Adam Lambert's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' performance canceled

Adam Lambert’s Dec. 17 outdoor concert on Jimmy Kimmel Live! has been canceled, an ABC spokesperson confirmed to EW. “We decided not to move forward with the booking at this time,” said the spokesperson, who wouldn’t comment on whether the cancellation had anything to do with the singer’s controversial performance at the American Music Awards last month on ABC. Lambert’s appearance on Kimmel was booked before the AMAs had aired.

Lambert’s rep told EW that the singer will now perform on The Jay Leno Show on Dec. 21 instead, but a rep for the NBC show was unable to confirm his appearance at press time.

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  • me


    • del901

      The fact of the matter is that Jimmy Kimmel’s mom died and he’s cancelled all his shows for the next little while.

      Perhaps EW could check their facts?

      • del901

        Oops. Never mind. That was a false report.

      • del901

        Oops. The Jimmy mother report was false. My bad.

        That said…. ABC has to get over it. I don’t think Adam’s making the same performance mistake again.

      • Janis

        There is something heinous going on here with ABC! The other channels have no issue with Adam and he has performed stunningly. I am worried the conservatives have decided to use Adam as a lightening rod to further their agenda!! This is Bull Sh*t!!!

      • jotu

        I told you…there are powers bigger than us that want Adam’s career over and done right now…please believe it

      • Seth

        “The other channels have no issue with Adam” – Can’t comment on the performance, because I didn’t watch, however didn’t CBS blur out the picture of his kiss while NOT blurring out the picture of the other kiss (I think between Madonna and Britney)? Seems like I read about that. Anyway, CBS may have let Adam perform, but it sounds like they did have a problem with simply showing a pic of his kiss with the male keyboard player. Could be wrong though…just seeing if that is what really happened.

      • Anna

        Not to mention Kirstie Alley and that Bebe woman who used to play Lillith Crane on Cheers engaging in overt tongue play on some awards show that took more than just a few years ago.

      • Anna

        This was suppossed to be in reply to Seth @ 1:15 a.m.

      • jotu

        remember Halle Berry being tongued down during the Oscars…on ABC?

      • BooKitty

        No Janis, the liberal side (I’m extremely liberal btw) is using him as a lightning rod. Hence why you don’t talk about “simulated oral sex” and only say the other side is anti-gay.

      • jotu

        Adam gets grief from all sides…the gay press and blogs have been very mean to him…he is a lighting rod period…that’s a hard way to be and don’t know how he deals with it..truly don’t…I hope he is alright

      • @janis

        You’re a bigger idiot than Adam if you think what he did was stunning. All he had to do was sing that stupid song and he would’ve debuted at at the top of the charts, but no, he had to resort to that vulgar display. He deserves whatever he gets for being such a big douchbag.

      • soniajs

        @janis – it is you that is the idiot. If you read what Janis said, she said the other channels have no issue with Adam and he has performed stunningly; i.e., the CBS Early Show and The Ellen Show. And he DID debut at #1 on the pop chart, so as far as douchebagness goes, I guess you’re the one holding the bag, as you both have your facts wrong, can’t read and can’t spell.

      • MK

        Okay, so he goofed. But ABC is WAY over-reacting by putting all the blame on his shoulders. After all, he didn’t choreograph the number. He didn’t costume the dancers. He didn’t even write the song. Yes, he went along with the idea of performing it, but don’t try to tell me that he wasn’t encouraged by others who should have known better to “go a little wild” on the AMAs. ABC wanted ratings– and they got them– the best since 2002. Why all the hate for Adam now? Bygones, ABC, bygones!

      • Patricia

        I find it very ironic that you’re criticizing EW for not checking their facts.

      • E. Marie

        Even if Jimmy’s mother passed, do you think the show wouldn’t go on? Do you think the network goes dark over one person?

      • del

        You are right and I am wrong. I will apologise yet again. Happy Patricia? :)

        But I do still think ABC is over-reacting cancelling GMA and Kimmel and NYE. Adam made a stupid mistake. He should have stuck to what he did in the rehearsal. But ABC seems like they are out to get him.

      • theJuanStar

        The fact of the matter is the Liberty Council filed a complaint with the FCC.

      • del

        And someone should file a complaint against the Liberty Council. What right do they have to decide what I can watch on my tv?

    • Sally in Chicago

      I agree, and I wasn’t a Lambert fan, but this is foul. Unfair. But — it’s ABC. He messed up with the wrong people.
      But he’ll bounce back.

