Parents Television Council slams ABC for 'vulgar' American Music Awards broadcast

The advocacy group Parents Television Council is asking its members to contact ABC, Dick Clark Productions, and the show’s advertisers to complain about the “tasteless […] Read the full post.

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  • qjersey

    “American teenagers – and especially teenaged girls are literally under siege”

    so you complain about Lambert’s same sex shenanigans but say nothing about the stripperesque hip thrusting moves of Janet Jackson and Shakira’s dancers?

  • DB

    I find it ironic that the most wholesome, appropriately dressed entertainer of the evening was Janet Jackson. Hmmm, wonder if there’s an FCC fine in the works for ABC/ Dick Clark and public scorn and rebuke for Mr. Lambert. Just asking.

  • wembe

    kiroho safi hi ptc inaka imeja majoblesi vizi

  • Paulie

    So the PTC wants people to call ABC and make a fuss even if they never actually saw the performance? Ugh, these people are insane.

    Also, the FCC only monitors programming until the 10 PM ET hour so the performance occurred after that time period.

  • bj

    come on people dont you know its called being a lazy parent. They need people to tell them how to watch tv with there children. Cause you know parenting is hard and they dont know how to turn off a tv and play a game with their kids. And BTW who the heck has there young kids up at 9:45? And by the way I am a dad to a 11 and 5 year old. They havent seen Simpsons, Family Guy. I know how to monitor my childrens tv viewing. And if my oldest has seen something that he questions I will sit and talk to him about it. THATS how you be a PARENT

    • crispy

      Exactly! And honestly, the most important thing you said is that you talk to your kids about something they may have seen. Why are parents so afraid to talk to their kids?

    • Marc

      that is exactly what a parent is supposed to do.. You can’t shield your kids from everything! Sure you can try but sooner or later your kid’s will see something provocative. When they do talk to them about it let them know what is right and what is wrong and they can make their own judgements based on that. Good job BJ :) finally a good parent!

    • LoveTV

      Right on!! Not many of you parents left. Please keep up the good work

  • TG

    I doubt that the people complaining even saw the show. Plus it was well after 10 when the kiddies should’ve been in bed. Why is it that Americans are so freaked out about anything of a sexual nature? It’s ridiculous.

  • Clara

    I agree with the PTC- I’m all for artistic freedom and expressing oneself but there are limits. If Adam wanted to put on a show, go to some trashy Vegas show! If a younger audience is watching, ABC should have taken this into account. Poor taste…

    • Edna

      where you watching tv with your kids to monitor what they watch? You could have used the remote control to change the channel as soon as his performance started… oh wait, are you one of those “I’ll let the TV watch my kids while I gab on the phone or surf the net or take a nap” type of parents??

  • Kevin

    The PTC is right, ABC/Disney broadcast obcenity during the family hour of television. The FCC should issue very large fines.

    • crispy

      10:45pm is family hour? You must have a cracked out family.

    • OMG

      It actually aired at 10:55pm and that is past the hour that the FCC monitors for language and sexiness – lord knows they never monitor for violence. If the PTC and all of these so-called “concerned parents” want to be up in arms over something they should be mad that Janet grabbed a guys tool from behind during the opening act. Oh wait – that’s actually OK since it’s hetero sex she’s selling.

      • judy

        I could not have said it better myself. You hit right on the subject. Its ok for women to be sexual on tv but not men. Havent heard anyone complain about that yet.

      • Alex

        I also agree. How much is this about that a man who happens to be gay did certain things versus the act itself? Madonna’s been doing a similar thing for years. How long ago was she humping the stage in a wedding dress? 1984? Not that she hasn’t had her run-ins with similar groups to the PTC, but it’s been awhile. If she did the same act Adam did no one would care.

  • redballjets

    I think you are all missing the bigger question. Why does this king of crap, be it disgusting gay sex, bondage, killings, blood and guts, etc, even need to be on TV??? It is not neccessary!!! Give me Leave it to Beaver, My Three Sons, Father Knows Best, etc. Those were shows you could let your kids watch. While I’m at it, get rid of Two and a Half Men!!!

    • crispy


    • Very Annoyed Person


    • Danno

      The opening of My Three Sons scared me as a child.

    • amy

      Thank you. It’s not about trying to kill anyone’s fun or telling them what to do. It’s all about basic decency, which America has apparently LOST!

  • M

    Apparently Adam Lambert needs to go for flash and camp to make up for his singing. His performance was tripe!

  • KD

    This is the last AMA show or Dick Clark production we will watch. And since we are a Neilson family you know how many votes that stupid move on your part cost you. Hope it was worth it.

  • Zach

    Will you please stop blaming the PTC for doing their jobs? adam’s performance, as well as the rest of the telecast was completely inappropriate for family viewing. I do agree that parents should not have been letting their kids watch this trash… but It shouldn’t have been an issue in the first place. Just drop the bashing of PTC, again, they are doing their jobs.

    • crispy

      Sorry, but religious nutcases telling other people what they can and can’t watch is not an occupation. It’s a mental disorder.

    • Very Annoyed Person

      Running to the government entity known as the FCC to impose government legislature to push their religious morality on the public en masse is not the job for anybody in this country. The solution is simple, debate the issue with your opinions, don’t buy any Adam Lambert CDs, or throw away the TV and never watch it again. Nobody needs the government to regulate our lives and compromise our thoughts and opinions of what is or isn’t inappropriate.

      • wasabi

        The government is already regulating what is and isn’t appropriate. That’s what the FCC does.

      • Very Annoyed Person

        To Wasabi. Nobody needs a group of people like the PTC running to the government’s door steps and say to them “We find Adam Lambert offensive and it compromised our religious values, please punish the parties involve so they could never do that again.” They’re acting like back seat parents and even behaving like they can discipline us adults, as if we are their children. The PTC are not our parents to do what they did. This is an issue that has a lot of ways to be handle without PTC running to the government to regulate/legislate anything.

      • CC

        Don’t say “Nobody wants”. You don’t represent everyone. I am as a mother, would want PTC reporting this show to the authority.

  • jezoebel

    Oh, please. The PTC needs to geta life. The performance happened long after kids SHOULD HAVE BEEN in bed. If the kids were up, blame the stupid parents for keeping them up. Also, Lambert’s performane isn’t anything that Madonna and Britney haven’t done before. They only difference: an openly gay man headlining. So, is it really the performance that’s the problem or the person performing it? Think about it. And considering that the AMAs have sucked over the years, this is the best thing to happen to them. Dick Clark Productions should be patting themselves on the back for getting people interested in their show.

  • K Smith

    Someone is always complaining about something ….. waaaah waaaaah waaaaah. If you don’t want you kids to watch it, restrict it from you TV. There are bigger more important issues in the world than this.

  • Jess

    I think one of the issues is that Adam Lambert gained a huge following of young kids thanks to American Idols, and I bet many were allowed by their parents to stay up and watch Lambert’s first performance….which ultimately was not kid-friendly. A friend of mine in particular allowed her 14 year old to stay up this one time to watch her fave Idol, only to watch a completely different Lambert than from Idol.

    I think that may be what has some parents so upset…..granted, he had to keep it pretty vanilla for Idol, but bc of that, he now has this young fan base, many of whom did watch his performance….

    • Very Annoyed Person

      Okay, point taken, BUT… the PTC running to the government to legislatively regulate art, be it good or tasteless, is not the answer.

      • Jess

        Definitely agree…..that is not the answer!

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