Tom Cruise responds to Bronson Pinchot claims

Bronson-Pinchot_lThis week, the Onion A.V. published an interview that quotes actor Bronson Pinchot saying that Tom Cruise made “constant unrelated homophobic comments” while the two were on the set of 1983’s Risky Business.  Cruise’s rep responded today, telling EW, “Obviously, this is so far removed from who Tom Cruise is as a person, this must have been said in jest.”

Pinchot, perhaps best known as Balki from the 1980s TV series Perfect Strangers, made the comments to A.V. Club during a discussion about the actor’s storied resume, which also includes films Beverly Hills Cop, True Romance, and The First Wives’ Club.

In addition to the negative comments about Cruise, Pinchot is also quoted as saying Denzel Washington is “one of the most unpleasant human beings I’ve ever met.” Washington’s rep says the actor has no comment.

UPDATE: Bronson Pinchot explains remarks to the Onion in  email to the Wall Street Journal

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  • Bayou

    Guess the only way Bronson could think of getting his face and name out there again was to diss other celebrities he’s worked with. He must have graduated from the Dustin Diamond Academy also!

    • Brian

      I’m not surprised to hear that Tom Cruise made homophobic comments, and I’m also not surprised to hear that Denzel is unpleasant. He seems like it, in his movies and in every awards show on which I’ve seen him present or accept. Doesn’t take an expert to tell he’s intense to the point of being scary and unpleasant. Good for Bronson Pinchot.

      • lo

        Yeah and Bronson is so adoring??? What a loser, I’m sure Denzel thought the same about that arrogant has been, what a dope! People are always asking for more tolerence regarding homosexuals, well I think a little more tolerence towards heterosexuals is needed as well.

      • MM

        Are you joking? How much more “tolerance” do heterosexuals need?

      • olivia jones

        Interesting..considering Cruise is Bi Sexual

      • Rick Santorum

        I tolerate heterosexuals all the time—in my mouth.

      • Dancewosleeping

        “Are you joking? How much more “tolerance” do heterosexuals need?”

        MM- you’re absolutely right…we don’t want tolerance, we want equality.

    • Deb

      I believe Tom Cruise would make comments like that based on his unwavering faith in Scientology but it wasn’t Pinchot’s place to comment on them

      • ks

        it was 1983 – i’m sure he wasn’t a Scientologist then – he was probably just a young guy with no filter

    • Kitty Knows Best

      I agree with Bayou. I was surprised to see Bronson’s name mentioned at all on this site. I am a fan of both Denzel and Tom and find Bronon’s comments hard to believe. All the movies mentioned were from the 80s/90s! What has he done lately besides speak at an AV club?! I can’t name all of the projects D&T have done this decade alone! Bronson is hater.

      • Shellibellie

        dude is entittled to his opinion

      • untapttalent

        i agree that everyone is entitled to their opinion but i really don’t see how comments Cruise may or may not have made 20-30 years ago are relevant today. i mean we all make mistakes and do and say stupid things, especially when we’re young…and people change and mature a lot as they get older. the whole story just seems silly. and to say Washington is unpleasant but then not back it up just with reasons why seems petty and childish. which is a shame…i loved Pinchot on “Perfect Strangers.” Isn’t that the last thing he did? lol

    • debi

      i’ve heard the same things about both of these actors- cruise & washington…hear it enough times & you gotta think some of it has got to be true! pinchot was simply honest enough to admit his thoughts…

    • Strepsi

      Bronson Pinchot may not be the biggest star, but man that was THE BEST INTERVIEW with any actor I have read in a good long while. Some acting craft, some making-of stories, some dish, some personal self-deprecation, it was all killer no filler. Well done Mr. Pinchot and EV Club!

  • JL

    Pinchot sounds like a jerk. Not believing the comments about Cruise or Washington. Washington does impress me as probably being a very private person, but that doesn’t make him bad. And everybody seems to think it’s always open season on Cruise. Does
    Pinchot still have a career? Sour grapes.

    • Scott

      So I guess you only believe what the stars want you to believe. That is sad.

    • meg

      If you read the full article, he explains that TC was a young man and when you are young you say stupid things as you are finding your way. He also says DW was unpleasant because he was “method acting” and his abusive behavior was justified as method.