      • kim

        Adam did something stupid and now he’s paying for it. ABC is doing the right thing. The guy was reckless and arrogant. He thought he could get his freak on, but he wasn’t thinking about the facgt tha he could actually offend people.

      • jrm

        Geez, kim, obsess much?

      • Jenn

        Kim this is a free country and Adam broke no laws! You should be more concerned about artistic freedom than punishing someone for what they did at 10:55 at night!! I didn’t know we lived in Beijing!

      • @jrm

        Seems like you need a good dose of reality too. Adam acts like some spoiled kid who thinks he can get away with anything. After all the hype and publicity, he needs a good dose of reality. He aint that good a singer or performer. You dillusional fans created that illusion, now he’s paying the price.

      • terie

        @kim: GOD forgives … why can’t you?

      • @terie

        God forgives those who repent from sinning. I don’t see Adam doing that. He has no remorse or a sense of humility. I blame that on people like you who fuel the hype.

      • del

        Sinning? What the heck are you talking about. He got carried away interpreting the lyrics of his song. But there was no actually blow job on stage.

      • Tarc

        @terie- I don’t think Lambert particularly cares about your personal opinion of the views of your particular flavor of God. Nor do I, nor should anyone else. The fact that you bring up ‘repenting’ and ‘sinning’ merely illustrates your own particular brand of bigotry and evil.

      • @tarc

        This isn’t about religion you dumbass. It isn’t about good or evil. It’s about a douchbag wannabe rocker who’s ego is rivaling the national deficit because his dumbass fans think he can do no wrong. Stop defending bad behavior. He was wrong and stupid for doing what he did. Sexuality, religion, and talent have nithing to do with it.

      • jamey

        Actually he didn’t mess up. If it had been women in his performance no one would have even had a problem. he’s a performer. he performed. GET OVER IT ABC and the critical public. He did nothing wrong!!!

    • ianaleah

      Noone knows the whole story except Adam and ABC, and Adam says to just stay positive. He is still scheduled on two other ABC shows, Barbara Walters and The View, so ABC will be the big loser by not showing his performances. No worries. They are their own worst enemy, this time. LOL !

    • Susan

      seriously…the more they keep canceling, they more attention they give to his performance. Get over it already. I’m sure he knows his limitations now.

      • agrimesy

        AL does realize his limitations now. He has learned some performance boundaries from this experience. He even said so in an interview and on twitter that he intends to go in a new direction and focus on the music. AL made a rookie mistake, and he was duly reprimanded. That should have been the end of it. ABC is making this a bigger issue than it ever needed to be.

      • @susan

        You’re wrong susan. He doesn’t know his limitatios because he doesn’t see anything wrong with what he did. He’s just as dillusional as his fans because he really thinks he’s some sort of “rock god.” What a joke, a rock god who puts out a disco song as his first single. What a dumbass.

    • econruth

      Jimmy Who?

    • MattyB

      Who are ANY of you people to just decide that what AL did was “wrong” and that he’s been “duly” punished?! Who are any of YOU (or me for that matter) to decide what’s right and wrong in terms of artistic expression? Deciding that he’s some “spoiled kid” who needs to be taught a lesson? That’s how book burning and facism begin, folks. And all that craziness is nothing but misplaced anger over feeling that YOUR worldview is being challenged. But name-calling, censorship and reactionary rhetoric is a knee-jerk and short-sighted way to deal with that frustration. So you don’t like Adam Lambert. Ignore him. And when you see him on TV or online or in a magazine, think about someone you DO like. Deciding that his fans are “idiots” and that he’s some kind of Anti-Christ only serves to make YOU feel worse (angrier and agitated). Until you start burning albums. Then you’re hurting everybody by putting it out there that it’s okay to tell people what to say and how to say it.

  • Lynn

    Geez ABC, it’s like you want to attract more controversy!

    And it’s just Kimmel. Late night on any network is different ground.

  • Drew

    My god ABC, let it go already! Why don’t they just go ahead and put a lifetime Adam Lambert ban for the whole network. They are looking more stupid by the day. Well if the Leno thing works out, it’s actually has more viewers than Kimmel, so oh well.

    • puke

      When’s the last time you saw Janet Jackson performing on CBS?

      • SherryRae

        Its awfully funny that Madonna and Brittney Spears didn’t get banned from ABC after their kiss at the AMA’s a few years ago! Why is it that people can accept two female performers kissing… but not two male.. talk about double standards!

  • Antinous

    Screw you ABC, you love felons but hate gays, I will never watch your stinking bigoted network again.

