that is hard to do. Let’s not underestimate a real genius. Two sides to every story. Let’s give our best to heal ourselves and our planet. Lets prey..

  • chris

    I hope this means people will stop watching Two and a Half Men and it will be canceled. I hate that show.

    • Skip182

      touche salesman.

    • Nick Weber

      That is the funniest show how could you hate it

      • whatevs

        You’re right. The funniest shows are the ones with lazy jokes I can see coming from a mile away; particularly when they aren’t even funny the first time, yet continue to be told every 5 seconds.


      If he is guilty, I hope he is treated like any domestic violence criminal. He should not be paid almost one million dollars per episode for that UNfunny show. (Compare it to the “gem” like “Modern Family”, with subtle and brilliant writing and acting) He has repeatedly broken the law with prostitutes, drugs and violence. These women keep marrying him and have his children,for his money, but he will never change. These celebrities should not get away with these crimes, and then get paid tons of money for mediocre talent. (he was good in the movie “Platoon” but that was many years ago). Shame on CBS for rewarding him, and shame on the people watch that silly show!! Stop supporting these “thug” celebrities!!

    • Don

      Unfortunately the show is actually quite entertaining. He must be a troubled soul to have so much and not be grateful.

  • Chappel

    His lawyer makes it sound like he was arrested for jaywalking.

  • Bee_Joyous

    Domestic violence IS a very serious crime and so is an allegation. We really shouldn’t say ugly things about a problematic persona until further information is given. Come on folks, it is Christmas!

    • chris

      This will make Tiger Woods happy. Anything to turn the attention away from him.

  • GeeMoney

    I think that the real question is…. when are women going to wake up and stop marrying Charlie Sheen?!?!? Drugs, alcohol, prostitution, now domestic violence? Come on!

    • whatevs

      And stop having his children for that matter. Ugh.

    • shep

      seems like it would take an awfully unstable woman to marry a man like that.. wouldnt you think, or maybe she thought she could “change” him and just finally realized her own disappointment and failure

      • tiebaojin

        Money! Women will keep marrying this dirtbag for his money. And the “notoriety” that come with being Charlie Sheen’s wife.

  • Silent Rage

    I got a bad feeling this isn’t gonna help get rid of that horrible show he’s on. Loss in viewership will mainly be females and unfortunately 2 and a half men is enjoyed by mostly dum dum dudes

    • r

      The people who write for entertainment weekly?

    • anna

      I’m a liberated woman and I think Two and Half Men is a totally funny show. Charlie Sheen is an alcoholic. No he shouldn’t hit people, but he has problems that are not always easy to control. He’s not the only highly paid actor with such issues. How about Mel Gibson?

    • anna

      My husband and I are not dum dum dudes- both have advanced college degrees. It takes some sophistication to see the humor. Where do you categorize yourself, Silent Rage? Jon Cryer, who plays Alan, got an Emmy this year.

  • lindsey

    wow. charlie sheen sure does seem to hate women.

  • Jean Genie

    Good grief – what is it with him & women? What would his daddy do?

  • June

    It was a domestic violence case. What “conclusions” are we supposed to jump to? That his hand “slipped” or something?

    • Jany

      June, believe it or not, the “my hand slipped” defense actually does work sometimes. Recently, a New York State legislator was charged with smashing a glass into his girlfriend’s face, causing cuts that required a visit to the emergency room. He claimed he was getting her water and his hand slipped and caused the glass to smash into her face. He then dragged her out of their apartment, which was caught on a CCTV camera. He was found guilty of a misdemeanor for dragging her out of the apartment. But they believed his story of his hand slipping causing the glass to smash into her face, and found him not guilty of the felony. The legislator and his girlfriend are now engaged.

      • yambo

        A democrat, too.

  • 4rocket

    I wonder if the fallout that came from the Chris Brown/Rihanna incident will cause people to not be so forgiving of Charlie this time… especially this isn’t the first time for him.

  • shep

    not condoning domestic violence, also not condoning “guilty til proven innocent”

  • Vicky B

    Here we go again… Mr. Sheen. When you are going to knock this stuff off? You are getting too old for this tough guy image of domestic violence. Please get help to rectify your on-going problem with anger. Really… it is getting old and victims continue to suffer.

  • Brad

    you people are absolute morons to jump to conclusions. Have you read all the reports? I didn’t think so….go read the report of who was drunker, then get back to me…it’s always the man’s fault is it?….people, give your heads a shake..Bee joyus said it best!

    • yambo

      I like your defense of wife beating. Very classy.

      • S

        Actually, the article doesn’t say that he hit his wife(or that he hit any woman).

    • Carol

      If this was the first time I would give him the benefit of the doubt. But when the man ends up beating up on every woman he is with, that should tell you something!

  • w

    His poor children…Christmas morning…..

  • yambo

    He should totally hook up with Rihanna. They’d make a cute couple.

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