'Big Brother 11' outcast Chima Simone apologizes for 'terrorist' remark

After getting booted from Big Brother 11 on Aug. 15,  Chime Simone is not giving any interviews to the press, but she did issue one statement on Wednesday. Since she remains under contract with CBS, the network apparently approved her request to send an apology for a remark she made on the show to hollyscoop.com, a celebrity gossip site that previously employed Simone as a freelance journalist. According to one source, the site had been receiving protest emails because of Simone’s behavior in the BB house — specifically when she called fellow houseguest Russell Kairouz, a Lebanese-American, “a terrorist.”  Simone made the comment after Russell had repeatedly yelled at her and other houseguests. “I used a phrase that was insensitive given his Middle Eastern descent, and I apologize to all who are justifiably offended with my use of that racially charged term,” Simone wrote in an e-mail to the website. But she fell short of apologizing to Kairouz. “Russell constantly demoralized many of us on a consistent basis and his conduct was alarming, daunting and terrifying,” Simone wrote. “Fortunately, for me, I do not have to be subjected to those tirades anymore. I am going on with my life in the real world. I wish the remaining Big Brother housemates the best of luck!”

Tonight’s one-hour episode of BB11 will air live on the east coast and feature the latest power of veto competition, the POV meeting, an eviction, and the next head of household competition. Now, check out our brand new exit interview with Lydia.

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  • Wojo

    I still think she should apologize to actual terrorists.

    • Belle Ravenstone

      lol Wojo. She’s made no apology for other things she said, specifically for calling Jordan “white trash.”

      I asked her about this on Twitter and she sent me a message saying she wondered how the rumor of her saying that got started. Giving her the benefit of the doubt, I pointed out to her that those who watch other than CBS eps saw and heard her say it, but perhaps she had forgotten b/c she’d said it in anger the times she’d said it. She hasn’t responded again.

      • anon

        She and Natalie both seem to be living in a universe where if you say something is the truth then that’s that. Chima says she didn’t call Jordan “white trash” and she probably believes it. Just like Natalie probably believes that Chima accidentally dropped the mic in the hot tub FROM THIRTY FEET AWAY. It’s kind of sad, really. Because of the fact that Chima refuses to actually apologize fore things she said and did and is, rather, hiding behind the “if I offended anyone I am sorry” curtain while still seeming to hold on to the claim that she called him that because he was terrorizing people, anything she says is pointless. She should lay out a real apology to Russell and his entire family for the vile comments about how they *all* (not just him) were Muslim extremists and terrorists. But, she won’t. Because in the same way that she thinks she quit the show, she doesn’t think she ever said anything wrong or offensive or cruel in the house. She’s a strong woman while it’s everyone else in the house that has problems. Sure, Chima. Whatever. Now, go away so that the contestants who actually want to be there and are willing to play the game by the rules can finish out their summer.

  • Craig

    A little CYA, Chima? Sorry, but you’ve already shown your true colors.
    Chima is obviously a power-hungry, spoiled rotten, selfish, over the top Diva, who has no regard for anybody else or their feelings. I sure hope future employers saw her displays, because I guarantee you she would be the type of employee that would not only balk at being given assignments, but would then try to sue you because she thought it was unfair.

    • David

      You are sure right Craig.

    • carrie

      Why is it that Chima gets to call Jordan “white-trash” and we don’t get to call her “black-trash” ? Well…I’m calling her “black-trash” and rude-trash and ignorant trash ! She can’t even be classified as a DIVA as she lacks even a small amount of appeal. Spoiled, ugly, ranting maniac who never shows a concern for another…period. So glad she is gone…sorry for people who must put up with her in real life !

