'Big Brother' contestant Chima Simone kicked off the show; she claims she quit

CBS has confirmed that Big Brother 11 contestant Chima Simone, the freelance journalist from West Hollywood, was booted off the show Saturday. Simone’s surprise departure capped off a particularly volatile 24 hours in the Big Brother house. On Thursday, Simone’s powers as the head of household were overruled when fellow houseguest Jeff exercised the coup d’etat, a special power that allows him to withdraw Simone’s nominations for eviction and put up two of his own instead. He nominated Jessie and Natalie; the bodybuilder was subsequently evicted on a 3-2 vote.

Simone, together with fellow houseguests Natalie and Lydia, bemoaned Jessie’s departure by villifying Jeff and his apparent alliance with Russell; at one point she called the latter martial arts fighter a “terrorist.” Multiple fansites tried to stay on top of Simone’s antics on Friday, including some that reported she threw her microphone into the pool and refused to put it back on, or do her diary room garcinia cambogia reviews. An official statement from CBS seems to confirm that Simone failed to comply with BB mandates: “Chima has been evicted by the producers from the Big Brother house for violating the rules. She will not be part of the show’s jury. Her eviction will be addressed on an upcoming broadcast of the show.”

However, in an interview with Examiner.com, Simone disputes CBS’ version of the events.  “As crazy as that house is, the producers NEVER want the world to think or know that we houseguests DO LEAVE when it becomes futile to stay,” she says in the interview.  “I lost faith in the show and my ability to remain committed to this game.  All of the remaining housemates know I wanted to leave and that is why any conversation concerning me is cut in the live feed because they don’t want America to hear the truth about my voluntary departure.”

Houseguests have come and gone from the house over the last 10 seasons (welcome back, BB 9’s James! We hardly knew ye, BB 9’s Neil!). But it is rare for the producers to carry out their own evictions because of bad behavior. The first time it occurred was in season two, when an inebriated Justin Sebik was booted after he held a knife to a fellow HG’s throat.

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  • Michelle L.

    Big Brother is a game for a chance to win $500 000 and Chima got way to emotional! If she won the Coup d’Etat she probably would have used the power as well.

    • jessica

      I am glad Chima is gone. She and some of the others seem to forget Big Brother is a game and that is what it is all about.

      • Michelle

        This girl was so delusional she mispronounced her own name. They had her grandparents on there, and they said she refused to say her own name the way it was meant to be pronounced. And they were sweet people who seemed shocked at her behavior.

    • Lacey

      I don’t think Chima would have used the it because she already had on the block who she wanted there. However she made to many racial remarks and spoke out way more than she need too, I am glad she is gone, She will not be missed here.

      • debbie

        I was so glad to tune into the late night Big Brother and see that the Biggest mouth with the biggest attitude was gone.She honestly must not worry what other people might think of her. She lives in the minute.Her obnocious behavior will not be missed.Thank You Big Brother!! I have watched all 11 seasons, and Love the show.Kicking her out was awesome!!Lydia should be next.

      • susieq

        Chima, Nat, and Lydia can moan and b&tch all they want about the power and how ‘unfair’ it was. Those three and Jessie would have used it the prior week to get Ronnie off of the block if any of them had won it.
        She wanted her HoH respected went she refused to do the same thing to Russ’s the prior week.

        Her (&Lydia/Natalie) behaved like spoiled brats once they were no longer in power. Hiding other people’s stuff, throwing a mic in the pool, and refusing to cooperate with BB requests were over the top.
        NONE of those three will ever be able to overcome their behavior or explain it.

        Frankly I am GLAD that BB finally put their foot down on some of the behavior in the house. They set a bad precedent with Evel Dick in season 8 or 9 by allowing him to get away with the outrageous behavior he exhibited.
        Let’s hope that next year (if there is one) that BB laws down the law and starts penalizing, fining, and maybe evicting HG who think that this kind of behavior is okay.

      • Cathy

        I am so so so very happy that Chima is gone. I don’t see how her,and Natilie and Jesse could bad mouth everybody else for playing the same game as they themselves are playing. You can not take that stuff personally. So to be good at this game you have to be able to let things roll off your back. Chima was a big mouth who talked the talk but could not walk the walk. Good Bye to such a sore loser.

      • AJ

        If Jesse and Natalie were on the block and Chima won the Coup De Ta, she would have used it in a heartbeat to put up Russel and another player that she would be sure wouldnt go home against Russell. So if she says that she wouldn’t use it, she’s a liar.

      • Fann

        Ding dong the bi#ch is gone and it’s about time. BB needed to get their act togeter bad behavior just don’t equate well with good rateing

      • mark

        The power was good for two weeks. So I think Chima would have used it the prior week to save Ronnie since that is what Jessie wanted.

      • Jessica

        If the tables were turned, and Chima in Jeff’s shoes with someone else being HOH and someone not to her choosing on the block, she would have used it to get out whom she wanted to. She is a sore looser and did not deserve to be in the house. If Natalie and Lydia don’t straighten up their attitude about the game, then they don’t deserve to be there either. Evict the “evil” and let the ones who have been playing the game (not crying over it) compete for the money.