    • puke

      Disney/ABC is one of the most pro-gay companies in America. They have been taking heat for years due to their generous and fair treatment of gay employees throughout the company. But little things like facts don’t matter to Lame-bert lovers.

      • kaaketu

        What a fitting name you have cause you make me puke! Idiot!

      • Ladyli1

        Then what is their problem with Glambert?

      • @puke


        And these stupid ABC bashers are forgetting that Adam is *STILL* scheduled to be on “The View” and on Barbara Walters’ 10 Most Fascinating People program….all which air on…*gasp*…ABC.

        We all know ADAM is a moron, but I didn’t know his fans were either.

      • soniajs


        You FAIL. Anyone who knows Adam knows he is NOT a moron. Listen to an interview with him, a**hole; he is funny, humble, articulate and intelligent. You obviously have never listened to all his music or his interviews, so stop it with your ignorance; until you’ve heard it, you have no right to your ignorant hillbilly opinion.

      • LOL

        “soniajs” finds Adam to be “articulate and intelligent”

        Darn girl, you really have no standards, do you?

      • soniajs

        @LOL – You are an idiot. As I said before, listen to an interview. If you don’t think he’s articulate and intelligent then you haven’t seen an interview. You are really an idiot. Check your facts before you spread your hate. FAIL.

      • @sonajs

        Adam is indeed a moron. Look at his album cover and his firs single. Straight men will steer cleer of his album, and half of his fans have abandoned him because the rocker released a DISCO song as his first single! He’s either extremely arrogant, or a complete moron. After the AMA’s, it looks like he’s a bit of both.

      • Josie

        Dude, where do you get your information? Adam’s fans have NOT abandoned him…in fact they’ve rally behind him. Have you not heard that his album has sky-rocketed to #3 in its first week? Ummm…obviously he still has a couple fans…A COUPLE MILLION! Check your facts next time!

      • soniajs

        @soniajs – Your ignorance is incredible. I’m embarrassed for you.He is not arrogant; look at the support his fans have given him – “half his fans have abandoned him..”? You are too stupid to even acknowledge anymore. Watch an interview and quit talking out your a** without having any facts. He is humble and funny and articulate; his album is filled with many different genres and has been a critical and commercial success. You are so dumb. I can’t say it any other way. You are dumb. Oh, wait. I CAN say it another way. You are a moron. Yup, thanks for providing me with the right word to describe you.

      • Mykey716

        Normally, I’d agree with you about ABC/Disney being pro-gay (or at least gay-friendly) and I even almost understood the GMA cancellation, but now Kimmel and Rockin’ New Year’s Eve??? That sounds like censorship to me!

    • IreneRose

      Antinous I agree with you = ABC is dead in my house, will never watch
      them again

      • @irene

        You’re a bigger moron than Adam. You’re dropping an entire network for some dumbass singer who simulates sex on national t.v. and when he’s called out for it, dumbass people like youu actually defend him. What’s next, free the pediphiles? Adam has done absolutely nothing to deserve this unconditional love. Cult leaders don’t even get this much loyalty.

      • Aaron

        I am with you Irene! Freedom of artistic expression should concern everyone!! I don’t want to live in Iran!!

      • Tarc

        Sorry – there was nothing wrong with Lambert’s performance beyond a lame song and a bad vocal. ABC happily aired Janet grabbing her dancer’s crotch in the opening number, Shakira and her 28 dancers dry humping the air for over 4 minutes in the middle, and a Eminem number so foul that it was half-bleeped. ABCs stance is hypocritical and bogoted. So, yes, there is a significant vendetta going on here (and I’m not really much of a Lambert fan, but a spade is a spade).

      • Tarc

        @irene – Apperently we should ignore you; if you cannot distinguish between legal, commonplace activities and illegal and horrific crimes, you caerainly can;t form an opinion worth considering.

    • @antinous

      Adam’s careless behavior on stage has nothing to do with gays. Don’t confuse someone’s sexual orientation with some dude’s knucklehead decision to simulate sex on a family oriented program. Adam needs to make better decisions. Stop using homophobia to excuse stupid behavior.

      • agrimesy

        Since when is the AMAs a “family oriented program”??? Are you serious? Did you even watch it? Family show? Really? That’s what you think? That show was riddled with sex AND violence, by the way from the get go. The fact that ABC is singling out Adam Lambert for his performance is totally biased!

      • Tarc

        There is no confusion about ABCs anti-gay bigotry in the Lambert matter. Janet grabbed a crotch, Shakira and a cadre of dancers dry humped the air for an entire song, and Eminem did a number about violence and rape so vile they had to bleep half the song. A kiss and a bit of simulated oral (just like is done everywhere, every night on stage in pretty much every rock show – albeit typically with a man and a woman) is all they have to complain about? I though Lambert’s perfoamnce was hardly ‘controversial – it was cliched and boring. And the AMAs after 10PM is not a “family” viewing zone.

