CBS' 'Early Show' stands by its decision to blur Adam Lambert kiss

CBS’s The Early Show, which added Adam Lambert to its Wednesday program after ABC’s Good Morning America canceled the singer’s appearance, has nevertheless found itself in hot water for showing a clip of Lambert’s American Music Awards performance in which his kiss with a male keyboardist was intentionally blurred out. Moments later, The Early Show aired unedited footage of Madonna and Britney Spears locking lips.

In response, Jarrett Barrios, President of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), issued a statement: “The Early Show‘s decision this morning to blur Adam Lambert’s kiss from the American Music Awards reinforces an unfortunate double standard that is applied to openly gay performers.”

An Early Show rep sent EW this statement: “We gave this some real thought. The Madonna image is very familiar and has appeared countless times including many times on morning television. The Adam Lambert image is a subject of great current controversy, has not been nearly as widely disseminated, and for all we know, may still lead to legal consequences.”

Adam Lambert discussed the controversy with EW earlier today. [ewbrightcove “52525953001”, “52626150001”, “475”, “345”]

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  • Snarf

    I call shenanigans. The message is subtle but clear. Gay men are tolerated as long as we don’t demonstrate what actually makes us gay. What century are we in again?

    • B&B


      • Pee Wee

        Grow up B&B! Adam Lambert is a douche bag. He kissed some guy to grab headlines and free publicity. Way to go America for NOT making Adam-it the American Idol last year!

      • Bananas!~

        I agree with you completely. That guy who replied to you saying Adam was a douche, well, he’s the douche in all this.

    • ernie

      I think this situation is pretty boring and typical. Let it go. Some people just don’t want to see gay people at each other. and PS, this goes over your kids’ heads. If they are old enough to get what’s happening, they know about it already. That dude he kissed looked like a chick anyway.

  • TG

    Give me a break. Double standard. The guy pushed the envelope, period.

    • Sally in Chicago

      LOL — right! The two women who kiss are married heterosexuals that we know are NOT into women (Madonna and Britney)….they did it for shock value….I believe there was a gossip item that Madonna approached Britney before the show and told her to try it, that it would cause controversy the next morning which it did.

      • alex

        Not into women? They’ve had their fair share of sex with women. Don’t be so naive. Sexuality, hetero or homo, is not so cut and dry.

      • alice

        After seeing Britney’s latest video I thought she was a lesbian with all the cavorting and touching the other women in the video. If kids can see that sort of thing on TV, what’s the big deal about a boy kiss?

      • JoJo

        You obviously don’t know that Madonna has shown that she is bi-sexual, and Britney was not sure of anything at the time. They are not exactly good role models.

      • Kate

        Oh, I guess it’s OK to exploit homosexuality for controversy and fame, but if it’s just your orientation – heaven forbid, our eyes will burn out!

      • Craig

        JoJo, what does being bi-sexual have to do with being a good role model? At least Madonna is teaching her kids the very real fact that there are people on this earth who are very different from one another, not only because of skin color (hence her multi-racial brood) but also of different sexual orientations, which in my book makes her a far better role model than you. You sit there and pontificate and judge others based on something personal like their sexual preferences, how about you judge Christian leaders who take money from their followers only to finance their own personal, selfish needs (expensive cars, lavish homes, etc.. ) while promoting hatred and divisiveness among society.

      • Benes

        Please tell me you’re not acutally praising Madonna as a mother? Give me a break.

      • sprinkle

        Madonna and Britney are STRAIGHT people. Good grief are you all idiots.

      • Muffy

        Sally, Mandonna goes both ways! Read about it.

      • Julie

        sprinkle: Perhaps you missed the entire Madonna “sex” period on her life where she DID dabble in bisexual relationships.

        This whole thing is a double standard. I will stand up and say I didn’t understand the whole Adam Lambert thing prior to the AMAs…but his routine was smokin’ and I enjoyed the music so much that I went out and bought his album. I WASN’T shocked…it was an act. Who cares if he “kissed a boy and he liked it?”

        Stop worrying so much about sex…and who’s having sex with whom…and worry about more important issues!

        This was blatantly discriminatory by CBS…for shame.

      • Jeff

        Madonna and Brittany did it for shock value? What the heck do you think that Adam did it for? Do you think he is in love with the guy that he kissed? Double Standard!!

