MTV stands by 'Jersey Shore' despite Italian-American protest

A national Italian-American organization is asking MTV to cancel its new show Jersey Shore before it starts airing. UNICO National, based in New Jersey, said that the reality show, set to premiere Dec. 3, builds on negative stereotypes and bad behavior — the show’s trailer promotes the “hottest, tannest, craziest guidos.” The show follows a group of people renting a beach house at the Jersey Shore. An MTV spokesperson said in a statement to EW: “Jersey Shore is a reality series that follows eight young adults spending their summer at the beach. The show continues MTV’s history of documenting various subcultures, rites of passage of young people, and the ways they self-identify. The Italian-American cast takes pride in their ethnicity. We understand that this show is not intended for every audience and depicts just one aspect of youth culture.”


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  • Joe

    Italian-American organization needs to tell these kids to stop acting like morons. The Gotti kids did a lot more damage to Italian Americans than the network that aired it.

    • Juan

      A most excellent point

    • Michael Martinello

      FIST PUMP!

      • FU

        Very true point. The Gotti kids should be ashamed of this look they created, a disgrace to their name.

        “Giudo” is a racial slur and a term I consider highly offensive. It is not funny, a joke or anything like it. Just as the terms “Jew, Wetback, Nigga, Turban Head” are considered offensive to other cultures and nationalities. MTV should be charged with a hate crime, just as they would if it were any of the above mentioned being stereotyped.

        Shame of MTV and America for this behavior.

  • GuidoPower

    The Jersey shore would be nothing without the Guidos. Go Wildwood, Go Seaside Heights!!

    • Andrea

      Love Seaside!

    • stupid

      yeah, it would be beautiful and a nice place to go with out guidos. seaside heights is disgusting

      • eve


      • Karen

        Areed. That’s why it’s nichnamed Sleaze-side.

    • Anthony

      The Jersey shore has been hopping since the 1800’s, guidos had nothing to do with it… i havn’t been to sesside in 10 years because of the trash that takes it over during the summer… hopefully they all stay there so i can continue enjoying the nicer areas on the jersey shore…. PS- Im 100% italian and my dad would beat me if i acted like that, come back to reality you muscle headed tools…

      • michelle

        First of all, I bet that these idiots are not even 100% Italian. I know snooky is not. I find the idiots who act like “guidos” are usually only part Italian and are under some stupid assumption that this is the way real Italians act. THEY DON’T! I know many real Italians and not ONE acts like anyone of these morons. Besides, isn’t this just Jersey no matter what your nationality?

  • Phil

    Can I get a WHAT WHAT for the Surf Club?!

  • AJ Soprano

    I mean, seriously, does anyone realize that “guido” is a derogatory term? The trailer, and comments above use it as if it’s nothing. If MTV used a derogatory term to identify a minority, jobs would be lost. What’s with the double standard?

    • wakeforce

      your name states how much we should value your opinion. AJ Soprano? Was the name Guido Salducci already taken?

      • Nick


      • Anthony

        @wakeforce You do got a point there. @AJSoprano, you are certainly not winning any points for your argument with a handle like that.

      • FU

        Wakeforce, once again proving ignorance. Because another television network created a ridiculous show called The Soprano’s, now you are mocking his name? Just proving another point, and the double standard he speaks of.

        Let’s see if any other nationality was stereotyped in the way MTV does with this show, I want to count the law-suits and charges that will roll in.


      • JB

        To those who can’t seem to see the difference: Sopranos is a fictional work. Jersey Shore is a supposed reality show. Unlike a fictional tv show that throws derogatory terms around for entertainment/storyline purposes only, Jersey Shore claims to represent the young Italian population but in a negative way, thus insinuating that the term “Guido” is appropriate to use toward the Italian population when it isn’t.

    • Marcy

      name a person in the US that has not “dropped” a racial derogatory term in his or her everyday conversations – everyone of different racial backgrounds has to deal with this everyday – your turn

      • FU

        There should be no turns, you ignorant fool.

        These nationalities you speak of, also fight for what they believe and would never sit back and allow such discrimination. If a show was created that stereotyped your nationality, what would you feel or do? Let’s not be a hypocrite.

        We are simply standing for what we believe, as i’m sure you would do the same.

  • Bucket O’ Hatorade


    • Karen

      Not now boss, I’m in the zone.

  • RJ

    As an Italian-American, I know there are 30 million Italian-Americans in this country and probably ten of them belong to this “national organization.” And you can’t blame a reality show when the people on it are stereotypes of themselves. We’ve been portrayed as gangsters for so long, it’s actually refreshing to be portrayed as simply over-gelling our hair.

    • Nick

      I think I’d rather be represented by gangsters than the morons in this show.

      • Anthony

        I agree with Nick

  • carrie Bell

    And what great MTV show doesn’t build from stereotypes and bad behavior? That’s actually what makes this stuff worth watching. Can’t wait for fist-pumping like champs.

  • niki

    How about some, what are they called? Oh yeah… MUSIC VIDEOS

    • Sara

      I just had to comment on this one. Do you actually believe if MTV played only music videos anyone would watch? Maybe ten years ago when it was new and interesting but not now. When people say that it drives me insane! They have tried out shows with just music videos and they always get canceled due to NO ONE watching it!

      • MLO

        Sara, they did show only videos. For years. Obviously, it worked since the network is still around. The network is just trash now.

      • niki

        Or maybe people stopped tuning in to MTV because of all the trash reality shows they started airing. Video shows have been cancelled- bc they lost that fan base many, many years ago.

      • jessie

        niki, I agree. If everyone stopped watching this trash, MTV may start playing music videos again!

