Paramount: 'Thor,' 'Iron Man 2' still coming despite Marvel sale

Paramount Pictures issued a statement today in the wake of Marvel Studios’ sale to Disney, reported earlier. The $4 billion deal won’t affect Paramount’s distribution arrangement for five upcoming films, the studio announced, including the highly anticipated Iron Man 2 and Thor. “Paramount Pictures has enjoyed a productive and fruitful relationship with Marvel Studios from the start of our distribution agreement in 2005,” the statement began. “So much so, we announced a five-picture slate distribution deal last year which includes worldwide distribution rights for upcoming films: Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America, Avengers, and Iron Man 3. This distribution deal will be unaffected by today’s transaction. We look forward to continuing to work with Marvel and, with today’s announcement, to working with Disney to replicate the incredible success of Iron Man on all our future collaborative projects.”


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  • Ben

    Good to hear. Hopefully, Disney will have zero input into these films so we won’t have to see cameos by the Jonas Brothers or Miley.

    • Dominique

      Amen! So long as they keep the Cheesy Girls Just-Say-No Brothers outta my action movie, then I’m a happy girl with a big bluebird on my shoulder.

  • cole9219

    I think this is good and bad.
    Bad: I don’t want to see any (Live-Action) superhero movie being rated PG
    Good: Pixar could make superhero movies!!! (Allowed to be PG or G.)

    • Snarf

      Pixar already made a superhero movie – The Incredibles. Which was, incredible. One of the best super-hero movies I’ve ever seen.

      • JKBopinion

        The Incredibles was a fantastic film! I love superhero movies in general, but I agree this was one of the best made.

    • dave

      Fantastic Four 2 was PG. They tried making it a family film.
      I don’t know why some people are so worried about this. Disney is probably not going to have input on the films. Things will progress as usual. None of the films will be watered down or “Disney-fied.”

    • paige

      you know Pirates of the Carribean is very much a Disney property and its rated PG-13

    • ibetterhaveit

      What?! you want disney to be messing with our films. no more jokes from tony, no more blood, no anything, it’ll be so much of a family film that there wont be any violence in it at all. they’ll be set out on making peace negotiations where they all get along and live happily ever after

    • Jonay

      Thanks alot – your answer solved all my problems after saeverl days struggling

  • bhm1304

    I guess that means no “Magneto” movie.

    • Teamer

      No, they’re still making Magneto, thats connected to 20th Century Fox not Paramount, which is why neither Wolverine or Spider-Man will be in the Avengers because the rights to those characters are still MARVEL but owned to a different company

  • soulman1057

    actually bhm1304, paramont doesn’t have the rights to the x-men characters, FOX does. they won’t lose the rights to make the magneto movie. it should go on as planned just as these movies will go on with paramount

  • Q

    Disney already makes PG-13 movies under their banner. All three Pirates films had that rating.

    Also, Magneto is an X-Men character. Those rights are still controlled by Fox. They don’t have to answer to Disney if they want to make that film.

  • Tad

    FF and its sequel were steaming piles and not a good example of a PG comic movie. The Incredibles is a good example of a PG comicbook movie.

    • Scitsman

      The incredibles wasn’t a comic book movie, infact it ripped off several comic book types to make that movie.

  • Marta

    Ok, some confusion here. Disney is a company under which there is more than one motion picture studio. Consequently, it doesn’t matter that Walt Disney Pictures may try to stay within spitting distance of PG. The other labels within Disney: Touchstone Pictures, Hollywood Pictures,
    DreamWorks SKG, Dimension Films,
    don’t have to. Miramax, which is a Disney property since 1993, has made very non-PG films such as Kill Bill, Dogma,Gangs of New York, and Trainspotting.

    • I-Man

      Disney does not own or control Dreamworks SKG.

    • adam

      Yes, and the founders of Miramax bailed and formed their own company because they couldn’t handle working under Disney any more. (The Weinsteins’ new venture has made more than its share of mistakes also, of course.)

  • Matt2

    Another feather in the cap for Disney. Truly a shocking but huge get for them.

  • Justin

    I hate Disney and corporate America as a whole. I don’t want to see all the family films at the movies cause thats not what we go to the movies for i want violence and mystery and suspense and bad to the bone characters blowing up stuff Michael Bay style

    • paige

      you hate corporate america but love Michael Bay-type movies??? I guess you didnt notice the giant Burger King signs in Transformers 2…

    • umbrelladrink

      Ummm…Michael Bay has already done a picture for Disney…Pearl Harbor anyone?

  • dj4our

    Um….duh! Why wouldn’t these movies still be in production? Why would an acquisition cancel out these films?

  • limey

    Who cares if the movie is made by disney or not? If the quality is good then that’s all that matters. I mean let’s look at some of the Marvel movies not made by disney: Captian America, Punisher, Punisher, The fantastic four, fantastic four, fantastic four rise of the silver surfer.I personally thought that these movies were crap, but if they have the right team behind their projects maybe the can make a decent comic book movie.

  • colton

    disney bought marvel… oh god everyone can look forward to kingdom hearts 3 rise of the heroes. and cartoons about heroes. crap.

  • tresorparis

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