Tom DeLay to bow out of 'Dancing With the Stars'

Former Republican congressman and current ‘Star’ Tom DeLay will announce his departure from season 9 of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars on tonight’s 9 p.m. results show, according to E!’s Malkin and People. Stress fractures in both of DeLay’s feet had recently turned serious enough for the show’s producers and medical staff to advise him not to perform in Monday night’s show; DeLay danced the samba with a sparkly elephant on the back of his jacket anyway. An ABC rep declined to comment to EW.


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  • Lorie

    Personal feelings aside, I think this is the right & fair thing to do. Why risk taking an able-bodied dancer’s spot?

    • Pat

      It’s a matter of not discriminating. Something liberals can’t help but do. Everyone is entitled to be asked to appear on DWTS. He’s not taking any away from any dancers. You libs are mad that he’s more popular than some of the ones that may be a bit better at dancing. GET OVER IT.

      • Paul, NJ

        We can’t help the fact that God HATES Tom Delay. That’s why he was struck down with 2 broken feet. It’s obvious to all who believe.

      • Mark

        Yes, I’m sure “the show’s producers and MEDICAL STAFF” are using their political powers to get him out of the competition. What an idiot.

      • prprincess


        I do not know if we are watching the same program; and I am trying to understand your post. Tom leaving has nothing to do with Liberals wanting him out because he is more popular.

        First, he has a stress fracture in his left foot then the right foot; point blank the man cannot dance. Second, the show is called DANCING WITH THE STARS; and lastly, if you can’t fulfill that major requirement you have to leave.

        Besides, the producers felt it is best he redraw; however,more importantly, the medical staff felt in order for Tom not to damage his feet any more it’s best for him to leave.

        I believe you should take your own advice and GET OVER IT and stop making this situation something it is clearly is not.

        …….I am just saying….

    • Rock Golf

      Stress fractures in both feet? Gosh, I hope he has good medical insurance. Oh, wait…

  • naynay

    Good news! :)

  • Lisa

    Bye Tom ! You sux !

  • Sarah D

    That means no elimination tonight, good, I hate the way they draw things out with long pauses and akward silences. Sorry ’bout your luck Tom.

  • Jackie

    I’m kinda glad because I thought he wasn’t a very good dancer.

  • DruggyBear

    i take it he wasnt voted out then…..

  • T. Barr

    As for Tom DeLay dropping out of Dancing with the Stars, I say “good riddance!” He is NOT a star and should not have been on the show! Tom DeLay know as an evil, coniving and crooked politician. A disgrace to our country!! Boo ABC for choosing him!

    • Carole

      I think the definition of star is one that ABC has been rather liberal with – some of these people – what the #&#(* – how do they qualify as a star….
      as for taking the place of an able bodied person – what a crappy comment – able or disable – equality is the cornerstone of America so stuff a sock in it Lorie – let’s see if you can “bust a move” as you get older…

      • Michael

        Equality is the cornerstone of America…um, I don’t think that Lorie needs to stick the sock in it. That comment couldn’t be farther from the truth and you know it.

      • E

        I think the able-bodied part only referred to him being injured, not his age. And in that sense, if the injury is so bad that he shouldn’t be performing on it, then he’s doing something gracious by bowing out.

    • a

      I,ll bet you wouldn’t mind if Pelosi were on, you crazy libby. I want to see W win the thing next time!

      • Michael

        Yeah, but W wasn’t crooked. He was just an idiot. Not the same thing.

      • N

        Pelosi is not a crook resigned, was indicted, and is awaiting possible prosecution for ethic violations you dipsh*t.

      • S.C.

        Pfah. DeLay’s indictment is a political hatchet job by a partisan Democratic prosecutor. He tried to strong arm one grand jury into indicting DeLay, and when they didn’t he convened another one.

    • jamespadgett

      Get a life! Tom DeLay is an American hero!!!

    • Steve

      You say that Tom Delay is crooked and yet I bet you think that socialist Barack Obama, the community organizer tied to ACORN, is Jesus. He is nothing more than a foreigner and should be deported!

      • Adam

        Steve, you do realize that when you call Obama a socialist foreigner, you’re making all Republicans look like idiots, right? First: Intelligent people are able to argue against Obama’s policies without resorting to name-calling. Second: If you are turning toward the comments of for spirited political debate, you should turn your attention elsewhere.

        Oh, and George W. Bush is a Nazi.

      • Michael

        One doesn’t have to love Obama to disapprove of Delay.

    • mymy

      Most of the time, I don’t know who these “stars” are. I cannot stand DeLay but at least I knew who he was. Glad he has a great retirement plan and health care. Wish I could say the same for me.

  • marianne

    I don’t think he should have been selected in the first place. A little too old and very stiff. Feel sorry for his problem, but better to go now than later.

    • carole

      Hope you can dance too when you are “old and stiff” – I say good try – never know what you can do unless you do it – or sit in front of your computer and complain about it – what’s the matter marianne – not pretty enough to keep your interest…

      • whodo

        that’s right, i too want pretty dancers, not guys who give me the heebie jeebies.

  • robinepowell

    Aww, that’s too bad. I liked seeing him on the show. Who knows, maybe he’ll be voted out tonight anyway. ;)

  • Michael

    After seeing how much pain he was in last night, I kind of figured that he would be bowing out tonight. I wonder if someone will still be eliminated since they were promising 3 double eliminations this season.

  • David

    Based on his performances I don’t think he’d have been around much longer anyway. This seems like the weakest field of celebs since season one. Final four will by Mya, Aaron, Natalie and Donny.

  • Peggy

    Yay! Now I can watch without worrying about seeing him.

  • Ed Spenser

    They always have an older contestant. He was better than some from past years who filled that slot – made a good faith effort to learn the steps, etc. BTW, the charges against him were politically motivated – as shown by the fact they have never proceeded to trial, after four years. The same guy who charged him had charged Kay Bailey Hutchinson when she was elected to the Senate – again, nothing ever came of it.

    • Facts Suck


      Not true. It Delay’s own attorneys who are delaying his trial. He’s a crook from gerrymandering districts in Texas, to the creation of the K street project for lobbyists in DC. The bug man will eventually get squached

      • Ed Spenser

        Yes it is true. His attorneys can delay only if the prosecutor allows it. It was a completely fallacious charge made to take advantage of a stupid caucus rule which barred those under indictment from serving in leadership positions. I would guess that every single Democrat in Congress could be similarly charged with “crimes” related to campaign finance. It was an invented crime for a political purpose.

  • Anna

    Speaking of “older”, I have always enjoyed this show — everything about it but this year, seems that Len is having a problem with the famous word “Change”. Hope he gets with the program soon as I enjoy him on the show.

  • rl0163

    who wants to watch this gross man swivel his hips like he’s some sex symbol, he is so gross. glad to hear he’s leaving the show and glad he left politics and I am a conservative. He’s a loser.

    • Basil

      If you define a loser such as TDelay, a congressman, a millionaire, and famous – i would like to be in this loser’s shoes.

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