Seth Rogen, Judd Apatow respond to Katherine Heigl's 'Knocked Up' bash

It only took Howard Stern and the promotion of their latest movie Funny People to finally get Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow to respond to Katherine Heigl’s January 2008 critique of Knocked Up as being “a little sexist” from her  interview in Vanity Fair. Yesterday, the comedy duo acknowledged the remarks on Stern’s XM Sirius radio show, with Rogen referencing the Grey’s Anatomy star’s latest film The Ugly Truth. “That sounds like it really puts women on a pedestal.” The two, according to US Magazine, went on to say that she couldn’t have been cooler to work with on the set, with Apatow adding that he hasn’t spoken to the actress since the remark.


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  • Carolyn

    I bet KH isn’t complaining about the paycheck she recieved from KUpped–she should really get over herself.

  • Julie E.

    So, they didn’t actually address her remark that the film is a little sexist; they just bashed her current film, and then Seth Rogen implied that the opposite of sexism is “putting women on a pedestal.” No, the opposite of sexism is treating women like human beings! Gentlemen, stick to what you do best and don’t comment if you can’t say something intelligent.

    • rrtrems

      Julie E. – They are comedy actors/writers.

      • Ed

        I understand what you’re saying, Julie, but if the opposite of sexism is treating women like human beings, then Heigl isn’t really doing that in her current film. Her character in “The Ugly Truth” feels less than human; she is the stereotypical girl who has everything she ever wanted but is not satisfied because she needs a man. Since Heigl criticized the character that she played and Apatow created in “Knocked Up,” I’d expect Heigl to present a more complex and nianced character, but she fails to do so in “The Ugly Truth,” a film she also produced, thus had a say in the way her character was portrayed.

    • Julie

      “putting women on a pedestal” was said sarcasticly. Listen to the whole interview.

    • Kim

      Yes his comment was sarcastic because he’s implying her new movie isn’t going to gain a lot of praise from feminists.

    • Rosco

      Well if you had HEARD the interview, she actually did improv for a lot of her lines, so if it appears sexist. She thought it was hilarious at the time. You have got to relax though, like someone else said, they are comedians. Not everything has to be politically correct or we loose the freedom of expression. They were just suprised she became such a hippocrite once she became a star.

    • felix

      how do you spell double standard?

    • Jacob

      Yea doesn’t she have to not suck to make all these lofty critiques of other people?
      She’s the worst of Hollywood non-art yet she’s giving us post modern feminist theory on the only successful movie she’s ever been in? (And she doesn’t have to argue the point with me, apart from normal Apatow/Rogen giggles it was the same old crap..ironically still her best work to date.)

    • Bones

      Superb inforamtion here, ol\’e chap; keep burning the midnight oil.

  • grimlok

    Julie what he was trying to say I believe was sarcastic. He was basically saying that the Ugly Truth does as much for women as Knocked Up. I don’t believe Knocked Up was sexist or at least I don’t remember since I saw it long ago but her new movie doesn’t seem to portray women in a good light. It just basicaly says women need a men to be happy. I haven’t seen the movie but from the trailers I am inferring where Rogen’s comments might come from.

  • Blessings

    KH should be happy with getting her moment of fame – Unfortunately, she thinks that “saying” things are sexist makes her above reproach. She’s not picked any roles that would have made strides for women. Maybe that she need less time on the red carpent and more time with a therapist.

  • Charlie O.

    Heigl’s right about “Knocked Up.” The fact that they’re dissing her rather than her comment demonstrates that they’re still adolescents at heart. As to the inconsistencies between Heigl’s remarks and her choice of roles: how many of us stick to our ideals when offered big bucks? Nothing but your wallet was harmed by “The Ugly Truth.”

    • Kim

      If you’re not going to uphold your ideals then don’t going around spouting them to journalists. Keep them to yourself and then you won’t come across as a self-absorbed phony. I believe she had access to the script before she accepted the role.

      • ray

        I totally agree Kim! If you’re going to make a big stink about how women are portrayed in films and then accept another very misogynist role, you’re a hypocrite. Mr. Rogen was absolutely right and could have gone further, in my opinion. I don’t like Ms. Heigl and I especially don’t like her movies!

