Kate Gosselin in Raleigh for new TLC show

Kate Gosselin spent three hours filming at Finch’s Restaurant in Raleigh, N.C. According to that city’s CBS affiliate, WRAL, the reality-TV star was serving up pancakes and grits to customers while TLC camera crews recorded her every move. A TLC spokesperson confirmed that Gosselin and the cable channel are currently developing a new show and the diner shoot was part of that process. Though it was not clear if TLC intended to return to Finch’s in the future, a diner employee stated that no filming was scheduled for today.


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  • Joe

    Is this “The Simple Life 6: Kate Gosslin?” Maybe she does less glamorous jobs while being filmed!?! LOL!

    • Cutie Cake

      Please go away Kate, your 15 minutes were up years ago!

      • model44

        You have our sympathies Raleigh.

    • cher

      you people are just jealous. I give Kate every credit in the world to be alone and raise 8 children.YOU GO KATE!

      • Melanie

        jealous of a nutcase fame whore?? If she actually wanted to take care of her 8 children she would. and not spend all of her time chasing cameras. the woman has some serious problems.

      • Sue

        Being alone, she’s never been alone to raise those children. She’s always been surrounded by people that help her constantly. Not to mention she’s had nanny’s helping her too. Let’s see her actually have to raise those children alone and actually have a real job. I give more credit to the mother’s that actually have to work and raise their children on their own without a network and tons of money helping them out.

      • Ambient Lite

        You meant “exploit 8 children”, not “raise 8 children”…right?

      • VelvetStaccato

        I can now add Finch’s as one more place in Raleigh I won’t be visiting. This is the perfect town for someone like her; a mean-spirited, stepfordish, fat-legged, phony. She and her kids will fit right in (except that they’re Asian and here, Kate will be the assumed nanny. Lots of ignorance here as well. It’s just screaming her name)!! Were it not for the love of my husband who’s job brought him here, I’d have left two weeks after arriving.

  • crispy

    Fame whore. Just go ahead and put one of your kids in a weather balloon already.

    • Charles

      Kate and Heidi Montag must be related.

      • Mike

        you took the words right out of my mouth crispy! fame leech even. and what does this say about tlc?

    • PMD


    • imrite

      OH NO……NOT AGAIN!!! That woman is like a recurring cancer. (Sorry cancer)

  • Sarah

    Go away, Kate.

    • SLB

      I agree. Can these two just drop off the face of the earth?

  • Maserda

    Why is she in NC if she lives in PA?
    Also, who is being the parent(s) for the kids? It better not be the Nanny… if so, I think TLC is doing on LONG-TERM prepping for the future show about the kids going to see a psychologist.

    • VelvetStaccato

      I don’t know why she’s here or why she keeps coming here but her constant presence makes for a great case for my family to move. If she’s welcome here, then it just confirms what I’ve felt about this place since moving here 6 years ago; it’s a shithole for pretentious, boring wanna-be social climbers! And now this fine city of inbreds can add beastly reality freaks who exploit their puppymill-esque brood to that list.

      • Jan

        Gee Velvet its too bad you have to live somewhere that you hate so much. I moved to NC 3 years ago because the people here in Orange County are wonderful, kind, caring and friendly. You probably live in one of those housing developments full of people who have moved from elsewhere for jobs in research triangle. Maybe you should go out and make friends with people outside your neighborhood. NC is full of wonderful people!!

  • Maureen

    Wow. That didn’t take long.

  • coco

    serving food in NC, WTF, please people don’t watch this show. That is the only way she will go away, bad ratings!!!

    • VelvetStaccato

      Make no mistake, I stopped watching this BS long before they split up. I couldn’t take any more of her unprovoked put-downs and constant berating of both Jon and the kids. I can’t believe this is a show on a network that bills itself as “The LEARNING Network”! Learning what? How to be a complete and total a-hole; how to mistreat your family?? PULEEZE!!