    • Mrsly

      If Jeff was HOH, and Jessie had the Coup d’Etat, like he ever get America’s vote, he would have done the same. Gnat can continue to lie, but her target was Jeff and Jordan next. Jeff played the right move and Chima didn’t respect or understand the Big Brother game. She took it too personal, BB has ups and downs every year, the object is try and overcome those obstacles. Sometimes as in life, you can’t. Chima just felt she was entitled to the money. She needs professional help. Maybe CBS or Viacom can do her a service and get her professional help.

      • trent

        I love the fact that jessie and the monkey girl are gone. they are both cry babies and I feel they get dumber and dumber each passing minute. Ask jessie about the HJ’s that Lydia would give him. I can’t wait until that comes out and gnat’ finds out they cleaned it up with her ASU sweats.

      • Robert

        I dont know about most people, but I watch BB, to see the meltdowns and blowups!!!But if Chimma caused CBS to tape the live show then that means CBS was wrong!! How could they have handed control of thier show to a simpleminded contestant?

    • Sharon

      Yes, Chima was way too much of a drama queen. She would just snap over nothing. If anyone would have said the things to her that she did Russell, she would have been ballistic. I would never want to be near someone who was such an elitist queen with a horrifying temper. That would get old in about 2 minutes.

      • bruce

        You act like you did not hear what Russel was saying, not just to her but to all of the housemate. He start off at Jeff are did U for get that. As long as Jessie was carry him. That when started on the other peoplein the house

    • SS

      The comments Chima made about Russell were HORRIBLE and completely racist, out of line– she said Russell is a terrorist and she’s the twin towers. He’s Middle Eastern. In reality, Russel is a class act. WHAT is with this girl!? What a psycho.

      • Moxie

        Russell? Is a class act? OOooookay.

    • JN

      Chima needed to GO. She is a huge drama queen and was bitter she didn’t get her way. I have to say that the pitty party for Jesse made for a good laugh.

    • Trish

      After just watching Tuesday edition of BB, my respect for JEFF has gone up through the roof. Not only did he let Jordan get HOH, he keeps his cool among the stupid remarks and acts made by Lydia and the others. He did show a bit of temper at Lydia and the rest of her gang when she became violent towards Jordan. I like the way this man plays the BB game, he doesn’t play dirty, but he DOES play the game. If Jeff doesn’t win this game, well it would be a shame, he surly deserves it!

      • Agrees

        I totally agree with Trish – Jeff should win this by the way he played the game – a gentleman! GO JEFF!!

  • Kim

    Goodbye to Chima, she spoke harshly and appeared to be a racist when she yelled at Russel. She needs a lot of professional help to get past what happened to her in the past. The was she speaks about men is extremely skewed. Her “female power” attitude is only covering her deep need of help. I respect all she has endured but she is not without scars from it and in no way mentally ready for something like BB.

    • Kelly

      Well said Kim!….Ditto

    • Rachel

      Has anyone been able to confirm what she said actually happened??? How do we know she was being honest?

      • Sckimakastaja

        Yep, the details of the serial killer and his execution are online. pretty scary ordeal and lucky to have caught him.

    • Danielle

      This is SOOO true!! Well said. Chima is a b*tch, but, she clearly needs help and I have to say that I’ve lost a little respect of CBS (not that I had much to begin with) that they let her on the show in the first place (had they known about her horrible past experience).

      • Jean

        If you have so little respect for CBS why do you watch it there are many, many other channels to watch. Get over it.

    • susan

      yes i agree and she can say and do what ever she want but no one else can and she lied just as much as the next person. Its a game and there should be surprizes no matter what> Jess came back and tryed to play the game and let the girls get in his way he didnt win the first time what makes him think he could do it the second time they just thought they had this game. And I am glad she left and I hope she see a dr cause she needs it for sure.

    • MTM

      I would be willing to say that something did happen to her. You don’t get that type of anger just because. She really was against men and those kind of things normally come from being hurt either mentally or physically by a man.

      • k

        When Chima was HOH she told the house that she had been raped. She probably does have anger towards men, but her behavior is not justified.

  • wendy

    I am so happy Good Riddence CHIMA BRATZ Doll.

    • diane

      I agree. Chima was such a poor sport it was sickening.

      • Trevor

        Yes, Chima was an extremely poor sport, and she should be ashamed of herself and highly embarrassed.

    • JD

      Whoa, that’s crazy…she does look just like a BRATZ doll! good call!

    • Joe

      That’s funny. Google “female Gremlin” under images and see that she looks JUST like the girl gremlin from Gremlins 2! Acts (excuse me, acted) like her to if you ask me.

      • rona

        You don’t have to attack chima’s look..why does it have to be so personal..sure she was difficult..she’s gone now..stop w/the hatred!

      • Stephanie

        shyt he can attack her looks, she did it to russell and he looks much better than her.

    • Lita

      Wow exactly!!

    • dave

      interesting chima called russel a terrorist.from what i saw she terrorized everyone verbally.if you didnt agree with her she attacked you. good riddance chima!

      • Agrees

        I agree! Chima was nothing but a freaken fracken princess – we don’t need princesses (in the life actually) – good riddance!

