Stephenie Meyer talks 'New Moon' with Oprah on Friday

Twilight author Stephenie Meyer will appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show on Friday for what she says will be her only interview tied to the film release of New Moon. Meyer wrote on her blog, “I am so pleased and amazed and thrilled with what Chris Weitz has done with New Moon that I want to talk about it, and to show my support for him. And since I’m only doing one interview, better make it big. Really big.” She also writes that the questions she’s planning of fielding on the show are “designed for a broader audience than just die-hard Twilight fans.”

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  • Autie

    I’m sure that everyone in the audience will get a free boooooook!!!!!! (enter screams)

    • Stef

      haha hilarious! I can see that on the Soup now.

  • Lynn

    I’m curious to see whether the interview will be fluff, or if she’ll actually get some decent, thought-out questions.

  • Rob

    Strange that Oprah would have a Vampire topic on her show. She was openly uncomfortable during her interview when she had Tom Cruise at the time of Interview With The Vampire. If I remember right she did not even view the film, the audience did though. I believe she dismissed it for religious beliefs she held. Does it seem she has become hypocritical lately, the MJ Tribute show was more about her nervousness during that old interview, than how Michaels passing affected the world. All about the ratings I guess, but I have lost my respect for her, even the Idol knock off show was so lame. Stephanie is great though!!

    • Well

      The obvious answer here is that the Cullens aren’t real vampires. ;-)

      • Teresa

        I’m pretty sure Tom Cruise isn’t either (not entirely sure, but pretty sure).

      • Teresa

        I’m pretty sure Tom Cruise isn’t a real vampire either (definitely an alien, though)

      • Umm

        I think they meant that while Lestat actually acts and behaves like a vampire and has vampire traits, the Cullens are vampires in name only.

      • karibaba13

        Teresa, please don’t insult aliens by associating Tom Cruise with them :D:D:D (let’s just call him: IT)

    • Lora

      “Stephenie is great”
      Yeah, great as in she’s a hack who writes fanfiction.

      • sarah

        for sure. can’t people see that she’s the worst writer today? well not the worst. but she’s waaaaay up there.

      • Cynda

        Hmmm. Well, my take is pretty simple. If you like a book (and I’m pretty sure there are a few people out there that like the Twilight books) then I think it’s fair to say that it was written in a way that people seem to really enjoy reading. So….What??? If you don’t like it then don’t read it and stay on topics that DO interest you. Duh!

      • BilbrosB4Hos

        Lora, thanks for starting out this garbage on the thread. You must be very proud. I love that people like you are quick to criticize Stephanie Meyer but likely don’t take the time to make negative comments about any other authors.
        Why should anyone be made to feel bad about reading anything? The same book snobs that show up on these posts are the same ones who likely champion freedom of the written word and fight book banning. Can’t we all just get along and let a book be enjoyed by those who enjoy it?

      • Carlie

        I completely agree. She has the writing skills of a twelve year old girl.
        Its so bad.

    • Robin

      You got that right… Stephenie is Great Person.. I wish she would had pick another talk show

    • Rita

      If Oprah wants higher ratings she should definitely invite jk rowling and stephanie meyer and put them in a same room.

  • WTF

    Decent, well thought out questions about what? Her writing? Her “work”?

    • Jane

      Precisely. Questions about how abysmal her writing is and what a let-down the resolution was.

      • chattypatra

        A let-down is putting it mildly, Jane. I almost threw the book in the trash. Instead, I sold it.

    • Lynn

      That was my point. Is Oprah going to fawn over her, or will there actually be questions.
      Why is your writing so terrible? Do you actually have an editor? Why is Bella such a godawful role model? Do you have anything besides Twilight that you’re working on, or are you just mad that Midnight Sun getting leak deprived you of more Twi-income?

      • Cynda

        To those of you that don’t like Stephanie’s writing: Why are you here? You seem to be really fascinated with her. :)

      • @ Cynda

        Why are we NOT supposed to be here? Is criticizing people illegal now or something?
        Its something called Freedom of speech.
        We don’t like Smeyer’s writing, we have every right to say so.

      • Nightstar

        Um, you do know she has a book called The Host right? Which I might add is better than the Twilight Saga. And she is going to finish Midnight Sun, it being leaked only made Twilight fans hunger for the finished version. She is not the best writer out there but apparently she has a fan base out there.

      • danielle

        She’s not finishing MS.
        She really doesn’t want to do any vampire stuff anymore.

    • Lynn

      Well that was kind of my point. Is Oprah going to play softball with her, or will she ask her difficult and/or unflattering questions?
      Why do none of the books read like someone actually edited them? Why does BD not have an actual climax? Why is Bella such a godawful role model?
      I want Oprah to ask her these things, but I’m sure it’ll be a love fest.