      Well done EW. I thought you were the last hold-outs when it came to veracity in entertainment journalism. You cut and paste just like the rest of the rags and bottom-feeders. If I want this crap I’ll read Hello!

      • turnitup

        You thought EW was the last hold out when it came to veracity? You need to read more. EW is an abortion.

    • Gonestealth

      Not sure about Tom cruise but definitely aboutndenzel. Had a friend who worked as a PA on taking of Pelham 123 and he said that Denzel was an A-hole. And this isn’t the first time I heard it. Figures. Another actor who is In love with the smell of his own farts. Big deal, you can act.. It’s like someone who is in pro sports. Big effin deal.

  • John

    Yeah, how dare he then go on to call megastar Tom Hanks one of the nicest men in the business? Sour grapes indeed.

  • Chaz Winterbottom

    You know who also thinks Tom Cruise is gay? Richard Gere’s gerbil!

    • Officer Farva

      You know who also thinks Tom Cruise is gay? Beach Volleyball!

      • Meier

        You know who else thinks Tom Cruise is gay? Quentin Tarantino! (See: his monologue in Sleep with Me)

      • TV Gord

        You know who also thinks TC is gay? Oprah’s couch.

      • Bob

        What about Stan’s closet?

  • Harker J

    He sure didn’t sound bitter or angry in the interview. It sounded like he was just telling it like it was. Wish more in Hollywood did that!

  • PNK

    Cruise should have “no commented” also, but “whatevs!” Ignore-ignore-ignore

  • Duh

    Hello, the interview was in the onion which is a satire magazine!! He was trying to be funny.

    • Brian

      No, it was in the A.V. Club, which is the non-humor part of The Onion.

  • Terry

    I don’t know. It’s not like he has anything to lose. I wouldn’t discount his claims so fast.

    • sanity

      Exactly, nothing to lose…which would actually make him more inclined to take stabs at Hollywood’s top dogs. They can’t end a career that has never taken flight.

      He’s a creepy lil’ man!!!

      AND Chaz Witerbottom…That was SO wrong, yet so damn funny!

  • April

    I thought the interview was wonderfully insightful. He was just as frank about himself as he was his perception of fellow actors. Candid and thoughtful. Certainly worth reading.

  • joeinmemphis

    Ummmm…..and we care because?

  • Justin

    Well I’m not sure about the Tom Cruise comments. However, I have heard many, many times that Denzel is a huge jerk. Esp. after reading his interview with Vogue a year or so ago….sad.

    • harry

      How can Denzel be a jerk?

      • peggym

        i always liked Mr. Washingtn, until I saw him on the Today show, where he was rude to Katie Couric an patronizing to Meryl Streep.Came across as totally pompous .

    • Betsy

      Oh, No! I have always loved Denzel! I really hope he’s not a jerk.

  • jd

    Whahh? Huhh? How is this news? Who cares? Why do we believe him? Why did I read this item? Why am I typing this note? Calgon, take me away!

  • joeinmemphis

    so you would take the side of a guy who went haven’t seen since the 80s compared to people who have still make blockbuster movies….hmmmm?

    • elsie

      Yes, because in Hollywood, success is no measure of character. Tom Cruise’s interview are self-serving and all over the place. BP’s interview was funny, self-aware, non-egotistical and credible. He also praised some other mega-stars as very nice people, so it’s not bitterness. Or do you assume he’s lying when he says Tom Hanks is a great guy?

      • matt

        Odd that you describe him as self-aware, because I think the fact that he constantly seemed to come off as grounded, yet also constantly seemed to put himself on a pedestal, shows a huge lack of self-awareness.

  • anonymous

    Denzel and his wife are both jerks. His wife sang the national anthem at an event my husband was working (he’s a sound man). She started singing and the mic was off. The last thing my husband told her was “push this button to turn on the mic before you sing to take it off mute”. She didn’t take it off, sang with the mute on, and then complained to the coordinator my husband (who has 25 yrs experience in the biz) didn’t know what he was doing. My husband was then fired from the event. Denzel was a complete jerk to my husband and so was his wife.

    • bootsycolumbia

      Why don’t you post your name?

  • Diggity

    Remember when Balki was on the Surreal Life? This is a creepy guy. He freaked everyone out.

    • Deb

      Strange yes but he stole the movie with his character in Beverly Hill’s Cop; it was one of the funniest things I have ever seen in a movie.

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