Brittany Murphy, 32, dies of cardiac arrest

Brittany Murphy, the star of such films as Clueless and 8 Mile, has died, her publicist and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center have confirmed. The cause of death, reportedly, was cardiac arrest. Murphy was 32. “The sudden loss of our beloved Brittany is a terrible tragedy,” Murphy’s family said in a statement through the actress’ publicist, Nicole Perna. “She was our daughter, our wife, our love and a shining star.  We ask you to respect our privacy at this time.”  A hospital spokeswoman said Murphy was pronounced dead at 10:04 a.m.  TMZ says a 911 call was made the morning of Dec. 20 from a home in Los Angeles that is listed as belonging to her husband, Simon Monjack. TMZ later reported that Murphy’s mother found the actress unconscious in the shower. A spokesman for the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office said an autopsy may be performed as early as today.

Born in Atlanta, Ga. and raised by her divorced mother, Sharon, in New Jersey, Murphy began her performing career early. She nabbed a singing role at age 9 in Les Miserables and had a manager by age 13. She moved to Hollywood and began racking up appearances in such TV series as Parker Lewis Can’t Lose, Blossom and Party of Five before landing a more permanent gig in 1997 as the voice of Luanne Platter in Fox’s animated hit King of the Hill. The big screen also beckoned with memorable appearances opposite Alicia Silverstone in Clueless, as well as roles in 8 Mile, Girl, Interrupted and Sin City. She kept up her singing, too, having formed the band Blessed Soul in the early ’90s with actor Eric Balfour.

Before her death, Murphy had several projects in development, including a role in Sylvester Stallone’s upcoming film, The Expendables, set for release next year, and Something Wicked, a thriller from director Darin Scott about a teen and his girlfriend, whose parents are killed. The actress once dated Ashton Kutcher and was engaged twice, including to talent manager Jeff Kwatinetz. She married White Hotel director Monjack in 2007 and told People last year that she was ready to have a baby. She is survived by Monjack and her mother, a breast cancer survivor, whom the actress once credited for her success. “When I asked my mom to move to California, she sold everything and moved out here for me,” Murphy told the AP in 2003. “I was really grateful to have grown up in an environment that was conducive to creating and didn’t stifle any of that. She always believed in me.”

On Sunday, Kutcher tweeted about Murphy’s death: “2day the world lost a little piece of sunshine,” Kutcher wrote. “My deepest condolences go out 2 Brittany’s family, her husband, & her amazing mother Sharon.”

Murphy had been plagued by tabloid rumors of drug abuse in recent years. After appearing as a speed addict in the 2002 film Spun, Murphy was dogged by speculation that her extreme weight loss was due to a cocaine dependency. She denied the rumors in Jane Magazine in 2005. “No, just for the record I have never tried it in my entire life, I’ve never even seen it, and I don’t leave the house too much, except to go to work.”  Funeral arrangements are pending.

Additional reporting by Archana Ram

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    i feel really bad for her and the people who loved her.

    i was a big fan of KOTH

    • Telly B

      Why do people keep saying “she/he died before her/his time”??? She died; clearly, it was her time.

      When you die, no matter how, it is your time, therefore you died.

      • Emma

        That’s really deep Telly B but oddly enough, it makes me a bit angry.

      • Hemi

        When people say that it just means that their life was cut short.

      • dusen

        I think it’s obvious that the meaning of the phrase = it was unexpected; she was too young, etc. Obviously, you didn’t hear anybody saying Paul Newman died before his time.

      • Hemi

        Boy – you people have no imagination, at all. She was so beautiful and well-loved means she was a beautiful person on the inside.

      • BG 17

        You guys are very kind in explaining this obvious statement to Telly B. Perhaps when Telly dies people could be more specific in their elegy – Telly B died before he could write the quintessentially banal, insensitive post regarding the death of an actress whose life was more productive by 32 than he could have been in his entire life. He will be missed, or something like that…

      • Deidre

        That’s a really disgusting thing to say about a person who just died, no matter what they may have done in their lifetime.

      • kim

        I am so sad to hear of Brittany’s passing. Anyone making jokes at this time is so rude. I am sure she was a very loving , sweet person and I pray that her mom and all of her loved ones will be able to be at peace.

      • Marty

        Kim is right, I wish it was all you of you complainers that died instead of her. At least she brought something to the world.

      • Kathie

        very good, dusen. i’ve never thot of it like that but that about wraps it up! good observation.

      • anonymous

        You got some people to fall for it, but still too obvious. B- trolling.

      • missie

        TELLY B : do you honestly have to be that cold someone died use compasion or don’t you have that? RIP Britney we all love you

      • morgan

        you sound like an idiot

    • jared4ever

      Loved Brittany since her adorable turn in Clueless. She was a delight to watch. She’ll be missed.