  • dona

    ABC sucks! Homophobes!

    • LOL

      That is slander.

      • Really?

        It’s only slander/liable if it isn’t true. Let’s call a spade a spade. Get with the program ABC. You’re showing your true colors.

      • Skip182

        What’s sad is that everyone shouting that abc are homophobes aren’t looking at the facts. They’re making arguments without reguards to reality. I am exteremly pro-gay rights, and the fact that you’re trying to turn this into a gay-rights issue is appauling. This has nothing to do with his sexuality and everything to do with the simulated sex he thought was a good idea. This is why people don’t take the movement seriously. Find an actual issue and focus on that instead of fabricating a false issue that is only hurting the cause.

    • Jack

      ABC has the most gay characters of any other network…stop saying things you know nothing about

      • Aaron

        Then what the F*CK is their problem!! Adam did not break any laws!! He is performed on all the other channels and does a great job. He isn’t on the View as someone said above, but they won’t cancel him on Barbara Walters because she won’t let them. There is something sick going on with ABC!!

      • Brigid

        They won’t cancel him on Barbara Walters because she already taped the special.

    • @donna

      You’re confusing homosexuality and deviant reckless behavior. They are two different things. ABC is not homophobic, but Adam is a homosexual man who behaved badly by displaying inappropriate simulated sexual acts on a family show. His sexuality had absolutely nothing to do with hus poor desicion to behave this carelessly. Get it right, sister.

      • SherryRae

        Do you all honestly think Adam choreographed this himself? All but the kiss was choresographed by the people putting on the show.

  • jaime

    OMG SERIOUSLY ABC CUT THIS CRAP OUT!!! Most of the shows i watch are on your network please dont make me hate you…i couldnt live with that.

    Just let it go…

    • Gayken

      Are Adam’s fans former Claymates? Because you all act about as crazy as they did.

      • TJ

        how would you know, you seem to know all about this , what a hypocrite, troll of the blogs…..your kind suck

      • LOL

        The Gaymates are dumber and meaner than the Claymates.

      • Aaron

        What is wrong with you people that you don’t care if a major TV station is taking a stand against freedom of artistic expression!! That should concern every American. Is your personal agenda making you so unintelligent you can’t see past your hate??

      • cindy

        If the Haters weren’t crazy then we wouldn’t have to stand up for BB but they are so we do. Fact is Adam has a stronger fanbase then most always has more then a 1000 peeps on his site at any given moment.

    • mari

      its THEIR station aaron. they can decided if they want adam on their or not. adam can have his freedom of artistic expression at his concerts that people pay for.

      • Skip182

        THANK YOU! It is THEIR network. Adam screwed the pooch on their network, and they have every right to not welcome him back. Everyone yelling about freedom is missing the fact that ABC also has the freedom to not show adam.

      • mari

        yeah it seems pretty obvious to me. i’m pretty passionate about the bands that i like, but man these lambert fans are out there. i can’t figure out if they are wilfully being ignorant, or if they just have themselves convinced that the world is on a mission to bring adam down.

      • Shelly

        Exactly, the kind of act Adam did at the AMAs belongs in his concerts and NOT on national tv.

        Also, I HAVE seen Adam in several interviews and he is anything BUT articulate or intelligent!! PLEASE!! If he were he would own up to what he did and apologize. Instead he is an immature, arrogant jerk by saying he just got carried away. The guy is completely ignorant!!

  • linda

    They put Allison in his place. Way to put a hit on her career idiots!

    • @linda

      How is that a hit on Allison’s career? The way I see it, she’s getting well deserved publicity. The media, in all their wisdom, was giving an obsene amout of hype and publicity to Adam. We all know now that he doesn’t desrve it, or is apprecitative at all.

  • Carrie

    This is discrimination against former fatties!

    • puke

      And current pizza faces.

      • michelle

        I AM SURE YOU ARE JUST SO ATTRACTIVE..HAHAH !!! You wish you were 1/2 as gorgeous and sexy as Adam is…jealousy can be the beast within..its definitley gotten inside of you LOL !!!

      • KRL

        zygoat…. go hurry up and look that one up in the dictionary loser.

      • Sara

        lol, seems you hot a nerve with Michelle.

