Richard Hatch re-imprisoned

Survivor champion Richard Hatch, completing a jail sentence for tax evasion and perjury with home confinement in Rhode Island, was taken back into federal custody yesterday and is currently being held by the Barnstable (Mass.) County Sheriff’s Office. Traci Billingsley, Chief Public Information Officer for the Bureau of Prisons, would not specify why Hatch was returned to prison, but says such actions are generally taken in cases where the inmate failed to follow home confinement procedures or there was a need for additonal supervision. On Tuesday morning, Hatch had appeared on NBC’s Today Show, and he made the accusation that he had served a jail term only because of his homosexuality. However, Billingsley says the latest incarceration “had nothing to do with The Today Show.”

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  • Kayo

    wow. sure seem suspicious that the day after he spoke on Today he was reimprisoned. could be a coinkydink but I’m thinking hatch may have been right.

    • the truth

      The first jail term has nothing to do with the other. 2 completing separate organizations. First the courts. Second probation.

  • Liza

    He was arrested for giving an interview at a local radio station without permission from prison officials. It is required for someone on home confinement.

  • em

    I hope Hatch gets a fair shot, and if they are unfairly targeting him, I hope he gets a hefty settlement.

  • Brady

    I first saw the headline for this and I was like, “Wait! They arrested Tom Zarek?!” But then I saw it was the Survivor Richard Hatch, not the BSG one.

    • mateo

      That`s too funny. Love BSG!

  • Dee

    Exactly – he talks one day about the prosecutor and the authorities having it in for him, and then the next day he’s arrested again on “mystery” charges? Something doesn’t smell right here.

  • Bill

    Please! He was imprisoned for NOT PAYING TAXES. How can any tax-paying American NOT be outraged by him, gay or straight? He’s a millionaire who evaded paying taxes…. last time I checked, that was a crime. There are also rules for being under house arrest, and Hatch has broken one of them, it appears. Stop whining and pay what you owe Uncle Sam. No one cares about your sex life!

    • Ed

      While I agree with you that he should be punished for his crime, I do find the length of his sentence and some of the circumstances here suspect. Hatch had to serve over three years for his crime, but when Martha Stewart ran into he tax troubles, she got, I think, a five month sentence. And I remember when her case was in the spotlight, there was much talk about the people who were cheating on their taxes but only got slight slaps on the wrist (mostly white heterosexual men). Again, I was all for Hatch going to jail–if I have to pay my taxes, I want my fellow citizens to do the same. But I am suspicious of his sentence/treatment when murders get equal time and when corporations and wealthy people get far less than Mr. Hatch.

      • Casey

        Martha Stewert was not arrested for tax issues, it was for insider trading. She knew about news that was coming out that would hurt her stocks and she sold them. However, she–being a woman–seemed somewhat targeted. But does that matter? She did something wrong, she got caught, she served her time and she was grown up about it.

    • Chris

      Actually, there is not a law on the books anywhere about not paying taxes. All you need is a good lawyer and an intelligent jury who is capable of realizing what a scam the IRS is.

      • to Chris

        You’re a tard.

    • Nonsense

      Actually I don’t see any reason why people who pay their taxes need to be put in jail. If they want the money, they should keep them out of jail and garnish their wages. Them being on jail COSTS the taxpayers money. I understand putting people that are violent and/or prey on people in jail and I don’t mind paying for it. I DO mind paying for stupid crap like this.

      • to nonsense

        He DIDN’T pay his taxes. He has no wages. He was not ON the jail as far as I know.

    • Jim

      Bill, ask Tim Geithner about NOT paying taxes and NOT going to jail. Geithner is also a millionare. Oh I forgot, he works for the government!!!

      • Bill

        It’s hard to compare the circumstances of Martha Stewart and Tim Geithner. It doesnt really have much to do with Hatch, though. He’s an idiot for not paying taxes, plain and simple. And now he should pay for that, and stop whining.

  • Gretchen

    As of this morning on the Today Show, they hadnt even told his lawyer why he was arrested. Definitely sounds fishy

  • jack

    If they were after him because he was gay, it’s lucky for them that he didn’t pay his taxes, it gave them the perfect excuse to, you know, enforce the law.

  • Lauren

    I can’t believe his continues to be made an example of. It seems so unjust. Didn’t he evade taxes on a million dollar prize (and I think he claims it was a mistake by his finacial advisor)? Either way, $1MM is so small these days. He should have had to pay his taxes plus a fine and never served jail time.