      • sonya

        Ditto…… i so agree

      • Hb

        White-trash is a term that even white people use for each other. It refers to someone who is white and not classy, like trailer-park trash. You should know that no one ever says “black-trash” becuase there are a myriad of derragatory terms used towards black people almost all a product of white people. So a white person saying “black-trash” is simply racist. Is it fair, maybe not but what is more unfair over 200 years of the worst form of slavery the world has seen and many more years of lingering hate and civil rights injustice. Go read a history book since you want to call someone ignorant! Also, Jordan is in every way not the brightest or classiest bulb in any box…including a box of trash, therefore the term may actually be appropriate.

      • Truth

        HB your rational is slightly less than warped. First because a white person stated “black trash” according to you it is racist. You justify Chima because even white people use the term white trash right? Well black people call each other the N word does that make it all right for anyone to say. No. A racist coment is derogatroy when it is stated negatively about another race. Chima is racist. As for your comments on Jordan Think about the trashy display Chima put on. Back or White Trash is Trash.

  • Jigga

    While I appreciate Chima’s apology, it does little to regain my respect for her. She is a huge contradiction who obviously can’t handle the pressures of the game. For such a self proclaimed strong and independent woman, she couldn’t even stay afloat when her boy toy Jessie got booted. “Expect the unexpected” is a part of BB. GET OVER IT! Go Michele!

    • 5footer

      Chima was and is a total fool.She needs to just go out and find a huge rock that is big enough to hide herself and all of that wild crazy poof hair.Just a shame…..

      • Carol

        She reminds me of that one lady on the Apprentice. She thought she was queen of everything. Became famous for being on reality tv. Now I seriously can’t think of her name.

    • lynly

      Amen to that!

      • sdm

        Omarosa was the crazy person on The Apprentice. I just read she is entering a seminary, that’s an oxymoron considering her befavior.

      • sdm

        sorry…behavior, her behavior

      • sdm

        sorry I ment to say behavior

    • Trish

      I been watching BB after Dark on Showtime 2 and if you don’t wanna know this well sorry: Jeff won HOH. Woohoo. Ok now back to your regular B**ching. :)

      • teresa

        AWESOME! Go Jeff!

      • Deb

        Bye Bye Natalie

      • Susan

        I;ve had Jeff from day one in the fantasy game..go Jeff. Chima can just go. What a total loser.

      • jessiesk

        once again a boring good looking guy will end because the women haven’t yet figured out how play. They constantly give away their power to the guys.

    • RD

      I never got after she made her ‘confession’ about being raped and how tough she is yet she couldn’t follow the contract rules. The tough don’t melt down. Sista, you blew it and looked very foolish and angry in the process.

  • mostboringseasonever

    I think she was trying to CYA. But, she should have just made an apology. It’s obvious she has not learned her lesson and is still a miserable human being.

  • Loumara

    Your apology is simply”To little to late” Chima.No one cares or believs you….go away….maybe OJ has an extra bunk in his cell.That’s where shunned outcasts like you should be.It is a disgrace you call yourself an American!It’s clear your not terribly bright,but the humilation you’ve created for your nanny and mother is inexcusable.
    What about “it’s a GAME did you not understand?”..

    • nikki

      I dont mean to defend her at all but nothing she did warrant being out into the same category as OJ. You’re a little overzealous about this and you need to calm down. Just like it’s just a game, it’s also just a tv show.

      • Janet

        Bad behaviour is bad behaviour and should never be encouraged or applauded. Chima obviously has more growing up to do before she would ever earn my vote in a game like Big Brother or else where. I’m sure her mom and grandma were not very proud of her in her moment of “glory”. Shame on you Chima!

        From a Grandma!

    • sommie1981

      WOW!!! your CRAZY to compare some lady in a game show to a Killer. Get a life!

      • teresa

        He was found innocent.

      • Bode

        Teresa, OJ was found “not guilty”. There is no verdict of “innocent”.
        It is an important distinction that many overlook.

  • Anita D Penny

    I honestly believe she acted like she did in hopes of “TV interviews”, “media attention” on and on. She was an insult to the female race.

    • nancy

      I agree with you.