      • softee2

        My heart goes out to her family and friends. To bad we could not hold on to the positive and get rid of the negative

    • Stephanie Tanner

      Shame on SNL for making fun of her a couple of episodes ago. The talentless Abby Elliot had a go at her for no real reason.

      • trickster

        Ummmmm……. how did SNL know she was going to die?? Where was your outrage about that episode when it happened?

      • Otis

        SNL is plain sucks so who cares about that show. Who the hell watches that piece of garbage anyway?

      • UGH

        Shame on anybody who still watches SNL.
        That show hasn’t been relevant in more than a decade.
        People are too easily entertained these days.

    • Stephanie Tanner

      I will always remember her as Topanga’s friend from BOY MEETS WORLD.

      • LongBalls

        Really? Don’t remember that. Damn, now I got Topanga on the brain.

    • Tony

      THAT PICTURE of her on the ew home page gives me the chills..

      • UGH

        I agree. There are much better pictures of her to post.

    • UGH

      It’s pretty sad that a topic like this only gets 400+ comments, but that overrated horses**t Twilight gets over a 1,000.
      Just saying…

    • LongBalls

      Damn. Not tappable any more.


    brittany murphy,
    won’t forget ye

    • MacAttack

      Her physique and death reminds me of Karen Carpenter. Sad our society puts such emphasis on weight. She had body issues ever since reports called her chubby after Clueless.

      • Katja

        I always hated that people called her appearance chubby in that movie. She was gorgeous! Nothing chubby about her, and at one point she appeared in nothing but a spandex leotard – it was obvious that she wasn’t in any way pudgy. She was just young and fresh-faced and not yet borderline anorexic-looking as she became later, which was a huge shame. I’ll always love her for Clueless and for her lovely voice in Happy Feet!

      • mishka

        IMO, I never enjoyed watching her acting as much as I did when she was in Clueless. She was not “chubby”, she was “healthy”.

      • LongBalls

        Healthy and hittable!

  • Alan of Montreal

    this is a terrible tragedy if it’s true. She was just starting to come into her own as an actress.

    • MK

      She is dead. I just hope it wasn’t from drug use. But only being 32 and dying of a cardiac arrest, and her weight lost, yeah it probably was. SAD.

      • jasper

        Really. My friends thin 8 year old son had a heart attack. We are pretty sure he wasn’t a drug abuser you ignorant ogre.

      • paul

        oh come on peeps what does it matter how she died the sad thing is she has…

      • anonymous

        You and your logic! How did you find your way to this site?

    • colin

      What, did you just come out of a six year coma?

  • Jason

    So crazy.

  • Celia

    This is really sad. She was brilliant in Girl, Interrupted, Clueless, and 8 Mile. She will be missed. :(

    • Traci

      I completely agree. “Girl Interrupted” is one of my favorite movies. So sad. Why does this keep happening to people way to young?

  • Ambient Lite

    Very sad. Drugs are bad, kids.

    • Candace

      The report is not even confirmed that she is dead…don’t you think to lay claim to such a statement of “drugs” is a bit premature and unnecessary? GROW UP!

      • Ambient Lite

        Don’t be naive.

      • BizarroVapor

        I agree, don’t be naive. She was waife thin, rumors of eating disorders, and recently on public appearances has appeared “out of it” It’s a tragedy either way, but I would guess it was due to either abusing drugs, or eating disorder. Either way, she was a talented actress, and taken before her time.

      • Candace

        Grow up heartless social misfits!

      • Stacey

        I hope drugs were not involved horselovematch

      • Phil

        Complete agree with Ambient Lite! If she was 32 yrs old & FULL cardiac arrest, this clearly has the markings of drug overdose all over it & if you don’t know that, I actually admire your ignorance to said facts. It means you may be naive, but also fortunate enough to not know of such horrid things in your life. Brittany was a great actress & truly another movie star from my generation is now gone. So sad to hear. And since she has worked with everyone from Eminem to Angelina Jolie to Bruce Willis & Ashton Kutcher I am sure the coverage of this story is just getting started…Sadly, the tabloids got an early Xmas gift.

      • Adam

        Don’t jump the gun here, by alleging impropriety, eating disorders, or substance abuse. There are many illnesses that cause sudden cardiac death in young people, including congenital arrhythmias (long QT syndrome, &c.).

        Brittany Murphy was a beautiful, personable, talented and underappreciated actress, with many films ahead of her. She’ll be missed. My sincere condolences to her survivors.

      • mari

        ah phil, young people can die from cardiac arrest too. adam is correct, there are many illnesses which cause it.

      • Candace

        Thank you ADAM!!!! Exactly! Being a medical professional, and not being “a teen” or any of the other lame accounts you have written here, I know that there can be many medical conditions that can cause sudden cardiac arrest. A smart person would have recognized that and just posted their condolences and show some respect. My best to you and a profound hope that knowledge and compassion might some day find you!