  • DW

    Chima, Natalie, and Lydia (“Jesse’s Widows”) were out of control yesterday, sabotaging the other group’s clothes, taking personal items (including a rosary), and suggested slipping a something into Michelle’s drink that they thought she’d be allergic to. Of course, Chima also referred to Russell as a “Muslim Terrorist” (to be specific) and herself as “The Twin Towers). I’m not sorry to see her go, but she needs help.

    • kay

      Hear Hear! I’m glad to see her go. Too bad she (and Nat and Lydia) don’t seem to understand what a game is!

    • Sheila Evans

      Agree, they all behaved badly after Jessie was eveicted. None of the other houseguest acted this way on previous evictions, b/c it is wahat everyone here has stated, just a game!! As far as Chima calling Russell those “racist” names, had he of called her a “racist” name he’d of been booted immediately.

      • Agrees

        I agree and want to add that Natalie, Chima, and Lydia’s sobbing over Jessie being evicted (as if he had died!) – goes to show you how emotionally unstable these 3 women are and not only that – they each never learned how to cope with loss in life (even though Jessie did not die and was merely evicted). Chima is 34 and should have learned this life lesson by now – loss in the life – a broken relationship(s), end of a job, end of a game show, et cetera, ad nauseum.

      • john

        What about Russell?! The things he did in the house to almost every houseguest were worse than what Chima did. He should have gone before her… gosh. Russell is an A**hole!!

    • Sharon

      Did you all remember Chima saying Russell had cauliflour ears? This happens to many of the UFC fighters because they get hit. How do you think people would have reacted if he would have turned around and said, “Well they look better than your Mike Tyson lips?” I don’t think that would have gone over well, but I think if would have been just as offensive as she was to him.

      • miggz3000

        cauliflower ears occur to wrestlers and “mma” (not “ufc”, ufc is a brand)fighters from rolling around in the mat, not from getting hit…

      • Agrees

        the thing was though – when she said he had “cauliflower ears” – I looked closely and his ears look quite normal, and not cauliflowered at all. What about Chima’s TOO MUCH LIP GUM SHOWING when she smiles – makes her uglier actually, whereby most people when they smile are prettier/more handsome. She needs surgery on the inside of her upper lip to move some of that excessive gum show.

    • Jami

      I hope someone says something to her about her “racist” remarks. Wonder what she would do if Russell (or any other house guest) would have called her the “N” word. PROBABLY 10 TIMES WORSE THAN WHAT WE SAW. Silly, sick girl! Glad she’s gone

    • susan

      I hope CBS tells her she could have put Michell in great danger and that would have been sad. I feel its a game but you dont hurt people.

  • Jody

    “at one point she called the latter martial arts fighter a “terrorist.” ”

    at one point?
    Multiple, multiple times Chima called Russel, of Lebanese descent, a terrorist. Multiple times. She tried to cover it, at one point, by saying that Russell was “terrorizing” the houseguests, by being a bully.
    That was bull. She many times clarified exactly why she was calling him a terrorist, saying that America wouldn’t care, because America doesn’t like Middle Easterns!
    She later went so far as to make a joke about Russell being the Terrorist, and she was the twin towers.
    The following morning she declared that Russell was not Catholic he was indeed an extreme Muslim terrorist, while joking about weapons of mass destruction. This was after, of course she hid his rosary.

    This woman needs help. I hope she gets it.
    I am empathetic to her history, but it in no way excuses her behavior on the show. It wasn’t just Middle Easterns she was slandering. No, she included just about every person, males, Southerners, Republicans, you name it.

    I hope CBS addresses this issue with their statement. I really do.
    I applaud them for getting her out, if indeed it wasn’t a voluntary departure on Chima’s behalf. After all, she was flipping off production and refusing to comply with rules last night, as well as destroying property (microphone).

    As a person of Lebanese descent, I am more than disgusted and insulted with her remarks.

    • Maisha

      Don’t know if you’re a true fan of the show, but Cappie and his crew did the same to Kassar from Season 6 (or 7)! So sad!!!!

      • Kvivik

        Yes, Kaysar was given a hard time…though not shown much on TV. One of my friends was a loyal follower of the feeds until that season. He hasn’t watched or cared about BB since.
        I’m just SOOOOOOOOO happy she’s gone. Hopefully now there can be a week without as much drama and that Hyena laugh.

      • rona

        yes, THEY did!!!!

    • bbfan71gojeff

      chima’s grandma already seemed upset about her behavior in the house I really feel bad for her family they have to be so ashamed of her!!!! I hope she enjoys the single life because no man,after seeing the real her,will ever give her the time of day!Hopefully Gnat’s boyfriend has a snuggle buddy while she was stuck in Jesse’s crack & lydia will only find a mate in the psycho ward she is bound to end up in(have you seen that look in her eyes?)totally fatal attraction!!!!!! I’m so proud of Jeff keeping his composure like a true man!!!!America loves you!!!!

      • debbie

        Jeff and Jordan make such a cute couple. They have both been very respectful to each other and their families. And to Big Brother, they are playing the game the way it should be played. Thank You BB for taking Chima out. She didn’t deserve to compete for the prize at the end.It was all about her…so she thought.My apologies go to her family.She needs help!!!!!

