Stephenie Meyer on 'Oprah': Question about possible fifth 'Twilight' book cut for time, says Harpo rep

Earlier today, Twilight author Stephenie Meyer appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show for her one and only interview before the highly anticipated release of the movie The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Before a commercial break, Winfrey teased the rest of the interview with this promise: “Coming up, will there be a fifth book in The Twilight Saga? Stephenie answers that later.” However, as a number of readers pointed out, Winfrey subsequently never asked Meyer that juicy question.

What happened? “It’s a live show, so sometimes they don’t get to every question,” a spokesman for Harpo Productions told EW. “Know that if (Oprah) didn’t get to the question within the show, it would have only been cut for time.” Luckily, someone at Oprah managed to ask Meyer the fifth-book question backstage, and the author’s answer can be viewed at the show’s website.

In a nutshell, Meyer said she’s not sure about a fifth Twilight book at the moment. “I am a little burned out on vampires right now,” she said. “I think I need a little break. I might go spend some time with my aliens. I might do something completely different. I’ve got to cleanse the palate. I may come back to it. I did envision it as a longer series. But I wrapped Breaking Dawn in a way that I felt satisfied with, so if that moment didn’t come, I’d be okay.”

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  • Angela

    “I am a little burned out on vampires right now,” Aren’t we all?!?! Enough Twilight! Who cares?!

    • Anca

      Then why are you even reading this?

      • Alyssa

        ohh burn!

    • BilbrosB4Hos

      ha ha ha…”Let’s get ready toooo Ruuummmmmbllle!!!”
      Good morning, haters! Whatcha got today?

    • Tarc

      Considering Meyer’s prose is os bad it will make your eyes bleed, I hope she just takes a (non-writing) vacation.

      • BilbrosB4Hos

        Tarc, you take this all too seriously. It’s okay for people to indulge in this series if it’s something they enjoy. The stories are great. If you don’t like it, go back to reading things that appeal to you.

      • Casey

        i totally agree with you. if you don’t like it, don’t even get on here!!

    • Hannah

      I WOULD NEVER EVER BE BURNT OUT OF VAMPIRES!!! ESCPECIALLY EDWARD!!!! I just finished reading eclipse and breaking dawn for the 7th time!!! So no i will never ever ever be tired of vampires or anything having to do with twilight!!!!

      • Lexi

        I FEEL YA SISTA!!! I LOVEE TWILIGHT!! Once I started I couldn’t stop<333

    • Gill

      I would lov for Stephenie to do another Twlight book as i felt the last book left room for more………….

    • Tanya

      Please, I can’t get enough of Twilight!!!!! Please Stephanie Meyer, Please re-write the whole twilight saga in Edwards words!!!! I think your ability to stirr emotion through words is incredible!!!

    • Ronnie

      oh please if your burned out by it then dont read any of it. I will always want more of Edward and Bellas story. I reallllllyyy hope that Stephanie Meyers completes Midnight Sun. In factI truely hope and wish that she completes the whole Twilight saga in the eyes of Edward im completely hooked wit his outlook on things. Your a brilliant and incrediblke writer and i have nothing but confidence that you will do a great job at this and so are a million other fans.

    • Cat

      Exactly….if you don’t like Twilight then y are you freaking reading this?!

      • Arsgad

        Parcă trebuia să fim rievsta liceului aflat een Rome2nia, unde limba oficială ultima dată ce2nd m-am uitat era rome2na. Şi filmul ăsta of of of, bine măcar că nu scrieţi de Guta. Părere personală, nu trebuie să fie a tuturor

    • Felicia

      shut up. :)

  • danielle

    Yes!!! no more twilight ;)

    • rose

      don’t read this, if you have negative feed back, that’s just lame.
      if you don’t like the books, why are you reading this forum?

  • JT

    What about werewolves…just kidding

    • meemee

      I love Werewolves!

      • sady

        i love them too!jacob is the best though

  • Lisa

    What about “Midnight Sun”? Will she ever actually finish it? I liked what I read of it even better than the original “Twilight”. I really liked reading from Edward’s point of view.

    • Nerwen Aldarion

      Ditto I want to know that question

    • MsSunidaze

      I loved Midnight Sun too. I wish she was able to finish it. It was nice to learn more about him and scenes that weren’t in Twilight.

    • Rachel

      Watch to the end of the clip! She talks about it. And she says…maybe. She can’t write when everyone’s reading it already!

