'Jersey Shore': MTV will not show Snooki being punched

MTV has decided not to air the controversial footage of Jersey Shore’s Snooki getting punched by a man at a bar in next week’s episode. In a statement an MTV spokesperson said, “What happened to “Snooki” was a crime and obviously extremely disturbing. After hearing from our viewers, further consulting with experts on the issue of violence, and seeing how the video footage has been taken out of context to not show the severity of this act or the resulting consequences, MTV has decided not to air Snooki being physically punched in next week’s episode. The show will still make it clear what events transpired, including the full aftermath.”

An MTV spokesperson also tells EW, “The episode will otherwise remain untouched and viewers will see how the entire Jersey Shore cast starts building a closer bond with each other and especially with Snooki who up until that point, felt that she was somewhat of an outsider. Everyone rallies behind her and comes to her defense so it’s a pivotal point in the narrative arc of the show.”


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  • DW

    Wow, that’s ridiculous. We’ve already seen the footage numerous times on previews, so this is a bit too late.

    • April

      Agree with you here. If you haven’t seen this already, I’m sure a google search will help. I watched the show b/c of the hype and was shocked they showed this. Then again, I’m not surprised. MTV is so trashy now.

    • Puhleaze!

      It’s also a crime when they show any of the male castmembers punching/getting punched. The ridiculous double-standard once again rears its fugly head. Americans are apparently too infantile/animalistic/hyper-sensitive/lactose intolerant to handle reality? You go, MTV! Censorship rocks!

      • Correct

        very good point. they had no problem showing one of the cast members (pauly i believe) punching a random defenseless bar patron who was being fully restrained by a bouncer. they even cutaway to pauly’s insightful commentary regarding how many pounds of pressure are required to break a nose

    • Muffy

      I know! We all have seen it, plus they have plenty of girl on girl, guy on guy, and girl on guy violence.

    • Fish

      Just when I thought MTV couldn’t get any more hypocritical, they do this. The whole reason to watch this week was to see her get laid out in HD. Just fire a tactical nuke at the house and be done with it

  • whatever

    CENSORSHIP !! CENSORSHIP !! Kidding. That’s kind of useless, every one already saw the scene. Too bad, I kind of wanted to see what really happened.

    • Puhleaze!

      The crime wasn’t the assault, the crime would be allowing people to witness it. Oh, I mean see it again. In context.

  • Sara

    You gotta love the way MTV likes to pretend that this isn’t just another trashy reality show. It’s a pivotal moment in the narrative, everybody!

    • Luis

      Yeah, I thought that was strange. It’s like if they haven’t seen a single second of the trashtastic Jersey Shore.

  • Paulo

    that is like the only reason i wanted to watch the show on thursday…. i heard that moron snooki was adopted from chile anyway

    • wakeforce

      The fact that she was adopted justifies getting punched? I agree the footage has been aired many times, especialy on ET, and IN SLO MOTION! The cat is already out of the bag! Stop censoring cntent! Just like ABC and Adam Lambert. Hype something to death and then act all sanctimonious when the sh*t hits the fan! Moral high-road, my a**.

      • ashley

        im pretty sure most of the cast, if not all, arent even from jersey! I SWEAR WERE NOTHING LIKE THIS!!! its such an embarrassment to us you have no idea.

    • TellyB

      She is from Chile?? So that dark complexion is NOT fake tanning products?

      • Tahnee

        no that is def fake tanning products. anyone with a naturally dark complexion doesn’t look that orange.

      • Bluejeans

        Unless she’s from Orange County, that is.

    • whatever

      OK… And what does being adopted from Chile have to do with the subject ?

  • TJ

    LAME. We’ve seen plenty of brawls between both guys and girls on reality shows.

  • Ben from Baltimore

    The school needs to fire the guy who punched her because I wouldn’t trust him around young kids and I am sure that most other people probably wouldn’t either.

  • Scott

    Oh get some balls, MTV. Jesus.

    • Steve

      MTV was dead to me after they replaced music videos with this trash, um, how many years ago?

      • Yeah

        Totally agree! They shouldn’t be allowed to call themselves MTV anymore. How about CrapTV.

  • Doogie

    Wish this guy would have moved on and punched the rest of the cast as well

    • OMG

      Indeed! I wish someone would also punch whoever it was at MTV that thought this show would be a good idea.

    • Laur

      Well said!

  • Blinktx69

    Farrah Faucett Dead, Billy Mays dead, Patrick Swayze dead, but these douchebags get there own show for being douchebags. I would love to watch her getting popped in the chin in slow-mo. “Down goes Snooki, Down goes Snooki!!”

    • jk

      What do those deaths have to do with this show?

      • whatever

        Hahaha. I agree. That comment was so random.

  • Dorian1963

    Watched episode 3 after this punch went viral. Wow, pure comedy gold. These people are for real too…..anyone else need evidence there are aliens living amongst us? These proud guidos and guidettes are so pathetic and funny, literally don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  • ava182

    Reality t.v. shows are lame..who gives a flying f***… jersey shore and the kardashians are so full it and fake they are not worth the time

    • Erika

      They were worth your time to read the story and comment on it…Pot, this is Kettle……..

      • Belle

        lmao…thanks for that comment

  • RhythmNBass

    I’d like to begin by saying that this show is setting Italians back 50 years.

    It’s messed up that they show that scene in the first episode where one of those guidos punched another guy at the club, but they wont show the footage of that slutty, waste of life guida lush going down.

    I don’t endorse violence against women or anything but if this is about violence as MTV claims they should either show both of these things or not show either.
    Furthermore, if theres any woman in america who should get punched in the face it’s Snooki.

    There’s some effen feminazi’s upstairs at MTV whose view is a little bit skewed and thinks that this is somehow damaging for viewers to see or something
    Women want to be treated as equals until their purse gets stolen or they cant physically defend themselves comes into the issue and then all of the sudden they’re helpless housewives again. eff guidos, eff feminists, and eff post-beavis & Butthead MTV. Seacrest out

    • wakeforce

      And your post is setting back humanity about 5000 years. I suggest you find a good therapist to work out your isues!

      • javalanche

        wakeforce you are a tard, i think you need the therapist. rhythmnbass is right about everything he wrote down.

  • ava182

    someone should find another meathead to punch meathead 1 in the nose..so the snooki punch will be justified

  • Jeremy DC

    I’m glad to see everybody’s comments so far because I thought for sure we’d get some morons who would say mtv’s doing the right thing. All those people should be punched in the face along with everyone who works at mtv.

  • Dave

    The only shame is that MTV continues this farce. Violence against reality stars is on the rise and I have no issue with them getting what they deserve. MTV has covered up numerous rapes on there shows in the past. If these people are the future of America so be it, but calling MTV the voice of the youth is laughable. MTV is a pimp, an oily, violent pimp.

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