      • Carol

        I am with everyone….Chima I cant believe is finally gone…I almost feel sorry for her…Did she not get the help that she needed after her near death experience…thats all where it comes from..her hating men..the anger she has deep inside…And yes Jeff did handle himself nicely…And for the 3 girls did they all take turns with Jesse…To really act the way they did they had to have some kind relationship..i wonder what he thought of the 3 girls going on acting like he died…come on get over it you will see him in the other house..and the live finale..HE DIDNT DIE!

    • Jami

      If Al-Queda gets pissed, someone please tell them — it was Chima who made fun of them — not the viewers of BB11!

      • Jana

        You gave me the first laugh of the day, thank you!


        This was the best one yet..I laugh till I had tears running down my face..Had to email a few friend that one..MOVE OVER ORMAROSA…….

      • theresa

        lmao I would have to agree with that! I feel for what she went through, however gives her no right to act like a brat all of the time! Glad she is gone. Now to just get nat the parrot out!

  • Rebecca

    BB, if it survives as a network show, will need to take a serious look at its casting. Casting has gone downhill since Alison Grodner took the reins from Shapiro. There are way too many unstable and simply unlikable people of late. It’s a fine line to walk — you need someone to hate and someone to love — the show thrives on controversy, but many, many recent houseguests simply aren’t watchable as they appear too “evil” (for lack of a better term).

    • AL

      I agree- I stopped watching midway thru Evil Dick’s reign and just started watching again. I was appalled at Chima’s behavior. Don’t they do psychological testing of contestants?

  • john

    I liked chima! i think that jeff is an idiot keep that ass russel around!

    JORDAN IS THE DUMBEST PERSON ever to be on big brother, im sure she’d be good in bed as long as she didn’t talk.

    • Lynne

      Are you kidding me w/ you Jordan comment? Not sure what show you are watching but Chima crossed that line a long time ago & I’m glad to see her gone. She is a hypocrite & brat who didn’t get her way so she resulted in grammer school antics. I hope Jeff OR Russel win & I’m pretty sure Jordan wouldn’t give you the time of day.

      • jonathan

        Jordan would most likely forgive John …just the kind of warm/loving person that Jordan is. Thats why we all love her!

      • Ana

        I’m pretty sure no woman would give you the time of day! Idiot.

      • J

        I’m pretty sure Jordon “couldn’t” give you the time of day.

      • Carlos


        don’t worry about what that meathead just said about Jordan. He’s just trying to flame in the comments.

        IMO, Chima was living on borrowed time in the house. However, she will miss out on the payday she was supposed to receive for being in the house.

    • Misty

      Keeping Russell around is a smart move. He is a person who has pissed everyone off. I would want to be up against him in the final eviction.

      • Mrsly

        Finally, someone who understands the game. This is the wackiest house ever. Respect the game. And everyone, Big Brother is just a TV game show.

      • MMI


    • hazelrogue

      Lydiot is dumber than all. Kevin is always right about pretty much all he assumes, smart man.

    • Janna

      If you like Chima you need prayers too!

    • Mrsly

      Do you enjoy kicking animals too. Chima has some serious emotional problems. I am no fan of Jordan, doesn’t know how to play the game. She is more eye candy, but that is another issue. Chima signed on to play Big Brother not OBAMA Brother. Their is conflict and the object is to overcome the conflict within limits. Russel is playing the game and a role. Chima took it personal and crossed many lines that are unacceptable. Hide clothes, start fights, but don’t expect everyone to follow you or pamper you. Respect is earned and a two way street. Chima needs profession help and realize everyone has had obstacles to overcome. Her story is sad, but she can’t expect the world to just agree with her. Get help.

      • Jennifer

        OBAMA Brother? You’re an idiot.

      • Ms. J

        What’s up with the remark Obama Brother? Are U a racist?

    • Sandy

      chima was an idiot! She thought she was hot…Loved it when she was ousted!!!!YEAHHHHHHHHH

      • Ted K.

        Chima claimed to be a diva; more like a devil with fish lips. The producers finally had enough and sent a hook to those lips. Good ridense Chima, we love to see you go.

    • Janna

      To John:
      You’re comment about Jordan was totally uncalled for and I’m not even going to repeat it. Your harsh words and attitude are of the same caliber of Chima’s, Lydia, and Natalie. Even given all the venomous things that Chima did, Jordan commented on her beauty. Lydia and Natalie have both been “close” to Jesse. Chima called Jeff her Jordan’s pimp. Those two are decent human beings who have excercised great restraint out of respect for themselves and their families. Have you even been watching this show?

      • Ana

        He’s just a troll, here to get a rise out of us and make trouble. We should all just ignore him and he can wander off to some other site.

      • bh

        you said it Anna and Janna! Jordan and Jeff are obviuosly better people than John!

    • shayna

      I guess we all know what part of your body rules your biased, judgemental thinking, and it isn’t your brain.

      • Patti

        John (or is it really Ronnie) we know it’s you rat!!!! Your the only man who could appreciate chima,the other is in the jury house!!!!!!!

    • Barbie Anderson

      John YOUR ignorance is showing… you sound like Chima. Jordan has been kind to all houseguests. She’s playing a game moron. I think you must be suffering from little ……. syndrome and could never get a girl like Jordan

    • jonathan

      Keeping Russell in the house was totally a strategic move and not a personal choice on Jeff’s part. Your personal attack on Jordan is really uncalled for and quite frankly the same kind crap that plagued Chima’s game….not a wonder that you can still support her views. You, and Chima as well, are definately entitled to your opinions but please have the intelligence to know that your “hatefull” words are the very cause for so many problems that we are facing as a PEOPLE!!

