Jon Gosselin tries to stop 'Kate Plus Eight'

According to CBS News, lawyers for Jon Gosselin have ordered TLC to stop production of Jon & Kate Plus Eight, just days after the cable channel announced that it would continue to film the reality show without Jon’s participation (the new show would be titled Kate Plus Eight). “Effective immediately, no production crews are to enter Jon’s family home for any reason. In the event that anyone enters the marital property, Jon Gosselin will notify the local authorities to effectuate police action against any trespassers,” reads part of the document, dated Sept. 29, 2009. A rep for Gosselin reportedly claimed the reality star was attempting to end the show before TLC announced that he would no longer have a role in it.

TLC released a statement today saying: “We are aware of Jon Gosselin’s recent statements, and remain deeply disappointed at his continued erratic behavior. He and the family were shooting as recently as last Friday, without incident, and his latest comments are grossly inaccurate, without merit and are clearly opportunistic. Despite Jon Gosselin’s repeated self destructive and unprofessional actions, he remains under an exclusive contract with TLC.  Direct filming of the children has been currently suspended, pending further conversations between both parents.”

A rep for Jon Gosselin did not respond to EW’s request for comment.

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  • Sabrina

    First intelligent thing he’s done in all this time. Pull the plug on this ridiculous show, I say….

    • AA


    • Quirky

      Oh please, he’s not doing this becuase he wants to be a responsible parent. He’s doing it becuase if he can’t be on the show than no one can.

      • KJ

        I agree completely Quirky…he is just mad that the show was going to go on without him. He is a real piece of work!!!!! I feel for Kate and what she has to deal with from this immature, irresponsible, self-centered, jerk!

      • Sid

        If he can’t be on the Show…No one can…Kinda taking food out of his family’s Mouth…He show what a fool he is more everyday…Jon…Get lost!!

      • Amy

        Ditto Quirky! Somehow halting the money train got Jon’s attention rather than realizing he’s acting like a horse’s ass.

      • innerjuju

        First, the a$$ says he doesn’t want anything to do with ‘reality tv’. Then the production decides to move on without him and he gets his panties in a wad. Has the guy never heard of “You can’t have it both ways”???

        As my dad always said, it’s always about the money.

      • joe

        he said enough was enough, didnt you guys notice how bad this situation is right now? jon is trying to stop this because it is damaging not only his life but his kids too. kate is the one who is loving being on camera life, the kids are ok or not, who knows? they are just kids, they dont know whats right or wrong. think about the twins, can u imagine when u go to school and the whole school not only your classmates but teacher and staffs know that ur parents are having this ugly situation going on… dont u think they like to be on TV?

    • James

      Looks like the ploy worked. TLC just announced that they’ve suspended the show!

      • kimmer

        Not for long though. He has no legal ground to stand on. Recall Charlie Sheen failure trying to stop his ex wifes show showing his children. Gosselin has less of a chance since he has been a willing participant for so long. he’s just being a spoiled brat.

    • Tina

      I agree he is just mad because he isn’t going to be in on the cash now and he dosen’t want anyone else to make any.. If this were the case he would have said something a long time ago, but of course he was too busy screwing everyone young thing he could find.

      • Heidi

        I think he wanted to do another show but TLC has halted it saying he’s under contract with them and they won’t let him work anywhere else. He would have left if he’d be free to do his own project. So now, yeah, it does seem a bit like sour grapes (well if I can’t work anywhere else I’m wanting to stay with the show) and panic. I don’t think he can stop it for long though for the reasons Kimmer has already outlined.

      • Becca

        Of course he is mad!! Sure the show shouldn’t nessesarily go on… but the ONLY reason why Jon the douche wants this stopped is because he isn’t going to get a TLC paycheque anymore… it was okay filming when he was getting $$$, but now that he is booted it isn’t?? Give a break and go away Jon. I happened to catch some entertainment show stating that when his “lawyer” hit TLC with a lawsuit, Jon was somewhere else having a grand old time with the Girls Gone Bad founder and some other female flavors of the week.. Yea – he really seems concerned about his kids.

    • Summer Seeve

      There is no “OFF” to Jon’s Asshatery switch.

  • Team K8te

    Can he really get away with this????
    He’s just ding this out of spite because that’s what teenagers do… And Jon has more than once proven that that’s what he is…

    Grow up Jon!!!

    • Team K8te

      doing… not ding

    • amy

      Yes, he can do this. It’s his house and his kids. If he doesn’t want them filming his kids or in his house, he can stop it. A couple years ago, Charlie Sheen wouldn’t allow his ex-wife to include their kids in her reality show. He eventually relented.

      • jmo

        Charlie Sheen lost. And the show went on. Jon & Kate need to grow up. I think it’s good for the show to end. Those kids need to know what a somewhat normal life is. And having cameras around is not anywhere near normal. They should have enough money to last a lifetime (all of them). They should go back to a yearly update if anything.

    • joe

      jon is just trying to protect his 8 kids…

      • LadyT

        jon is taking food out the mouth of his kids. There could have been a better way to handle the situation. It seems as if he is only thinking of himself and he doesn’t care who gets hurt. I have watch the show from day one. And he has always appeared to resent Kate…..I think he is jealous.

  • Active Fan

    WOW, It writes itself, best Soap on tv.