      • darclyte

        Madonna has admitted to sleeping with women at various times, including comedienne Sandra Bernhard.

      • Bananas!~

        Julie: THANK. YOU.

    • Mark

      Seeing a male to male kiss to a heterosexual male is like seeing a male penis penetrating women’s vagina to a gay male. Yep, it’s that bad. Note: one two good looking heterosexuals kiss, although we (men) know it’s fake, we still like it (although deep inside we are appalled by how low some people are willing to go to get the shock value)

      • Ændrew

        @Mark: What is a male penis penetrating a male anus to you, then? You’re being hysterical; comparing intercourse of any variety to kissing is frankly just silly, regardless of how offensive you find it. BTW, I’m a very heterosexual male and I’m both amused by your overly-cautious (yet explicit!) description and also not offended in the least by two adults kissing, regardless of the gender of each.

      • ger

        That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever read.

      • Rob

        You might not want to make such broad statements about people you don’t know. I’m a heterosexual man and couldn’t possible care any less than I do about seeing two men kiss. Doesn’t offend me or disgust me. So I’m guessing watching a penis inserted into a vagina probably doesn’t make all gay men vomit. Grow up.

      • staciegirlie

        @Mark–So what? How do you think we women feel when we see 2 other women kiss? Mark, it’s not all about you.

      • RyRyNYC

        wow… this is honestly the dumbest statement i have ever read on a message board… and i’ve been known to read the Heroes recap boards!!! LOL

      • Rick enriquez

        WHO CARES, There are WAY bigger and much more important things to worrie and care about other than who adam lambert is kissing!! Get a hobbie!!

      • Bob

        Mark, do you hear yourself? You think so little of gay men you think they’re actually shocked or disgusted by heterosexual sex. That’s ridiculous. If two gay men kissing horrify you so much, the problem is with you, not them. You need to mature some more.

      • Rain

        male penis? Would it be alright it if were a female penis? Dude think BEFORE posting

      • Mark

        I am a gay male. I bet you think I am a hair dresser or interior designer by trade. Guess what. I am not. And I am also not offended or sickened by seeing a penis inserted into a vagina. People are not stereotypes. Please learn from the may comments to your assumptions.

      • PhillipP

        As a gay male I have absolutely no problem seeing a male penis penetrating a female vagina, in fact I try to see it every opportunity I get.

      • AML

        I’m a heterosexual male, and I frankly don’t like watching a penis entering a vagina – some of us don’t like porn no matter gay or straight. Kissing is not porn. Mark – you’re sick.

      • SFBJR

        This should not be an issue in the year 2009. The gays are here to stay, and no one is putting us back into the closet. We’ve come too far to go back into hiding. It’s really sad that the heterosexual man can have such a double standard when it comes to same gender kissing if it involves two females. If you don’t like it, DON’T LOOK AT IT.

      • Warda

        That makes absolutely no sense. So why isn’t heterosexual kissing just as bad? You’re a bigoted idiot.

      • To Mark have you got a penis LOL!!

        Right on. Don’t we simply adore and jerk off at the sight of a penetration. But, what you just posted is outta this world!!! Go find your momma you are too “young” to be here LOL!

      • wow

        You are an idiot and you don’t represent men, pal- you represent closeted morons.

      • Em

        Rush Limbaugh, why are you taking the chat-name Mark??

      • Tomrd16

        @RyRyNYC: hahaha you made my day, it is so true what you say, and I usually check out the Heroes’ message board to get a good laugh even though I don’t watch the show any longer.

      • Phil Cooper

        Mark, you don’t even make sense. Try learning some grammar and punctuation rules.

      • bootsycolumbia

        I can’t stop laughing at “male penis”.

      • Kat

        Ok the words “insertion” and “penetration” are used way too much in these posts. LOL What a hilarious thread. Insert the penetration!