    • Isolde

      Yes, I agree. I really enjoyed the rough-draft excerpt of Midnight Sun. It was great learning Edward’s thoughts and perspectives and seeing his struggles. I hope she will complete it. I think the series has a satisfying ending with Breaking Dawn and it doesn’t need to be continued. Of course, if she ever did write another Cullen family adventure I would definitely read it.

    • C

      i agree breaking dawn is a better story.

    • Jessie

      I’m with Lisa, I loved Midnight Sun and was really looking forward to reading the final book.

      • Porosot

        Is it fair that I rooted for Edward and Jacob? I loved them both and felt bad for Jacob when Bella chose Edward but I just knew that they were meant to be toegther.**SPOILER BELOW**Is anyone else hoping that Stephenie Meyer (sometime in the future) will write Jacob and Reneesme’s story?

    • Cindy

      I thought that Midnight Sun was much better than the original Twilight – but I am biased because I always that it would be more interesting from vampires’ perspectives.

    • lana

      I agree. I would love to read Edward’s side of the story especially his time away from Bella after the break up.

  • Trish

    I don’t want her to “continue” the series.
    I just want her to finish Midnight Sun.

    • Bex

      same here

    • Kalie

      Me, too. For me, BD was the end of Edward & Bella’s story. I just want to hear it from Edward’s point of view. It’s too bad that she had to stop MS at that point. I wanted to read more!

      • Melissa

        me too- midnight sun was fantastic!

  • Lia

    Just finish Midnight Sun and your fans will all be happy

    • Jay

      Agreed Lia, It’s just ridiculous to start something and not finish it.

      • Ronnie

        omg I sooo agree. Im like totaly pissed off. Its like being hungry and all u got was a rice grain…where is the rest of my meal. Geesh just finish the book already.

  • mal

    I like every series to have a finite life. The southern vampires series was good, but every book had a happy ending even though the reader knew that the next book would ruin that happy ending. I like my happy endings to stay happy. Isn’t twilight for escapism anyway?

    • allen

      where can i find midnight sun?

      • K

        Go to then twilight series then click on Midnight Sun in the menu to the left – Read the note then at the bottom you can click a link for the draft of the first chapter

      • BilbrosB4Hos
      • Cindy

        The partial version is on Stephanie Meyer’s website.

  • Kristina

    There is no God if this broad releases a fifth book.

    The writing is just oh-so-bad. BAD!

    • Mini

      The writing isn’t bad. It’s just a story not everyone understands or is a fan of. That doesn’t make it bad writing.

      • caty

        as an English major, trust me…that writing IS bad (my English major friends who have read and loved the books even agree the writing is worse than a high schooler’s first creative writing assignment). read something of merrit.

      • Yesenia

        English majors always think they know everything about writing. I know. I was one lol. These books are fluff and they are entertainment. They don’t have to be Catcher in the Rye. She didn’t even try for that. They are fun and easy reads. Nothing wrong with that.

      • J

        I was having this argument with an English Lit student too and making the argument that what constitutes good and bad writing is not an objective standard. Meyer has written a story that millions internationally find fascinating and compelling. Many writers would love to touch that many readers. Can the writing be so bad if she has managed to connect with so many people? Maybe her phrasing or vocabulary isn’t of the same quality as many writers but does that mean her writing is bad? No, I don’t think so.

      • J

        Oh and I’m an English graduate as well and I agree that your degree certificate does not qualify you to pass a definitive judgment on books!

      • gr

        J said: “Maybe her phrasing or vocabulary isn’t of the same quality as many writers but does that mean her writing is bad?” Actually, yes, J. That would be a large part of what makes her writing bad. Just because something makes money, it doesn’t mean it’s good. My daughter is a fan of the books (less so for the 4th one) but she recognizes Meyer’s limitations. Fortunately, she also a fan of Pride and Prejudice, which is a nice example of good writing.

      • Lia

        Hey, English Major…learn how to spell.

      • To Caty

        If you’re going to claim to be an English major, you should at least check your spelling before you post…it’s “merit”, not “merrit.” Jeez.

      • Paris

        Look Just Because the English majors say it sucks doesn’t mean it does. People love this book and if you don’t like it well then you need to deal wit it. I myself am a Twilight Saga Fan! Meyer needs to continue the series. I need to find out what happens. It will be just like harry potter a really long series. I Bet Every twilight fan will continue reading the series. If you are a real twilight fan. All the English Majors who say the writting sucks Need to F$@# OFF Damb It!!!!!

