Eric Braeden stays put on 'The Young and the Restless'

Sony has confirmed that it signed a new deal with Eric Braeden to keep the soap opera veteran as Victor Newman on The Young and the Restless. Braeden, 68, was preparing to say goodbye to the show that he called home since 1980 after the production company demanded that he take what he described as a “substantial” pay cut to his seven-figure salary. Terms of the new deal were not released but a source familiar with the negotiations said the actor ended up accepting a pay decrease in exchange for a new, three-year pact.

Speaking exclusively to, Braeden said he and Sony returned to the negotiation table Oct. 23 and settled the deal amicably (he declined to comment on the specifics). “All’s well that end’s well,” Braeden said. “Both sides were reasonable. We were both satisfied with the outcome. This business is tough.”

Braeden is not sure when he’ll return to the set because the writers have to figure out how to write him back into the show. Asked to explain how his character was going to leave in the first place, Braeden said executive producer/head writer Maria Arena Bell had Victor “going off to rehabilitation.”  The notion makes him laugh now. “It was rehabilitation … from the negotiations,” Braeden said, chuckling. “He’s been cured miraculously! Miracles do happen. A week ago, I didn’t think they would.”

CBS released the following statement:  “We’re very happy that Eric will be remaining with The Young and the Restless. Victor Newman has been an important part of the Genoa City canvas for nearly 30 years, and we know our audience will be tuning in to see what his plans are next.”

Bell released her own statement, as well: “We are thrilled to have Eric Braeden continue as the one and only Victor Newman. We look forward to his timely return … and we are delighted that Eric will continue his extraordinary work on The Young and the Restless.'”


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  • barr

    No shock there. He went to the press in hopes of shaming the network into paying him more. (Of course, I’ve always avoided the show because I find him a ridiculous actor so that’s just my opinion.)

    • Mary Ann


      • irene

        i love that man he plays the role of victor newman very well i think and i am glad he is staying so much he means a great deal to watch him he keeps everyone on his toes

      • debbie

        Concur also!

    • Lisa anne

      What is the matter barr? upset because no one will negotiate a huge figure like that for you in your job? Eric braeden never made this about money, it was about the crap sony/cbs was pulling on him.Eric has always cared about this show. Do you realise how close lynn marie lanthom could of come close to losing her job alot sonner had he walked out and taken half the cast with him because of what she was doing?He could of take 90% of the fan base. no victor is no show!

      • claudenorth

        “could have” not “could of”

      • Emily

        @claudenorth–You correct that but not “alot sonner?” You are not a very good grammar troll!

      • patsy teague

        I am so glad to here negotions went well for Eric. “Who’s yo Daddy now Y&R?” I am upset still with the story line concerning Sharon’s baby. Hope that doesn’t go on forever or till they are grown. Sucks!! All these new people weren’t necessary to keep the show interesting. When you have dynamic characters like Victor, Kay, Nikki, and Smiling Jack, and Michael why do you need to bring in all the new blood. Have the writters gone lame and can’t make the real actors enough for the show. This show is about the Abbots and the Newmans………

      • India

        You are so right and so funny to me! Victor is a major part of the young and the restless and everyone knows when Victor speaks we all listen!

    • Cheryl

      Barr, free speech is wonderful and I glad your voice does not speak for all of us, who like Eric Braeden’s portrayal TGVN. So, we wont mind if you dont watch or never have watched because a great deal more of us (fans) do watch him. He is Y&R. I am damn happy this has been resolved. Now, if they would improve upon writing.

