'Gattaca' director Andrew Niccol takes on Stephenie Meyer's 'The Host'

Twilight author Stephenie Meyer has sold screen rights to her first adult novel The Host to producers Nick Wechsler, Steve Schwartz and Paula Mae Schwartz. Variety reports that Andrew Niccol (Gattaca) will write the script and direct. The love story is set in the near future on Earth, when a benevolent alien parasite becomes fused with a dying human being. The producing team recently worked on The Road.

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  • Alegna

    Holy Toledo…I am so stoked. I loved The Host.

  • teri

    OMG I loved The Host too! I am so excited they are making a movie.

  • Karin

    I really enjoyed this book, so I’m definitely excited for the movie!

  • K

    Niccol is an awesome director, Gattaca is one of my favorite sci fi dramas. I’m interested in seeing what he does with the THE HOST.

  • Lynn

    As someone who thought the Twilight series was godawful, I was pleasantly surprised by The Host. And Gattaca is one of my favorite low-key sci-fi films, so this might not be a complete turkey after all. I’m intrigued, although I hope EW doesn’t lavish this film with the same “beating the dead horse” overkill coverage they are on Twilight. I don’t want to be sick to death of it before it even comes out.

    • Marie

      ***I’m intrigued, although I hope EW doesn’t lavish this film with the same “beating the dead horse” overkill coverage they are on Twilight. I don’t want to be sick to death of it before it even comes out.***


  • Heather

    I loved The Host and think it’ll make a great movie. I also loved Gattaca so I’m interested to see how this movie turns out. I didn’t even think of it being turned into a movie so this comes as a great surprise!

  • Sarah

    I love both the Host and the Twilight series…but in different ways. The Host has a more intricate and well thought out plot, whereas I feel that Twilight has more “heart”.
    Anyways, I love the Host and I’m very excited for this film.

  • Em

    I despised the Twilight series with every fiber of my being… but the synopsis for The Host actually sounds quite cool.

    • Jenn

      Did you even read all 4 books? Or just… disliked the movie because of the hype and jumped on that bandwagon?

      • kelsey

        why does someone have to read all 4 books if they didn’t like the first? that’s like asking someone to read all 7 Harry Potter books after they told you they didn’t care for the first one.

      • Diggity

        I am sure he never read even 1 of them, if he did, he wouldn’t despise it. He may not like it, but the despise must come from outside influences.

      • Quill

        Believe it or not, it is possible for someone to despise Twilight even after reading all 4 books. I read them, and I hated them. They came to a shoddy conclusion, the plot was weak and contrived, the romance was overkill. I gave them a fair shot and yes, I despise them. The Host, however, was surprisingly good (though a little too bodysnatchers reminiscent) and I’m interested in the prospect of it being a movie.

      • Blah

        People who dislike Twilight can’t win. A LOT of us who don’t like it have read all four books, because A) we wanted to know what we were talking about, B) we wanted to see if it would get better as the series progressed (it didn’t), and C) we wanted to know what all the hype was about (I still don’t). If someone slammed Twilight and HADN’T read the books, you’d complain about that. But if someone HAS read the books and slams them, you STILL COMPLAIN. People can’t win!

      • Em

        Yeah, I got the books as a gift and so I thought I’d give them a chance but I gave up midway through the 3rd one. No sense reading something I wasn’t remotely enjoying. In fairness, the 1st one wasn’t so bad, but the sequel was dreadful.

      • Lizzie

        My reconmendation, if you didn’t like the 1st, skip to the fourth! haha! My friends (we are in our thirties) agree that the first three books were just a lead up to the real story!! hahah! The fourth is worth your time.

      • Al

        I read all 4 books and really didn’t care for them. The second one really turned me off. I read the other 2 hoping they would get better.

    • Angie

      You should definitely read The Host. It’s much different than the Twilight series. It truly is a phenomenal book!

  • Melissa

    I thought the Host was awesome (I also love the Twilight series), and I can’t wait to see it onscreen!

  • Mary Q. Contrary

    She’s a heinously untalented writer and I’ll probably watch it, maybe I’ll like it. But lets not kid ourselves here. This book is crap. It’s all in the hands of the director and how they change the story. Her books are all in dire need of adaptations. Yikes.

    • Jenn

      Bad writer maybe, but excellent storyteller she definitely is. The two are separate things.

      • LJM64

        Totally agree….she crafts a good story but she can’t write one….although The Host was an improvement of the Twi series. But, I definitely got a flavor of Twi in The Host as well….I guess to be expected.

    • Ann

      You think her book is ‘crap’ and that she’s ‘untalented’, but you still intend to see the movie adaptation and think it might be good?? I guess there must’ve been something you liked about the book, otherwise that doesn’t make much sense.

    • Lizzie

      Heinously untalented is what I would call Paris Hilton or Megan Fox. I think that SM has at least proven to have marginal talent. Just writing an entire book and getting it published takes some talent.

      • Sarah D

        I agree. :)

  • Vicky

    I think Meyer’s appeal lies in her ability to create worlds that readers literally want to crawl into and live in (as the New York Times put it).
    I love the Host, and I think this movie could be great.

  • Jane

    The Host honestly wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, compared to Twilight (which was, let’s face it, pedestrian hack writing). It’s still not anything special, and if it had been written by any other author wouldn’t get any cinematic treatment at all.
    I think Niccol’s going to get the credit if this actually ends up being good. Unlike Twilight, this story at least has an actual plot to work off of.

  • Hmmm

    And just like that… Andrew Niccol is dead to me. It’s a shame, he has so much promise.

  • BrianM

    To Wendy Mitchell: You need to correct the synopsis. In the book, the parasites are a conquering alien species whose aim is to take over every human body. You make it sound like the parasite is inserted to help the human. At the beginning of the book, the parasite actively hates and tries to destroy what’s left of the human consciousness in the host. The parasite is not “benevolent,” and if the human being was “dying” it was only because she was trying to die rather than be taken over by the parasites.

    • Mari

      I agree- the synopsis is a little off. I think Wendy may have confused the fact that in the book the aliens see themselves as benevolent; from their point of view humans were destroying the world so they came here to end violence and destruction by eradicating humans and thus making earth a peaceful place.

      • MtP

        I have noticed that EW often makes these kinds of mistakes. As an entertainment magazine, I find it rather odd that the writer’s often summarize plot points for books, movies, and tv shows- c;mon EW! If you’re going to report on it- read it and watch it!

      • Nancy

        Glad I’m not the only one who noticed the error. Melanie was captured and the alien was placed inside her against her will. She wasn’t dying.
        I am curious how they will pull off the alien “insertion” and the eyes.

    • Syn

      I agree with the above comments. Melanie tried to kill herself rather than have an alien host placed inside of her. She would have been more than happy to die. Please don’t paint the book as something it isn’t.

  • chair
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