  • Rakesh

    Jon is taking this too far and should loose the case in the court. As it his during the start of the show this guy’s interest was never seen at all and now after taking divorce, he will get share of the earnings that was obtained for the kids which again is wrong. I could never trust this guy even at the beginning of the show as he always used to crib about the situation and used to work without any interest. Always used to complain about the situation and used to feel miserable in that situation.

    Half interested person was always greedy behind the money that they earned out of the reality show.
    As his interest towards kids was never seen full heartedly, his intentions were first get popularity in the show and make lot of money and then split to get half of what was earned!!!!
    Such a big looser you are JOE!!!

    • Sanjay

      Who is Joe? Does he know how to spell “loser” ?

  • annaBnana

    this whole scenario is just a huge trainwreck, it was before the split.

  • Stacey

    Oh now that he has been cut out of the payday that show gives. Having been fired. He’s now all moral about his kids. Sorry, don’t buy it. He is being greedy. I suspect this ploy will fail…

    • Mary

      THANK YOU!! That’s exactly what he’s trying to do. He doesn’t want to make the effort, but he still wants in on the cash.

    • LB

      it said in the article he was trying to get this shut down before they cut him from the show.

      • Well, then it simply MUST be true, then!

    • nita

      He has not been cut off financially. TLC still has him under exclusive contract with pay. He may be doing it for selfish reasons, but this show needs to end and Kate is just as bad as Jon.

      • joe

        thank you nita, they are both selfish parents, kate is just as bad as jon or even worse, she is the one who never want to stop the show, why?! becos of the cash she is getting… at least jon is realizing whats more important, the kids are growing up, they need more privacy. kate said she been keep on asking those kids, making sure they want to be on camera. come on… they are just kids, they dont know whats right or wrong, parents are responsible for them. kate come on, enough is enough.

  • Rakesh

    Sorry not JOE… Such a big looser you are JON !!!!

    See I don’t even care what is actual name is as I always knew his intentions were not correct.

    • amy

      it’s spelled loser, I think that’s what the comment was about.

  • NE

    OH PlEASE. Now they start to claim to be responsible parents?

  • Nicole

    His douchiness knows no bounds.

  • Chris

    Just to play devil’s advocate, maybe he wants to stop the show rather than have no say in how his kids are used for it. Either way, end it already.

    • Anne2

      Good comment, lets face it, children need time to just play, to get dirty, not to live scripted lives for the TV audience.

  • Doug

    It’s real funny because all these Kate Lovers/Jon Haters want to make the argument that it’s because he was cut out of the show and not getting paid. Hello! He’s still being paid. Fact is, this is the best thing Jon has ever done, in his life. End this damn show.

    • Team K8te

      No… Jon won’t continue getting all the amount he was used to… Yes he’ll get paid for his special appearances (And there won’t be many of those) however the amount will be way less than what he needs to survive living in NYC and trying to keep up with his young golddigger girlfriend…

      • LB

        so, the best thing for him to do is to stop the show and get money from it…how? jon’s done some major d-bag things, but i really think he’s thinking about his kids on this one. they need a normal childhood and he’s always hated that the family lived off of the children and pushed them out into the entire country’s livingroom. there may be a tinge of “take that, kate!” to it, but at the heart of it is his kids.

      • Doug

        You’re of course assuming that Jon pays for anything.

  • Team K8te

    I truly think that K8te is the more responsible parent… And In order to keep the kids in that house she’s got to be able to bring home the bacon so to speak. If she’s not able to continue to bring in the income they will not be able to stay in that house.
    She’s doing the right thing. Jon isn’t…
    Jon can’t keep a job even one as easy as doing nothing but show up for a taping of him hanging out and smoking cigs…

    I hope the courts see this for what it really is… And put jon in his place…
    The trash…

    • LB

      i disagree. not so much with kate being more responsible (we see eye to eye on that one), but with the part about her doing the right thing by exploiting her children. they need to live a normal life! that’s way more important that bringing in the thousands of dollars per episode. kate can find other avenues of income–esp now that she’s become more famous for her relationship w/ jon than being a mom of sextuplets and twins. she could certainly find another way to bring in the bacon w/o having to use her kids to do it!!

      • Team K8te

        LB… I see your point now… and you’re right. At this point in K8te life she won’t have to rely on the K8te + 8 Show income.. but get the income from another venue like her new talk show and or her book sales… That does make sense.
        I never thought of it that way…

        However I would miss watching the kids grow up… (Just me being a little selfish)

    • JRE

      Seriously, a responsible parent would have banked a lot of money away for the day when the TV cameras went away. There are MANY families of that size making a good life with far less than the $50,000 to $75,000/per episode they’ve made for years. They should be debt-free with sizable college funds for each child and money set aside for a rainy day. Those kids deserve to not live in a TV studio. If they were actors or even animals in a scripted show, they’d have a guarantee of time off and money put back in their names.

      • Tina

        I really really hope they’ve put money away for the kids. I really really hope neither parent can touch it. Because Jon is spending money like there’s no tomorrow.

  • bill

    This douche is the douchiest douche that ever douched!!!

  • bahlooga

    Why is “lose” so hard to spell?

  • Jen

    I was wondering how TLC was going to start filming right away in November again, with all the legal ends to tie up between Jon and Kate and Jon and the show. It’s pathetic how the producers obviously know they have to keep pushing this stuff out or the public will lose interest.

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