Sarah Palin will finally sit on Oprah's couch

About a year after she famously turned down Oprah Winfrey’s invitation to appear on her talk show, Sarah Palin will finally take a seat on Oprah’s couch on Nov. 16, according to People. During the 2008 presidential campaign, many believed that Palin declined the invite because Winfrey was such an outspoken supporter of ┬áthe rival ticket. ┬áBut months ago, Winfrey predicted that Palin might have a change of heart when it was time to promote her upcoming memoir Going Rogue: An American Life, saying, “Maybe she’ll talk to me now that she has a book deal.”

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  • Robert

    So – Ms. Palin is jumping the couch – what is she promoting – book, speaking tour, run for president of the NRA…the blab queen must really need the ratings now that Chicago didn’t get the 2016 olympic games

    • Michael

      She will definitely be promoting a book that releases in November.

    • Gail

      Looking forward to seeing Ms Palin. I think she is wonderful. Shows that a woman can do more than cook, have kids and run a house. Get with it people. Time for a real woman president. Not one set up falsely by a idiotic husband. Will definitely get her book.

  • bondfool

    I hope Oprah nails her to the freaking wall.

    • AcaseofGeo

      Nails her to the wall for what? The only thing I think she is out of touch on is the abstinence-only sex education and abortion issue.

      • ks

        Don’t forget that Sarah is a Quitter.

      • Katie G

        the ONLY thing?
        you’ve got to be kidding.
        Sarah Palin is a hot mess stupidity and political nightmare. I still can’t get over the fact that she couldn’t name ONE newspaper that she reads.

        2 radio DJs from Montreal prank called her claiming to be French President Sarkozy…and she totally bought it. She needs serious help.

    • vmj

      Why do you hate Palin that much? She is no threat to you, or is she???

      • Gail

        Who cares about newspapers!! No one reads them for their titles. Magazines either. She did not quit anything- she knew her calling is somewhere else and went for it. Boy, you people like to be mean for the sake of being mean, huh?

    • Richard

      Well, if you ask me (and IF no one likes what I have to say over the matter, too bad ! ),I say Madame Her Highness Guru Godess OPRAH retire and her and Sarah Palin go moose hunting in Alaska. Maybe it’ll do Oprah some good health wise, PLUS, just maybe she’ll come to her senses and realize that her egos gotten so big till her head’s about to blow up ?! Oprah dearie, you’ve made enough money already…just retire and quit your show. Marry your pal Gail ( or, Steadman ) and ride off into the sunset.

      • AcaseofGeo

        Madame Her Highness Guru Godess OPRAH……….LOLOLOLOLOLOL. So true so accurate: “Look at me! I’m on the cover of MY OWN MAGAZINE EVERY SINGLE MONTH! I am the ONE who IS ALL of what IS!”

  • Kim

    I predict another Katie Couric moment. Palin’s no match for really smart interviewers.

    • AcaseofGeo

      Oprah is far smarter and much more even-minded than Couric is. Couric is a vicious interviewer who revelled in catching Palin off-guard. Even though Palin’s response to Couric was less than stellar, its unfair to paint her as a fool. Palin was green to such a big stage and it showed.

      • wakeforce

        Well, if Sarah couldn’t take on chirpy Katie Couric she should have stayed out of the public eye!

      • Mike

        Palin couldnt give a good answer to newspapers she reads and Supreme Court decisions. She was a Vice Presidential candidate!!! But, the classic was her meandering responce to McCain’s reaction to the financial crisis. It was rip and read for Tina Fey.

      • Katie G

        then maybe she shouldn’t have been running for VP

      • EEKstl

        I am so sick of people making excuses for Palin – “It’s the media’s fault! She was green to the big stage!” The woman was a candidate for the 2nd most powerful position on the planet and if Heaven Forbid something happened, perhaps the next President of the United States. I for one, prefer that my leaders have a better answer than “I can see Russia from my house” as proof of foreign policy credentials and being a “hockey mom” as a darned good reason to be the leader of the free world.

      • AcaseofGeo

        I’m more defending the woman as a human being. I’m not defending her as a choice for V.P. As I said, she was obviously too green for that on a national stage. I don’t see the need to villify the woman. Obama won with basically a mandate for change. Given that, she really wasn’t much of a threat to really have the position of V.P. anyway. And lets not forget that the media truly did make a lot of that stuff up, including the whole Russian thing.

