Brett Ratner to produce new Polanski documentary

Brett Ratner’s next movie just got a lot more controversial. The director of X-Men: The Last Stand and the Rush Hour movies is producing a follow-up to the 2008 documentary Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired, his publicist confirmed to EW. The film will be directed by Marina Zenovich, who directed Wanted and Desired. The news that Ratner would be working on a film about the in-the-news-again Oscar-winning director of Rosemary’s Baby and Chinatown was first reported in the New York Post.

Polanski was arrested this weekend at the Zurich airport when he arrived in Switzerland to be honored at the Zurich Film Festival. Swiss authorities, armed with a U.S. warrant, took the 76-year-old director into custody until he can be extradited to the United States to face sentencing in an infamous case dating back to the late ’70s, when Polanski was convicted of having unlawful sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old girl placing him in the sex offender registry list. The case was the subject of Wanted and Desired.

Ratner also recently joined several other directors including Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese in signing a petition protesting Polanski’s arrest.

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  • mario

    of course. see that people, its the bandwagon everyone will be getting on soon enough.

  • Jamaaliver

    Brett Ratner is a HACK. Who keeps greenlighting this guy’s movies?

    He is Awful. Just Dreadful.

  • Jack

    Unbelievable, only in Hollywood would they idolize a rapist.

    • Mike

      the NBA too… besides, if we judged people solely on their single worst moment, you’d just be a moronic comment poster.

  • yogi

    Is there a petition to support his arrest? I know a lot of people who would like to sign that, but they aren’t famous, so their voices obviously wouldn’t matter.

    • Lois

      I would love to sign a petition to support his arrest.

  • jojo star

    it is amazing how egotistical and out of touch Hollywood is – these directors DEMANDED their rapist pedophile colleague be released and not face jail, for the serious crimes he committed. what next maybe petition Obama for pardon?

    • Lois

      Why is it that these people think the fact that he is an “artist” excuses him from responsibility for raping a child? SICK people!

  • Aaron

    Woody Allen I understand, but Scorsese I expect better from. And please oh Lord let Ratner not title this doc “How to Be a Playa.”

  • yoyo

    why are these people trying to help a convicted rapist?

    if they think his trial was unfair, there is always the next lawful step, appeal.

    if they think it was too long ago, then lets stop extraditing the Nazi SS guards.

    if they think it was consentual, read the testamony and the statutory rape law.

    if its because he’s a great artist, let him do a reality movie on prison rape starring himself.

    In the U.S., rapists are prosecuted and put on sex offender lists.

    why aren’t these people trying to defend that guy who kidnapped, raped and held captive an 11 year old, that was a long time ago too.

  • cv

    He wasn’t found guilty, he struck a plea deal. He admitted guilt.

    • Lois

      He still is guilty in the eyes of the law. The only difference is that his disposition will say, Guilty upon his plea of guilt, as opposed to Guilty upon jury verdict.

  • Stephan Pickering

    Reb Polanski, as documented in the comments above, is the target of undisguised antisemitism, as well as their ignorance of the original case. He did not know her age (yes, I have read the court material), and, as the original documentary pointed out, the salacious conduct of the ‘judge’ was reprehensible.
    STEPHAN PICKERING / Chofetz Chayim ben-Avraham

    • Margo

      Then I guess you missed the part where he admitted, under oath, that he knew she was 13. Look at page 10 of the transcript of his plea.

      MR. GUNSON: On March 10th, 1977, the day you had sexual intercourse with the complaining witness, how old did you believe her to be?

      THE DEFENDANT (POLANSKI): She was 13.

      MR. GUNSON: Did you understand that she was 13 on March 10th, 1977, when you had sexual intercourse with her?


    • Margo

      Stephan, you also missed the news where the Assistant District Attorney who made the allegations against the judge in the documentary has now admitted he lied in the film.

      A retired Los Angeles County prosecutor who claimed in a 2008 documentary that he advised a judge to sentence Roman Polanski to prison for having sex with a minor now says that he lied on film about his role in the case.

    • Margo

      “Polanski, as documented in the comments above, is the target of undisguised antisemitism, as well as their ignorance of the original case.”

      Stephan, it is so sad that you have to resort to such a heinous charge as antisemitism. The people here are commenting about the admitted BEHAVIOR of Roman Polanski. You obviously have never been a victim of antisemitism or you never would have used that detestable accusation without any justification. Shame on you.

  • Nope


  • ladyofargonne

    So Ratner is promoting someone who drugged and raped a 13 yr old girl.
    Add him to the pile of Mel Gibson movies I threw out.