      • Tanya

        Cheryl, I totally agree with your comments and ignore the troll replying to your post. We won’t lower ourselves to the level of “Kyle” below, who is obviously just trolling this board and trying to stir up trouble, we’ll just feel sorry for him. Back to the topic being discussed, I’m SO glad Eric was able to settle with Sony, what a relief! I still don’t agree with him having to take a 2nd pay cut of $500,000 from his current $1.5 million/year to $1 million because of how little soap stars earn compared to actors in other genres. I am glad that one of the reasons Eric decided to stay on the show after all this drama was because of his close relationship with the cast, especially with Sharon Case who is very close friends with Eric and his wife. What I don’t get now is what about Melody Thomas Scott, who is/was (?) being written out of the show Nov. 2nd along with Eric? All I can say is Sony better work out what they’re doing to her too, but I’m not sure how this will be done, with Sony trying to reduce her to recurring status. Melody already lost money when they made her take a leave of absence from the show this summer, wasn’t that enough for Sony? This leaves all of us fans in a real quandary, we’re still back to the same problem: if Melody still leaves, there is no Y&R without Victor AND Nikki. I’m also still VERY ticked off that they’re killing the character of Lauren off, but I guess it’s because Tracey Bregman doesn’t want to stay on the show anymore (no wonder with the way Sony treats all of them). Eric staying is a very good start, but TPTB still have some major damage control to do on this show…

      • margaret

        I totally agree w/tanya. Who cares if you do not watch anymore? I probably have been watching since before most of you were born. Y & R is the #1 soap..reason…Victor Newman. If sony really wanted to save some money, they could trim the fat by getting rid of some of those ridiculous characters (gloria, jeff, adam…..) I say bravo to Eric. If any of you haters were in his shoes you would have done the same thing.

      • Selenia

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    • renee

      on barr’s side. ruined my day, and keeps me still away from this show.

    • Karen

      I agree, I stopped watchingt this show about 10 years ago, and swore I would not watch it again until he was gone…ridiculously bad actor…

      • India

        No matter how good you are there will always haters out there! Eric Braeden, we love you in the Bahamas!

      • Spike

        Inda I agree with you but my thing is, if these people don’t watch the show, then why they are commenting. If you don’t have anything good to say then don’t say anything.

      • slusome34

        stop hate in’ victor is the Y&R

      • J

        Actually Eric Braeden is a fine actor. You haven’t seen him in other things apparently. He’s been acting since the 60s and does a fine job. Victor is simply a one-dimensional character. But newsflash: most people are one dimensional, including you.

    • William

      barr – I find you a ridiculous idiot and that’s just my opinion.

    • CB

      Hey barr, let me ask you something; if you don’t watch the show as you claim, why in the heck would you be on here commenting? That makes you seem extremely ignorant. Go make comments on shows you actually watch and leave this forum to fans of the show in question.

    • Bill

      I am happy to see that Eric will continue his role as Victor onthe Young and the restless. He is a terrific actor, and there could never be a suitable replacement for the role of Victor. It would be like taking Santa claus out of Christmas.

    • Ashleigh

      Not true! He was more than willing to take the pay cut he knew was coming WHEN HIS CONTRACT WAS UP IN MARCH 2010 — but Sony wanted him to do it 8 months early, and THAT is what he balked at — felt THEY were not honoring the contract, which they weren’t… I’m thrilled he’ll be back — maybe now he & Nikki can have a real life again…

  • dcet

    Thank Heavens those suits came to their senses! No Victor meant no Y&R!

    • Kyle

      The suits didn’t “come to their senses” – Braeden did. He caved and took the pay cut.

      • Steve

        I disagree. There are many people across many industries who would take a pay cut in exchange for a longer term contract – i.e. long term stability, knowing you have a job.

        Previous reports have stated Y&R has only been recently renewed for 2 more years of production, so this shows faith on both sides that at the end of those 2 years, there is hope that the show will go on and Braeden will be a part of it.

      • talkin’

        what does it matter to you, Kyle? Just curious.

      • PinkSwan

        It wasn’t about the money. It was about the length of his contract. They were making him renegotiate it every year. That’s an insult to a faithful and popular actor who has been a staple of the show for over 25 years.

    • urgle

      wow, what is supposed to happen to lauren, she is my favorite chharacter on the show.

    • Joey

      After losing Guiding Light cuz of TPTB aka the suits’ decisions, I was completely done with this genre if Eric left cuz of TPTB. They have to realize who and why we watch this show. My favorite is watching Eric (Victor) and Jeanne Cooper (Katherine). No herd of young, hard bodies learning to act can replace true talent.

