Adam Lambert to perform on 'So You Think You Can Dance' finale

Adam Lambert will perform his song “Whataya Want From Me” on the season finale of So You Think You Can Dance, the show announced via press release. The American Idol alum’s performance will be featured in the second of two finale shows, airing Wednesday, Dec. 16 at 8 P.M. EST/PST on Fox.

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  • Paulie

    Very cool. I will definitely be watching, even though I’ve never watched this show before. GO ADAM!

    • crispy

      Or you could just watch it on Youtube the next day.

    • why the face, adam?

      That is really exciting news…for shut ins and cat ladies.

    • Troll

      The only artist I know who has more lives than a cat. Sadly, none of th overwhelming publicity seems to be helping Mr. Lambert in record sales or radio play.

      • cindy

        His record sales debut was 3rd in music and 1st in Pop … He outsold so many hot artists.

      • toolly

        I’m not sure about where you live, but here in New York Adam’s song, Whataya Want From Me was 2nd only to lady gaga’s bad romance on Z100

  • Pat

    same here…never watched the show, but now I will…anywhere I can see Adam!

    • @Pat

      Adam is like a shooting star. You better catch him in all his tv appearances cause once the hype machine dies, so will his career. But I’m sure he’ll be appearing at your local gay caberet real soon!

      • mark

        pat, learn how to spell cabaret, you homophobic moron

  • Anita


  • RJF

    YES!!!! That show has been going downhill and I am pretty sure the highlight of the evening will be Adam…

    • LiLa

      Going downhill? This season’s talent is some of the best ever on this show — and they’ve always been good.

    • reality bites

      Either you don’t watch it, you have no taste, or you’re just an assbleep.

      • MDEP

        I have found this season to be a bit boring, last season as well. No one has really jumped out at me like seasons 2, 3 and 4. I am not saying they are not talented, because they are, I am just not excited about it as I usually am.

        I think Adam will be a good fit, and am looking forward to his performance.

    • @RJ

      The only way Adam will bring the ratings up is if he tricks them into thinking he won’t do what he did at the AMA’s. Otherwise, the ratings won’t change much.

  • Susan

    I have watched the show all season and they have some of the most talented dancers! Adam is a fitting performer for the season finale!

    • OMG

      I’ve been waiting for one of the choreographers to use FYI in a routine. I am glad Nigel is bringing him on!!

  • Davey

    I thought Kris was also performing on SYTYCD. Probably not at the same night because that would bore the media and Adam fans.

    • Kiki

      He performed Wednesday night.

  • robert

    “Whataya Want From Me” – suggestive title don’t you think – based on everything that has happened – what do I want ?? – for Adam to go away – Sorry not watching the show

    • crispy

      I actually like that the song has taken on new meaning in the wake of his so-called scandal. It gives it poignancy.

      • Matt

        I like that song too Crispy. I have always liked that song WWFM but since he has been making the rounds singing it I have liked it even more. Sorry but I did not like his AMA performance. Nothing to do with his suggestive stuff, his voice was off. He even said on his Reality bite series that he didn’t sing that well then. I can’t wait to watch him on The View (although I hate that show, my wife loves it) and SYTYCD (which both my wife and daughter love). His best pre-idol preformance to date is the one he did on Ellen.

    • jr

      If you dont like Adam, why the heck did u even come here to comment. If you are just a “gay basher” then go somewhere else to voice ur thoughts. We love Adam here. He is one hellofa singer. I watch SYTYCD all the time, it will be a big big bonus to get to see Adam on there.

      • TJ

        Because it’s a newsworthy item given everything that’s come before this, not a personal engraved invitation to you Lambert worshippers. And useful news, too – now I know I’ll need to keep the DVR fast-forward key handy during the finale of that show so my eardrums don’t bleed.

      • mike

        Why do all you Adam drones make this into a gay thing? How come your responses never address what people are saying about Adam? Stop attacking people who are simply here to do the same thing you’re ding: LEAVING COMMETS. This isn’t the Adam Lambert Lovefest, it’s a site for critical comments, be they negative or positive. So please, cut it out already!

      • wakeforce

        The Adam bashers come on here because they need to be negative. Their own lives suck and they just crave attention.

    • JerryW

      @robert…when you start spitting up green pea soup and your head starts spinning around…please get help..why did you post on every Adam column…who cares what you friggin watch…

    • Lock

      @robert who cares whataya you want. Millions of us will watch the show because of Adam. Get it? You don’t want to watch it? Then don’t. Who cares!

  • Jane

    I thought it was a dancing competition, not a singing competition.

    • mtraptor

      Of course it is. They always have musicians on during the results shows.

    • rita

      Um, yeah. It’s not a singing competition but they do have singers on during the results show. It’s not that much of a stretch, after all, people do dance to MUSIC.

      • Q

        I really enjoyed Snoop Dogg’s performance with ABDC. I love the musical acts but I wish they’d bring in dancers to dance with them more often. Shakira’s performance was so disappointing – so little dancing!

    • JerryW

      Jane…How can you dance without to Jane…..

  • Denise

    Great news! I love that show, and I love Adam! I’m happy that they realize what an amazing talent he is! I just wish he could sing more than one song from his incredible album! They are all fantastic!

  • Mary

    Yea! Very excited to hear this news! I love SYTYCD, and after hearing Kris would be performing, I was secretly hoping Adam would get to perform as well! But I was a little doubtful, because of the whole “controversy”. Maybe ABC is starting to get the picture that EVERY OTHER NETWORK is jumping to have Adam on.

    • @Mary

      “EVERY” other network? Errrr…so far, he’s only been on Fox (obviously), and CBS – on their LOW rated morning show. NBC hasn’t had him on yet (although they might have him on their LOW rated Jay Leno show). Oh, and this season of SYTYCD is the LOWEST rated season in the history of the show.

      You seeing a pattern yet, Mary?

      • MrDuffin

        @Mary…I do see a pattern. You are jealous of Adam and the real Mary!

  • Maserda

    So if the finale is on the 15th and 16th for SYTYCD, does that mean it will be a 6-person finale? Or will four people be axed this week, since they currently in the top-8?

    • Q

      ??? Good question. Obviously they’re running into Christmas and wanted to advance the schedule, but I wonder how they will handle it?

    • jlm

      I read last week that there will be 6 in the finale

  • Freddie

    I agree with the majority of the people speaking here, I have never watched the show but I will watch with Adam Performing. This is just one of 14 great songs on his CD with is OUT OF THIS WORLD. Mary, I agree with U, I think now that other stations are booking Adam to come on there shows is a great sign and I am glad that Barbara Walters will not only have Adam on her special Wednesday night, he will also be performing and talking on THE VIEW Thursday morning so I can’t wait. A big thank you out to ABC for allowing Adam on the show, hopefully they will also allow him to be on the Jimmy Kimmel Show and New Years Rockin Eve.

  • Q

    Baby steps towards making up for Nigel’s homophobia, but it counts. I’m psyched.

  • Vickie

    YEAH, This is great news… I have marked my calender. Love this song from his CD, it is one of my fav’s. I watched him perform this one on CBS Morning Show and it was awesome………..

  • Bob

    This year has been excellent. The dancers truly are some of the best we have ever seen. It is so difficult seeing the results when the dancers are told they are leaving. They are fantastic and have come just a long way. They should be so very proud and hopefully the tour for the top 10 will result in furthering their careers. Adam should help bring more viewers to the finale. It deserves it for this has been a quality season of terrific performers. I really do not have a preference who wins but Legacy is amazing. I sincerely think I guy and gal should win.

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