      However, CBS and Big Brother should never have chosen her to be on the show. Her past experiences have traumatized her and she has a lot of issues that need to be worked out, with a professional therapist. CBS was hoping that she would be a ratings draw, and she was but in a very bad way; CBS should be ashamed of themselves and whoever made the final decision to cast her should be fired. It was irresponsible and exploitative of CBS to put her in the pressure cooker that is the Big Brother house.

      • Trey

        She was and still is a ratings draw. BB went up in viewers percentage. With the economy in shambles like it is, CBS is smart in trying to get what they can out of who they can. Not saying it is right, just smart. Unless we actually know what Chima has gone through or is thinking, well none of us will ever get the real story or all of it. I do not condone what she did in the BB, but I think there is more to the story than even the live feeds show. I notice they edit them or black them out when they so choose so. In all BB is a game, if they would just follow Jeff’s lead and act accordingly, maybe they would be in a better spot.

      • teresa

        I agree. She should have tried out for a different reality show, maybe Rock of Love where the women all scream at each other. She would have fit right in.

      • shelly

        I agree w/you Trey 100%, CBS should be on the hook for their choice in Chima. I struggle with every episode, every year I watch this trash…I admit it is intriguing, however, it personifies the worst in human behaviour…Chima desperately needs counseling and must admit that she is unable to heal w/out professional help. Let’s all remember what a horrific ordeal she went through and that we would all be scarred for life if the same card were dealt to us. She is the victim. I do not condone any of her comments, rants, behaviour, I feel only sadness for her and the damage she has caused for herself.

  • Joel

    Funny how she “apologizes” in one paragraph, then makes excuses for what she said in the next. Last I heard, that’s not a real apology. The girl has so many issues.

  • Conflicted

    I think Chima, like most human beings is a complex person and tv and bloggers are reducing her to sound bites. I watched BB from the start of this season and Chima challenged my patience. I admit I even changed the channel a few times to avoid her rants. But I think something more complicated happened to Chima when America’s vote took away her power when she was lead to believe she had control when she actually didn’t. Now Im no therapist, but I can’t help but think given her past – being brutally raped – she couldnt respond to the loss of control and her power being discarded and handed to a man.

    I admit i could be waaay wrong, but I think its a valid thought. I just know wtat Tuesday’s episode made me feel very uneasy. I felt a tension and an ugliness that I don’t think I have felt watching the show. Chima’s departure revealed a lot about the house and confirmed how cruel and cold Russell really is (OR at least appears to be)- but Jeff really surprised me. The House is so divided and seems unlivable.

    Oh well this is my first blog EVER – and Im sure people will have mean and ugly things to say, but something compelled me to express this. I dont expect many, if anyone, will feel the same or even get what i mean. I just think as we advanced technologically, we are losing a bit of our humanity.

    • DT

      I don’t get to watch this show and have only read about it so I can’t really agree or disagree, but your points are interesting anyway.

      Yeah, you’ll get some hate, but there are some of us who appreciate a thoughtful post, even if we don’t agree.

    • Nathan

      Chima may be complex and certainly has some issues but she is not just a sound bite or tv clip. Anyone who watches the live feeds is aware of her actions and realizes that there is more to her that what they just show on the one hour shows. But the way she was protrayed doesn’t justify her actions and frankly her apology does not seem genuine at all, and more forced like when a parent tells their child to apologize. IMO the whole situation is a tactic to keep the attention on her for that extra 15 minutes of fame.

    • Fatima

      I totally agree with this. Chima is pretty messed up. Justifiably so based on her past if you ask me. But the way the internet has torn her down to nothing based on, as you said, sound bites, is like 21st Century witch hunting. I think what you said about her getting her power taken away by a man probably did affect her a lot more than it would other Houseguests. I think we’re too quick to judge people based on selected moments in time. Yeah, she’s not exactly normal, but I don’t think she’s the AntiChrist either. If anything, we should all be worried for her.

      • Susan

        seriously, if I was brutally raped, the last thing I would do would audition and enter the BB house. she made that decision all on her own. I think she was a fake princess long before that event happened.

