TNT's 'Saving Grace' to end next summer

Saving Grace, TNT’s cop drama starring Oscar winner Holly Hunter, will end its run next summer with a nine-episode final season, the cable network confirmed in a press release sent out this morning. The show’s current summer run ends Aug. 18. According to the Hollywood Reporter, TNT actually wanted a full order (which means 15 episodes, split between summer and winter) for the fourth season, but the studio declined to accept the offer for financial reasons and instead struck this shortened deal to give Grace a proper send-off.

The cable series, which served as a natural companion to the network’s The Closer, has averaged 3.5 million viewers for the episodes that have aired this summer. Just last month, Hunter was nominated for an Emmy for her role as Det. Grace Hanadarko for the second consecutive time. The 2009 Emmy Awards will air live Sept. 20 on CBS.


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  • Brooke

    Oh, I’m going to cry. How often does a network order more episodes only to be turned down?? Saving Grace is the best thing on TV these days, I’m not looking forward to saying goodbye to Grace and Rhetta and Ham and Earl.

    • Jean

      Well – when the network isn’t willing to pay you what you think those x number of episodes are “worth” – based upon profit margin after what it costs you to produce them – absolutely all the time!

      • Rowan

        Jean, there is no profit margin when a studio sells first run series to a network. They ALWAYS sell it (or rent it, which is more apt since the network doesn’t own the show) for much less than it costs to make. The money comes from syndication and DVD sales. Clearly the studio doesn’t think this show will make them money this way or they would have taken the full season order. That is too bad, though. It is a fantastic show

    • Sandra

      Would it be possible for the production company to find another network for this show, one that they may feel may be more profitable for them. I love TNT but if moving the series means saving the series … also, please sign the petition.

      I love this show!!!


  • KSH

    I love Saving Grace! Her and Earl are a dynamic duo!

    Holly Hunter is fantastic!


    Saving Grace will be definitely missed by alot of viewers it is a fantastic show! Tuesday nights will never be the same!!!

  • Stevex

    I’m sorry to see this show go. This season has been great, with an increased role for Leon Rippy (Earl) that’s been very interesting.

  • Nick

    While I love the show and I agree it has been good this summer, I’m actually happy to see it end like this. This was always a concept that screamed for a limited run, and I think the writers now have an amazing opportunity to give us a satisfying ending.

    • Jean

      I couldn’t agree with you more. That’s one of the perils of “continuing storylines”. It’s very easy for them to wear thin and then jump the shark. US cable has thus evolved more of a European model where a “series” (a/k/a a “season”) is maybe only 6-8 episodes. But where they tend to limit an entire year to that quantity – we are blessed to now get “split” or two seasons out of it. It’s a format I think works very well for viewers – and apparently it also works for producers and the “talent” – who then have time on hiatus breaks to go do other work.

      How many actors on these limited programs now routinely pop up as guest stars on yet other limited programs? Like Elizabeth Perkins (currenly on Weeds summer season) turning up as a guest star on Monk Friday night?

      It’s a win-win situation.

    • Lyn

      Totally agree. I have stuck w/ the show’s great, gritty characters, despite the whole silly angel thing and the crazy notion of a 90-pound woman as a tough-as-nails cop. In any case, will be interested to see how they wrap things up.

  • pai

    Very disappointed. One of my fave shows on television. Very different from the other drivel we’re dished out. Have thoroughly enjoyed the show, thanks to powerhouse Holly and a really great supporting cast.

  • bhm1304

    I like the show very much, but I won’t miss the ridiculous/gross Catholic indocrination.

    • John

      Catholic indoctrination? I really like the intellectual exploration of the parameters of faith on the show. Never saw it as ridiculous or gross. I’m not Catholic, but I have never once felt the need to go to mass after watching an episode. If it is intended to indoctrinate–it seems to be failing.

      • Snsetblaze

        Agreed John. I just enjoy the well-written and acted show.

      • Maryb

        @bhm1304: I find your use of the words “ridiculous” and “gross” to describe Catholicism to be off-putting at the least (and in the interest of full disclosure, yes, I am Catholic). If Grace’s brother was a Buddhist monk would you feel the same way? Seriously and objectively…would you? Some people just seem to have a knee-jerk reaction to the word/concepts of “Catholic”…even when presented as an “intellectual exploration” (if I may steal John’s phrase). Considering the potential for more widespread backlash, I do particularly enjoy seeing Laura San Giacomo’s portrayal of a Catholic woman of deep faith. But it’s hardly an indoctrination.

      • Bailey

        I dont see how this is “gross.” I am Catholic and never got that out of this show. I believe this show helps people who do not believe God, by exploring other ways to be religious and communicate with Him.
        So maybe and I mean this in the least offensive way, that you should open your mind to new possibilities and maybe you don’t have to go to Mass to connect with god.

        “I’m not going to church”
        “Who said anything about church? You can go to temple, go to a mosque, heck, Grace – go sit in a dang tree if that’ll get you closer to God.”
        Grace and Earl in Bring It On Earl

    • Jean

      Gee, it hasn’t worked so far, has it. Grace still drinks like a fish and s***** her brains out. Only if she becomes Mother Theresa and a healer as in Johnny’s dream by the end would I say that it was about any kind of “indoctrination” at all.