      • Ambient Lite

        Candace, OF COURSE it’s possible for someone to die of cardiac arrest at a young age, but it’s VERY unusual – as a “medical professional”, you should know that.
        Unfortunately, not so unusual is that when actors, actresses, and musicians die at a young age, it’s usually due to drug use.
        And don’t say I’m not compassionate. I am, and have made comments to reflect that reflect that. It’s sad that she died so young.

      • Phil

        Ok, so one of you are a medical professional. obv. you haven’t kept up in the stories regarding Brittany’s husband’s shady dealings involving drugs. SO WHEN more details unfold & it comes out that she died of some drug related cause, please come back to this thread and eat your healthy dose of crow. HAPPY HOLIDAZE!

      • tyler

        spun was a fantastic movie didnt know it was her real life

      • JR Jake

        Not knowing all the facts leaves too many speculative rumors. The fact is if this is true Brittany died, than it was well before her time. The fact a ‘cardiac arrest’ occcurred in such a young patient states there is underlying etiologies i.e. heart disease, electrical anomaly, metabolic problems, and drugs (chemicals) can also create a cause and effect. Very sad that this young lady did not reach the pinnacle of life the average person does, hopefully her parents and friends can find solace in the life she lead. God Bless them all.

      • dignity for the dead

        I really don’t need to “KNOW HOW SHE DIED”. Fill in the blank with any of the above. One would have hoped that any person on here would have sent support and words of sadness, instead of taking “potshots” at their integrity when they aren’t in a position to defend themselves! That has been my point in even responding to this thread! Making conclusions and tarnishing their character should not be allowed here.

      • Phil

        OMG, as fans, I can’t understand how some of you can sit on such high horses! I have plenty of respect for the dead, but WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME A CELEB DIED UNEXPECTEDLY (except Liam Neeson’s wife, Natasha’s tragic end earlier this year) THAT IT WASN’T DRUG RELATED!? They got the money, time & are FAR from innocent and think they’re indestructible. Please don’t patronize me for saying what a good amount of people are thinking. I was a fan & will miss Brittany.

      • Hutchy

        This happens every time a celeb dies or has something unfortunate happen. Michael Jackson, Tiger Woods driving into a tree at 2 AM, Heath Ledger Someone speculates it could be something shady, then the permanently optimistic/head in the sand crowd comes rushing in to their defense. Then of course, over time, the truth comes out and it is ALWAYS something shady/drug related/off-limits. Oddly enough, you never seem to see that permanently optimistic crowd in these threads when the truth comes out and they are wrong for the 372nd time. Just ask yourselves this: how many Hollywood celebrity women, 32 years old, with access to any health care or personal health assistance (medical, exercise, personal chef), up and die out of the blue of a heart attack? Ok, next question: how many 32 year old Celebs have you seen that have died of an OD? Case Closed.

      • Niix Starkyller

        PHIL: “If she was 32 yrs old & FULL cardiac arrest, this clearly has the markings of drug overdose…”
        That is not sufficient evidence to pronounce it ‘clearly’ drug-related. Sure, a lot of other things may — MAY — support your claim but full CA @ 32-yrs means nothing. There are dozens of other plausible medical explanations which have nothing to do with drugs. Cite credible evidence, not conjecture.

      • Dude

        When they announce that it was drugs, you’re gonna feel pretty stupid Candace. Her husband is a shady guy.

      • DD

        One not need be a professional to use logic, or at least common sense. Candace’s comments reflect the logical truth in that we don’t know what happened and assuming ANYTHING is an error in cognition plain and simple. Using hindsight to validate your intelligence is just annoying, Phil.

      • crispy

        She recorded a trance song with Paul Oakenfold, she was recently fired from a movie, and she died of cardiac arrest at 32. Riiiiight, drugs were probably not involved.

      • dan

        Don’t you think it is premature and unnecessary to assume that he was even talking about her being on drugs. Drugs are still bad for kids regardless, you idiot!

      • Niix Starkyller

        And, hey, I ain’t saying that the OTHER evidence (or rumors) around her don’t support a fair assumption of cause, but the simple fact that someone dies at 32 from cardiac arrest is NOT, by itself, a sign of drugs.

      • Andi

        The title of the article is Brittney Murphey dead of cardiac arrest:confirmed, so yes she is dead pay attention.

      • Ian

        Typically, 32 year olds don’t just drop dead from heart attacks without something that causes severe damage to their body (like drugs). There’s a slight chance she had a some kind of heart defect, but be realistic. The web site you’re reading has had reports of her drug abuse before. She was a heroin junkie that ODed.

      • raggio di sole


      • R, Cee

        it’s confirmed now. and btw, she had a heart attack at 32. it’s drugs. deal with it.