    • Goodpoint..

      You have a good point and probably are right about her mental state. The thing is, someone with a mental state like that should not have been cast on a show like big brother where personal conflict is such a huge part of the show. I think she had a friend in casting or something and they should be fired.

      • Sue K

        I heard someone mention that Marcellus recommended her for the show.

    • Kristy

      Just an FYI what they showed on BB was not what the live feeds or afterdark showed. They cut and spliced to make Chima Russell’s victim and that Russell was this big bad guy. All in all Chimas is a racist and showed her true colors when she didn’t get her way. I feel sorry that she was brutally raped and maybe she should have never been on this show, but that gives her no right to make the comments she made!
      BTW she made numerous comments about russell. Not just the Terrorist comment. She said he was a terrorist and that america would understand because americans hate Middle Easterns. She said that she wanted to provoke Russell to hit her so that she can press charges so he can go to jail and be raped! (that’s from someone who has experienced such a terrible crime) She has said that she checked his stuff to see if he brought in any weapons of mass distruction. She said that Russell was a terrorist and she was the Twin Towers. So before you go feeling sorry for her, remember that CBS edited alot of what she said. Mind you he did yell at her, but he NEVER

      • eddie

        Kristy. Out of all the responses. Yours was the most direct and true. Thanks

      • barb

        thank you Kristy. i was just going to post the same about her editing. this is the truth and cant be sugar coated. she also hid his crusifix. he maintained himself very well i think.

    • Trey

      I actually get what your saying. And Jeff surprised me too. People think he is dumb or just good looking, or even boring. I see a smart player playing the game but not losing that it is just a game and not trying to personally attack anyone. Jeff your my fav to win and I hope you do. If your as smart as I hope you are, drop sweet Jordan and hook up with Russell. That to me is how you will win the big bucks!

      • Wyatt

        Now, I started watching BB about halfway through the season, so I may not have all the information that some of you possess. However, I think Jeff should stay with Jordan. I think Russell will try to stab Jeff in the back and get rid of him. The jury memebers hate Russell, he knows he has a better chance with Michelle or Jordan.

    • Ivy

      First let me begin by saying I absolutely abhor Chima’s behavior but I have also said to some of my friends who watch BB that in my opinion, her behavior may in part have to do with her rape and having someone force their control over her. I think once she came out of that experience intact (if you will), she may have promised herself that no one will ever exercise that type of control over her (or control in general), especially not a man.

    • teresa

      I agree. She was embarrassed to have her power as HOH taken away by Jeff. But it wasn’t Jeff’s fault. He played the game like he was supposed to. She wasn’t able to see beyond that and regroup. To her, it was an insult. It’s too bad the players this season split into two distinct groups. They all should have mixed it up instead of ignoring half the people in the house.

      • Daisy

        Yes, her power as HOH was taken and she was upset, I understand that, but what no one is saying is that she DID have a choice in that. She chose to be HOH that week knowing “the wizard power” had not been used the previous week and could/would be used the following week. If power and control are so critical to her, she should have thrown the HOH comp., stayed in the sidelines, and worked on putting the target on other HGs.

    • shelly

      Kudos to you…I think u r right on! ru sure u r not a therapist?

    • cindi

      If she was even raped. Sorry but when she brought that up, she was very stoic and calm. A true survivor would have a little more emotion or wouldn’t have shared something like that at all. Come on, it’s a game and she was trying to get sympathy. Besides she lost me when she called Braden a racist bigot for calling Lydia a skanky hoe. First of all, they are the same race and there was no reference to race in his comment. This proves she would do or say anything to get farther in the game. She melted down because she wasn’t getting her way, oh, poor her!

      • Cheri

        Chima was raped – you can find find it in “Cold Case Files”

  • Robert Fitzwater

    I am a therapist and there is always more to the story then we realize and people behave differently under stress. But you have to take responsibility for you actions.