      Yes, the eoonomy is tough, yes, the soaps don’t make the money they used to, but they have to understand the concept of you get what you pay for. And a contract is a contract. What’s the point of negotiations if its not worth the paper its written on.

  • sylvia

    who the f$%& are you to say that barr! A lot of people admire him and find that offensive!

    • Scott

      Well, it is a comments section for people to leave their opinions in. And Eric is one of the hammiest over-actors on TV.

  • AcaseofGeo

    I think its awesome he is staying. He is the definitive character on “Young & Restless” despite his not exactly being very young. I know soaps ratings are way down but continuity is what keeps viewers coming back or returning.

  • ann

    He’s a drama queen! I can’t believe what a whiny baby this guy is and in this economy. This is the worst news ever! Here I had thought we’d never have to see him back on the screen again.

    • India

      If you walk in to work tomorrow and your boss decides to cut your next pay until the economy picks up and you know you are good at what you do, tell me, how would you feel? Victor took a pay cut with in his contract not the future contract, I dont think Victor is allowed to break his contract, so the the company shouldn’t break their contract!

      • Fatih

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    • J

      Well…you’re whining like a baby too. I guess the concept of ‘hypocrisy’ is beyond your understanding.

  • ann

    Sylvia, may I remind you people are allowed to have differing opinions other than your’s.

  • davidsask

    ALL THAT HYPE FOR NOTHING! HE CERTAINLY USED EW FOR HIS EXCLUSIVE BARGAINING CHIP!? What does this mean for new billionaire actor role they hired? Although he was important to the show Eric is far from great actor, aka the mumbler lmfao

    • barr

      *high five* :)

    • CJandPJ

      Totally agree. Mumbly Mumberson from Mumbletown.

      • Emily

        Strangely, the new heart has made him much easier to understand! Must be those anti-rejection drugs!

  • Lizbeth

    Eric Braeden = EPIC FAIL. We all knew he was going to re-sign, but he’s such a tool he had to spend weeks bitching and crying for sympathy first. Total egomaniac. I could care less he will be back, just means my FF will continue to have a work-out when he’s on my screen.

    • Lianne

      You try being disrespected like that after you’ve worked on something and put your heart and soul in to it and made it a success, then why don’t you see whos the epic fail? Good for Eric for not tolerating it, but good for him also for being good to his fans, he is a man of class and grace, and is forever respected in my mind.

      • Hilary

        Amen to that sister!

    • sbwm

      it’s “I could not care less”

    • Ahmady

      ntyorepretomfaces on September 25, 2011 omg the sauve thing was so corny lol but hey its 2 free products so ill do it. i love your channel and facebook and site so great! im kat elliott on facebook it really would be great to have a forum and your site would be perfect for that

  • fansoftheyoungandtherestless

    Can’t imagine Genoa City without him. Yes, The Young and the Restless is an ensemble cast, but some characters cannot be recast or replaced.

    • Vicky

      Why all the complaining about Eric Braeden. Alot of us have gotten older with him…And he looks so much like my late husband I’ve missed seeing him…Let’s just get him back to work…vj

      • Phomphithep

        Du tneegrr ikke det. Det er bare hvis du skal ha sommerjobb. Sa hvis du skal jobbe der hele tiden er det bare a soke om plass der.

  • Janis

    I am one fan who loves him. The show would not be anything without him. He can’t be replaced for no one else can do what he does. He has made this character…..

    • Gail

      I agree 100%. There is only ONE Victor Newman and no one can fill his shoes. Hope he is with us for a very very long time and hope Nikki is at his side. Hail to the Victor!

  • Reese

    WHY WHY WHY??? I was so looking forward to no more Sir Mumbles Alot Newman!! Ugh.

  • Shejo

    I am glad he is staying with the show, it would not be the same. At the same time, I think many Americans are suffering financially at this time. Glad he was big enough to take a cut and stay with the show. Wonder where he could get another job acting that could be so great–even with the cut. Many of us would like to learn how to live on just a few million dollars.