    • Liza

      He was arrested for not getting permission to give an interview with a radio station here in Providence. They are not making an example of him. He broke the rules of his home confinement. Simple as that.

    • mscisluv

      I agree with you. How much did his 4 year jail sentence cost us as taxpayers? Wouldn’t we rather just receive a fine/backtaxes? His sentence was harsher than many violent offenders get.

      • Liza

        Actually part of the reason he was put in jail was because he perjured himself on the stand. So that, coupled with the failure to pay taxes got him thrown in jail.

  • Snarf

    Apparently Big Brother was watching and was none too pleased with what he saw and heard.

  • Anth

    This is absolutely ridiculous. Murderers are treated better than this.

    While I don’t agree with the claim that his being gay got him arrested, I do think his persona of being the naked fat guy manipulator definitely caused TPTB to want to knock him down a few pegs. (Not that I’m saying he’s innocent, but he’s been treated pretty damn harshly)

  • monica

    Is everyone high? HE DIDNT PAY HIS TAXES! What does being gay have to do with that? Bill seems to be the only one who gets it.

    • Janet

      I don’t think people are saying that he’s innocent or that he shouldn’t be punished. I think the question is: has he done enough? Yes, if you don’t pay your taxes you should be held accountable….but the gray area comes in when you compare his sentence to others who have done similar crimes and to those who have committed more severe crimes. As Ed pointed out before, Martha Stewart got far less time for her tax scandal, and many others have done no time for cheating on their taxes; I once knew someone who was quite well off and cheated on his taxes. He got a fine and no jail time. And I have read about drug dealers, murders and rapist who have gotten less than four years in jail. Hatch has served three and a half years in prison and was supposed to finish his time under house arrest. Again, I think the question now isn’t whether he’s guilty or not, it’s has he served enough? Some people on this board obviously feel that he has served enough and therefor the treatment of Hatch is now excessive and harsh. If you don’t think so, that’s fine. But I think dismissing it as “He didn’t pay his taxes so he should go to jail” is actually simplifying the issue. Three years ago, that statement would have been solid. Now, after the time he has served and when comparing it to the time other people who committed “white collar” crimes have served, the discussion is a bit more complex and complicated, and therefore cannot be dismissed so simply.

      • me

        Actually Martha didn’t have a tax scandal. It was insider trading. Sheesh

      • Bill

        You cant compare his case to any other one. Cases vary on many factors– the list of charges, the judges, the lawyers involved… sentences vary wildly for even the exact same crimes across the nation on a daily basis. And by doing so, you are buying into Hatch’s nonsense. He’s presented NO COMPELLING EVIDENCE his homosexuality had ANYTHING to do with his treatment. None.

    • Wendy

      I agree with you Monica. The man broke the law. Did he get a fair shake with his punishment? I don’t know, but to whine and use the homosexual card is ridiculous!! Serve your time, don’t break the rules once you have been given probation and don’t bother the rest of us with your paranoia!!

  • SMS

    Biggest idiot ever. He wins a million dollars and pretends to not know he has to pay taxes. Still refuses to admit wrong doing. Then he violates home confinement prison rules. Even Mike Vick is smarter than Hatch – he follows the probation rules and accepts responsibility.

    • Bill

      thank you!

    • Agus

      @ADAJ3 Donovan deserves it. He is way bteetr than Dempsey! Have u not seen the recent game against Mexico! Even Dempsey can’t do that with Fulham. Last year in Everton, he made the team beat teams like Man U, Chelsea and Arsenal all becuz of Donovan. If weren’t for him that would of never happened. Even Fulham hasn’t gone thru that yet. I do agree with Chicarito though. Chicarito deserves it way bteetr than Marquez.

  • claudenorth

    I can’t believe so many people are falling for Hatch’s “innocent victim” routine. He’s a manipulative fame whore with a huge sense of entitlement who feels that the rules of society do not apply to him. He violated the terms of his home confinement, so the police re-arrested him, as they would with anyone who violates the conditions of his or her home confinement.

    • amj

      well said!

  • jack

    For those saying he should have just paid a fine and done no jail time. He was offered a deal like that, but turned it down to take his chances in court. He compounded his crime by committing perjery on the stand. I liked him on the show too, but he has no one to blame for his troubles but himself.

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