      • hc

        Why is it so important to speculate? To be the first to say it on the message board? Or are you concerned that you’re going to miss out on one day about making a self-righteous comment on the messageboards about how drugs are bad that you can’t wait for the coroners report?

        I personally might think it was drugs, but I don’t need to raise my figurative hands and shout out, ‘It’s drugs everybody! Sure I didn’t know her, but it must be drugs!’ just so I can pat myself on the back for noticing that, yeah, young people usually don’t die of a cardiac arrest. Just b/c its anonymous and on the internet doesn’t mean we can’t extend the courtesy of not calling someone a drug addict immediately after their death was reported.

      • Phil

        @HC I am saying everyone here who is saying us sayin it was drug related needs to step down off their high horses cause as you clearly state in your above post, you use the words MESSAGEBOARDS and THE INTERNET. Thats right, you came here, to an ENTERTAINMENT WEBSITE on a WEEKEND (a day you probably didn’t have to be at work) and are reading a post about a NOW DEAD celebrity. It has nothing to do with me trying to pat myself on the back, its very conditional. I came to an entertainment site that wrote a post up on her, adn I commented, and i didn’t even START the had to be drugs thing, I was defending Ambient Lite who was being chastised by Candance, a supposed medical professional. And I’m NOT anonymous, I signed, Phil, cause thats MY name, I doubt yours is hc, thats how u posted cause u want to remain anonymous, Thats GREAT! But I stand by what I type, and belive it, so I sign my name. I hate the people who actually come on messageboards & act holier than thou. I am speaking my mind based on experiences I know with people & drugs. You may not share those same stories or experiences or agree with em, but PLEASE don’t attack me for speaking my mind, supporting my statement with facts & not cussing up a storm. Thats how you make respectful blog posts & offer your opinion. Not talking like you know everything as you did.

      • Dave

        Seeing this on MSN’s report:

        “However, Murphy’s suspected excessive use of drugs had been the subject of widespread speculation, and was even the subject of a parody sketch on a recent “Saturday Night Live” Weekend Update.”

        So Candace & co, it’s not out of line to believe drugs may be involved here.

      • Alexandre Di Lolli

        One BIG red flag about her possible drug use… she had been engaged to a MAJOR hard core drug user Jeff Kwatinetz!
        Very SAD sooooo young and talented…RIP

      • Monica

        this is the dumbest fight ever.

        none of you knew her.
        say “RIP” and call it a day.

      • TRUTH

        Very few young healthy young people die of an underlying heart condition suddenly. Sad to say but it is mostly likely drugs

      • bec

        i agree with monica. So wat if it was drugs. Shes dead. Why dont u all grow up and find something better to do than argue about someone taking drugs or not… Rip

      • Dave

        bec, please feel free to follow your own advice….

      • aaron

        Phil, I can tell you’re a bada-s b/c you posted like 4 times. People may not be holier than you, but they are cooler.

      • Lori S NY

        It was most likely drugs or anorexia which are both way bad for the ticker.

    • Coyote

      Don’t be a b_i_t_c_h/d_i_c_k.

      • Mr. Reality

        Phil. You are right on the mark. Kids, don’t do drugs. Once you start down the path, there are only a few feasible endings to the story….

      • deusXmchna

        I’m a scientist as well (medical related). I’ll put money on eating disorder. Eating disorders usually get the CV system in young women before stimulants do- unless they’re IV users, which most actresses avoid because of the obvious physical signs. (and don’t gimme that “shootin’ tween the toes” bit. stims collapse veins so quick that you’ve gotta rotate out MANY sites, and you still blow them out.).
        Okay, so I’ll re-bet. Money on eating disorder with some small change on IV stims.
        It’s interesting that some of the most callous people I’ve met in real life spend their time on boards like this making a big deal about the problems of celebrities. Celebrities usually couldnt care less about “the little people”.
        So for all of you who’ve posted some sad eulogy for Brit- how many posts did you make ANYWHERE about the other ONE MILLION people that died in the world this week? Many of much, much worse things than a hollywood princess living in comfort taken (relatively) quickly by a CV event.
        The people on TV do not love you, regardless how many magazines with their pictures you buy at the grocery checkout!!

      • MK

        Ok, either eating disorder or drugs. I hope those who can’t face reality soon learn the truth. RIP Brittney.

      • hawaiibeachesweightlosschallenge

        I love Brittney Murphy, she was a wonderful actress, such a tragedy, she was so young.

    • Kate

      Really Mr. Reality? So you knew her personally?? Or your just a jerk? It does not matter how she died….she died and it is sad….so don’t be a jerk about it! Imagine if it was one of your family memebers that was having to be buried for Christmas!!!

      • bec

        well said kate!

    • Celia

      Apparently she had diabetes! Now what?! I won’t believe it was drugs until the autopsy report is released.

