Brittany Murphy 'Saturday Night Live' impersonation clip pulled from Hulu

A clip of SNL cast member Abby Elliott impersonating recently deceased actress Brittany Murphy from a segment during the show’s Weekend Update on Dec. 5 has been pulled from Hulu. According to the Huffington Post, the clip was taken down at 9 p.m. last night. Murphy, 32, died yesterday of cardiac arrest.

Representatives from both NBC’s Saturday Night Live and declined to comment on the video’s removal.

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  • Cliff

    One of my first (admittedly morbid) thoughts when I read of Murphy’s death was if the SNL send-up would be edited out of future broadcasts. I think Hulu’s provided my answer. For the moment, I agree…the piece wasn’t that funny to begin with, and it seems distasteful to have it up right now.

    • PHD

      I did too, a little ironic since at the time I thought it came a little out of left field…


    • zzzzzz

      Zzzzzzzzzzz……..and now comes the idolizing of another drug addled, troubled hollywood starlet. Borrrrrrring!!

    • Stephanie Tanner

      When is Abby Elliot ever funny, honesly she has no business being there. Why they got rid of Michaela Watkins and kept Elliot is beyond me.

  • darclyte

    I don’t see it as censorship. I see it as having class. It wasn’t especially funny, and kinda seemed to come out of the blue, so with her tragic death (anyone dying at 32 is tragic) the respectful thing to do would be to remove it. At least for now. They can always put it back into the archives later, but I’m glad they did this out of respect to her loved ones.

    • amj

      I agree, it is important to be repectful and show humanity. I applaud SNL for the class.

  • TVWatcher

    Tragic story.

    Ironic that EW commented that the impersonation seemed to come out of nowhere since Brittany hasn’t been in a hit movie in a long time.

    • Barney

      How is that ironic?

    • maggie

      TVWatcher, it really wasn’t out of the blue. She had been in the news that week for being fired from a movie. The director made a public statement saying she was disruptive to the cast and crew, and too difficult to work with.

      I am glad that they removed it from Hulu out of respect for Brittany.

  • rebecca

    that is good! i didn’t even think that part of weekend update was that funny. her impersonation was not very good!

    • oliver c.

      i don’t see why everyone is saying the skit isn’t funny now: when it came out a few weeks ago, it was one of the funniest moments of the night. It is horrible what happened to brittany, and SNL did the right thing pulling it–but Abby Elliot was very funny. It was just really bad timing

      • kylito

        I agree ! That impersonation was fantastic, and I did not find it mean to B. Murphy, as it was more an impersonation in the characters she has portrayed. But I am glad they took it down.

  • GoMe!

    Ironic considering that when Michael Jackson died, Hulu put an SNL parody of Michael up.

    And I thought Abby Elliot’s impression was spot on!

    • laferr

      Yes, but that was *Michael*. How could any self-respecting comic NOT make fun of an idiot like Whacko?

      • fancypants

        you’re an idiot. Michael Jackson is an icon.

      • Lizzie

        Yeah, he developed into his own punchline sadly. I don’t really see why they would pull down the Brittney one though. At the rate 2009 is going, there aren’t going to be any celebrity’s left to make fun of….

  • weirdgasm

    Them removing the video is kinda strange in my book. They moved their distasteful MJ clip to the front page for three whole months after he died. The Brittany Murphy clip didn’t do anything to destroy her character and seemed flat out random, but the MJ clip was from during the 2005 trial.

    • KEVIN

      the impersonation was spawned b/c it was reported, or speculated, she was fired from a movie due to “difficult” behavior from her and her husband. This was denied by her reps.

    • me

      I agree with you. I didn’t even know about the MJ impersonation clip, but it makes me mad.

  • cmc

    you know what…they should have kept it up….people read into things way too much.

  • Jon

    “Representatives from both NBC’s Saturday Night Live and have yet to return emails seeking comment on the video’s removal.” Uhh, yeah, what do you expect that comment to be? “Due to the fact that Mrs. Murphy JUST SUFFERED A TRAGIC AND UNTIMELY DEATH (!!) we felt it was appropriate to take down a skit mocking her.” Pretty easy to figure that one out.

  • Preston

    That’s out of respect for her family. Don’t show something too excessive or offending.

  • NO to Chris Sligh

    I was thinking about the impression as well. That was the Blake Lively ep, right? I wonder if they’ll edit it out of rerun.

  • JD

    Not surprised that they pulled the clip, and will likely not show up in the rerun. When I saw that episode,
    I thought “does Brittany Murphy talk like that really?” Abby is good, but that wasn’t really a good impression.

    • Katy

      I think she was going for the new york type accent that Murphy had in Clueless. I don’t know if she talked like that in real life.

  • Leslie

    I agree, the first thing I thought about when I read the tweet about Brittany was the fact that TMZ and SNL were making fun of her a couple of weeks ago. It WAS out of the blue, and now its werid that she’s gone.. and Perez Hilton predicted it? Sad…

    • SpunkyVegas

      Did Perez really predict it?

  • Rodney

    Eh, Whatever. I thought the impersonation was hilarious. It wasn’t a serious one. I never understand why people feel that a impersonation has to be dead on or it’s not funny. I like it when people put a little spin on the impersonation to give it more human. That is what Abbey did. I still laugh when I think about Abbey’s drawn out YEEEAAAHHH during that bit. Cracked me up. I understand why it was taken down. She just passed away. No need to have anything up making fun of her fo her families sake.

    • whatevs

      How is it an impersonation if it doesn’t emulate the original person? Then you’re just acting like a weirdo.

      • John Baker

        Well, Chevy Chase never sounded, looked or really acted like Gerald Ford on SNL — but it was still an impersonation (or, rather, an impression).

  • Stephanie T.

    1. Abby Elliot is a bit talented but I have to admit that when I first saw that sketch, I was not laughing. Her impersonation was pretty bad.

    2. Out of respect for her husband Simon and her family, I totally understand why Hulu did what the did. If I ran that website I would have done the same exact thing.

  • Nate

    For some reason, it was one of the first things I thought of also, what a strange coincidence that was.

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