  • Keith Richard Radford Jr

    Sex laws have been built on misconceptions and myth.
    The Supreme Court just ruled on sex offender laws where some factions of our government think by some inert reasoning that sex offender should be quarantined like some virus steaming from draconian/Islamic radical view that sex offenders should be executed. I have seen for myself, video taken in another country where a sex offender is placed on a pole much like the Catholics use to use a pyramid shaped object and have them sit on it and spin, the pole travels through the body looking for the throat but if not found its ok cause the sharpened end of the pole will come out somewhere to the delight of these very strange people. The heritage of the act is in its self a throwback to troglodyte’s who are so obsessed with any sex they can find & the only way to deal with this kind of “hierarchy” of historic hysteria. A word taken from hysterectomy, hysteria is tied to castration used to make animals less threatening which clearly explains the atmosphere we have made for our selves.
    Anyway we are supposed to be the most advanced nation and we still have a death penalty when the rest of the world except for nations we are still warring with, {think!} While other nations went home our weapons dealers and torture lovers delighting in support for the death of people they don’t know or want to simply because they don’t know how to get money with out taking it from someone by force. Is that supposed to includes mutilations? In my humble opinion that alone are terrorist activities as much as severed hands, ears, heads, or making a case with nothing more than an obsession justified by lies.
    The truth about the sex offender registry will come out soon enough. When it does, People will see how the use of the registry was created, and by exactly who and why and the devastation it has created and the worthlessness of the use of it. It’s origin in the Jim Crow hangum laws that brought disgrace to our nation allowing thieves and murderous societal bigots who have trashed any shot at making good of a program in its design to make money destroying our nation and its people. We can not play god and we can not survive using this behavior model because we are compounding the problem since the numbers increasing to include the children they report to protect.
    It’s a ruse designed by people who are getting rich off the castration/hysterectomy/health care/physic care of people through sex laws that have gone wild. What about the people who are being used by the Medicare programs that requires these mutilations for both men and woman after they take their means of support? Can’t you see? You have created the model and it is worthless! [Why don’t we just indiscriminately kill people we don’t know? That’s statically the next sex offender] because over 90% of all new offences are people not on the sex offender registry and the numbers are increasing not decreasing so as a behavior model is really worthless
    So what is the use of such laws as the sex offender registry other than to terrorize people? With the murder of so many sex offenders and the continued disregard for life by the use of the registry it’s just a mater of time before the federal government will be held liable for the deaths through federal court.
    In a nation where a statement may have a double or triple meaning and our entire linage can be traced through mud, guts, and beer it’s nice once in a while to get the picture of what is meant instead of what some thinks someone may have implied. So it is from the trenches to the hill. Remember the game where someone says something in someone’s ear then passes it the same way to the next; the person advocating such destructive laws are the ones who need to be section 8 by simple brake down of the issue not sex offenders. Best regards

    • robyn Hunt

      Bravo to the United States of America taking the red carpet right from under Polanski glory and his flaky
      over paid chickens, they didn’t see the Fox coming,
      now see who is laughing? showing disrespect with despicable arrogance toward American Law and the
      Bill of Rights that it stands for and it’s citizens.
      an arrogance

  • Fredrik

    Just watched Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired today, a very interesting movie. As for Polanski, I hope everything turns out well for him.

    • Lois

      Too bad the movie has many, many flaws. Go to Salon’s website to read the problems with this documentary.

    • Margo

      Turns out the film featured a big bunch of lies:

      A retired Los Angeles County prosecutor who claimed in a 2008 documentary that he advised a judge to sentence Roman Polanski to prison for having sex with a minor now says that he lied on film about his role in the case.

  • eob

    Americans and their laws are nazist in nature! They are as criminal as the criminals themselves, and propogated by a blood thirsty ignorant society who is brainwashed by a capitalistic facist government!!! Wake up people!! Start thinking for yourselves!!! Stop being so Trigger happy!! Your society is in such a police state that the government has turned ordinary citizens into Joe Cops!!! You have no freedom!! and the freedoms you have are watered down to make you think you are free, when you are nothing but a puppet of your so called democratic state. Under Reagan and prior America was truly a free state, that the world was proud of, but today after the bushes and clintons, you are worst that The Nazis, and comparable to the SS!! Shame on You!!

    • J

      And yet Americans, unlike say, Germans, can leagaly call people Nazist. We have a system, sometimes it workes better then other times. If you don’t like it, don’t visit, and don’t rape a 13 year old when you do.

    • janey

      No, you got it wrong. The Americans and their laws are not Nazi in nature. It’s the Americans who saved your European asses from the Nazis. If not for the Americans, all of Europe would be a Nazi parking lot. Just remember that when you defend your rapist of a defenseless 13 year old and call the US Nazis for pursuing a pedophile. You are SICK SICK.

    • Fernando

      eob, I completely agree with you. I’ve been posting all of my arguments in several places around the web, and I’m glad to finally find someone who share my opinion.

      • dgh

        Hey eob at least your not the only child molester supporter on here you have a buddy!!!

  • karin

    Where is the outrage?!?!?! This man is a convicted rapist. He confessed, cut a deal, and took off. Hollywood is supporting him – are they insane? People are angrier at Kanye West and his stupid stunt at that awards show than at a convicted sex offender who fled the country in order to escape punishment. Where are the children’s rights activists, the women’s rights people? Why aren’t Tim and Susan standing up for the 13 year old girl raped by a 44 year old man who considers himself above the law. Whoopi says it wasn’t “rape rape”. Sorry Whoopi the law doesn’t have a special law for when you decide it’s not “rape rape.” Crazy. He pled guilty, no question he did it. He fled the country and has lived the high life for years. Yes, it was a long time ago, but to me that just means it’s way past time for justice.

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