      • bill hater

        Thank you for putting light on the fact that kate was such an awful wife that it caused jon to become what he is. cheating isn’t cool, but this woman would make moses etch in an exception to “thou shalt not commit adultery”. or “thou shalt not kill”, whichever comes first.

  • I live in NC….

    I hope she doesn’t make her way to working in one of my favorite restaurants.
    There will be no tip.
    I take that back, I’ll give her a tip alright courtesy of Elaine from Seinfeld:
    “You might want to ‘do’ something about that hair!”

    • VelvetStaccato

      Ditto!!! I’ve never been to Finch’s and definitely won’t now! Are they absolutely NUTS????


    Those manicures, pedicures, horrible coiffures, tanning-bed sessions, personal-trainers, expensive wardrobes, teeth-whitening, plastic surgery, etc. aren’t going to pay for themselves.

    • Sarah


    • bill hater

      that’s why you prostitute your kids on reality tv! it’s the american way! personally, i just want a new jet ski, i’ve already called tlc but i’m worried my 17 adoption applications might not pull through… wish me luck!

  • Joe #2

    So she’s found her loophole for keeping the cash cow in full gear so she won’t have to deal with patients (imagine her yelling at them for missing the bedpan!!)..

  • PJ

    Wonder who was watching the kids.

    • miamore

      A really nice girl Jon met in a bar the night before. She says she’s a teacher, but her subject might be bellydancing, rather than history.

  • Eric

    The second episode will revolve around Kate working at a seedy stripclub and from there on out, the show continues in the same place.

    • @Eric

      It’s too bad “The Biggest Loser” name has already been taken.

  • nikki

    Hey, someone’s got to make a living to support those kids! He’s not!

    • Amber

      People forget that Jon was working to support the family at the beginning of the show and TLC wanted him to stop so they could spend mre time filming him. Kate hasn’t hasn’t had any non-TLC related jobs since the kids were born. Plus Kate getting her own new show kind of puts in question her continuous crying about only selling herself to TLC because it was “for the kids”. She moved on to a new show without them pretty quickly. She made enough money from JK8 that she shouldn’t need to work to support her family at this point.

      • mimi

        That Jon, he’ll do whatever anyone tells him to do, whether it makes sense or not. And the only people who thought Kate wanted the show for the kids also own swampland in Florida.

      • Mama

        Are you kidding? First of all, in case you haven’t noticed, there are 8 kids to support. Interest rates are not that high and if their money was invested in the stock market, well its worth a lot less now. Plus, she’s going to have to part with some of it to give to Jon. And we all know that he’ll be broke within months.

      • Nerwen Aldarion

        Obviously Mama you have no idea that all of those clothes, food and toys that you see on the show are DONATED! She gets all of those things for free, not to mention all of the money she makes on the books as well as the fact that she charges $20 an autograph. Something tells me she isn’t in line at the welfare agency.

      • Ambient Lite

        Mama, I think there are so many other *real* single parents that could use your support. She exploits the children for money and spends as much time on the road away from them as possible.

      • kate plus 8

        She did work as a nurse on Saturdays 14 hrs a day…He said one thing right he is very childish and needed to work out his young years that he missed..I got married when I was 17 and had no problem leaving the sleeping around and drinking and whatever else behind. He needs to put the lord first and the women last. He needs to worry about his children! He wanted to work so bad as a 9-5 person..Get a job now JON and support your children and has long has Kate is working and taking care of her children with a Nanny or whatever it takes for her not to be on Welfare and the state have to take care of them…YOU GO KATE…SHE LOVES HER CHILDREN AND THEY ARE VERY WELL BEHAVED.

  • sweet cookie

    Now I’m starting to wonder if TLC did have anything to do with Kate & Jon divorcing so they can produce Kate separtely. We need to watch this closely, and yes who is watching the kids. Stop the line about doing anything for the kids!!!

  • Cajun Joe

    Those poor kids will be enduring a lifetime of therapy.

  • solarjetpro

    Never have watched Kate’s show, but she’s entitled to make a living, and TLC is entitled to try to capitalize on the fame of their hottest property.

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