  • Jeff Collins

    I would hardly call that an apology. More like “damage control.” I understood that she meant terrorist in that Russell had a temper and used intimidation tactics. However, that is no excuse for being insensitive in her remarks. What’s with all the crazy people this season? Did Big Brother search for the obviously unstable people to create drama?

    • Bode

      Thank you, Jeff. Her “apology” stuck to the statement that she called Russell a terrorist because he “terrorized the house”.
      She admitted on the feeds that she made that up as a cover story after she made the far more heinous remarks (about 9/11, etc.)
      Also, a true apology isn’t followed by justification for the behavior.
      Is Ken Tucker in love with her or something?

  • Kath

    Chima, you are a liar. I watch the live feeds. You more than called him a terrorist about his rage fits. You specifically said He was the terrorist and YOU were the TWIN TOWERS!!! You are the biggest crybaby ever to be on Big Brother and You should be ashamed of YOUR behavior.

    Several times in your *arguments* you claim that someone else is a racist. Braden was a racist, Jeff was a homophobe to you, yet in the end YOU were shown to be a truly UGLY and EVIL person.

  • cee

    yes, chima could be annonying at times but as far as am concerned as a human being, there is as much that i can take esp in that house. everyone is going down on chima, what about russell talking to almost all the women as if he didnt come out from one. no one is commenting about that. russell was annonying too. jeff is also selfish as he decided to split natalie and jessie(not that am a big fan of their parade) but isn’t jeff and jordan the same way? why did he decide to be a hypocrite. if jordan or jessie gets kicked out, imagine how they would behave. jordan stopped talking to the rest of the other team as soon as brandon and casey got kicked out. it’s a game but we all humans.

    • SB

      I don’t think it was hypocritical for Jeff to nominate Jessie. That’s just smart game play. You want to break up alliances on the other side. If someone spits up Jeff and Jordan, then that will be good game play. Jeff wouldn’t like it, but I hope he would understand that’s how the game is played. Take out the enemy.

      • sheely

        O think Jeff is a very stand up man, look how he treats the other house guest..and yes he made the strongest move in the house to get Jesse out…EVEN Jesse said it was a great move as he was leaving. Go Jeff

    • Jim

      Im sorry but I strongly disagree with you. JEFF did not ask for the higher power, it was given to him by American, he used it very wisely. You know that Jessy , Natalie, Chimas team was strong, even the snake Ronnie. How else was Jordan or Jeff to have a chance. You would have done the same thing.

    • Gugirl

      Jordan and Jeff in no way resemble Jesse & Natalie. Jesse and Natalie controlled every move in the house and wouldn’t do a thing without the other. Natalie even made Jesse get out of a bed he was in while talking with another houseguest and move to the room/bed of her choice. They needed to be split up.

  • Jaybub

    There’s this one shot where if you freeze it for a few frames you can see a tattoo inside the bottom lip of Chima that says “Inflate to 20 psi”

    • Michelle

      You just made my afternoon Jaybub!!

    • gwen

      Jaybub you hit it on the nail. She is not, at all, as pretty and diva as she thinks she is completely the opposite

    • Jessica

      Chima had to have facial reconstructive surgeries after her attack, while she probably was naturally endowed with large lips already getting bashed in the face probably didn’t help. when you think about that, that isn’t funny.

      • cindi

        If she was ever attacked in the first place!

  • John

    I call my sister a terrorist all the time.

    • Snake

      Is she?

      • Jennifer

        I think John’s sister is a terrorist.

  • Deb in Lakeport NH

    I do not think she was sincere in her so-called apology and I feel she should have also apologized to Russell. She is a diva who feels SHE should be always number one and have followers at her feet. She demoralized ALL of the other HGs in the show and I am glad she left. She had no respect for the show, the players or production and there was nothing else AG could have done. She should seriously seek counseling. It’s not JUST men she hates, but ALL others she feels are below her station in life…..which is most I think. Good riddance. I hope she isn’t allowed to do any free lance writing for any credible publications.

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