    • BilbrosB4Hos

      Why does everyone attack her? I can’t believe how comfortable people are with being overly critical and rude. Why would anyone have negative feelings about her success and popularity? Can any of you point to what specifically is wrong with anything she’s written? I’d love to know.

      • @ BilbrosB4Hos

        We are not being overly critical.
        What you Twi-fans can’t understand is that having an OPINION is not “hurtful” or “rude.”
        Just like YOU have every right to say you love Smeyer’s purple prose filled writing, WE have every right to hate it.
        Here’s whats wrong with HER and her writing-
        Stephenie Meyer is being praised endlessly as though she’s a genius when what she wrote was a Purple-prose filled, slow-paced “book.”
        All her characters are either flat or Mary/Gary Sues.
        Bella Swan endlessly lets herself be abused,manipulated, and saved by some HOT supernatural guy-whether that be Edward or Jacob.
        Her books are ENCOURAGING girls to basically “die on the inside” from a breakup.
        Furthermore, her writing is atrocious. She uses far too many adjectives, adverbs, and her dialogue doesn’t fit her characters at all.
        But what REALLY gets me about Stephenie, or Twilight fans in general, is that you guys you go NUTS if we or say, Stephen King, critiques Smeyer, but what YOU don’t aknowledge is that Stephenie herself has INSULTED classics such as Wuthering Heights, Romeo and Juliet, Pride and Prejudice, and many other classics by claiming her characters are “better.”
        She also dissed one of her fellow peers Melissa Marr, Author of WIcked Lovely, by saying “the only thing good about her book is the covers.” (Something we could say about the TWILIGHT books.)
        Alas.. Yet no one acknowledges this. No one says “Stephenie is being mean and hateful.”
        None of the Twilight fans are even aware of this.
        Not to mention how she practically DISRESPECTED all her fans by saying its their fault they didn’t like Breaking Dawn.
        This is just a few of the examples.

      • Obviously

        I don’t know, I think it’s the internet. We feel safe knowing that no one will ever follow up on the death threats. Besides, I have a debate to research for. And I don’t hate Stephanie Meyers for her popularity or success; we hate her for her nonexistent writing ability. I’m annoyed by the fans who gave her the popularity and success.

  • Alyssa

    about how she turned girls into freakazoid zombies, who dont have a clue? – with her pathetic writing, God help authors who have to accept her by their side in their proffesion.

    • Loraine

      Why do people have to constantly be nasty and negative. I am sorry but I may not like something you are interested in. Others are interested in what? Get over it.

      • SharNest

        Loraine you wrote the words out of my mouth! I am an avid reader who reads everything and there are authors I love and some I just don’t really care for their form of writing. But to call Stephenie a hack and say her writing is abysmal when she sold over 70 million books seems a little like jealously. I am excited that she is on Oprah and will not miss it!

      • Umm

        “ut to call Stephenie a hack and say her writing is abysmal when she sold over 70 million books seems a little like jealously.”
        And McDonald’s has sold billions of cheeseburgers. Does that mean that it has the best cheeseburgers, or even GOOD cheeseburgers?
        The only lamer argument would be, “Until you write a bestseller, you can’t criticize Meyer!” I’m surprised this one hasn’t shown up yet.

      • Samantha

        You’d think that a fan would know how to spell “Twilight”. But then you guys are Twitards.

        and UMMM I love the argument about being OMG!jealous” because Stephenie Meyer sold 70 million books. Especially back a few months ago when Stephen King said SMeyer couldn’t write worth a darn. They were all “when Stephen King writes books that sells over 70 million copies than he can talk!” not even realizing that King sold 350 million copies of his books to date. So LOL, Twitards.

      • @Samantha

        I love how they seem to think that not writing a bestseller should keep you from criticizing Meyer, but not from PRAISING Meyer. I bring this up every time some Twihard poses that argument, and it’s hilarious watching them try to come up with a counterpoint.
        So, to the “until YOU write a bestseller…” crowd, it works both ways. When YOU sell 70 million copies, THEN you can kiss Meyer’s bum. Fair, yes?

      • Chris

        How about we just say that everyone has a right to their own opinion and can read what they want. Some people like one thing and other people like other things, so what. You are all acting like your 5.

      • Katy

        Stephenie is such a horrible writer, its not even funny.

      • Sam

        We’re nasty and negative so we can laugh at the pathetic and childish replies that get put up as rebuttal.

    • Lora

      I agree. Stephenie Meyer is a terrible writer. She’s also rude and immature when it comes to being a PROFESSIONAL writer.

      • Kelsey

        I will NEVER forget the tantrum she threw when Midnight Sun was leaked. A professional, classy writer would have expressed dismay, asked her fans NOT to read the leaked version and kept on trucking. J.K. Rowling did pretty much that when Deathly Hallows was leaked. Can you imagine if instead of brushing it off, Rowling had said, “Because someone leaked Hallows, NO ONE can read it”?
        I found Meyer’s “I’m taking my toys and going home, screw all of you” attitude to be incredibly off-putting.

