TLC to air Kate Gosselin one-hour special on Nov. 2

TLC will air a one-hour special with Kate Gosselin, Kate: Her Story, on Nov. 2 at 9pm ET. Natalie Morales, correspondent for NBC’s Today show, will interview Gosselin in the special, produced by NBC’s Peacock Productions. EW has learned that the interview will be shot tomorrow (Oct. 28) so further information on its content isn’t yet known. Also, TLC has confirmed that the November schedule for Jon & Kate Plus Eight will include a one-hour “Top Moments” on Nov. 9, “Gymnastics and Baseball,” followed by “Never Before Seen” on Nov. 16, and a one-hour episode on Nov. 23 entitled “It’s a Crazy Life, But it’s Our Life.” The latter is the last episode TLC has finished filming, the network confirmed today that shooting remains “suspended.”


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  • Heidi

    I hope Natalie will not present the questions to Kate in advance. I’d like to see some real responses to real questions, not fluff designed to make her and TLC look good.

    • becky helms

      I want Jon and Kate to go back together, for themselves,the kids and the millions of dollars, they will never have anothewr chance to make.

  • Heidi

    Questions I want to know:
    Why doesn’t she have friends
    What part did she play in the dissolution of their marriage
    Why does Jon not get 1/2 the money from the show (or 1/10th if they take equal shares)
    How much money was put aside for the kids (if this is “all for the kids”)
    How much time does she actually spend with her kids every day?
    How does she think she’s ‘surviving’ by having a full time babysitter, housekeeper, lawn/garden services
    Does she understand that the reason Jon didn’t work was because Kate really wanted to do the book tour and speaking engagements – is she not grateful and able to say good things about what he did for her?

    What else do you want to know?

    • Jen

      Hi Jon

      • Shurley

        Ok, so because you don’t like Kate, you’re Jon ? I think Heidi asks very interesting questions…

      • KJ

        LOL Jen! I was thinking the same thing…why is Heidi presenting all of these very anti-Kate questions? She has been put through a lot because of Jon-why not ask some questions about what that feels like for her?

    • alex

      Those are good questions. I’m tired of seeing Kate play martyr. Kate, make this one last… your 15 minutes are almost up.

    • Ty

      I think your questions suck.
      Yes, she has friends but maybe they don’t want to appear on the show.
      Noneya…none of your business why there marriage failed.
      Anything financial definitely falls under noneya category cuz in all honesty if Jon had no money how could he afford his swanky nyc pad or cars, or maintaining his swingin single lifestyle.
      I’d surely say having a full-time babysitter, housekeeper, and lawncare aren’t to extravagent. I don’t know anyone who can do that all on there own.
      As for the whole book tour comment I think she has stated on many occasions she asked Jon what he wanted to do work, school, what did he want and maybe he didn’t know you can only do so much to make someone happy and doing those book tours brought in money and maybe it was her turn to work outside of the home.

      The questions are dumb of course I want to know everything but I’m no way entitle to know anything beyond what they put out there. I wish the show would just go back to being about raising a family and watching kids have a great time.

      • Heidi

        You know, I agree that the show needs to be about the kids. I hate the fact, though, that they tout this interview as well as the TLC special they did with Kate anwering questions, as an impromptu, unrehearsed and honest endeavor when it is really just to make her look good. I just want an honest response to what has happened. THey’ve put themselves out there and spoken about all this stuff at one point or another. If Kate makes comments about this all being for the kids, and that she couldn’t pay for food for the kids or a roof over their head…she’s given us the right to ank follow up questions. She’s opened the door by opening her big mouth about alot of this stuff.

        If she would do an honest interview and answer real, hard questions, I would have alot more respect for her.

      • How about…

        …how do you look at yourself in the mirror everyday without giggling at that awful hairdo?

      • BlackIrish4094

        If it was none of anyone’s business then she should keep her personal life off tv. Your comment is ridiculous. I think the first poster’s suggested questions were excellent and if they skew towards “picking” on Kate it’s only because we all know Jon’s warts. She’s the one trying to falsely reinvent herself.