    • psychoanalyzer

      I’m sorry, Mark, I’m a straight woman and I don’t give a damn what you heterosexual males like. What you fantasize about and dictate in this world is part of the problem. Sure, Adam was over the top, as were Britney and Madonna (and I don’t care to know how much you probably liked that) but the way they — and I mean, you heterosexual males who are running this sex-crazed music industry — are treating Adam, you would think he raped a little boy on stage, not just tongued his grown keyboardist. If they’re going to blur Adam out, they need to blur Madonna and Britney and every other girl/girl kiss on network TV — straight females don’t want to see it, and we don’t care if you like it. I’m not someone who gets offended easily, but dude, I cannot believe your nerve. Get over yourself and take your homophobia with you.

      • Madam Turnabout Fairplay

        I can’t hear this comment for all the mooing and sparkling in it.

    • Emma

      Yeah but there’s a reason it was widely disseminated: it was girl on girl. All that statement says it that, “hey, it’s not just us. It’s everybody!” What a terrific defense. I am a very impressed.

    • Jen

      The legal consequences may stem from the fact that the kiss was not planned (therefore part of the act/performance) and the keyboard artist was not homosexual. That may be considered sexual harassment to the keyboard player. To continue to televise that kiss further harasses the party which may cause legal problems for the Early Show should the keyboard player decide to pursue legal action.

      • talkin’

        No, I don’t buy this at all. You’re just making that up.

      • Amarantha

        Any legal action for sexual harassment (unlikely) would be against Adam Lambert not CBS.

      • Chris

        If he didn’t like it he could have said no.

    • UK Fan

      OMG you peeople are too funny!!!!

      I am thinking if we should ask President Obama now what he thinks of all this!!!!!! He’s probably a big fan too and is laughing his arse off!

      Thank God I don’t live in the United States!! Bring Adam to Europe and we will see that he gets the proper treatment!!!!

      • RoosterCogburn

        You can have him!

      • Tagrid

        UK Fan – really, we’re not all that ignorant. Sorry, he’s ours :)

      • UK NOT Fan

        From another UK resident. PLEASE keep him in the US. We’ve got more than enough of his lot here already.

  • talkin’

    explain legal consequences angle….

    • Erika

      I think they mean that Adam’s shenanigans, including the kiss, are the subject of a formal FCC complaint in which it’s charged he was both obscene and indecent. If the FCC agrees and fines ABC I guess they could also fine CBS if CBS aired the same footage.

      Adam was right and there is a huge double standard here. It makes it seem like two men kissing is indecent or obscene and that’s absolutely ridiculous. I can’t even believe we have to have this conversation in 2009.

      • PaganTemple

        There’s no way anybody could be sued over Adam kissing his keyboardist. It’s not even that unique. For instance, the ABC drama Brothers And Sisters has two gay characters, and they once portrayed them locking lips.

        If there is any potential for a lawsuit, it would probably be over the mock “blowjob” performance between Adam and one of the dancers.

        And by the way, I don’t buy for one second that either one, but especially the oral sex simulation, was “spontaneous”.

      • linda

        I cannot believe there is so much controversy over this kiss and the performance. ABC has two shows that I know of that are showing homosexuality. “One Life to Live” has a gay policeman kissing his boyfriend, a group of gays getting married. The ABC show “Brothers and Sisters” has two gay characters who kiss quite often. Now there is a new show on Wednesday night where one of the families is gay men with a baby.
        People the entire show was an sexualoriented /orgy/violence/rap etc. Look at GAGA, Rihanna and their attire and performances.
        I only watched the AMA to see Adam and realized this whole show is a horrid piece of humping, grinding, half naked people, with a few exceptions, simulating sex in each performance. Get off of Adam’s back.
        If his musician was offended he would not have shown up the next morning on CBS playing the guitar. He would have shot out real quick.
        Learn to use the remote.
        Adam is talented with a beautiful voice. Yes, his performance may have been over the top for a new performer. But don’t say it is because he is gay. There is so much homosexuality and bi-sexuality out there in the world…in politics and from other performers/artists.
        Chris Brown is a batterer/abuser and nearly killed his girlfriend. I know what that feels like. Been there. Yet they are putting him on GMA. This is pure BS…Chris Brown should be locked up.
        Janet Jackson grabbed her crotch and someone else’s, AMA gave her brother his 23rd award and he grabbed his crotch all the time. Prince has been risque many times. Remember “Purple Reign”?
        If you can turn on the TV, surely you can turn it off or change the channel!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • MariaD

      Seriously! What a bunch of hypocritical morons!

    • ianaleah

      Discrimination and easy to prove.