      I truly hope that Chima works through her demons and can find peace and happiness. I too am a Chima fan but cannot condone her behavior of late. Something in snapped and she needs to get it back. Lets all pray that she gets the help and FORGIVENESS she needs!!

      • Tiffany

        Woo Hoo I’m so glad Chima is out – that racist witch shouldnn’t be in that house. I think she wants to be Omarosa from the Aprentice. most hated woman in America.(if I spelled anthing wrong – sorry – I’m the worst speller in the world…lol) I think she wants stardom

      • kel

        Very well said Johnathan @7:07

    • stacy b.

      granted jordan is a not the brightest crayon in the box….but have you watched jesse’s interview?

      • Patti

        Wouldn’t it be the biggest schocker in BB History if Jordon was playing the whole time & was actually a genius? If so she definatley deserves to win !!!lol

    • littleO

      Are you sure you’re NOT Ronnie the fat bastard dork??????
      You are one phuqued up dude for loving that fat lip Chima and trashin’ Jordan.

    • Jessica

      You’re just jealous ’cause she looks better than you!!


        what was happen to CHIMA and TRASHHIN

    • tanya

      Are you kidding????? Jordan and jeff are playing the game the way it should be played.

      • kel

        Yes they are!! I think one of them WILL win.

    • Maggie

      I agree John, I think Jordan is a very childish woman that talks like a baby and is very dumb with fake boobs, and that Jeff looks like he is 45 years old, probably she is the only chick every gave him any attention, I can’t stand either one of the dorks

      • Patti

        Maggie Must Be Ronnie’s Wife. Jeff is hot & your Rat’s not!!! I don’t think Jeff would ever have a problem getting any woman he wants he is HOT !!! America already proved who they like or did you miss that one? You probably get turned on by ronnie’s tail!!!!!!!!!!!

      • bh

        wow! Maggie don’t you sound like a catch! Jeff has been nothing but a nice guy who has tried to keep hs word and play the game with respect. Jordan has been nothing but kind and forgiving and has shown that she is the better person in many situations. Way better than those who choose to make ignorant, judgemental, low class comments full of hate.

      • theresa

        Wow thats harsh! Bad day? Jordan and Jeff both seem like STAND UP people and have not let the game control them,they have controled the game! They both are hot and she is smarter that you think! Brains must not mean alot the did not help Chima.

      • Robin

        I have been reading all these comments and its pretty darn funny! Why are some people whining and moaning about the way Jeff and Jordan play the game, when Jesse and his “girls” have done the same thing? They are just sooo sad because for once in the game, they couldn’t control the situation. I think its a bunch of bull to ask the holder of the Coup De Etat to “respect the HOH’s decision. Whatevs… :) I think Jordan is a very kind hearted and warm person, who is NOT as dumb as she looks (her words, not mine!). And Jeff is superhot. Whoever wants to say Jeff is ugly probably looks like an Elf Lord.

    • renee

      I agree John. Chima was the only attention-grabbing person in the house. The show will be even more mind-numbing. The previous posts are probably CBS plants…I will not watch again and I am cancelling the feeds since they are extremely censored anyway.

    • Trish

      I agree, he is just jealous. Because she would never give you the time of day. I am sooooo happy Chima is gone. Now its lydia and Natalie next.

      • Sharon

        Trish, I would like to see Natalie go next. She is a brat too and just thought he was it. She was another little power monger who could not see the whole picture. Why anyone would think it is CBS fault that Chima left needs to look up the definition of personal responsibility. They had rules. I am sure these people had to sign some sort of contract. You can’t just do whatever you want and expect everyone to tolerate any behavior you feel like dishing out. Even her grandparents weren’t proud of how she behaved on the show. They had a look of bewilderment on their faces. I would look back in embarrassment if I were Chima. My Mother would be calling me and telling me to shut my mouth and stop embarrassing the family.

    • bbfan71gojeff

      John you must be chima’s relative because only someone that had to like her would!!unless maybe you only watch the cbs shows & did not see how she behaved

    • Drew

      AMEN JOHN.

    • Patti

      John,oops I mean Ronnie,we are not that dumb ,your the only rat outside the jury house w/that opinion!!!!!Jordon is not even capable of stooping to your level freak!!!

    • greg

      you’re an idiot!

    • greg

      john is an idiot!

    • bh

      That is almost as spiteful and mean as Chima’s comments. No wonder you liked her.
      Chima said too many hateful rage filled things. She was a racist, and sexist. And she was a poor example of what a strong, educated, independent women should act like. She had no empathy for anyone other than herself. I feel very badly about what she endured in the past, but it is obvious that she still needs help.

      Jordan is a sweet and kind girl who might lack life knowledge and experience but I would rather know her than Chima anyday.

    • Sharon

      You keep Russell around for the same reason as you would have Ronnie. Because many did not like him and would not vote for him being the winner. If you truely want to win the cash, take the weak ones with you. It’s not like most of these contests require a lot of physical ability where Russell might excel. He and Ronnie had made a lot of enemies so I would have done anything I could to drag them right along with me. In contrast, Jesse was popular with many on the show and had been in a previous show. He had at least 2 chics fighting over him. It’s a game.