      • mom52

        They don’t appear on the show because then they would have to get paid and Kate refuses to share the wealth. That is why Aunt Jodi stopped appearing — Kate didn’t want to have to dip into the pot of gold.

      • model44

        Well then if everything is in the “noneya” category and she doesn’t want us to know, then why the heck can’t she stay off of tv?? Why doesn’t she go somewhere to sit down and shut up????? HI KATE!

      • Justin

        Kate Goselin is a whore like most middleaged women in America….Kids are a cash cow and most of them will grow up to be gay and useless to society….tired of kate

    • CJ

      Very good questions. Jon gave up his career because she wanted him to stay home to do her bidding. She is a shrew who has alienated her family AND her friends, and she will end up alone after her kids are old enough to see what a selfish, self-centered diva she is. Jon made some bad choices after they separated, but IMO he was so hungry for affection and used to be belittled at every turn, any attention from a woman blurred his vision.

    • Emmy

      How do you know she doesn’t have any friends. Are you so ignorant to believe everything that is written? Also, it is none of your business how much money she has or how much she has saved for her kids. Do you tell all that information to total strangers??

      • kyky

        Oh, so before when Kate had her little show, it was okay for her to have diarrhea of the mouth and tell alllllllllll of her business. Now all of a sudden nothings our business?? Well then she needs to dry up and blow away, no one is holding a gun to her head to continually appear on tv and in public. She could disappear right now, and never be heard from again if that’s what she realllllly wanted!!!!

    • Shel

      Some of these might be half-way decent questions, but most of them seem like they come from a woman who is totally enamoured of Jon. lol The idea that this person Heidi *KNOWS* Jon didn’t work so that he could give Kate the “gift” of going on tour selling her books (which were bringing MONEY into the family, btw) reveals her true perspective. Why is Jon not working now? lol

    • Pam


  • Heidi

    Why is her family against her – why is she estranged from them?

  • wakeforce

    Kate has become the poster child for women whose husbands have left them for a younger model and for those who hate men! I just saw a body-language expert on ET who said that Kate is an angry, disrespectful, unlikeable and her answers show deception. To all the girls who love Kate- I’m sorry your man left you, but Kate is NOT your hero!

  • Violet

    Jon couldn’t get a real job anyway.

    She spends less time with the kids because she has to split her time with Jon and school. When she does spend time with the kids, I’m sure she makes the most out of it. At least she spends more time with them than Jon does. He had to live in New York? She can’t see them everyday because of the agreement she has with Jon because they can’t behave like adults when they are around each other. Jon has to call the cops . Kate should be able to babysit when Jon wants to go out at night when he’s suppose to stay with the kids. Oh, and of course she has friends. Some of them are even seen on Jon and Kate plus 8. Just because you don’t see her hanging out with her friends on tv all the time doesn’t mean you should assume that she doesn’t. Her friends are probably private people. She used to have Jon around all the time. Now, she doesn’t. She needs someone to replace Jon when he’s not around. She’s not used to doing work Jon did around the house, so now she has to learn on her own. Kids want to do their own thing. It’s not like the kids are in one room, and she could watch them easier. She needs help when kids are doing different activities. She can’t mow the lawn, and watch her kids at the same time. That’s why she hires someone. I think it’s a good thing because that allows her to have more time to spend with the kids.

  • TJ

    Of course it’s going to be fluff.

  • Lorelai

    No one would hire Jon anyway.

    He already has proven to America that he’s a total d-bag. He always tells Kate he’s sorry for his “actions” but the next day he talks trash about her.

  • jk

    Do you know anything about attachment disorder? Do you feel your children are bonding appropriately with both you and Jon? Do you feel that your attempts to ‘stay positive’ even while moving on is truly the best for the children (as opposed to being truthful when you bend things a little bit to make everything seem “ok”, especially their Dad’s behavior?

    • Heidi

      you can bet she’s not speaking well of Jon, even around the kids. THey know what she thinks of him. She told him openly throughout their marriage. Now isn’t any different except its done in a more measured, PR approved way. Her high road is a fake camera ready road.