      • Hannah

        To anyone who thinks Meyer has an ounce of adult maturity or professionalism, I have but two words: Midnight Sun.

      • Audrey

        IMHO, she saved us all from more Twi-mania headaches when she did that. It’s easy to see that her fifth-grade reading-level writing stems from her fifth-grade attitude.

  • Jenn

    She’s coming out of her cave? Seriously, this movie is making her more money than she could ever have imagined. You think she would do more than one interview. Rob, Kristen and Taylor are globetrotting and she can only do one?

    • School Librarian

      I don’t think she feels comfortable in the spotlight. Can’t blame her.

      • mickey

        Neither does Kris, Rob, and Taylor want the spotlight, and they are still getting hell of a lot of press. they probably don’t want to do it either! Steph wrote the damn [crappy] story and only one interview, even if it is Oprah? I think that is ridiculous. How many more interviews has Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, and other authors done?

      • School Librarian

        Stephenie didn’t write her story thinking she was going to be famous. Actors for the most part have a good chance to be famous. I think it is different. Just my opinion.

    • Katie

      Think of all her family has had to deal with for the past few years. Much success but also much time away from each other. I would want to take some time off to spend with my family too.

  • Trish

    I really hope she gets asked about Midnight Sun.
    I want that book, dammit.

    • Linda

      Dammit, so do I

      • LisaMay

        Dammit – Me Too…

  • Susan

    Oprah may be trying to appeal to a younger audience by having Stephanie Meyer on. The books themselves were fluffy and shallow, but fun to read. If you want to read vampire fiction that’s has some depth in the details, read Anne Rice. She’s also melodramatic, but at least you can learn about New Orleans from her books.

  • katiebabs

    The audience gets a free bottle of Edward undies and sparkle cream. And yes, these things are real.

    I can’t wait to see Stephenie. She did sell 25% of all books sold last year, so it makes sense Oprah would have her on.

    • Wow

      If SMeyer sold 25% of all books last year, then I fear for western civilization as we know it.

      • E

        That is pretty shocking. 25 percent?! How is that possible? And I completely agree “Wow”, that is a terrifying statistic.

  • Ashley

    Stephenie Meyer is a story teller not a writer. SO no her writing isnt great but obviously her stories are and that is why millions of people read them. It’s fine if you don’t like them. NO one said you had to, but you really shouldnt insult the author if you don’t actually know her. Rude? Immature? That’s strange as I’ve only heard good things from people who’ve met her.

    People read these books not because they are about vampires but because of the love story and the great characters she creates. I read them because Bella seems like a completely normal girl who you could relate to not to look up to. But even if she is looked up to, so what. Bella strives for honesty and truth in her life and she wants to do what’s right and best for her family. Yes she makes mistakes but what human doesnt.

    • Stephanie

      This comment seriously worries me. the moral I took away from the Twilight Saga was that you should literally give up your life for a boy-cause thats exactly what Bella does. She has no redeeming qualities as a girl/woman; no thoughts, no hobbies, few outside friends. She risks giving up her entire family for one boy and endangers them all in the process. I almost screamed outloud when at one point in the books she says “My life is nothing without Edward.” I cringe when I think of teenage girls identifying with this and hope they dont think a guy who sneaks in to watch you sleep or feels the need to babysit you is what an ideal relationship is.

      • Tess

        HAH! That is so true Stephanie. It is scary to think that some 12/13 year old girls or whatever are going to think that that is a healthy relationship. Sure love is important or whatever, but seriously Bella is a terrible role model. Or at least not a great one.

      • Steph 2

        Well said! That’s exactly what was wrong with the character of Bella. Not to mention she’s a complete wimp who lets everyone else save her at every turn instead of actually doing anything for herself.

      • @Stephanie

        Agreed. SOOO agreed. It baffles me when people act like Bella is a good role model or even a neutral one. I’d hate for any daughter of mine to act like she does — lead friends on, let her boyfriend emotionally abuse/manipulate her, go into a depression because a guy leaves, etc. It’s pathetic.
        I think a lot of it is, soo many Twilight fans are girls or naive women who don’t know what a mature, healthy relationship is. Trust me, this isn’t it.

      • Pam

        I think we all need to remember that these books are fiction. The characters were created. This is not the Bible. Maybe Bella isn’t a role model-SO. Why would she need to be. THIS IS ENTERTAINMENT!! Stephenie Meyer entertained many with her FICTION! I’ll be at the Oprah show on Friday and can’t wait to hear what she plans to be writing next. Also, The HOST was great too!

      • BilbrosB4Hos

        There’s garbage out there like The Hills, The City, and all of the other ridiculous spoiled brat influences…tweens and teens are exposed to that and you’re worried that these books are a bad influence???