        Shows about vapid and spoiled young adults are more damaging than most people realize. Instead of having to have TALENT to make it in Hollywood or the music industry, you have these plastic, vapid, no-talent Barbie Dolls like Heidi Montag and Paris Hilton getting air time and record deals. Of course I blame the record companies for producing that garbage, but I also blame the idiots who actually watch these shows and enable these morons to become “famous for being famous”.

      • BW

        As for the videos thing, its true, there is really no point. Back in the 80s and 90s MTV was the go to place to hear new artists and songs, and see the videos. Now with youtube and facebook, you don’t need that. Why would I sit through 30 minutes of videos I don’t like to get to one I do like, when all you have to do is pull it up on youtube?

    • Ty

      MTV is still very much about music. They break tons of new artists on there shows. They even scroll the song info at the bottom and at the end of every show they usually have a live or video music clip. They’ve done a great job intergrating music and new content. I can’t think of many instances where I’ve sat through a whole music video. I just don’t have the patience but I can list many awesome artists I’ve gotten into via there shows…Kenna, MGMT, Santigold, Amanda Blank, Wale, Chester French and so on also I remember way back Lady GaGa performing on the hills before she blew up. So quit whinning about the lack of music cuz MTV is still very much a music channel.

      • robert ot

        next time name bands that are sh*te,in helping your p.o.v.. “btw” lady gaga survives only on her “wacky fashion”. close your eyes and listen to a new song of hers it is rubbish

  • Heather

    I hear guido, I think of the movie CARS. Spero che il tuo amico si riprenda. Mi dicono che siete fantastici.

    • Karen

      Hahaha! I LOVE this movie!

  • Arsenio Billingham

    I got the douche chills the first time I heard about this show. I think the show is a great idea, assuming that the tone of the show is that we’re supposed to laugh at these morons.

  • Joe

    New York, you can have your bridges and tunnels back.

    Love, MTV

  • Doug

    These tools aren’t even from NJ. They are from Staten Island! Guildo wasn’t even made up by MTV. came up with it 3 years ago.

    • Doug

      I’ve done some research. My comment is wrong. That word has been around for a long time but recently has been used to describe a annoying male club gooer. Please see for more info. Either way stop geling your hair

  • Response

    I wonder how the jewish media would respond if we created a show that showed the jews in the bad light they cast others. I bet most of these “guidos” are jews trying to portray Americans of Italian decent like the jewish actors did in the Godfather movies.

    It is disgusting that we constaintly show whites in a negative fashion. This “guido” stereotype is as offensive as the Irish drunk or the Polish Stanley Kowalski.

    MTV would never show blacks, jews, or Mestizos in a negative light but like everything else it is open season on the white community. Whites need to avoid MTV like the plague. We need to cancel our cable or at the very least tell the cable companies to not carry this degenerate filth.

    • Marcy

      That’s because all the other races have been made fun of and sterotyped before MTV came to being the reality trash network – so they have no choice but to go after the ‘whites’ – too bad, so sad

    • VT

      HA!! Sucks when the shoe is on the other foot, doesn’t it?! Go hide in your bunker, moron. You’re not paranoid — everyone really is out to get you.

    • susan

      I agree with you. I could guarantee that the jews would be livid to see a show depicting how they really act! If the show was called Jersey Shore and showed a bunch of jews walking in the middle of the road or crowding up our 711 stores, now that wouldnt be entertaing would it? thats how all of the true Jerseyians feel. It’s obnoxious! Walk on the sidewalk for petes sake! MTV should not be portraying any race or ethnicity in a negative light. People have to change otherwise the world is just going to become a terrible place to live. Our children are going to suffer tremendously!

      • Rhee

        susan, are you serious? blah blah blah about Jews, and then…”MTV should not be portraying any race or ethnicity in a negative light.” but i guess complaining about a whole religion is okay because you’re irritated with some folks who walk in the street and shop at 7-11? please, whitey, please.
        love, a fellow white girl. and i’m half-Guid. WOP gets me riled. Guid makes me smile. the show is irritating bc it’s an MTV reality show, not because the dipsh*ts on it identify as Italian.

    • ashley

      lol, the thing is that MTC hassss shown blacks in a negative light…can anyone say Flavor of Love?? We can throw Making the Band in there too. I’m sure theres more that i cant think of.

      • ashley

        I meant MTV, not MTC.

      • FU

        Mtv would never have such a show about jews portrayed in any way. #1 i’m sure most of their employee’s are jewish and #2 they would have more lawsuits than they could handle.

        Key word: Actors. These are actors portraying this stereotype. These people are not even from NJ and are surely not Italian-Americans.

        You want to argue the race card? Flavor Flav? Last time I checked, he is indeed, black. He was the star of his show, and that is how he chooses to portray himself. Are there white people painting themselves, and wearing giant clocks going around saying this is what “black people” look like? No.

        Correct. MTV should not be portraying any nationality or culture in a negative light, and if and when they do, they hear about it. This is no different.

        Maybe contact Flavor Flav and discuss his actions with him.

  • Lala1983

    I am freaking pumped about this show. I loved I have been waiting for this show since the True Life episode about the douches that vacationed on the Jersey Shore.

  • Alex

    The funniest things is that these dolts probably dont even realize that they are considered “guidos”. I wondered how ashamed they will feel once the show airs. With that said, I have to admit that I am looking forward to it. My view: if you are going to be on a MTV (the SLEAZIEST network on television) reality show, you deserved to get laughed at. FIST PUMPING LIKE MAD!

    • Karen

      I think in one of the commercials, one of the fake orange tanned, over-gelled guys called himself a guido, as he was saying it takes him about 45 minutes just to do his hair.

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