      And BTW I’m actually not a Jon fan, to the person who said that. I hate TLC most of all for really taking sides, blocking Jon from opportunities, while lifting Kate up as though she’s mother theresa instead of a self-centred, arrogant and at times delusional person who somehow convinces herself that her life is all about the kids.
      They both need help.

      • Jon Sucks

        Heidi, the reason TLC doesn’t show Jon is because they are in the middle of a lawsuit with him. They are not going to put someone on their network who is the sole reason that the show might have to end. Obviously, if they can’t show the kids, and they can’t show jon, they show Kate to keep the show alive.

      • Shel

        You are no Jon fan, but you are SURE Kate speaks badly about him in front of the kids. Incredible. Heidi… you.. do… not… know… Kate. Hate to break it to you. None of us do. Sadly, there are parents who do speak negatively about their soon-to-be-former spouse in front of the kids, but there are plenty of people who don’t. You cannot just KNOW which side Kate falls on.

  • Kristina

    Another one? Geez. Can the clock strike 15…. please?

  • mary

    A man who sleeps with every girl who will have him do you really want to believe anything he says. Hailey probably has her friends to write in and make comments. Mary

  • mary

    When you know the things he has done. He has pretty much destroyed his family. It seems he would have a little more backbone. Teaming up with her brother isn’t any better.

  • Char

    The whole thing is a hot mess. Everyone rags on Kate for being a nagger but the truth is someone had to have a backbone. Jon has never been a man from the beginning. Maybe if he stood up for himself none of this would be happening. They both need to fight their own battles and raise their children. Stop bringing the world into your mess. Grow a pair Jon cause you still can’t stand on your own two feet. And any woman who wants him is just plain pitiful and dimented.

  • amanda-beth

    honstley your dumb if you believe tabloids. I know what I’ve seen in the shows of the gosslins before and after the split. Kate is an aggrogant, aggressive, witch. i don’t know how serious she is with saying its for the kids. And you can see the kids are more relaxed around their jon their dad. it dosen’t matter what anyone says it matters how the kids feel and i know by watching the shows they are happier with their dad and I’m pretty sure the reason why is because their mother was on alota book tours for along time and so their dad was home with them so they got use to it and their dad isn’t all don’t make a mess and freaked out by messes. Also it is posible to take care of 8 kids or more with out any help no you may not have plants and a perfect yard but so what your first responiblty is the kids.

  • BJohnson

    How much are we suppose to care about her story? I was tired of watching her be a bully. Yeah he’s pretty much a d*** for hanging out trying to fill up his last 15 min. of fame, but her woe is me looks don’t make me wanna go give her a hug. She wanted the money just as bad if not more. Whether it’s so she wouldn’t have to work again (she was a nurse) or was it truly to save for the kids. I pray for the kids the true victims in divorce. Mom and Dad are just doing what they do best, have their issues for the cameras, and not settle things behind closed doors. I hope this show stops airing and they shelf the repeats. I barely turn to TLC anymore because I don’t even want to catch a glimpse of what used to be a sweet show. If I wanted to watch a train wreck, I would watch the Real Housewives.

  • YaItsMe

    I think Kate is great, yes she has to push Jon even in the public eye, Id ask all of you if you had 8 kids at once and a home to be ran, how many of you wouldn’t get annoyed at a husband who only thought of himself immaturely? I believe do NOT judge one till you walked in their shoes. Heck I was sitting in mine on the sofa and could see JOn slacking or being cranky as he had to get 8 pairs of shoes on kids, oh it wasn’t a ski trip of him getting a break now was it? He has a ton of growing up to do. Kate has took a huge responsibility on with all this right from the start. Someone had to, but after all he was fully cooperative to have those kids, he just wanted the icing and not work to get the cake. Jon has had so many gf’s and they want nothing to do with him in a short period, so maybe we have no clue how much she put up with before all this. His head got bigger then his britches and now he has to reap what he sowed. KEEP STRONG KATE YOUR WONDERFUL. Those that strike out against you are only jealous.

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