    • Maisha

      She is NOT the dumbest. I think
      Heidi was her name on Season 5. She had her lips nicely placed on
      Chase’s bum.

    • Justin

      I agree, Jordan and Jeff don’t deserve anything. Jeff needed a freebie from America because he can’t win HOH and Jordan is just plain dumb. I wish they both lose the money to anyone at this point! Jessie would beat Jeff anyday for HOH!!!

      • Jackie

        Jeff could have won HOH in the endurance. He agreed to give it to Russell because Russell wanted to receive a letter from his sick dad. When Russell agreed to keep Jeff & Jordan safe, Jeff dropped and let Russell win.

      • Justin

        Jeff QUIT during that HOH competition. Coulda, woulda, shoulda is for losers. Jeff gets too much sympathy and praise. He was on the athletic team so I don’t understand how America could feel bad for him when his butt was getting carried every week by Jessie and Russell. He is playing the “I need power” card. If you want power, win HOH cry baby! Jordan is more concerned with losing weight than anything if you watch Showtime BB After Dark. I think she doesn’t want anything but friendship from Jeff.

        Did you guys catch how Jordan and Jeff messed up their part in the food competetion Sunday? What losers! Chima and Natalie did their parts right even though they were mad as hell. Jordan and Jeff are a joke. I’m so tired of seeing them on BB. Jordan wouldn’t have won HOH had Chima not been kicked out.

      • Disagrees

        Does a happy dance for Justin because idiocy needs friendship too. Jeff is just a nice guy….and did ya hear? Nice guys are in now, very fashionable – not ones like Jessie who are in love with themselves, staring at himself in different poses in the mirror every single time he passed a mirror. I’d take Jordan too – even though she knows nothing about clocks and coinage comparisons – because Jordan is a nice person and people today would rather nice than nasty. Evel Dick was very nasty – nasty doesn’t win the game usually (although Mike-Boogie years disputes that)….

        I’ll take nice over nasty anyday!

        *Finishes her happy dance in front of Justin*….

        GO JEFF!

    • Jami

      u must be on something…chima needs to take lessons from jordon on being a nice person.

      • hannah

        wa, wa, wa, is this a game or Chima’s world and were all living it? Chima is Omarosa evil twin-they are both Drama Diva’s and expect everyone to think the same way they do, control freaks. Jeff is the only one on that show who has any common sense it’s a game, his favorite saying, and they are playing for half a million, if you were on the show and won would you share with everyone who controlled the game the whole time? I don’t think soooooooo! It’s a game and everyone needs to get over themselves and stop with the sarcastic remarks about how people look. That is the way God created them and no one has the right to judge another person physic. And if Jesse thought he looked bad the last time wait until some of them on BB11 look at their behavior!!! They also will want a do over!!!

      • Agrees

        EXACTLY JAMI!!! Jami’s got it!! Nice wins…

        Forget about the Evel Dicks in life and Mike-Boogies….and Chimas and Jessies in the life! These cretins are in love with themselves only!

    • SEB

      That was a very sexist remark!! Jeff was not stupid or whatever to keep Russel in! Chima deserves to be gone because what everyone is saying on here about her is soo true!! As far as Jordon is concerned she is just ditzy!! GOSH!!

    • tiffini

      Finally! Someone who has some sense here. I agree with you 100%!

      • tiffini

        I agree with John, the rest of you are idiots!

    • Diana

      Well we all know what type of mentality you have, “gutter mentality,” that is what it’s called!! Ever heard of karma dude? My guess is that with your mentality these types of comments will come back and make you look like the idiot/loser that you are. Jordan has more class in her little pinky, then you’ll ever have in your lifetime. Sad, sad boy!!!

      • Helsn

        Diana,well said!

    • susan

      you are a pig

    • ken

      Your an idiot john you should hook up with that bi*ch from jon and kate plus eight shes about your speed you could be called dumb and dumber

    • rona


    • me me

      your’e a pig for saying that about Jordan!!

  • ken

    chima is the RACIST and BIGOT.She needs help mentally.

  • Cindy

    Congratulations to CBS for removing Chima from the show. Her behavior and the statements she made were appalling and I am glad that CBS will not tolerate them.

    It does seem that the truth about her racist comments is again being minimized when in the above article is says “at one point she called the latter martial arts fighter a “terrorist.” ” AT ONE POINT ?! Really?!! She repeatedly referred to Russell as a terrorist, so many times that it would be difficult to count them all up. She even called him an extremist Muslim terrorist and referred to herself as the twin towers. Let’s not pretend her racist views were spoken only once.

    • Ana

      I don’t know that she was really kicked off. I think she quit. CBC wanted her to pay for the micro. pack she broke (it would have come from her stipend) and she refused, demanding to get out. In my opinion they tolerated way too much from her. It wasn’t entertainment she provided, not unless someone considers a full-on emotional breakdown entertaining.She should have left about a week ago. The whole thing is very sad, and gives all reality shows a bad name. Not that I’m going to stop watching…

  • Corran

    I may be the only person who will genuinely miss Chima. She was entertaining!!! As much as people like Jeff and Jordan, when have they ever really strategized by themselves without the help of America? Meh…I hope either Russell, Michelle, or Natalie (yes I said her name) wins. At least these three have been playing the game since the first day.