      • Katy

        Just because Smeyer never intended for Bella to be a good role model, doesn’t justify the atrocious decisions this so called “normal girl” makes.
        Smeyer should know BETTER then to allow an 18 year old to get married and pregnant at such a young age and to give up her life… all just for some guy.
        Yeah, way to go stephenie.
        You sure created the WORST female in literature’s history. (not that twilight should be deemed “literature”.

      • chattypatra

        I agree, Stephanie. Millions of girls who have read the books talk about Bella as if she were a real person. The way Meyers developed her character does a disservice to those teenage girls who escape into that fantasy world. I would be horrified if my daughter felt that “love” means you should put all your interests behind you, endanger your parents and give up your humanity. Bella’s only goal is to die so she can be with Edward – who is not only a creepy stalker who spends all night watching her sleep – but also happens to literally be a monster! That is not romantic. Ask any woman who has been abused by a man. Talk about a stupid and distorted perception of love!

      • Lauren

        You people simply take it all the wrong way. She’s not claiming to be Jane Austen or some other amazing classical writer. She had a good story,and she told it. Also, Bella is not a typical teenager. She has truly found an amazing love that probably doesn’t actually exist in reality. If you found that kind of earth shattering love, would you not want to give that person everything? Additionally, Bella is described as being very smart and mature for her age, and she saved Edward at the end of New Moon and Breaking Dawn so she’s not some damsel in distress all the time. Stop being so childish in your opinions. If you don’t like her writing, you can say so without attacking her person. If you know anything about logical arguments, you would understand that attacking the person as opposed to their work or viewpoint makes your argument ill-founded.

    • AnnaWC

      I would argue that Stephanie Meyer is also a terrible story-teller. Her final book is absolutely awful with no real climax or satisfying resolution (as commenters have noted upthred). And all her books suffer from poor timing. They move too slowly and then throw fifty things at you at the end. I think Twilight has succeeded for two reasons: Vampires as characters are sexy (those of us who grew up with Buffy will attest to that) and there’s so much sexual tension that you have to keep reading.

      • Kelsey

        A lot of people I know kept reading the books because they were waiting for something, ANYTHING of consequence to happen. Imagine their disappointment when they got to the non-battle in Breaking Dawn. :-)

    • Brittany

      True that! I concur!

  • Camron Barth

    I will DVR it!

  • Camron Barth

    I will DVR it

  • Linda

    Wow. It seems to me that ever since Twilight became more popular, more mainstream, more people are criticizing it. Even people that originally liked Twilight now has become anti-Twilight. Go figure.

    • Kelsey

      If it makes you feel better, I thought Twilight was crap (enjoyable and a guilty pleasure, but crap nonetheless) before it ever became “mainstream.” :-)

  • WTF

    One quarter of all books sold. That was the last thing I needed to know. When I think of all the good writers out there who struggle. Who care about language and character, who care about the craft of writing. . .

    • Mina

      one quarter of all books sold… LAST YEAR when Twilight hit its peak what with the movie and the timing and whatnot.
      Not ALL TIME… Just last year.

  • Kalie

    I don’t think Bella is a terrible role model at all. Actually, I don’t think Bella was ever meant to be a role model. She’s a character that people can relate to because of her awkwardness & because she’s just a regular girl, who found herself in a crazy situation. What’s so terrible about a teenage girl who puts other people’s needs before her own? She’s smart, well-read & she has a lot of guts. She stood up to others many times throughout the series & always knew what she wanted. Doesn’t everyone want love and to find their ‘soulmate’? Edward may have saved Bella’s life in the 1st book, but there were many times when she was the one doing the saving. She risked her life to save her mother when she thought that James had her in “Twilight” & she saved Edward when no one else could in NM. In “Eclipse”, she was the one who figured out Victoria’s plan and she was willing to sacrifice herself to save the Cullens & the wolf pack. In BD, she pretty much saved everyone’s behind in the end. She was never a damsel in distress, just a regular girl who seemed fragile compared to the vampires & werewolves she was surrounded by.

    • rae

      I agree with you 100%, Bella was never suppose to be a role model. If you see that your teenage daughter is completely spellbound by a book, as parent you should read the book and discuss whatever you find alarming about the character with your teenager. You can do it, I read all 4 books in 10 days. It is unhealthy for a real 17 year old to become so obsessive about a boy, but keep the discussion in the correct content. Edward is not just a normal boy, he’s a vampire that is over a 150 years old with a maturity level no human man will ever reach. Use the book as an opportunity to open up a dialouge between a parent and child/teenager about what a real human relationship is suppose to be. Twilight is just a story about things and people that don’t exist.

    • Audrey

      Maybe she was never intended to be a role model but that doesn’t mean that girls won’t look up to her as one.

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