    • ceejay

      For the record, he has already taken a pay cut. He took a quite large one the last time his contract was renegotiated. He was less than a third of the way through that three year contract when they demanded he take another pay cut. Apparently contracts with Sony are not worth the paper they are written on. If they are so hard pressed for money, why don’t they get rid of Paul Rauch and Hogan Sheffer….. the show was so much better before they came on board. Maria was recovering very nicely from the damage done by LML.

  • Shelley

    HOORAY!!!! Eric, I love ya! I am SO HAPPY that you are staying, because I was going to tune this show out permanently when I heard the news originally. Thank goodness they are not as stupid as I thought they were over at CBS Daytime. :)

  • bringbackrocky

    I honestly don’t understand why people like his character. The character acts despicably and bullies and belittles people. What about that is appealing or makes him the heart of the show? Mr. Braeden is a fine actor and has been for many years but I think even he might agree that the character he plays is usually ridiculous and probably would come across more so without Mr. Braeden’s very good performance behind it.

    • cndn610

      It’s a soap. Someone has to be the “Black Knight.” If not him someone else. Y and R wouldn’t be the same without his manipulations.

    • Gloria Bardwell

      Yes TGVN is despicable but the show revolves around his characer. Everyone is either concerned with gaining his acceptance/approval or be trying to enact vengence on him. Look at the past several years and how Victor’s apart of every major storyline: the reliquary, David Chow/Sabrina, the diary, Nikki’s disappearence and most recently Patty/MJ. Colleen’s death was all about whether he’d get her organs. I mean like everything stems right back to him. You may not like the guy, but at least he keeps the other characters on their toes.

    • Amanda

      I totally agree. Victor Newman has made his share of dirty deals yet he acts superior to Jack Abbott. He sees nothing wrong with marrying and remarrying Nikki and Ashley, marrying the occasional disposable temporary character and making babies that are born after his grandchildren. He even slept with his son’s wife!

      • Ericaz

        Phyllis wasn’t his son’s wife when they slept together. And if I remember correctly, at the time, Phyllis was looking for a meal ticket.

      • BSF

        nope he didnt sleep with her. only kissed her. i know its still bad but not as bad, and he felt terrible about it. im so happy victor is staying! victor and nikki need to be together!

      • BSF

        and no victor and phyllis did not sleep together either, he kissed sharon.

    • Steve

      are any of these characters good people??? lol – I swear most of them have all been in each other’s bed at least once. They should just stop the hating and have a big love fest ;)

    • gacandy

      You guys really don’t understand do you? Victor is SUPPOSED to be heartless and cruel. That is what viewers are to expect from him. THAT is what makes things so exciting on the show. You have to have a villian. This show has two, Victor and Jack.

      • Robyn

        Thank You! Finally someone said it!! It is a soap! It is suppose to have drama!!! If you don’t like drama don’t watch it!

    • Ericaz

      And your question is?????

    • NavyResGirl

      It’s a love to hate thing with ol Victor. Shows need a couple of antagonists and Victor fits the bill (along with Jack).

  • Natalie

    I am absolutely thrilled with this news. I was so disapponted and upset when I read Eric was let go from the show. I was planning to boycot Sony for their decision. I’ve been watching Y&R for 21 years, now a 28 year old and I have to say that the classic characters are my favourite, they are who make the show. Now Y&R casts too many useless young actors with awful storylines. Needless to say, I will now continue to watch the show. THANK YOU!!!

    • Marilyn M.

      My Dear Mr Braedan. I am so glad that you settled your contract with Sony/Y&R. My husband and family look forward to your return to the show as we watch daily.
      I have bee watching the show since its inception. I would tape it so that when I returned home from my teaching job I could watch you. I love you. Be safe. We are the same age and you look wonderful and so do I.(smile) Hope to meet you soon. Now retired I still continue with my music and my band. God bless you.
      Ms Marilyn
      Ms Marilyn

      • Kathy S.

        I love you Eric/Victor, if you ever leave Y&R I will never watch again. You are the man… Very Sexy!!!!!!!

        Kathy S.

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