    • Desmo

      Possible FCC fines like those that occurred during the nipple slip incident in the Super Bowl. Not saying I agree with it, but it could be a very real concern for networks.

    • AcaseofGeo

      You got it talkin’. What legal consequence could there possibly be from a male on male kiss? OMG! The idiocy of that statement. Now maybe it could be an issue for the forced face to crotch move, but certainly a televised kiss is NOT a illegal in any way.

    • Dan

      What really doesn’t make sense is that on CBS’s As The World Turns, they have a male couple, Adam and Noah, who regularly kiss on the show and have been doing so for two years. They don’t kiss nearly as much as the heterosexual couples on the show, but they do kiss. There have been no “legal complications” over that so why would there be for Adam’s kiss?

      • Dan

        Sorry, it’s Luke and Noah.

    • alice

      That’s a typical ‘cover our asses’ statement. Like calling something a ‘safety issue’ or that it’s ‘for the children.’ Meaningless, IMO.

    • Road

      By Legal Consequences they mean fines from the FCC. If the content is considered “obscene” (KissingOMG how dirty!) by the FCC, whatever network aired the “obscene” content can be fined. Technically if the content was bad enough (and this wasn’t by far), their broadcasting license can be revoked.

  • Adam Fan

    It is a Double Standard, I think that Adam did an excellent job performing (which is why he was there) and I support what he did 1 million percent.

    • ianaleah

      I second that.

    • Sally in Chicago

      As I recall, doesn’t Adam have some Youtube videos where he’s risque’? This was before Idol.

    • Venetia

      His performance was vulgar way before he kissed the guy in the band. I mean… WTF! What was he thinking? I have no problem with the kiss, it’s everything before the kiss.
      This was an award show, not an
      A L concert. Did he ever take into account that his young (minor) fans would be watching?
      The person who gave the approval for this performance should be fired from working in television! This was so rude and inappropriate for television.

      • James

        You should be happy Adam is pushing the boundaries of what is ‘acceptable’ on American television. Not since Janet + Justin’s performance has there been such a beat up over nothing. The moral sterilization of American network television only serves the prudish and uptight. Lighten up, and focus on something more important.

      • Emma

        And what would they have seen exactly? If you watched any television over the past decade you’d probably know that his suggestive behavior was far less explicit than a lot of the other shows ABC airs. (um…Desperate Housewives? How many lingerie grope-fests have we witnessed? But hey, nobody’s complaining.

      • Superman

        I didn’t see all of the show, but I did see Eminem’s performance, which appeared before Adam’s. Eminem’s song was so full of profanity, that one section was bleeped out for a five full seconds! Predictably, there was no uproar about “family values” or “harmful impact to children” after it was over. Second for second, I think Eminem’s performance should have led to more huffing and puffing by the morality thermometers in this country. I’ve seen more racy performances on Dancing With The Stars than Adam’s, yet no one bats an eye during that show. Give me a break!

      • Donald

        I totally agree atleast someone here has some sense. What Adam did was immoral and way beyond that, anyone that thinks different needs help!!

      • Tagrid

        Immoral Donald? “and way beyond that” YOU are the one who needs help! GET SOME!
        I was more offended by Eminem’s references to rape, and the rifles in Rihanna’s performance. Now THOSE are OFFENSIVE!

  • Phft

    For me much of the buzz misses the point. Who cares about a kiss really. Only those with an agenda. The kiss wasn’t the problem. It was the sum of the inappropriate touching and the simulated sex act. Adam took it to a whole new level but Adams is right that it should not be tolerated in the other acts either regardless of gender on unfiltered TV. It’s not just kids that are a concern loads of adults with out children watching were upset by it and tuned out angry and disapointed. Inappropriate touching is never OK and glamorizing it on National TV just leads to more victims.

  • tvgirl48

    This is such an obvious double standard. This is no case of “crying prejudice” at the sight of people disagreeing with you. Guys are allowed to think girl-on-girl is hot and it’s accepted as sexy and not that big a deal. But guy-on-guy? Ew, disgusting, unnatural, censor it. Geez.

    • Hypocrisy

      Yeah, it’s okay to show clips from Girls Gone Wild with women kissing, but two men..can’t go there! What a lot of crock! Now the performance was a little racy but I’ve seen worse.