    • Joe

      If she isn’t going to stick to her ideals for BIG BUCKS, then don’t comment on what you gave up for the money, it comes across as hypocritical …

  • laylagalise

    I’m still not sure why Heigl said it, but this film isn’t sexist. Some of the characters are sexist, but the film itself is not. In fact, the women in the film, Heigl’s character and her sister, are portraits of strong, intelligent, successful women and all of the characters who are sexist (and not that sexist) are portrayed as idiotic, man-children.

  • Whiner

    Man, Rogen has been acting so immature lately. Instead of backing up or having a discussion why they disagree with Heigl they immaturely bash her. I use to be fan of Rogen but has gotten on my last nerve with all his poor me whiney.

  • mikeman

    i listen to stern, and they mentioned that heigl ad-libbed a lot of her lines during knocked up, something like 60% was thrown out there. so to complain about the character when you create over half the dialogue…
    on top of that, wasn’t her vanity fair argument that it was slightly sexist because the men were portrayed in a better light than the women?
    she’s an executive producer for “the ugly truth” and it’s female characters don’t look like they’re portrayed in that great of a light, unless it’s true that successful, smart women need to have a man to feel happiness…

  • Angel

    So wait a minute, Knocked Up, a film that’s about a man wanting to change his immature ways in order to earn the love of a strong, intelligent, beautiful woman who doesn’t necessarily need him in her life, is more sexist than a film which involves a woman needing vibrating panties and the love of a bruthish womanizing man in order to be happy? I’m sorry but the Ugly Truth does way less for the advancement of women than Knocked Up did.

    I thought Katherine Heigl was amazing in Knocked Up, but since then she’s done nothing but crappy romantic comedies and yet everyone’s playing her off as if she’s the next Katherine Hepburn. Girl needs to realize that fame is fleeting in Hollywood. Pretty soon her opinion won’t matter when directors realize she’s a pain to work with. Obviously she’s never heard of not biting the hand that fed you

  • Lola

    All Judd Apatow movies are made from a predominantly male point of view and because of that the female characters tend to be a bit underdeveloped and one-dimensional. Is this sexist? Maybe. Seth Rogen made a joke because, guess what, he’s a comedian and he was on a comedy show. This is so not a story.

  • dt

    I am so over KH…she is a hypocrit and a whiner…if it weren’t for Knocked up, Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow she’d just be “that whiney chick from Grey’s Anatomy”

  • Buffy Freak

    katherine Heigl is an endless whiner. She whined about Roswell. She whined about Grey’s Anatomy. And now Knocked Up is sexist? Then she goes out and makes what most critics I’ve read say is one of the most sexist movies in years with The Ugly Truth. If Bridge Burning was a profession, Heigl would be president of their union.

  • JenD

    i just don’t think her comment was that big a deal. most scripts are a little sexist, even the ones written and produced by women and actresses are a dime a dozen and if they’re picky about scripts they don’t work. they can’t all be jodie foster who after years of working can afford to be picky. furthermore how did KH’s comment hurt apatow or rogen? quite the opposite, it’s stirring up sympathy for them. and stern is just riding the wave. i just don’t see why people are so mad at her for saying that. she’s entitled to an opinion and to express it. it’s not like she’s screaming nasty names at them. and are any of you anywhere near as upset over what mariah and emimen saying to each other. if you want something offensive listen to that. KH is just offering her opinion, let her.

  • Dood

    “katherine Heigl is an endless whiner.”
    Nowhere near as bad as people that endlessly whine about Katherine Heigl. What did this person ever do you people?

    • Lucy

      I agree! I love KH. She is actually funny and i dont think either of them meant any harm in what they said. She is a great actress in my eyes and the 2 made a great movie together.

  • Sean Robinson

    Isn’t it funny that all these comments are coming to light just as both Heigl and Rogen have films coming out around the same time. Up until this point, there wasn’t any nasty comments etc… it’s all publicity for both films at the end of the day. Hollywood being Hollywood.

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