  • Tiffany

    loved her in Uptown Girls, Clueless, Little Black Book, and lots of others. What a tragic loss.

    • Kris

      she was a wonderful actress. and i dont believe it was drugs. i knew someone who died of a heart attack at the age of 30, its not unheard of you know. just because she is famous doesnt mean drugs were involved

      • get real…

        you probably didn’t believe Tiger was cheating either…

      • raggio di sole

        Uh yeah Kris…umm hmmmm…

      • Jennifer

        Don’t let them make fun of you. If you don’t want to believe it, don’t I personally have always loved her work, and don’t want to believe it either.

      • scow

        Heart attack and cardiac arrest are two different things. Cardiac arrest is when rhe heart suddenly stops and is usually fatal unless the person happens to be in an emergency facility or in the care of a medical professional.

    • sheila crone

      I really liked her acting talent. She was possibly one of my favorite actresses. If she was acting in a movie, I watched because of her. I hate this.

  • @Ambient Lite

    WHY do people automatically assume it was drugs?! People die of heart attacks everyday for various reasons. She could’ve had a heart condition or something.

    • Seriously

      Why do people assume? Beacause 32 year olds don’t normally die from cardiac arrest unless something else is involved…for example…DRUGS

      • leena

        People can have heart conditions at ANY age and not know it. I was just watching a segment on Campbell Brown the other night about a teenage girl who died of an unknown heart condition while playing sports.

      • Jane

        Get a clue- it’s not always drugs. I have no idea whether it is in this case, but my 27-year old nephew is on a transplant list for a heart- he could drop dead at any time of cardian arrest. THAT is why you shouldn’t assume, b/c there are other things that can kill a young person.

      • Mechellia

        32 year olds do die from cardiac arrest there have been many people younger then that that have passed away from cardiac arrest with now warning signs just becasue she is a star doesnt always mean that there is drugs involed

      • Niix Starkyller

        SERIOUSLY — there are lots of cases and causes for CA. Take a CPR/first aid course, read the NEMJ, or Wikipedia(!), or the AMHA site, or any number of sources which will explain to you how anyone at any age can suffer CA due to anything from sitting too long to stressing out too much to just being unlucky at birth. Jeez, fookin’ Google it at least.

      • Ambient Lite

        I have no idea why it’s so hard for so many of you to believe she was a drug user.

      • Give it a REST!!

        @Ambient Lite….and we have no idea why it matters to you so much IF she was???? The girl is still dead and if you turn out to be right, she still will be. What f***ing difference does it make?? So she can be used as another Hollywood “example” and you can say “see kids, drugs are bad”?? If you feel so strongly about that, be your own example and let the kids you’re so worried about learn from YOU?? Or are you one of those that passes the buck to celebs and athletes to be roll models for people?? Have some RESPECT for her family, fans and most importantly for HER.

      • Ambient Lite

        Good lord, people. I am certainly not the only who suspects she had a drug problem. Perez Hilton predicted this being her demise (though I find that tacky) on a radio show a month ago, because of reported drug use.
        I would NEVER have wished this for her, I’m sad that her life ended this way, and I’m tired of drugs taking young stars down.
        Sorry, I’m not the bad guy.

      • Anna

        The problem isn’t whether or not anyone believes she’s a drug user. The problem is that many of you, without any facts, have decided that she was. When model Krissy Taylor died unexpectedly, rumors started flying that it had to be drugs, eating disorder, etc. It turned out she had undiagnosed asthma. In the meantime, however, her reputation was severely damaged and her family was put through extra trauma because of it. If it turns out that drugs did lead to Brittany’s death then fine, gloat and cheer all you want. But have the decency to wait for the facts, not statistical analysis.

      • Sally in Chicago

        1) she lives in Hollyweird
        2) she’s an entertainer
        3) she married a cad and a con-man
        4) she was gaunt and anorexic
        I could come up with more, but I won’t bore you.

    • Ambient Lite

      Exactly. I’m not just grasping at straws here, and I certainly didn’t say it to be mean. It makes me sad that we’ve lost so many talented actors and musicians to drug overdoses.

      • Candace

        “certainly didn’t say to be mean” are you kidding me…don’t tell me you were saying it to be nice?

      • Ambient Lite

        Candace, you’re obviously a child or maybe a teenager, so we’re done here.
        Brittany Murphy looked terribly sickly in recent memory – gaunt, color was off, and made various 911 calls in paranoid state. Her husband is a drug user. I’m just connecting the dots here.
        Again, don’t be naive.

      • lynn

        Come on people. Drugs certainly pop into your mind when you hear of someone dying like this. It’s not being mean. It’s making a real statement of your opinion. It’s a shame one way or another. Nothing to argue about.