    • Cindy

      Not for one minute did Natalie “play the game” – She played Jessie’s shadow. Hung behind him like a sad puppy. Without him she would have been gone weeks ago. She is nothing but a little girl poser.

      • Maisha

        THANK YOU!!! I think she would have been this FIRST person eliminated if it wasn’t for Jesse. However, I’m glad the houseguests were SMART enough to get rid of Jesse. He would have been unstoppable if they had kept him. Natalie is a coatrider when it comes to playing the game. She won’t last much longer. Neither will Lydia, she based her vote on her “obsession” with Jesse….NOT HER BRAINS!!!!

    • Mike

      Corran, I, and perhaps the majority of BB fans will NOT miss Chima. For those who have watched the live feeds 24/7, ask them if they will miss Chima. Might want to do that before you say something silly like that. Can’t go off of just what’s being shown on CBS to pass judgement on someone.

    • Patti


    • Jana

      Its the quiet ones you keep your eye on…

  • Tont

    As a subscriber to the feeds and currently bedridden due to surgery, I have unfortunately had too much time on my hands and have been watching too much of this drama. While I like a good show as much as anyone, her actuons have gone beyond the line of what is acceptable. She repeatedly called Russell (whom I don’t even like) a terrorist because of his ethnic background, threatened productiion if she doesn’t get her way, and damaged other players stuff.

    She is either seriously disturbed or has a very skewed perception of who she is and her place in the game and for that matter, society in general.

    The website that she reports and blogs for needs to take a long look at whether they want to continue being associated with such a polarizing individual. If she thought she made herself more lucrative within the entertainment industry, she is sadly mistaken. I would immediately tune out any show or site she is associated with

    • BimboKay

      I agree with everything Tont wrote…and wrote very well. During one of Chima’s rants, she said that Russell isn’t a “f-ing” Catholic (his religion), he’s a Muslim terrorist. She said that Middle America hates Middle Eastern people. She needed to leave weeks ago.

      • kel

        She also said she hopes Russel ends up in prison and is RAPED!! how DARE her say that!!

    • Ahrean

      Actually since she was removed from the show she’s pretty much blacklisted from any Viacom entity. Google Viacom to see who they control and you’ll see she’s pretty much screwed herself career wise.

      • Agrees

        Ahhhhhhh Karma! Gotta love it!

    • RedSoxIdiot

      Perfectly said. Chima’s sense of entitlement was pathetic and sad to see. I feel for her family who seemed like lovely people. I’m sure this shallow, self absorbed woman was a total embarassment and disapointment. I’m so glad to hear that she was evicted and that she didn’t quit on her own. Her behaviour was deplorable.

    • Ana

      I agree completely. She is stepping into Omarosa’s shoes, and has lost any professional credibility she may have held. Next Step: The Surreal House (if they’d take her).

    • JoHanna

      I agree with the fact that chima had gotten way out of hand with some of her remarks. What I want everyone to remember is that Russel did bully Ronnie a lot. He went to far himself even though he did not use racist remarks. Russel picked on someone smaller than himself and used his size to frieghten Ronnie. Russel also tried this on Chima but she did not back down as easy but he knew she was a woman and he pushed it pretty far. I am just glad Chima did not stand down like Ronnie. The part I loved the best is when he came at Jessie but if you noticed he backed down to Jessie because he knew Jessie could fight back. A racist is bad but a bully is worse.

      • Patti


      • Ana

        Jessie could fight back? Don’t think so. Russell could easily take him in a fight, if they were to stoop to that level. I almost felt sorry for Ronnie when Russell stalked him but still, he really got what he deserved. Nobody deserved what Chima did and said to them. As a journalist myself, I was presupposed to favour Chima, yet she quickly lost my respect with her constant whining. The descent into name calling and harassment cemented my bad opinion of her. I don’t know why anyone would find whining and hate dialogue and actions to be entertaining.

      • Judy

        If you look back at one point, Russell & Ronnie had a agreement for Russells behavior toward Ronnie. It was all planned!! Good riddens of Chima. I couldn`t stand her & her behaviour. She thought she was the queen & acted like a spoiled brat when she was put on the block.

    • Michelle

      I have never cared for Chima but when she told her story about being raped I really felt for. However, I think she seriously needs help. She thinks she is fine, but what we see is someone who is not fine. She thinks everyone owes here and that she ran the show. Good job BB for getting her off the show. Maybe now she can go get help.

      • miggz3000

        i hated that rape story, because i bet she tells it to everyone she meets so they can see how “strong of a woman” she really is. well thats bs, and to think that coming from an experience like that she’d go on to say she hopes russell gets raped. what a complete waste of a human being she is playing down something as horrible as being played, just because she wants to be manipulative. her fate is pretty much sealed, so i couldnt care less about her. i just feel really sorry for her family that has to witness this.

  • C-LOS

    I’m kinda sad to see Chima go. She actually had brains instead of Jeff and Jordan.