      • marymary

        Agreed. I was an English major too and I love the Twilight series. Remember people this series was written as a “young adult” book. It has gotten teens to actually put down their iphone’s and get excited about reading- how can that be a bad thing? It also become a great conversation piece for mothers and daughters, something they can enjoy together. Get off your high horse, not every book is going to be a great piece of literature, and not every great piece of literature is going to be enjoyable to the masses.

      • Jen

        The writing IS bad. Terrible actually. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t enjoyable. It’s like eating a really huge gooey dessert. You know it isn’t good for you, but it still tastes good.

      • dave

        Face it, it’s bad writing. The storyline is fine (if you like the whole vampire-romance idea), but the writing is bad. There’s no denying it. You can defend the story, which is opinion and is completely subjective. But there’s no defending the terrible writing, because it is fact.

      • ——————

        merit is spelled correctly. lia and to caty, you guys learn to spell!

      • Kelly

        Yes the writing and the story is so bad and overly cliched.

      • Johnna

        Actually, Stephenie Meyer has a degree in English as well. AND she admits that Twilight is bad writing. It started as a story she wrote for herself and her family, and then picked up popularity. You won’t get any argument from her that the writing isn’t “literary.” She knows what is literary just as much as you do, Caty.

      • BilbrosB4Hos

        Oh Caty, get over yourself and *try* to forge some kind of persona and identity for yourself bigger than your college major.
        As Yesenia and J so eloquently stated above, how readers react and relate to a story is so much more important.
        Caty, life experiences will help you grow and see beyond the textbook.

      • Tarc

        Sorry, the prose is unambiguously bad. It’s horiffic. The characters are also often inconsistent, and the lead (Bella) is extraordinarily unbelievable (read Mary-Sue). OTOH, her world building is strong, and her pacing and sense of movement is excellent. UNfortunately, I’d not want my young girl to read it since Bella is aterrible role model, and, well, the prose is eye-bleedingly bad. I’d hedge for the movies only.

      • English Teacher

        Two English majors can’t be wrong. They are AUTHORITIES.

      • BilbrosB4Hos

        Tarc, now YOUR writing is starting to get on my nerves. You aren’t very creative, are you? It’s like you’re just throwing up slang terms you picked up from some Literary Snob gathering. You have used the terms “Mary-Sue”, “eye-bleedingly bad”, and continually refer to the prose.
        I’m all for a healthy debate among those who have read the series and have opinons – whether good or bad – but I think you might be a one trick pony who isn’t able to constructively assess the series and form an opinion. You just regurgitate others’ opinons.

      • candelyn

        To the English…or whatever your degree’s are; how many of you would like to be published? Also, do you know how many of the great writer’s out there had their prior work’s turned down. Give her a chance. Meyer’s writing will get better. Sure the Twighlight series was more entertaining than artistic, but so what-have fun and read on!

      • Lauren

        I love the books. Not a big fan of meyer herself though. I feel she tries to push her mormon beliefs onto teens through the books. But even though the writing isn’t great (has she ever heard of synonyms) it is still interesting and does draw you in.

      • caity

        I dont think the writing is bad by any means. She had a target audience of young adults. You should write differently to captivate a yound adult group rather than an english major group. Also take into context that she was writing from a teenage girl’s (Bella’s) point of view. She captivated readers everywhere something most of the english majors on here doing most of the bashing could only dream of doing! Love Twilight!

    • Stacy

      Ha! Any “English major” here would kill for the success of the Twilight books. So don’t vent here, go put your ideas, dreams, frustrations, etc., down on paper and find a publisher. I hope the world finds what you have to say as interesting as WE find the Twilight saga.

      • Pouline

        I only have one thing to add: eeeeee!Too exetcid about these. When we saw the copies for the first time it pretty much felt like Christmas at Atom Towers, so I can just imagine how great it will be for all those who get them as presents!

    • leira

      thats a horrible thing to say

  • Al

    It’s not easy to host a talk show. I’m sure Oprah will get the hang of it eventually.

    • Jen


      • Jay

        No one- AND I MEAN NO ONE- says LOL anymore.

    • Deb

      Not kidding, I actually laughed out loud.

  • BilbrosB4Hos

    Augghhhh! EW has TWO stories posted right now about Stephenie Meyer on Oprah. I’m a fan, but this is kinda crayzayyy!