      • Jen

        I will be in shock if it is found that she didn’t die from drugs. She was soooo painfully thin, gaunt, and pale. Unless she was going through kemo, these are all signs of illegal drug use. I am sad for her family and friends for their loss but anyone who was close to her had to have seen this coming. Unless she was in the shower for an hour her mother obviously was worried.

      • Blue Silver

        Ambient! You are such a childish troll. You constantly target and screw with people on this board! I sure hope you get a life… real soon!

    • Peter B

      Or anorexia

      • Ambient Lite

        She has looked terribly thin lately, but again, I think that’s due to drug use.

      • John

        She has gotten incredibly thin so I can see anorexia being a factor. She could have lost a lot of heart muscle.

      • Dude

        Yeah – puking your meals is bad for your heart.

      • Gregory

        Karen Carpenter died at 32 from heart failure due to anorexia nervosa.

      • Kayla

        Gregory is right — I was just thinking about how Karen Carpenter died in her 30s due to anorexia. Not saying Brittany had the same case, but she was really thin. Any way you look at it, it’s really sad.

    • iamright

      you’re an idiot

    • Hutchy

      32 women in the prime of life, with zero reported health issues previously, not even an inkling of any heart condition, with access to the BEST health care and medical assistance that money can buy, dont drop dead out of the blue of a heart attack every day. If they do where you live, I would move, there is something in the water.

      • Niix Starkyller

        Doesn’t happen everyday to a famous actress but it does happen everyday to obscure 32-year olds all across the world. Happens to airline passengers on long flights, smokers, athletes, diabetics, congenital condition sufferers, etc, et al, so on, and so forth. Forget the water, maybe you should look into your local library?

      • Caroline

        At the age of 37 I was treated for SVT – a rapid heart beat which was determined that I had from birth – just now becoming a problem. Everyone needs to stop and wait for autopsy results.

        God bless her family – this sudden death is heartbreaking to hear about.

      • Michele

        1 person dies every 2 minutes from Sudden Cardiac Arrest. People do die “out of the blue” from SCA. If no medical attention is received, a person will die within minutes. 32 is on the younger side, but is not as unusual as you claim. Really, who cares how she died. The important thing is that her life has ended and her loved ones are left behind to grieve.

    • katmo

      Interesting. It is sad, very sad for someone so young, and my sympathies go out to her loved ones. But the sad truth is, if any of you were honest – the first thing that came to mind, is that it was somehow drug related!!! And as many have pointed out: yes she’s a celeb w/ lots of money; yes she’s very young; yes her husband has a shady past, etc… And everytime it happens – Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger, Anna Nicole Smith, and the incident w/ Tiger – if it looks and appears that something’s just not right, it always ends up that it isn’t!!!

    • Ian

      Don’t you think a 32 year old Hollywood actress with access to top of the line medical care would know if she had a medical defect? For Christ’s sake, it’s not like she hasn’t seen a doctor since making to Hollywood.

      • Michele

        No, I don’t. It is very common for someone her age to not regularly see a doctor. It is very common for people to put off seeing a doctor unless they have a specific complaint. And, it is also very common for heart abnormalities to be missed during a routine medical exam.

      • andi

        Actually it would be very uncommon for actors and actresses not to be seen by a doctor on a fairly regular basis. Insurance companies that the film companies associate with require full physicals of the actors and actresses in the films. The nature of their jobs require regular evaluations by medical professionals. That is not to say that they are all healthy but there is a reason that most Hollywood deaths aren’t from unknown factors. If they have a serious health condition, most of the time they are going to know about it.

      • Abi

        im more inclined to think it’s related to an eating disorder – it’s no secret she’s had problems with this for the past decade and that puts immense strain on the heart. I think the reason people are getting so angry with the people who are saying it’s drugs/anorexia etc is because it kind of seems like the implication is it was her own fault. Im sure most of those people who commented about drugs didnt mean that – but am just trying to see it from 2 points of view. People deal with bad news in different ways some are matter of fact some are totally the opposite- it doesnt make either way wrong. at the end of the day whatever caused her death natural or unnatural it’s very sad for her family and if it was unnatural then it’s prob going to be even harder for her family as they might be thinking how could they have prevented this. If it turns out to be anorexia or similar maybe this will highlight the very unlglamourous side of hollywood. I’ve worked in childrens hospitals with girls as young as 8 who are anorexic and carry photos of people like Victoria Beckham (aka posh spice) around with them and think she’s beautiful. Brittany was a naturally curvy girl who probably just felt under pressure to conform to hollywood standards.

      • Caroline

        Some issues don’t always appear right away, or may have the same symptons as something rather mundane. I had heart problems and thought it was my asthma kicking up. She could have thought it was something small that she could handle herself.

    • scow

      Yes people do die of heart attacks but this was cardiac arrest and they are two different things. I believe it may be drugs, but at this point does it matter? She was a good actress and will be missed.