      • @KRL

        I’m sure that michelle would love to look up the word zygoat, except she would find it’s not a word. Too bad you can’t spell A**hat

  • Jennifer M

    2 Words: SERIOUSLY ABC?

    • ger

      Well, maybe one word and three letters.

  • jeffrey

    wow..that’s it from me. Never watching ABC again

    • Nick T

      While this is bad news, you can’t blame Grey’s Anatomy and Cougar Town. And definately not the recently restored Ugly Betty. It’s not there faults.

    • @jefrey

      Another dumbass Adam fan making a dumbass statement.

      • @jefrey

        That’s the best you can do?

  • GenGen

    What ABC is doing is shameful. They make me feel sick.

    • Anne

      I feel the exact same way.

    • agrimesy

      I feel sick too. ABC cancelled AL’s GMA performance and made their statement. It should have been done with that. Two more cancellations is shameful.

  • Lil

    Both Kimmel and New Year’s Eve were canceled. The punishment does not fit the crime! This hatred has to stop. Will people wake up and come to their senses? Enough already. I now go out of my way NOT to watch anything on ABC anymore.


      You are right Lil. Somethinbg is very wrong here!! How can this be happening and on what basis?? This is a true outrage and attach on artistic expression.

  • kib

    Am I living in 2009? Is ABC starting a blacklist against gay artists now?

    I’m outraged.

    • puke

      I think it’s a blacklist against no-talent newbies who were given a huge break by being allowed to perform alongside of actual stars who worked to get where they are, and then said newbie turns around and screws over the network by performing and act very different (and totally disasterific due to lack of talent) than he promised. I think those are the only people being “blacklisted”. Do you let people back into your house after they crap on your rug?

      • Joel

        wow, thank you puke (great name)! i honestly couldn’t have said it better myself. adam is incredibly talentless, choosing shock over actual substance. the fact that his cancellations are eliciting this much passion is ridiculous. he chose to to go ahead and do his own thing, and abc has no obligation to continue promoting this empty star. it has nothing to do with being gay, what he did was just idiotic.

      • mandee

        AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!! love adam, but i have to agree with this 100%

      • soniajs

        puke and joel and the other idiot underneath them: Talentless?! Are you kidding? Anyone who says Adam Lambert is talentless has been living under a rock, has never heard anything he’s done, is totally homophobic or is jealous. Which description fits you? Do you know that he was #2 on the list of the best rock voices EVER, compiled by unbiased voice critics, one of whom was unsure of Adam until “Feeling Good” won him over completely? Do you know that Rob Cavallo says Adam can hit every note playable on a guitar? Do you know that in a comparison with Kelly Clarkson experts deemed him the better singer, note for note? Do you know that he has perfect pitch? You…people…are…idiots…and…your…arguments…are…invalid. You have just shown yourselves to be so completely ignorant. And guess what? ABC chose Adam out of EVERYONE to close that show – they knew the guy had talent. It did not go as they planned, they completely over-reacted and completely underestimated the backlash they would receive, and they are going to end up eating this one. And you will still be idiots. So have fun with that.

      • Hey puke

        He recognized he went to far, has not blamed ABC and states he understands their stance. You don’t like him fine. But no talent? Everyone has an opinion. While I don’tt agree, I’m going to respect yours.

    • Carrie

      Oh come on–have you seen Modern Family? Grey’s Anatomy? Ugly Betty? All have lesbian and gay characters that are less stereotypical than Adam Lambert. There are clearly gay and lesbians represented on the channel (could there be more? Always). It’s because Adam was too brazen for a newbie and is facing the consequences.

      • Carrie

        I forgot to add Brother & Sisters too!

      • Jenny

        How does this make sense? How can you be so blind by your dislike for Adam and not realize what is happening here and how insane it is?

      • Skip182

        Lost had a gay character too. Granted he’s dead now…but on Lost that’s no biggy.

      • Duh

        Gay characters (many played by straight actors) are not the same.

  • Janie

    He has been canceled on NYE also.

  • Anne

    And NOW ABC has cancelled Adam from Rockin New Years Eve. This is absolutely Ridiculous!!

    • puke

      Yeah, it’s so unfair when people with a sense of entitlement have to face consequnces resulting from their own actions! Bummer.

      • michelle

        HEY PUKE- YOU MAKE US ALL PUKE…If you dont like Adam go elesewhere, we dont need your negativity here!! You sure have posted alot and spent alot ot time on someone you “dont like”.. HAHAHA

      • JRK

        attention whore

      • LOL

        I agree, JRK…that’s all Lambert is, isn’t it?

    • Tarc

      Yup – bigoted vendetta. Fun. Grrrr.

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