Roman Polanski files for release from jail

Roman Polanski has filed an application seeking his release from the Swiss jail where he is being held, the New York Times reports. The director was arrested by Swiss police Saturday due to an outstanding U.S. arrest warrant from 1978, when he fled the country after pleading guilty to having sex with a minor. The U.S. is currently working to extradite Polanski; in a statement, the Swiss court reportedly said it would decide whether to release him “in the next few weeks.”

The Los Angeles District Attorney’s office has also released a timeline of its efforts to bring Polanski to justice during his 31 years as a fugitive overseas, countering his attorneys’ claim that the U.S. “had not once sought to have him extradited” in that time.


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    • Heather

      Agreed. If anyone is the textbook definition of ‘flight risk’, he is. He has already run once. Don’t give him the chance to do it again!

  • Support famous rapists NOW

    Come on folks. He’s famous. He’s an artist. She liiked older than 13. She wanted it even though she said no repeatedly. It’s her fault, because she was beautiful. She took the drugs he forced her to take. Please stop the unfair and unwarrented attacks on this man. She was hot, what was he supposed to do – really?

    • lostrose815

      If you aren’t being sarcastic, then you’re disgusting. Roman Polanski has made some fantastic movies, but his crime is inexcusable. Lock this rapist up for good, please.

  • Support famous rapists NOW

    Besides, it was thirty years ago.

    • Seeker

      Ah, it was thirty years ago … SO WHAT? The victim is still dealing with what this jerk did to her.

  • Al

    Blame the victim. Whether or not she may have been a virgin, Roman Polanski drugged, raped and sodomoized this girl over her objections.

  • Me

    I suspect this is a troll trying to stiry things up.

  • Me

    Sorry, that should read “stir”.

  • Chris Hansen

    This filty, disgusting, perverted OLD man needs to be locked away for good!!! Never mind that the crime happened 30 something years ago, this old pervert needs to face justice…its long overdue!!!

    • Lois

      Damn it Hansen, you should have caught this predator years ago!

  • Andrew Schmidt

    I am Swiss and I am ashamed of Switzerland. They have become a lacky for the US justice system. Why would any modern country want to support a justice system that continues to run by dim witted cowboys? The American justice system is the ultimate pervert.

    • Lois

      You should be ashamed of yourself. Polanski drugged and raped a child. He pleaded guilty to the charge, and then fled the country when he thought he might have to go to jail. If you think America is perverted because we arrest men who drug and rape children, then please never come here. BTW, is the rape of children legal in Switzerland?

  • Monika Fischer

    I am Swiss too and I agree with Andrews statement. To Polanski….. has anyone of those judging him now and after 30 years been there when it happend? And if it takes The Los Angeles District Attorney’s 30 years to “find” that man, then one can only pray to God and for the people of LA.

    • J

      Let’s just hope that someday this doesnt happen to your 13 year old daughter, because God help them with a parent like you. The US has tried for years to get Polanski, but unlike the frnech the Swiss have the balls to do what is right. You should be proud of your country

    • Ben Franklin

      Oh yeah, your country is great. Ever neutral, even in the face of rape and child abuse.

    • Lois

      Monika Fischer, Polanski admitted in court, under oath, he raped a child. So are you calling Polanski a liar?

    • Phil

      Monika and Andrew, you need wake up. It is people like you that welcomed the Nazi’s into your neutral land during WW2. The girl, and I emphasize GIRL, was 13, drugged and raped. He plead guilty. He fled after being bailed. What is so hard to understand he broke the law and didn’t pay the price the justice system set. Would you not be outraged if your 13 year old daughter was raped? Stop being spineless. Hate on America all you want, but you need to stop coming to our websites, buying our products, and watching our movies.

  • Joe

    While I feel renaging on the plea bargan was wrong. Polansky should not have fleed. That I would suspect is a crime. If you or I tried to flee and got caught you can bet for sure we would be procecuted.

    I agree the one of the comment, I hope this doesn’t happen to one of his suporters daughters. Having sex with a 13 year old is “WRONG”.

  • disgusted

    he did not “have sex” he drugged raped and anally penetrated a crying 13 year old child.

  • Margelaine

    Simon Vorzick-Levinson has quoted Peter Fonda as having made the comment that is listed on your website and his blog. This is a lie and outrageous! Peter has not commented on Roman Polanski’s arrest.

  • galium

    Boycott any movie pictures, products etc from anyone or any country that says that this man should go free. The elitist are just protecting their own, and are worried they may be next. I noticed the majority of people in France and Poland is against freeing Polanski; it is only the elitist politicians etc who want him free. Citizens of Poland and France can now see the type of people they elected to office that wish to let a pedophile go free.

  • Reality Check for his Apologists


    1. “The judge was mean”–If you disagree with the judge, take it up with the court of appeal. You don’t flee the country.

    2. “Its been so long”–There is no “time’s up” bar to prosecuting a felon: ask any nazi prison camp guard, the Minnesota mom extradited to California for a crime from the 1970’s or anyone found now to have committed a rape decades ago now that we have DNA cold squads. Or ask some catholic priests that couldn’t keep their hands off alter boys decades ago. Ask D. B. Cooper who the FBI is still chasing. Justice never sleeps. That’s a good thing.

    3. “He’s such an artist”–We don’t care: “Entertainment Tonight” may have a mental block on this, but there are no exemptions in California’s rape laws for directors. Sorry. None for CEO’s or priests either.

    4. “The victim doesn’t care.” We do: A man can beat his wife black and blue and she might forgive him–we might not. We have a system of laws here, unlike France.

    5. “Its a waste of money.” Nothing is more hilarious (and a dead giveaway to a phony) than concern for spending from people that never have it otherwise. If we don’t have money to pursue Polanski, we need to cut some salaries downtown. Keeping Manson locked up is expensive too-but we owe it to his victims and the living among us to do so.

    6. “The judge was going to renege on a plea deal.” Duh. Judges are not bound by plea deals and can impose harsh sentences to deter. Ask Bank of America. Ask the watergate burgulars. Again, you have a problem with the judge, take up on appeal

    • sdm

      Well said!!!

  • melody

    The Peter Fonda QUOTE is NOT The Peter Fonda of Easy Rider. Whoever it is either has the same name or is just trying to stir things up.

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