  • TJ

    Cocaine is a helluva drug.

    • ceebee

      baaaaahahahahaha. I give it two months before no one remembers who she ever was.

      • abc

        Grow up.

      • jules

        Wow. Merry Christmas.

      • Kristina

        That comment was rude and uncalled for!!! You should just take ABC’s comments, and “GROW UP!!!!”

  • lala

    Oh my god. This is so shocking. I’m still shaking…

    One of Hollywood’s rising starlets. This is tragic.

    • *eyeroll*

      shaking? really? maybe you need an actual hobby

      • Dude

        “rising”? She ain’t nothin new, baby! Care more about the real people AROUND you and maybe you won’t have to shake for strangers! lol

    • Peter B

      Get a life. She had no idea who any of us were and could not have cared less

      • Of Course

        Just like we could care less about what you say here.

      • raggio di sole

        Is it possible lala was being SARCASTIC??? GOD I hope so.

    • joan jett


    • Hutchy

      Rising starlet? HAd she even made a movie in 3 years or more? IF anything, she was a “where are they now?” type situation, had dropped totally off the radar. Hmmm wonder why…….

  • john

    So sad. How does something like this happen?? She was so young and seemed to be in good shape.

    • MattyB

      Good shape? That’s how something like this happens. People think in “good shape” means underweight, gaunt and self-destructive.

      • made in silverlake


      • Julie E.

        Very true. She was painfully thin. An eating disorder can certainly cause cardiac arrest.

    • Troy

      It’s. Sad but these rich people are sometimes. To Rich for their own good…she was a good actress now gone. Because she cldnt shake her habit God bless her.

  • Ugly Jenny

    That’s so sad. I always thought she was a great actess since Clueless. I loved Just Married and Don’t Say a Word (especially her line “I’ll never telllll”). So sad, my condolences go out to her husband and family.

  • TJ

    It’s sad she died, but let’s not get carried away, she wasn’t a rising starlet. Tragic is that young kids in America go hunger everyday and have no home. An actress abusing her own body is not tragic.

    • Gabby

      IF that’s how she died! You don’t know yet. If it was drugs then it’s probably that druggie husband of her’s fault. He got into trouble over drugs not too long ago.

      • TJ

        Did I say drugs?

      • Gabby

        I just took “abusing her own body” to mean drugs or maybe not eating something intentional nonetheless.

      • TJ

        It’s one or the other.

      • MattyB

        She was 32-years-old. She made her own decisions. And to assume drugs here is the most logical response. It’s ALWAYS drugs when someone in Hollywood dies young (unless they’re murdered, which ain’t the case here).

    • Ambient Lite

      I understand your point and agree with you to an extent – however, the ripple effect of a drug user’s death impacts so many more than just the user, she had a family. This is a tragedy, maybe not for you, but for them.

      • dignity for the dead

        So let me understand, are you sad, mad, or just a bored obese loner with a keyboard, a latte, and a profound need to hear him/herself speak?

      • Ambient Lite

        What the hell are you talking about? No idea why you’re attacking me.

      • Dan

        What, you didn’t know that Ambient Lite spends all day, every day on this website and won’t let 5 minutes go by on an article – any article – without posting a comment?

      • Ambient Lite

        Not true, Dan. But interesting that you too are here enough to notice when I do grace EW with my presence.
        I am surprised about how mean you’re all being to me, considering there are people on this thread saying absolutely horrible things.

      • Niix Starkyller

        “When I grace EW with my presence…” LOL. If you were going for tongue-in-cheek I think it rings hollow, with a slight tone of arrogance.

      • @Ambient Lite

        Honestly, I think Dan is just calling it like it is. And he doesn’t need to be here much – all he needs to do is read the comments for any article on any day of the week. And I mean ANY article. Doesn’t matter what it is. Heh, it took you, what, TWO whole minutes to post a comment in response to his post about you. Yeah, really sounds like he’s wrong. You’re one of those people who thinks everyone else is just dying to hear what you have to say about everything. It’s a sad self-delusion. Really sad. And really delusional.

      • Silent Rage

        Careful, won’t want Ambient Lite accusing you of having a “gigantic crush” on her. Having said that, Niix/Dan and you others getting all sensitive to the fact that people have the opinion she died because of drugs need to relax. Yeah maybe she died another way, but why attack someone for using common sense? Common sense tells me she’s dead because of drugs, maybe I’m wrong, but most likely I’m not. R.I.P Brittney

      • Ambient Lite

        Wow, pretty easy to say mean things when you’re trolling around anonymously, isn’t it “@Ambient Lite”? What a spineless d!ck, you are! And your mother’s a whore.