  • Kaja in Montana

    Sarah Palin will be a great rating getting for Oprah. The question will be who will get the last word and how much of the interview will be fluff

    • bootsycolumbia

      I predict about 90% of the interview will be fluff. Oprah won’t talk about the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan, nuclear arms development in Iran, tensions in North Korea, the stagnant economy or anything else of real relevance, because her audience doesn’t want her to. I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think I am.

      • EEKstl

        Palin is no longer a member of the US government – she’s a private citizen. I’m sure they’ll talk about her book, and maybe the 2008 campaign. If Palin is indeed contemplating a Presidential run in 2012 then she might very well start laying groundwork by talking about more substantive issues.

  • Ceballos

    I can just imagine James Frey waving his arms furiuosly, trying to get Palin’s attention with a “Don’t do it” look on his face.

  • Kevin

    In regard to Oprah, when has she ever “nailed” anyone to the wall in an interview??? If you are expecting anything other than a lovefest, watch something else…

    • fancypants

      i think it’s pretty obvious that oprah does not like palin. it won’t be a “lovefest”, assuming oprah has principles she actually stands by.

    • UGH!

      My bet is for love-fest. Wish it wasn’t so, but I don’t think Palin would agree to sit down for anything else. Besides, Oprah is not exactly known for hard-hitting interviews.

  • Al

    The People story is wrong. It was Oprah who refused to have Palin on during the election campaign. Oprah did ask Palin on only after the election was over. It was then that Palin declined. In the story, it erroneoulsy claims that Palin turned down an election season appearance.

    • Pete

      Wong!!! Palin “declined” the offer = the GOP wanted to limit her tv appearances because she’s doesn’t know what she’s talking about!

      • Stephanie

        Do a quick google search Pete. Al is correct.

      • Laura

        Pete, here is a September 2008 article – complete with a quote from Oprah – which confirms that Oprah did NOT want Palin on her show before the election was over:

      • Pete

        Stephanie, if you are foolish enough to believe Sarah Palin then that’s your own fault!

      • Chris

        Pete, it’s not a question of believing Sarah Palin. It was Oprah who stated she would not have Palin on until after the election.

  • bunker

    i doubt oprah will ask any tough questions. they’ve already been asked over and over. i just wish palin would go away. i’m sick of her.

    • Marty duh Marine

      I wish Oprah would go away.

      • J.

        I wish you’d go away.

      • Matt

        It is physically impossible for Oprah to go away because she is the almighty god of existence.

  • Stephanie
  • Denny

    Can America stand that much annoying egotism together on one stage for a full hour? What will the Homeland Security level be?

    • ks

      I second that.

    • Annette

      You are so right on!

  • Jed

    I could care less about either one of them and won’t be watching.

  • crispy

    I was shocked when I first read that headline because I thought it said “crotch.”

    • Freckles

      I like you.

  • TV Gord

    This will be more fun than that obviously drug-addled Whitney interview that kicked off the season. Another deer in the headlights for Miss Winfrey. Bring her on! You betcha!

  • Sarah

    I value my brain cells WAY to much to waste them watching/listening to Palin.She’s old news. Lets do humanity a favor and keep it that way!

    • paige

      Who would you prefer? A washed up pop-star that want’s to tell their dramatic life story? Or a person advocating for a cause that everyone has heard of a million times? I think having Palin on the show will be good; she is the only reason I will be watching.

    • Go Sarah Go

      I think Sarah Palin is a much better, more interesting and relevant guest than Oprah typically gushes over. Look at the show’s guest history: a mentally unbalanced, counch-jumping, Scientology-worshipping megastar; a best-selling author who twinged Oprah’s heart-strings with a falsified account of addiction and redemption, the aforementioned Diva with a Crack (or Whack?) Problem…
      I expect both women will be at the top of their game and have very interesting, meaningful things to say. Should be great!

  • TomHunter


    And I hope she takes every opportunity to quiz ‘O’ on the folks ‘her’ president has surrounded himself with.


    • wakeforce

      It’s Oprah show, Sarah doesn’t have the smarts to quiz Oprah of anything! TomHunter is a dumba$$

      • paige

        You do realize what kind of message you send when you reply with a comment like that?

    • Amanda

      Give her hell for what, exactly? Last I checked, Oprah wasn’t the one who single-handedly destroyed a presidential campaign.

      • Go Sarah Go

        Please explain Amanda. I wasn’t aware that Sarah Palin had this power over John McCain’s decisions.

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