  • stephen

    without a doubt don’t write another twilight book – the first four were painful enough (painful in that they are the biggest pieces of crap that pop lit has produced in ages) and i don’t think i could stomach another diary entry disguised as prose again…’s amazing that meyer is as successful as she is with the little talent she has, but that is expected now in entertainment….

    • @stephen

      You’ll notice that A LOT of Meyer’s fans say things like, “I never read until Twilight!” or “Twilight got me interested in reading!”
      Well, good for you, but if you bothered to read anything other than Twilight, you’d see how amateur and mediocre it really is. They think it’s so great because a lot of them, especially the younger ones, have nothing to compare it to.

      • Florida Mike

        Well Stephen, I have been reading 3-4 books a week for the last 40 yr’s and I too immensely enjoyed this series & I have plenty to compare it to. From the hardy boys to the classics to ……

      • Alisa

        I think that’s an unfair assessment. First off, i feel like if any kind of writing, crappy or sublime, gets anyone into reading, that’s a plus. Second, sometimes the stuff that most people consider popular and good bores other people. Take myself for instance. I like reading books that are written like they are being spoken. Most books in the fiction section don’t fit this, and i find it difficult to even get through the first chapter without finding myself extremely bored… awesome plot or not. So just because you guys found it crappy, doesn’t mean that anyone who reads it is a “lesser” reader.

      • Charli

        I believe that what’s important about these books is that they are a gateway. These books get young girls (and boys) interested in something other than a cell phone. They will open the doors to the vampire genre. They like Twilight, so they’ll want to read other vampire books or love stories. Her references to Jane Austen will intrigue a reader or two. The Twilight Saga is not a perfect compilation of literature, and I’m sure Stephenie Meyer will never be the best writer in the world. But she intrigues kids who never really liked to read, and that opens up other doors for them. Maybe at least one of these kids will open up an Anne Rice book or Jane Austen or Shakespeare. I think that Stephenie Meyer should really get some credit for that.
        And, sometimes it is not someone’s fault that they never liked to read before Twilight. Some books just don’t interest people. My brother never liked to read at all until he read Old Yeller and Hatchet. My english teacher hated reading until he read the Jason Bourne series. Everyone has different tastes and not everyone will agree on what is “good”. It’s all a matter of tolerance.

      • Jay

        Not every young person has nothing to compare it to, RETARD!

    • tmj

      If they were so terrible then why would you read another?

    • Jessie

      To Stephen and all the others, why are you on here? Why did you read past book one? You don’t like it, don’t read it. It’s not great literature, but it’s entertaining the story line is fun. If it’s not your cup of tea, that’s ok, read another book! That’s the beautiful of freedom of choice, you can choose to read something else. It’s very simple.

  • Sarah

    If you watch to the end of the Oprah clip, Stephenie says that she is still getting pressure to finish Midnight Sun and she knows what she wants to write, so maybe after she takes some time off, she will finish it. I can give her time, if she will finish it. I can’t wait to read Midnight Sun when its done – whenever that is.

  • db

    Of COURSE there will be another. There is a reason. It’s called $$$$.

    • Paris

      Yeah There is gonna be anouther these people dont know what the H#$$ they are talking about! Twilight has been the best vampire book of it’s time. Just because people who arre english majors say it sucks doesn’t mean it does. All those F#@$ing english Majors need to F#$%ing go some where!

      • danielle

        “best vampire book”
        Oh god. Dracula is rolling around in his grave.
        I hate when twilight fans make this cocky assumptions that twilight is the best thing in the world when it isn’t.

      • Crys

        Look, I enjoyed the books for what they were – a series with an interesting plot and likable characters – but it was by no means the best vampire book of its time. There are so many great books that it is ridiculous to make it out to be so much more than it is. Take a breath, sign up for a library card and read a few more books before you go crazy over mediocre pop-lit like this.

  • Jennie

    I want Midnight Sun to come out. Maybe even redoing the series ALL from Edwards pov would be great for any fan of Edwards. I really thought the wedding /honeymoon shoud’ve been from his pov. Jacob had his time and Bella had almost everything from her pov. Edwards needs his thoughts out there too. I

  • James

    I just want her to die, so a real author deserving of her success can take her place.

    • Yesenia

      That’s just pathetic if you wish that upon annoying for doing something you happen to not be a fan of.

    • Tina

      How can you say that? That goes beyond hate, if you want someone to stop producing books that’s one thing… I think you need help if you honestly want someone like Stephenie to die. You are indeed pathetic

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