      I DO think it’s about “saving grace”. She may find salvation and some inner peace from all her demons by the end – which I think will involve coming to peace with her sister who was killed in the bombing and her guilt over not being able to save that sister. She parties like it’s 1999 because she believes life is short and brutal – and then, that’s it. Her “salvation” depends on her coming to believe that even if it’s short, it doesn’t have to be brutal and maybe that isn’t really “it”. We shall see what we shall see.

    • adnaper

      This comment about indoctrination is hysterical! I should think Catholics (I’m “lapsed” so I don’t consider myself a “real” one), would find this show offensive in its disrespect toward the church and its practices. Grace’s priest brother has faith but doesn’t seem to be the brightest bulb in the pack. I don’t think this show panders to Catholics at all; quite the opposite.

  • Victoria

    UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! Why?????
    First it was Pushing Daisies then Eli Stone – now it’s Saving Grace…who makes these decisions? Fire that person!

    • debb17055

      Totally agree Victoria, what’s next? Don’t you dare take my Castle away…

  • Ben

    While sad, are you all really surprised that the show is ending? The whole point of the show has been Grace confronting her inner demons with Earl’s help. And Earl IS a last chance angel…so given what Earl is and what happened at the end of last season with Leon Cooley…well, we all know how this show is going to end, don’t we? I don’t look forward to seeing the character’s demise, but it has been expected since the first episode.

    • Maryb

      Last Chance Angel doesn’t equal Angle of Death.

      Earl came to Grace in order to save her soul not because she is going to die. Earl came to Leon to do the same thing. Just because Leon died doesn’t mean Grace is going to die, too.

      Frankly, I never expected Grace to die. Your comment is the first time I even entertained that idea.

      I, too, will be sad to see the show go but I agree that now that Grace’s soul is likely to be safe, it works for me. Otherwise, what is Earl hanging around for?

      I’m looking forward to the remaining shows.

      • Rowan

        If Grace’s soul was already safe, Earl would be gone by now. Her soul is still in danger and likely will be until the last episode,

  • Becks

    I don’t agree that it’s inevitable that Grace will die at the end of the series. There’s so much they could still do with the show, so many directions it could go in. I’m very disappointed the show will not go on much longer. I love Grace for her spunk, her dedication, her lust for life and most of all for her realness. She’s very flawed and I think that’s why her character has been embraced as much as it has. Too many TV characters lack the ability to really connect with their audience because they’re not real enough. This show is not only entertaining, it’s thought provoking too. The way they approach religion interests me to no end. It’s such a relief to see it addressed with humor as well as the usual servings of guilt and sadness. Grace deserves a proper send off, regardless of whether she dies at the end or not. I just hope they don’t make a leap toward the ridiculous by taking this extremely tough but extremely fragile character and pushing her into becoming a saint or some other kind of martyr. The show is perfect the way it is and its last episodes should reflect the same style and intelligence.

    • Jean

      I think it’s 50-50. She could encounter her dead sister and get a whole new lease on “life” – find it worth living again – worth fighting the good fight another day – filled with less guilt and remorse; or go out fighting that good fight. But my gut says the latter would not be the best choice – because then she might leave someone else (such as Ham) in exactly the same pickle – filled with remorse and guilt, etc. I’d like to see better/different resolution than that.

  • gracefan

    My wife and I have never missed an episode – we love Holly Hunter as Grace. We have, however, frequently scratched our heads regarding the way the whole ‘Grace’s mission/God’s plan’ subtext has been playing out. They spent a whole season on the mysteries surrounding the Grace/Leon relationship and then just killed him off without resolution and this year’s coma girl/stripper Neely interaction with Grace has similarly left us feeling like the show keeps building these subplots without knowing what to do with them. If this had just been a straight cop show about a bad girl cop and her balancing act teetering on the edge of promiscuity, alcoholism, and stepping over the line between law enforcement and vengeance – I think it might have had a better shot at a bigger audience and longer run. A noble attempt nonetheless, well worth the hours invested. Thanks TNT, for taking the risk and providing a few more episodes to tie things up!!

  • tvfan

    How can they not find money for Saving Grace (a great show) when the renewed the awful nurse drama HawthoRNe???
    Did they send their minds on vacation???

    • Chappel

      Dammit, Jim… I’m a nurse, not a mechanic!

    • tag

      HawthoRNe is a good show. Get over yourself.

  • Debbie

    Its too bad that networks only seem to be willing to invest in shows with mediocre talent – they should have know that to get quality talent like this show has you have to spend more money than on a reality series. I’ll be very sorry to see this show end.

    • GENE


  • Israel_Forever

    Good…..the show has been running on empty all year……. ridicules quick fixes…….(Grace’s niece getting busted at a pill party……graces brother being targeted by con-men…….another brother a priest (wonderfully played By Lucille Ball’s son in law Laurence Luckinbill) targeted by a mad bomber)
    …each storyline worthy of a few well fleshed out episodes…..and a cheap attempts to exploit grace’s unbridled & sloppy sexuality..what began as a well written & acted drama quickly became a pitiful & tawdry mess and a lot of smoke & mirrors..this years only shining moment was the Gust appearance of the Great F. Murry Abrams as an embittered guardian angle..G-D always like Earl best although Earl has been demoted to doorman at Grace’s…too bad the writers gave up on it so long ago…such a waste of Talent.

    • Rowan

      Laurence Luckinbill? It’s Tom Irwin. Luckinbill is 75 years old!

      • Israel forever

        Your absolutely right..good call.

  • Israel_Forever

    Hawthorne is a waste of talent…love the actors hate the scripts

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