      • Josh

        Except Girls Gone Wild clips are only shown late at night…for a reason.

  • maiv

    yeah, that quote did not explain anything at all…

    • Tagrid

      Sure it did Maiv – it explained that CBS copped out. And it explained that while we all appreciated them picking Adam up after ABC dropped him, the only REAL reason CBS did that was for the ratings bump he would bring them. Their stupid quote explains a LOT.

  • ALAN

    As a 56 gay man I loved it. I guess I will have to buy his “new” CD. Awesome, the chruch used to ban books, I am sure it “helped” sales!!!

    • Brian C.

      Why did you feel the need to put “new” in quotes? I mean, the CD is in fact new. You’re not a very bright 56 year old man, are you?

      • Andrew

        Brian C., criticizing Alan for making punctuation errors and then making several yourself is actually kind of funny.

      • Johnny

        Actually, his punctuation is fine.

      • Red

        You are the “not very bright one” this is Adam’s NEW CD, BECAUSE this is his FOURTH CD, next time GOOGLE it before making STUPID replies to info you know nothing about.

      • James

        I love that you made the effort to make sure your punctuation was fine in your small sentence, Johnny. Whoops, I’ve done it to. (Too…just kidding haha)

      • alice

        Actually, his punctuation is incorrect. Here are two corrections. I mean, the CD is, in fact, new. 56-year-old man is the other. BTW, I use posts like this as fodder for my English composition course. TYVM, y’all.

    • Alan

      “As a 56 gay man I loved it.”

      But as a person not wearing his sexuality on his sleeve (which accounts for maybe .. what 10 minutes a day) you think Adam Lambert sucks. Admit it.

      You are defined by nothing except gayness. Is that not true?

      Oh well…. life could be worse, right?

  • Iceni

    I love adam Lambert, but I am afraid the simulated oral sex was what put me off. Not the kissing. If he was a more established performer. he would do no wrong, but this early in his career, he should think ahead
    Good luck to him.

    • Jenn

      He’s an Idol alumni. He’s not going to have a long career, they never do. Why does it matter if he’s established or not? Why can an established performer be “risque” but a new one can’t? Isn’t it more authentic to be consistent from the start rather than wait a few years and THEN start grinding on guys’ faces?

      During his Idol run there were ‘risque’ pictures of Adam all over the Internet. He’s dressed in drag and been photographed doing way worse things than what he did Sunday night. To be perfectly honest anyone who didn’t even sort of see this coming has not been paying attention.

    • Fatima

      Exactly what I feel. Didn’t care a tiny bit about the kiss. It was the simulated oral sex that had no place on a show watched by a lot of kids. Just gross and not at all clever or anything worth anything. Blurring a kiss is awful though.

    • Tagrid

      Iceni – this article is about CBS blurring the kiss, NOT about the faux blow fully clothed crotch grind. Stay on topic LOL Besides – this topic is now 4 days old – time to move on!!!
      Fatima – kids? up at 11 PM – SHAME on their parents! A TV is not a babysitter! (God this is old!)

  • deb

    From your comment sickness is not Adam’s, but yours. What a terrible thing to say. Both comments. Terrible. Simply terrible. Whether you like him or not this is really just plain hateful. Oh, I am so sorry for you as a person. So very sorry.

    • Bill

      Just goes to show you that 13 year old boys in their mama’s basements can post on message boards. Hopefully he’ll grow up soon.

    • Alan

      LOL!!! Deb you clearly have absolutely no real responsibilites in your life. “Oh the injustice of it all”.

      Good grief. Isn’t this Lambert guy some two bit singer whose entire life’s energy is devoted to separating as many dolalrs from you as humanly possible and all the while making you feel oh so good about it?

      Certainly a cause worth getting worked up over. Sure.

      Whew. What are you people puking about here?

  • deb

    Time to find some kindess in your heart. Hate is not an attractive quality. Being purposefully hateful is unnecessary.

    • Bill

      Deb, you big dreamer! :)

    • JorFtomNC

      Some people aren’t intelligent enough to see past their hate. It belies their low IQ

      • Janis

        Brilliantly stated Jor…!! Let them stand by the blur. It only proves the point that there is a double standard going on here!! The bigotry some people are spewing is so much more disgusting than anything Adam could have ever done on that stage.