    • Roller

      “had brains”??? You ARE kidding, right? It took less than one episode to realize that she had been assigned to the wrong clique–they needed another clique for racist, hate-filled idiots.
      How much brains does it take to throw a $5,000 microphone into the hot tub? She’s got the mental acuity of a 3-year-old.

    • tech

      could you please point to a moment when Chima exhibited intelligence? I seem to have missed any examples

    • GudRiddance

      Chima and brains O_O

      did i read that right? o_O I really hope that was a not-so-well said joke ^^

    • Patti

      It is obvious any Chima supporter has only watched CBS episodes & have no idea whatsoever they are talking about. Can anyone who says they support her please let us know what you know of her, besides the t.v. portion which shows really nothing about the person !!!!!!!!! Jeff & Jordon are REAL PEOPLE w/ REAL HEARTS not evil, self-centered,racist hypocrites & they obviously don’t see Gnatalie’s nasty,non-washing ass eating her damn boogers!!! I wonder if she will get in trouble if she’s on slop & continues to eat them? Lydia belongs in the next reality PSYHCO or Fatal Attraction cause she is straight-up crazy !!!!! She acts like the $ dosn’t matter when we all seen her on who-ever she thinks would take her onward.She said herself she would do whoever she had to man or woman to get to the end.

      • wakeforce

        I don’t have that kind of time to be watching the live feeds. I have a life AND a job!

      • Joe

        If Jeff and Jordan are not racist, can you list all their previous allies and see if they ever had minorities. They purposely associated themselves with only caucasian people i.e. Braden, Laura, Casey, and Michelle. I think that’s racist in a not so subtle way, and actually, this is now the type of racism prevalent in out society—NOT SO SUBTLE RACISM!!!

    • rona

      So true..and also since she left I’m sure ratings have slipped..Jordan is a disgrace for being as idiotic as she is!!!

    • miggz3000

      people keep saying she had brains or was smart; she was simply old. believe it or not once you hit your 30s there is huge difference in your thought process and even speech. however, she proved that while older and maybe more experienced, she was a lot more immature than her younger counter parts. what an embarrassment for her family…

  • Raine

    I don’t get all this Chima is a racist. Didn’t Braeden start all of this with his Bean—–talk? Why do people choose to forget that? Does the shoe hurt being on the other foot?

    • Kim

      She continuously calls Russel a terrorist etc because his family is from Lebanon

      • theJuanStar

        I think she called Russell a terrorist because of his behavior.

      • Rebecca

        theJuanStar, you must only watch the tv show and not the live feeds because she originally called him a terrorist and joked about it. The bit about terrorizing the house was added later after I think she realized her mistake (it was definitely a different argument). But yesterday or the day before she said of Russell after stealing his Rosary, “he’s not even Catholic, he’s a Muslim extremist terrorist.” She also told Russell that she didn’t think that the beaner comment was racist at all, she just used it as her platform. Chima is crazy and a bigot.

      • Cindy

        Also on the live feeds, we heard her say something like, the viewers will not like Russell because Americans hate people from the middle east – they are all terrorists. That is when I wrote to CBS to voice my concern.

    • BimboKay

      No one is forgetting the comments Braden made, but Chima’s comments were as bad, probably worse because of their incendiary nature–and they went on and on…day after day.

    • Barb

      No one forgets that Braden did say that. He said it and was booted from the house because of it. It was Chima’s self righteous indignation over it that later showed what a hypocrite she is. She made the same bigoted remarks he did, she just targeted a different race/religion.

    • justine

      Yeah, not the same thing. She insulted and spit upon every single victim and relative of victims of the 9/11 attacks. She can rot in hell. So can anyone who defrends her!

    • hazelrogue

      So it must be o.k. to say racist things because person A said racist things? I should stab someone in the future, because someone else stabbed me yesterday. Yup, makes perfect sense.

    • GudRiddance

      CBS tried to cover Chima up with that re-cap and they can’t show chima’s comments becuz of legal issues.
      And Braden’s comments weren’t prudent or proper but he apologized later ( gives you the impression it was in the heat of the moment), but Chima kept saying it day in and out and in the end said she didn’t regret anything she said….. that seems like a long time to be “in the heat”….but that just my opinion.

  • Donna

    Chima shared her rape story with everyone then says she hopes Russ gets arrested and raped in jail. She is a sick woman, Glad to see her gone!!!

    • Jessica

      Chima needs to be locked in a padded room–for sure!! She is sick in the head!

    • VStar

      Yea, I was quite surprised to see that she said she hoped Russel got raped. I, being a victim of rape myself, would NEVER wish that on another human being. Obviously, she was more traumatized by what happened to her than she realizes! I hope she gets the help she seriously needs. I know, sometimes, even though it has been over 10 years since I was raped, that I still become fearful of being a victim of anything. I’m speculating that is what happened to her in the BB house. I do not doubt she chose to end things her own way. I’m sure it was a mixture of getting evicted and quitting

  • mema

    I can’t say I’m surprised. She appears to be a very unstable person.

    • BimboKay

      CBS needs to lay down some rules for the production company that owns Big Brother. There have been too many unstable houseguests in recent seasons. We currently have someone who claims to be “a cutter” and who has made suicide attempts in the past. Their next psychological evaluator shouldn’t be allowed to get credentials from a box of Cracker Jack.

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