      • Ambient Lite

        And thank you, Silent Rage, for making sense in a sea of angry testosterone-fueled madness. An unlikely ally you are. You really DO have a crush on me, now I know for sure. ;)

      • MK

        Wow Lite, why are you letting them get to you? Don’t stoop to their level by calling them names. You are above that.

      • Ambient Lite

        You’re right MK. Thanks.

      • @Ambient Lite

        You’re only so riled up because everything that’s being said about you is true. It’s a shame the truth brings out your classy side like this, but it doesn’t make it any less the truth. So sad.

      • jj11

        Eff them. I love your comments Ambient Lite. You crack me up. I love reading your posts especially when the dummies get all riled up aout you having a shred of common sense on these boards. Keep it up. Love you and Wojo.

    • chris

      by the way this is not the chris jack @$$ in the below comment

    • Michele

      Her life was worthless and meaningless because you have proclaimed she didn’t care for her body as she should have? Her death is tragic regardless of how she cared for her body. I’m sure her grieving parents and family view it as tragic and my heartfelt sympathy goes out to them.

  • ferdi

    This is unfortunate. Its a lot more sad because I’m actually familiar with most of her films. She’s a good actress and a great singer. I was hoping she was gonna make a comeback. Wish her family the best.

    • Gabby

      She has 5 films coming out according to IMDB so maybe one of those is her comeback. Too bad she won’t be around to see it.

  • Chris

    My uncle passed away last week. How come I didn’t see that in the Headlines. Who cares. People act as if celebs are part of their life. As if they are important people, and the world is going to end without them. It’s too bad she died. But, cardiac arrest? 32 years old? Sounds like diet pills. Maybe cocaine, or meth. You will forget about her in about 3 weeks. When some one says “Remember Brittany Murphy” And you say “Kinda, what was she in again?”

    • Sloane

      Sorry about your uncle.

    • Emily Beezwax

      My apologies for the death of your uncle, but complaining about an entertainment magazine reporting on the death of an actress is kind of absurd. This is Entertainment Weekly, not the Wall Street Journal.

    • paige

      dude your on Entertainment Weekly!

    • Yesenia

      Was your uncle in any movies? This is Entertainment Weekly. BM was an entertainer…get it now?

    • Ambient Lite

      I’m sorry about your uncle too, but it’s okay for people to be sad about the untimely death of a young actress, especially on an entertainment website.

    • abc

      Then why are you taking the time to read EW and post a comment?

      • um

        when you go to and click ‘News’ and this is the top story. I’d do like a celebrity and starve myself before i regularly visit this excuse for a news website. She was a well-formed woman, beautiful. Famous also. So being successful and looked up to is not enough, it’s so stressful that they must do drugs and stop eating? I think you need to spend some time off of the gossip columns and E!News. try not to watch MTV or VH1 I think you’re getting exponentially more retarded by the second.

    • me

      Your very selfish on saying that. Yes your uncle pasted and I’m sorry, but she was famous. I understand on where your coming from how people think that its apart of their lifes but for you to be like that is wrong. All we can do is prey and be thankful for our health. They are under a lot of stress, and people look up to them. That’s why people make a big deal. Don’t be so shelfish about it. If you don’t care then hit the next botton and move on. Don’t rain on the saddness that’s already apon her fans.

      • heley

        You know what is REALLY sad? Your grammar.

      • how retarded are you…

        pasted…apart…lifes….prey….shelfish…botton……rain on the sadness…apon… I don’t think I’ve ever come across such an ignorant post anywhere before in my life…and thats saying something because I’ve read a couple of times.

      • ty

        How retarded are you, how retarded are you? You call someone ignorant for making a spelling mistake made while commenting on an Entertainment Weekly article about a talented young woman’s tragic death. Do you regret your own infantile usage of the ellipsis; don’t let it get you down, it’s only an off-the-cuff remark. Next, you mention Fox News, which leads one to believe you mention Fox News at the end of every comment you make, which leads me to wonder if you’re just another sad person, sitting alone at your computer, waving your fist in futile resistance against this big, bad world that scares you so very much. We all need help.

    • PhillipP

      Nobody cares about your stupid uncle, plenty of people care about young beautiful Hollywood actresses dying. Case closed.

      • andi

        wow, a little more than unnecessary, while it is understandable why someones uncle is not portrayed in an EW article, it is probably just someone really sad and lashing out. Sometimes things set us off and we respond in our frustration. Someone should have really taught you better manners. It’s clear that you are heartless and really a pretty disgusting person to make that kind of comment.

    • sheesh

      Can you not be upset about your uncle without putting down someone else?

    • RP

      “People act as if celebs are part of their life.”

      None of us were at her house for Thanksgiving but being in plays, TV shows, and movies made her part of the cultural landscape. In that sense she *was* a part of people’s lives.

      And what does the cause of death have to do whether or not people should mourn her? Nothing.

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