  • Bulloney

    Enough of him already….his 15 minutes are up…and this guy is not gay….nor is he highly sexual….he’s a foolio with terrible acne…

    • Jenn

      How is he not gay? Not being highly sexual I’ll grant you, since I don’t know Adam and wouldn’t be surprised if he was playing it up as part of his image. But why would he fake being gay, and if he was faking it, how did he get so good at it?

  • Puzzled

    Men can shake hands, hug, kiss on the cheek in public but somehow seeing their lips meet is taboo. When will we get over ourselves?!

  • average man

    Yes, madonna, britney and christina all kiss (sweet… threesome) but neither one is a lesbian. Madonna might be open to new things but not lesbian.

    She wasn’t trying to prove anything.

    This kid is gay, and intentionally not only kissed but groped and shoved another kids face onto his boy-area, not just for show but to prove something (he just got cocky for a lil while and lost composure and forgot that he is a role model to kids as well.) It has nothing to do with double standard.

    People we do not live in the 20th century anymore, we do not forcefully impose our own style onto others. Remember mainstream is still a minority in this large and traditional country. Large coast cities and tv media forget that the majority of people still hold traditional standards.

    Personally I am a firm believer in keeping it clean on tv. It is scary to hear kids that can barely talk know so much just by watching T.V.

    Pushing the envelope to much each generation is like pushing a rock up a hill with a cliff in the end.

    Lets keep it moderate and the (what most consider risky) naughty on late night cable.

    All I can say to both crying sides of this game is to learn to tolerate each other and with time it will get easier. Like i said we no longer live in the 20th century when we force our ideas onto others. we live in the 21st century were we work and cooperate slowly with people we usually consider enemies for the good of the next generations. If we do not do such thing; we are but only old kids with cars who started the fall of what we consider as, human beings.

  • Jeff

    A queer is a queer. Look up the definition of queer. It means not normal. End of story. These queers are not what God wanted. Exhibit A; Sodom. Exhibit B; Gomorrah.

    • @jeff

      Yeah and jesus and the apostols were only “hanging out” and “talking about god”

      • Artie

        And a donkey talked. And a man lived for 3 days in the stomach of a whale and was regurgitated alive. And every species of animal alive on the earth today,is here because they all stepped, two-by-two, on a big boat the size of two football fields. Should I go on?

      • Eman

        Yes please do go on! I was always fond of Dr.Seuss, Aesops Fables, and all manner of silly nonsense. Personally I prefer the Cat In The Hat but the Book of Revelations is right up there as well.

      • Kate

        heehee, Artie is my fave.

    • sherlock

      @jeff sodom,gomorrah? Holy Crap! do they still teach about this crap in church? WTF is going on to this world? get a life Jeff, get over yourself, I bet you shaked your ass for good on that AMA’s performance..LOL, admit it, how many times did you do it?LOL
      seriously people, chill, this is all good, this is all sexy, entertainment, getting hot. Relax, lay back and enjoy people, cause Adam lambert, the Lord of entertainment has arrived, Hallelujah!!!

      • weeeeeee

        Sherlock, that’s an interesting standard of entertainment, and by interesting, I mean low.
        Not that I support what Jeff wrote.

      • oh babs

        let us pray to the rock god. amen

    • EraseHate

      You need to go back and read your Bible. Sodom and Gommorah had nothing to do with people being gay.

      • linpo

        yes it did. Lot gave his daughters up so the two angels didn’t get buggered.
        Genesis 19:5

      • Stever_B

        Yes, that makes perfect sense and is still in practice today. And really; “buggered”? Good grief.

      • Gayer Than Thou

        To linpo: EraseHate is right. If the lust-crazed crowd was willing to accept Lot’s daughters as a substitute for two hunky male angels, they could hardly have been homosexuals, hmmmm?

    • Gayer Than Thou

      If God didn’t want us here, we wouldn’t exist. We do exist; therefore, God wants us here.

      • Bama

        LOL!! Do you also believe that because terrorists are here, it is proof that God wants them here.

    • Wolf

      So you’re saying you’re “queer,” as in not normal? Thanks for being honest. Because you’re now fringe, and no longer the “normal” in society.

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